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I Got Transformed Into a Japanese Lolita Girl | Harajuku, Japan

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Experience the Japanese street fashion Lolita in Tokyo, Japan. Thank you to this Harajuku studio for the Lolita girl transformation: http://www.maison-de-julietta.com/. Be sure to click subscribe & turn on the notifications! Lolita fashion is a fashion subculture from Japan emerged during the 1990s as a radical form of street style. It is both kawaii, Victorian, and diverse in its presentation. Harajuku girls began taking the streets of Tokyo and their fashion can now be found all around the world! The outfit I'm dressed in today is part of Sweet Lolita style, with its dolls, cuddly toys that is in reference to Victorian children's literature - very similar to an Alice in Wonderland look! But there is also Gothic Lolita or Punk Lolita style. I never thought I'd get to experience this side of Japanese culture and I'm glad to have let my inner Lolita twirl! More Tokyo Travel videos here: https://youtu.be/ORgodvrL4cQ?t=3s TRAVEL TOKYO Get your Tokyo unlimited 4G wifi here: http://bit.ly/TokyoWifi Get your Tokyo unlimited metro pass here: http://bit.ly/TokyoMetroPass We stayed at a traditional tiny Japanese room on Airbnb! Get $40 off your first room booking: http://www.airbnb.com/c/tlee1980 Thanks Kev for filming. Check out his channel: http://bit.ly/checkoutkev MERCH Shop YUMMY af merch at: https://crewneck.shop/CupofTJ FREE TRAINING Enroll in my 3-part video series to becoming a travel vlogger: http://bitly.com/ViewingtoVlogging CAMERA GEAR Small Vlogging Camera: https://amzn.to/2KmABwJ Big Camera: https://amzn.to/2jdzTFK My Everyday Lens: https://amzn.to/2jfuNc3 Full gear list here: http://bit.ly/cupoftjgear MUSIC 1st song: Amenable Introductions from Epidemic (link below) 2nd song: Toobs Snack by https://davidcuttermusic.com/ 3rd song: Bubble and Squeak from Epidemic (link below) Epidemic Sound is where I find modern copyright free music for vlogs! Sign up here to get a whole month of free music download: http://share.epidemicsound.com/tj PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/cupoftj INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/cupoftj FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thecupoftj
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Text Comments (716)
CupofTJ (1 month ago)
My Lolita wig is SNATCHED~ Binge Tokyo vlogs here: https://youtu.be/ORgodvrL4cQ?t=3s
Danny Jane (7 days ago)
Learn to sew. There's nothing in that outfit that's hard to make. The blouse is the hardest, and that's because of the sleeves. But there's BUNCHES of tutorials on You Tube how to do that. Just remember this: The more you fuss the better it will look.
CupofTJ тrυeeeeeee~ looĸιn cυтттe
a random youtuber (1 month ago)
CupofTJ my name is lolita
Pro-Inner-Diamond ???! (1 month ago)
CupofTJ please do lolita gothic the next time you go if you do
sunispretty (1 month ago)
SUCH A CUTIE! I need to catch up on your videos bby I miss you! I've been so absent. Okay Imma go binge on them now
D the geek (2 hours ago)
I've pronounced it wrong the whole time.
Gazorpazorpfeild Yah (3 hours ago)
How much did it cost to go there?
Fuying xu (5 hours ago)
I would dress up as a Lolita one day because Lolita is so cute
Alexis McGuckin (11 hours ago)
i would dress like that
Candy Gumball (1 day ago)
Her wig looks like the girl in Your Lie In April (anime)
Marshmellow s (1 day ago)
Yummy Jakfajm (1 day ago)
MimiChu (1 day ago)
You're a natural at doll poses :3
Sarah Chiyo (1 day ago)
Lolita fashion is a dream if mine, bit i can't afford the Clothes
Elizabeth Hudgens (2 days ago)
ok but cup of lolita is the cutest name ever and you look so pretty in this style!! this video makes me want to try the same thing!!
kira reeve (2 days ago)
Love the stile
KPOP TRASH (3 days ago)
Young N sad (3 days ago)
I mean you’re already cute Before the transformation 🤩👍🏻
Bucky Bun (3 days ago)
The fact that I actually have the pop-up alice in wonderland book from the photoshoot makes me really happy
ALEXIS IS A FANGIRL (4 days ago)
I would so do this is looks really fun but I doubt that I'd look good
Lil Lauren (4 days ago)
*-Buys anime clothes and accessories-* ta-da Watashi wa kore de owaridesu :3
Magic Wild 21 (4 days ago)
My dream!
Chi chi (4 days ago)
Aww u look cute TJ!
Abhisekh Tamang (4 days ago)
u really look sooooo cute in the wig i the u should put on that hairstyle
Himawari Uzumaki (4 days ago)
I love this,but do the shoes fit you?
Wait how much yen?
Rachel Arnold (5 days ago)
I saw this style a while ago and I want to try it soooooo bad! so cute and pretty! btw do they have Lolita for men (not crossdressing, but like victorian princes)?
Unikitty and Unipuppy (5 days ago)
Do you keep the dress and all the Other things
sabrina32116567 (5 days ago)
if i could id wear that stuff every day
Sz Tiffany zS (5 days ago)
Weirdos lmaoaoaoao
Michelle Lewin (7 days ago)
Need to skip that. So awkward.
Superfundebi :3 (7 days ago)
You look so kawaiiiii I love itttt
Anna ART (7 days ago)
I would if i had an asian face im european it would look weird ;-;
Danny Jane (7 days ago)
To all the would be Lolitas who are moaning how expensive this passion is, may I suggest you learn to sew. Yes, I hear the cries of how you don't have the talent. Well it's not talent. It's a skill and you CAN learn it. Think how much less money you would spend if your onlyexpenses for a full on Lolita look were the wig, the shoes, the socks, and the handbag. That's right everything else is EASY to make. What's more it's yours and yours along--nobody will have one like it. The Dress: Simple lines. three to four pieces for the skirt and two to three pieces for the jumper-top. The ruffles are the only part that takes some skill, and really you need patience because there's an attachment that goes on a sewing machine that takes care of the rest. The lace is sewn on. The petticoats are the same as the dress The Blouse is probably the hardest part only because it has sleeves. There are literally hundreds of You Tube tutorials how to do sleeves. The bow is the easiest. Christmas ribbon on a headband. Glue gun and good music. Look into it. You get to have more fashion, you get to be creative, you get to look adorable, and you get smarter! What more could you ask?
Anna Park (8 days ago)
I wish I was Japan
Pinku Diamond (8 days ago)
You look so ADORBS!!! I wish I could be a Lolita :oooooo so adorable! Must cost a lot though XD
Alexis Kelley (9 days ago)
I went here for my birthday last month! It was such an amazing experience. I've wanted to dress in Lolita for years but could never afford an entire coord. All the staff was so nice to me with my little Japanese skills. I finally felt kawaii and not embarrassed about it!
YOᑌ ᒪOOK ᒪIKE ᒪIᔕᗩ ᖴᖇOᗰ ᗷᒪᗩᑕKIᑎG
Harley Foxx (9 days ago)
You are so cute in this video. I loved the end look.
Layla the anime lover (9 days ago)
I don't think I couldn't pull of lolita cuz I literally look like a dude T~T
snickelfritz (10 days ago)
Next lifetime. I'm larger than life!
Debbie Harriman (11 days ago)
I like the outfit,so beautiful.
Timothy Hartwell (11 days ago)
You look so cute! Earned yourself another subscriber. I'd love to give this a go, but being a guy I can't. Oh well.
That Mercu main (11 days ago)
Dang I wanna be a Japanese girl
Rethen Red (11 days ago)
I would go goth...
Meijy _ (11 days ago)
Ommmmg so cuteee
mymy chan (11 days ago)
I wish I could buy all of this clothes 😍
Ayse Sulma (11 days ago)
The dresses look really beautiful
Mint Soda (12 days ago)
AAAAAA you look so preeetttyyyyy
徐坤 (12 days ago)
Sooo cuteee
Kawaii Potato (13 days ago)
Did you notice the heartshaped heels on the shoes? like if you did!
Nerdy Night Owl (13 days ago)
I just found a new passion
Call Me K (13 days ago)
Eeeeee! Squeeeeeelll! Love it sooooo much!!!~~
Dylan Monkey (13 days ago)
So cute!!!
Dylan Monkey (13 days ago)
I loved this video I have never seen the process before, so cool!
Tatty Cat (13 days ago)
You look so pretty!! I would defiantly do this!
Ashley Shadow (13 days ago)
Do u get to keep the costume?
Skyla Phillips (13 days ago)
I would dress up
Geraldine Oviedo (13 days ago)
So cute! Que genial que existan lugares así, me encantaría ir
alexgmkc (13 days ago)
For some reason you reminded me if Lisa from Black Pink with the wig
yoυ are ѕo cυтe! ιғ тнe lolιтa ѕтyle dιdn'т coѕт $100'ѕ oғ dollarѕ, тнen ι woυld тoтally wear ιт everyday ;-;
Lazy Lilow (13 days ago)
Heaven is a place on earth~
Unique Roleplayer (14 days ago)
I would surely dress up as one! (I’m a girl with this Kawaii drawing)
Tae Army (14 days ago)
SpillTheTea XOXO (14 days ago)
in the thumbnail she looks like LISA from blackpink
Omg..... I dress as close to that as possible irl XD
Sarah Wang (14 days ago)
I hear BTS blood sweat tears in the bkgrd
lil Alien (14 days ago)
btw u were so cute in that loyal lolita outfit
lil Alien (14 days ago)
i really want to try this kinds of outfits (ಡωಡ)
Beth Hughes (14 days ago)
Cute!But $100 just to wear it and not keep it?!!
S kildert (14 days ago)
As a pretty conservative looking guy... Would I? Well, if there's a style that would make me look good, perhaps? :)
Megan Tang (14 days ago)
*Take a Shit Street*
jennifer solares (15 days ago)
so cute haha I SUBSCRIBED
Denise Port (15 days ago)
I wanna do it to 😍
you look so cute !! i'd love to try that style someday
Sara Stott (15 days ago)
Oh my! As someone who is a Lolita seeing in all those dresses is making me squeal! I need to go there!
mâxMŚp (15 days ago)
Do you get to keep the stuff?
Sophie Poyntz (16 days ago)
My toe hurts.
Katie White (16 days ago)
I would totally dress up as a lolita girl
Morgan Lemons (16 days ago)
I would do Gothic lol
Cosmic Erza (5 days ago)
You are EVERYWHERE ;-;
Saitama (10 days ago)
Sameeee :)
Raven (12 days ago)
i would also do gothic lmao
Frozen Fnaf Icy (14 days ago)
Morgan Lemons same and 1st
bebe Parker (16 days ago)
I wanna see the goth one....... ....bc I like goth stuff
I’m going to draw a character of you now I would wear that if I had the confidence and beauty as you ;-;
sabel herrera (16 days ago)
god i wish that were me
Ren Fontinel (16 days ago)
Juliet rose Keogh (16 days ago)
Omg a wood pick the goth and the cute look and a wood love to dress like that a wood love a picture of me like that 🙌🏻☺️
Ashlynn Evans (17 days ago)
Soo cute I love it! And totally would love to try it
You look good in every vid
Wolf Night (17 days ago)
Gothic lolita is something I may try, but I'm not really a dress person. I love the Victorian era, I'm more interested in Steampunk though.
Elina & Lanting (17 days ago)
How do you go to the bathroom
Elizabeth T (17 days ago)
it’s so beautiful!!
Fry Day Trends (17 days ago)
I want to do this!! You look adorable
golden flower studios (17 days ago)
The BEST cover girl comical I have ever seen
la niña bangtan (18 days ago)
Wooow amo esa transformación el mejor video OwO
Mar Repaints (18 days ago)
Omg you’re adorable even before you got transformed 😆❤️
kim taehyung (18 days ago)
Abajo fifi
KYNG ODEE SAVAGE (18 days ago)
I love it
Mary Brantley (18 days ago)
What a change!!! Amazing and you look great !!!
IamTurtle (18 days ago)
And soon all those men are gunna be like "sjejsudnwjisijs" Rip 😂
MorningStar Kematch (19 days ago)
You look adorable and it suits you... my first time seeing your channel and I love it so far!
totolo (19 days ago)
Super cute ❣️ It‘s more classic Lolita than sweet Lolita tho
Madison Sparks (19 days ago)
I would
Galaxygirl62929 (19 days ago)
I already dress like that sometimes 😜🖤😆👍
Kitten (19 days ago)
THis is adorable. I wanna do this one day

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