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Graveyard Keeper EP. 19 | Working hard!

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▪️◾ Graveyard Keeper ◾▪️ 🔺 DEVELOPER: Lazy Bear Games 🔺 PUBLISHER: tinyBuild ( This is the last gameplay I recorded before my YouTube break) ◾ Build and manage a medieval graveyard while facing ethical dilemmas and making questionable decisions. Welcome to Graveyard Keeper, the most inaccurate medieval cemetery sim of the year. 👍 BUY GAME HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/599140/Graveyard_Keeper ◾ Follow me on: ▶️ TWITTER: www. twitter.com/NoProPlayer ▶️ TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/itsnoproplayer ▶️ INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/noproplayer ◾ If you like and enjoy this video don't be shy and hit that like and subscribe button! ♥️ Thank you so much for watching! ♥️
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Text Comments (22)
Lycaon pictus Gaming (29 days ago)
Burning the bodies, are you getting rid of the evidence! And is this how you plan to dispose of us? :O Another cute game! <3 <3 <3
Joseph Gamer4life (1 month ago)
Awesome episode 19 walkthrough
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
Thank you, Sir! 🎩
PinkwaveGamer (2 months ago)
Yesss, this game is back!
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
Yes, Graveyard Keeper is back! 😁
Menturius (2 months ago)
Been a long time. We need more graves
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
Yes you right! Oh there will be A LOT of graves! ⚰
karenkeren (2 months ago)
Very nice game! Great gameplay dear!
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
Thank you, Karen! 💫
#WarPigOnYT (2 months ago)
Ms No Pro! Great to see you up and going! 🐷💯
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
Thanks friend! I'm happy to be here again! 😁
Mardy Rooster (2 months ago)
been waiting for this series to resume! Thank you for sharing :)
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
I'm happy that someone remember this game! Thanks for watching! 😊
Druzhnik (2 months ago)
Yaaayyyy Graveyard Keeper is back! You seem like you're quite far into this game, is that true?
Druzhnik (1 month ago)
Oh wow! Much more to see then! :D
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
I don't think I'm even half way into the game Druz! That game have a lot in it. 😊👍🏻
Heuntz Gaming (2 months ago)
So this is where you bury all your naughty supports ;)
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
Suuuush! Don't tell anyone! 😂
Xavier Hill (2 months ago)
I got done doing my gameplay to watch this
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
Awww, that's sweet of you! Thank you! 😘
Señor Snipey (2 months ago)
Great video NPP! You rock!
NoProPlayer (1 month ago)
Thanks, man! 😎

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