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5 Tips for Lead Climbing | Rock Climbing

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Fred Jackson (1 month ago)
At the moment I am climbing grades in the sevens like 7a and 7b and I still can't get over the falling part. I have only been lead climbing for like 5 months though
Dank Dose (6 months ago)
""A great tip for climbing is getting confortable falling you're going to climb a whole lot better if you're not afraid to fall"...why i took that as a life metaphor so profound
Krishna Barua (1 year ago)
Thank you sir
Hannah Kinton (2 years ago)
He was overhead clipping, don't do that, if you fall mid clip you're gonna fall a hell of a long way👍
2Spooky4Me (2 years ago)
I did rock climbing without chalk I murdered my hands in an hour
Alexabix (7 months ago)
I barely use chalk outside of the gym
2Spooky4Me (2 years ago)
Nathan Mcchristie (2 years ago)
2Spooky4Me chalk really just drys ur hands
Em Karaka (2 years ago)
ravenousraven88 (3 years ago)
thanks to these tips, I can now ascend from bronze to challenjour, gg
BlueBerryKing (3 years ago)
A bit disappointed you didn't mention not to have your feet or a heel behind the rope between the clips that you've already passed. This is an easy thing to do if you've not been informed of the danger. If you fall, your foot will be stuck and you'll be turned upside down, risking to bang the back of your head into the wall.
BlueBerryKing (3 years ago)
+ClassicCatComedy It is a real risk, and every lead-climber has to be informed about this.
ClassicCatComedy (3 years ago)
That happened to my friend he was 40 feet in the air and it happened and his head started bleeding, so a climber who was parallel to him took off his shirt and wrapped it around his head to stop it. He had to go to the hospital 0.0
Aleš Z (3 years ago)
the main problem is: get comfortable falling :)
Paige E. B. (3 years ago)
A good rule for clipping is eyes to thighs, but you can clip higher on an overhang. Seriously, though, please don't clip above your head! A friend of mine got hurt doing that.
Johan Frisk (3 years ago)
I think you clip a little high in the video. Just going lead climbing course and was learned to clip around the hip. If you clips this high 3dm 1foot above your harness, if you miss you'll fall this extra compared to if you have climbed a little higher. 3dm up and then 3dm down to your harness compared to just 3dm up otherwise. it's probably 1m 3feet closer to the ground or your belayer du to rope stretch and extra slack. Sure, sometimes you don't have a good grip with the quickdraw in hip hight, but if you have.
Omnipotentification (4 years ago)
Is this Mac from It's Always Sunny?
lightningsmokerXx (3 years ago)
+Omnipotentification Looks like Greg from Chemical Guys
Rfcdgaf (4 years ago)
Shaking your hands has been proven to not do anything for recovery. See peer reviewed studies
Roland abc (4 years ago)
@Andrew Moffat Try and find it yourself. I am curious to see if you are able to find a different one than the one I assumed James Bond read (I think there is only one).
Andrew Moffat (4 years ago)
@Roland abc The reason for shaking out is to get oxygenated blood back into the arms. You can use any movement of the arms and hands when they are hanging down. Post a link to the study your talking about. 
Roland abc (4 years ago)
No, it has not, rather the opposite. The study you refer to is beyond flawed. It is astonishing that they conclude that compared with untrained subjects, the performance of trained climbers is more dependent on blood flow (i.e. blood flow correlates highly with performance among climbers), but they do not even consider how the positioning of the arm correlates with blood flow. And yet, they conclude that "shaking out" has no effect on climbing performance, and that there is no need for climbers to find good positions for doing this while on a route. In the study, the subjects performed gripping while hanging their arms vertically down; a position climbers never use in real climbing. The reason you get pumped while climbing is because you hold your arms above your head a long time and use oxygen in your arms while doing so. The reason why "shaking out" works (you don't need a scientific study to show this, it is enough just trying it yourself - the performance difference is huge and very much significant) is that lowering your arm will increase the blood flow temporarily in your arm. One experiment you can try yourself if you do not believe this is to hold your arms above your head for five minutes or so. After a while you will notice that you have exactly the same feeling of pump as you normally have on the climbing wall - without even holding a single hold. Holding your hands up in the air prevents blood flow not too differently from how using a blood pressure cuff does (as was done in the study to show that blood flow affects performance), i.e. the experiments in the study support the exact opposite conclusion than the one the authors made.
kuyyuk (5 years ago)
3:05 : ben affleck is a rock climber 
Emma O'Neill (5 years ago)
The way he says route is just the best
Ben F (5 years ago)
This guy seems like a great teacher!
Sean Wallace (5 years ago)
Awesome! I love Howcast. I just got my first rope today and I am taking a leading coarse this weekend! I'm kinda nervous but, mostly excited. Wish me luck!
eathg9 (3 years ago)
+Amylxb the warriors way, by arno ilgner
Jenna Kay (3 years ago)
@Sean Wallace wow impressive! I'm terrified of leading haha
Sean Wallace (3 years ago)
+Amylxb its been a while since I've been lead climbing, but I would always climb with my buddy. We improved immensely over a couple months by just doing some of the simple training exercises that howcast provides. We got up to a 5.12a onsight level or a V7-V8 bouldering level. It was mainly bouldering that helped us improve.
Jenna Kay (3 years ago)
+Sean Wallace 1 year later- how are you with leading?
Charles Graves (5 years ago)
Good video! I can do up to V5's in bouldering, and strong for my weight, but I'm fairly new to lead climbing. Nothing he said in this video is really groundbreaking or new to most people, but he definitely had a few good pointers for me to think about and remember. Specifically, to really get comfortable falling, and to chalk up right before the crux.
TheLimnexs (5 years ago)
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Bec Leed (5 years ago)
This video might help me win the state comp next year...
jake_rush (5 years ago)
LOL 2 views
Mulbson (5 years ago)
What the 1mil subs and 1 veiw

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