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How to Tie a Tie 3 Ways: Four In Hand, Nicky Knot, Full Windsor Knot Plus Dimple Tutorial

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http://www.iamalpham.com Men's Style, Fitness and Grooming Modern Tailor Discount Link: http://www.mtmt.us/ihg65tie Enter Code: ALPHAM10 for 10%OFF Order! http://www.aaronmarino.com Downloads, DVDs and Products http://www.iamalpham.com Over 1500 Private Videos and Articles In this video professional male style expert, Aaron Marino of Alpha M. Consulting and I Am Alpha M, teaches you how to tie a tie. Learn how to tie a four in hand, the Nicky knot and the full Windsor knot. Simple, easy to follow direction for you to follow along in your mirror at home. Aaron Marino also talks about the Eldredge and Trinity knot as well. This how to video teaches you how to tie a full Windsor knot, a Nicky knot and the simple four in hand. This is the best video on how to tie 3 easy knots. These are my personal favorite knots for all occasions. This video also helps you learn how to create a dimple in your tie every time.
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James Bond (4 days ago)
Palm Victory (22 days ago)
Is there a way to combine two different neckties in one knot, a la: https://youtu.be/L4mIf99AlkA
Ioan Tamas (26 days ago)
Maaan! Thank you you saved my life today! I m 18 years old and didn't know how to do this but now... thank you man!
Sasan Maramkhah (1 month ago)
محمد الحداد (1 month ago)
Great 👍
Iesus et Maria (2 months ago)
Thanks! I prefer the Windsor. Now I know how to tie it.
Daniel Său (2 months ago)
Adam Rasmusson (2 months ago)
Thank you for the Nicky knot. I just could not get the Full Windsor.
Srdjan Lukic (2 months ago)
I guess there is a knot for every situation. Event thought its 6 years ago since you posted this video. Its still relevant contant and you can add one more subsciber to your collection :) Cheers
64bitmad (3 months ago)
I used to like the four in hand then I got self respect
Jerry Adams (3 months ago)
Is it me ? Or did it seem like this video was done with the assumption that we know how to tie all these knots? Lol if that was the case why would we be searching and watching a video like this on YouTube
RoninIchiban2008 (3 months ago)
Is the Nicky the same as a half-windsor?
Markus Patients (3 months ago)
I'm against all things Windsor, except for the Duchess of Sussex.
Kevin Lew (4 months ago)
I can’t tell the difference between the Pratt and the Nicky😦.
Preston Omaleki (5 months ago)
Lol 241 Elderidge lovers disliked this video
Sasori (6 months ago)
The first one looks very bad
Dusty Rhodes (6 months ago)
Is the suit coat black?
Rob P (6 months ago)
My favorite is the half nelson
colt45 (7 months ago)
Hell yes first try bitches!!!
Greg Erickson (7 months ago)
Thanks for the vid, Alpha! I finally got a decent looking tie knot. Rockin' the nicky ...
Susan Spann (7 months ago)
Okay, I am a girl. Clearly neckties are going to be my worst nightmare. But your video and that first knot did the trick. So now I have my tie ready to slip over my head and good to go. So thanks!
Andrew I (7 months ago)
Twat ... “alpha m” Alpha mong ???
Kylie Guacamole (7 months ago)
Who's still watching in 2018.. 😎
sean_m (8 months ago)
Woah nice Sinatra book in the background! :D
Dan LaMalfa (8 months ago)
Pierced ears at this age.....dude
Luis (8 months ago)
thank dude
Jeppe Borst (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot! really helpfull.
Jonas Wellinghton (9 months ago)
I saw tie knots as prince Albert or van jyik,what you think about those?And have combinations of type of knots with type of ties(stamp,colour)?
California West (9 months ago)
Thanks !!
michael zinn (9 months ago)
take a valium mate!
Vincent McAllister (9 months ago)
You go to fast
The nicky has become my go to.
James Rhile (9 months ago)
Apparently that "windsor knot" I've been doing my entire life is a four in hand...
Rizwan Ansari (10 months ago)
Do you have to have dimple on your knots? I prefer not...
PatTheCarNut (10 months ago)
Not wearing a tie everyday and always using a Half Windsor this was an excellent tying refresher, but after seeing the Nicky Knot, that is my go to knot from now on. Love it! Great video for a refresher and funny delivery attitude. :p) Thanks!!
Michael WithadoubleB (10 months ago)
I cant believe there's no comments saying "just flip the video, why would you film it through the mirror" in like top 10 comments
YesItsMe (10 months ago)
That dimple cheat saved my life lol 10/10 would reccommend!
Riveriux Phenom (11 months ago)
I completely agree those novelty knots look stupid .
Malik Faizan (11 months ago)
whats best for interview
Malik Faizan (11 months ago)
my fav utuber
H&B MOVIES (11 months ago)
Classic ALPHA
Rafael Leon (1 year ago)
Everytime I click on an alpha video I always wonder what this is an ad for
Ralph Williams (1 year ago)
Hey Aaron! Thanks so much for this video! I bought a brand new 100% silk necktie from one of my favorite designers. But oddly, my four in hand didn't work with this tie. I had to use the Nikky knot. This tutorial really helped me out, dare I say...in a pinch!
Treisiess (1 year ago)
Personally, I like wearing the trinity knot, not as a go to knot, but just if I want to wear something different. Normally I'm using half windsor as my go to though. And no I am not one of those dudes you described in the video.
emil6209 (1 year ago)
isn't that nicky knot actually the pratt knot?
Varun sharma (1 year ago)
Pls share ur diet plan...ur fan from india..
TheSniperMAJOR (1 year ago)
Good video, although I have only used the Full Windsor one in my life, at a high end job interview, for day to day or parties or family gartherings the nicky knot is always my choice.
Cube Bugged (1 year ago)
Shubham Rathi (1 year ago)
Wichai Deeprasert (1 year ago)
i like your kind of presentation, so cool!!! like a man!!!!
Not A Robot (Maybe) (1 year ago)
this video saved my life. thank you
shery (1 year ago)
nice video man.
John Nike (1 year ago)
Good video
Wayne Jackson II (1 year ago)
you are the f***ing man
Marlon (1 year ago)
Nicky knot looks like the son of the full Windsor
PixelFever42 _ (1 year ago)
Alpha you are a genius
CoCo HD (1 year ago)
Fucking poor video. Dumb idiot...
I like trucks. (1 year ago)
i still dont get it
Enrico Baratelli (1 year ago)
I understand that having a combination of garish colors is not such a good choice, but imho the Trinity is supercool: it's not too big, it's almost simmetric (not with respect a vertical axis, but it's a rotational simmetry). Of course it looks awful with a poor color choice. I wore it at a marriage, with a silver-grey tie on a dark blue shirt and it looked pretty cool.
jesandi ayansa (1 year ago)
alpha can a slik tie can be wear to office is it good or is it not good ? ( i mean solid colour ties )
JiffyPop4Life (1 year ago)
youre the man Aaron. you just ensured that im going to have a great day/evening. well i mean, with whats well within my control. Something horrible might happen, but at least i'll be lookin good.
extremely helpful, as always.
Ricardo Rodriguez (1 year ago)
why the fuck did you have to use a black tie? lmao
abdulWajid (1 year ago)
look at this guy ... and learn something ! if you work hard , you will achieve it 100% . he used to start from his room and now , A big ALPHA M studio ... Thanks ALpha Dude for everything
Last Earthbender (1 year ago)
I'd be lying if I say those novelty knots don't look so cool.
Johnny A. (1 year ago)
I wear the Full Windsor every time I want to wear a tie because it looks good on me!
Alex Ramos García (1 year ago)
Thanks Aaron!!
mosin nagant (1 year ago)
Excellent video, thanks! I'm going to seriously rock that nicki, my favorite now.
G K (1 year ago)
Why need tie when you have Tiege hanley
Thomas Kal (2 years ago)
You sir, are an inspiration. Well done vid!
JP51ism (2 years ago)
The "Nicky" is super nice! Thanks for posting. I'm a tall, thin guy & have always been mindful of too narrow a knot; Nicky is proving to be great with so many of the ties I have, not only affording the visually-wider heft without the bulk but allowing for better options length-wise AND the complement of the pattern - the knot & the top of the tie that shows. I'd only add to suggest to newcomers - the shaping of the knot further by running it up & down on the thin strand a few times with the index finger on top. But that's another feature of the Nicky - the top "closes" well so no other part of the tie pattern distracts.
Entrepreneur To Be (2 years ago)
aldair sobalvarro (2 years ago)
the windsor always my favorite
Mihai Popa (2 years ago)
THIS, sir, is why your channel rules. And you do too! Because you know what annoys us in other videos and do it exactly the opposite way :)
Eye Heart Sushi (2 years ago)
Just tried the Nicky and it came out perfectly. Wearing it to work, today 😉
Mahesh Sathianath (2 years ago)
Thanks Alpha ...
jano demerjian (2 years ago)
thank you nice video now i know how to tie A tie!
Mark Bower II (2 years ago)
Personally I'm a huge fan of the Windsor, it's wide, it's symmetrical, it's appropriate for just about all formal occasions, but I still have trouble getting it just right. usually the knot comes out smaller than I would like and not as wide. not sure if I'm just tightening too much or what.
Corey Ochai (2 years ago)
Thank You so much for this
Barrett Wissell (2 years ago)
Alpha, I love you, man. You make dressing to impress anything but mundane. Thank you for entertaining, yet informative videos.
Jack HAMMER (2 years ago)
A man must admit when he has sampled the Eldridge....yup wore that bad boy to work once lol Was sorta a joke...and I just wanted to try it haha
Twinkle Deep Singh (2 years ago)
hahahaha...last part 😂😂
kapeel .T (2 years ago)
yup .... the black tie didn't worked in the video
Shabeer Ali (2 years ago)
I had always thought that spread and cut away collars were the same.
Reginald T. (2 years ago)
@ 7:26 Im #dead it reminds me of Jim Carey in Cable Guy
Jerome King (2 years ago)
thank you (but I don't like the dimple)
Justin Kornfeld (2 years ago)
I sometimes have trouble with tie length. Can you talk about how to ensure the proper length of a tie?
Justin Kornfeld (2 years ago)
I'm 5'9" pretty athletic
andygomez416 (2 years ago)
depending on how tall you are and if you have a belly you can get an extra long tie. when you start the knot the wide side of the tie should be around the belt linem.
andygomez416 (2 years ago)
depending on how tall you are and if you have a belly you can get an extra long tie. when you start the knot the wide side of the tie should be around the belt linem.
wiiztec (2 years ago)
Oh I'm clip on master race btw
wiiztec (2 years ago)
Is the nicky knott named after nicky hilton or nikki six?
Chris Castro (2 years ago)
just tried the full windsor knot, no doubt the best knot out there. Cant believe ive gone this long without a knot like this.
So turns out I was doing the four in hand knot every time for years. Time to switch it up! I really like the Nicky
Mohammad Aadam (2 years ago)
Damn too good man
Matthew Garcia (2 years ago)
I learned in 8 min something that in 28 years of living I was never taught and was so important in making that "Alpha" impression.
Johnny (2 years ago)
Choosing a black tie is bad because we can't see what you're doing exactly because of the contrast and poor lighting
Mrr Sey Ha Officials (6 months ago)
Kun penthy
Autumn Entertainment (7 months ago)
But boy it looks good. I can see why he chose black.
Guy L. (2 years ago)
Great help
todd (2 years ago)
Most of the videos on youtube call the Nicky a Half Windsor.
Jonathan Smith (2 years ago)
the only difference is the nicky is turned upside down.
Nick d Sylva (2 years ago)
How do you tell by your height whether to get a 58" tie or a 62" tie? And, where should the end of the tie be? Top of belt, midway where belt is going around waist or below the waist?
Danish M (2 years ago)
Top of the belt, the buckle should be visible.
Bawa Singh (2 years ago)
grt thanks
MILcastma (2 years ago)
best tie not is neck you thanks a lot
kronoss897 (2 years ago)
I can't get the dimple to be perfectly in the middle like alpha does, anyone knows why?

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