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How Many Men's Dress Shirts Do You Really Need?

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How many dress shirts should a gentleman really have? https://gentl.mn/how-many-dress-shirts-do-you-need You can shop the accessories in this video here: https://gentl.mn/2BwuXrM #dressshirts #mensshirts #notsponsored So as a general guideline, how many shirts should you invest in when you're starting out and you're interested in a classic wardrobe? I would say ten is the bare minimum. so first of all the basics, I think every man should invest in ten dress shirts if they have somewhat of a use for dress shirts on a regular basis and you can check out which first those are in this video here. If you wear shirts to the office 10 is actually the bare minimum. I suggest having more like a three or four-week rotation which means 15 or 20 dress shirts. Personally, I'm a big fan of pastel-colored shirts, light greens, or lavender, or yellow, but typically that's something you should add on top of the ten basics. If you don't have to wear a dress shirt to work and you don't like wearing dress shirts, I suggest you have at least three dress shirts that you can always rely on. One is a white dress shirt ideally with French cuffs for cufflinks without a chest pocket and it's something that you can wear for anything from a job interview to a funeral to a wedding or any kind of other formal events. If you don't have cufflinks or you don't want to invest money in them, go with a single barrel cuff which is also known as a button cuff. If you want to invest in cufflinks I would suggest you get one pair in gold and one pair in silver in a very traditional style without any diamonds or colored stones. Personally, I would choose a monkey fist knot cufflink because they're versatile, they're classic, and it's something you could wear with any kind of outfit. If you know that you attend black-tie events sometimes it also pays to invest in a tuxedo shirt. The second must-have dress shirt you need even if you hardly ever wear dress shirts is a check shirt. Ideally, you get it with a button-down collar because it's more casual and you don't need to wear it with any form of neckwear and for that, you definitely want to have barrel cuffs or button cuffs and you can also have a chest pocket if you want. The third shirt I think you should invest in is a denim shirt because it can really help to dress down other things, you don't have to iron it, it's something that is popular right now, and has been popular for the last few years. It's soft, it's hard wearing, and it's something that works well in the wardrobe.   On the other hand, if you're a collector, a classic menswear enthusiast or simply a clothes horse, the sky is really the limit. Obviously, that's me and you can have just 10 shirts that are all in white but they can have different cuff styles, different collar styles, different weaves, different front plackets, different buttons, and all those little details make the shirts different and suited for different occasions. Of course, at this point, storage can be a challenge and basically, you can fold them and put them in drawers but I find that it takes up a lot of drawers and so I hang all of my shirts on specific shirt hangers that are not too wide so they don't take up too much space in my wardrobe. Personally, I use the ones from Butler luxury which served me quite well and match my much wider suit hangers. So once you have all the basics covered, I suggest you go with pastel colors. Pastel pink, pastel lavender, green, you can have other shades that are combining those colors and just play with things. One color that's really underrated in men's dress shirts, in my opinion, is a subtle green. You can also add different kinds of patterns such as maybe a small houndstooth shirt or maybe a horizontal striped shirt or maybe stripes in an unusual color such as this one in kind of a light charcoal and yellow. Of course, you can also experiment with different fabrics and different weights as well as finishes and on top of that, playing with a collar shape is probably the detail that has the biggest impact because it defines the V shapes and the triangles that lead to your face. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2nTpDEZ Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ https://gentl.mn/2BwuXrM Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2nTpDEZ
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Text Comments (139)
Andrew Martin (2 months ago)
Another good one, Sven! I had one white dress shirt for 15 years or so. Hardly wore it. In the past year I've built up quite a respectable dress shirt collection of about 25. The first, and still best, advice started with your videos. Thanks again!
zakaria600 (6 days ago)
Raphael, you look very sharp at 5:10 in that car, respect.
Patrick Corleone (1 month ago)
"it depends" 0:54 . Still can see the law student inside you ! good one Mr. Schneider, Grüße aus Deutschland
Martin Saavedra (1 month ago)
Nice suit, how much was the cost of it?
A Fuller (1 month ago)
Hit the starch on the color brah.
Matthew Mangiaracina (2 months ago)
1:11 tho
Haidar E (2 months ago)
Can someone please tell me if it is proper or appropriate to dart box pleat shirts?? I would very much appreciate it!
countyon (2 months ago)
Washing in a bag!? sounds amazing! Tell me more!
Owen Henderson (2 months ago)
For me about 28 dress shirts works
Paul Smith (2 months ago)
This dude and Frazier Crane would really hit it off
Michael Taylor (2 months ago)
I wish I had more than 4. But I really can't afford it right now with a Portuguese salary. Love your channel.
Unklwigz (2 months ago)
I disagree that it’s ok to wear a shirt that’s frayed at the collar and cuffs.
Sumedh Joshi (2 months ago)
Sven looks like what G-Eazy would like in his 40s
Mandeep Baweja (2 months ago)
Rapheal is the real Gentleman!!!!!! Hands Down the best dressing man I have ever seen.
Miss Sorrow (2 months ago)
Good afternoon Sven, thank you for teaching us all these tops, Sven, Can you please make a video about how to be a lady these days, if there’re gentlemen there should be ladies too .
John Martindale (2 months ago)
Wow, a little over the top with 75. Of course, it all depends on your needs. There are so many collars, cuffs, colors and styles. Thanks for your great channel and content!
Mark Channel (2 months ago)
Sven I am desperate: I need red yellow violet green very fitted shirts with spread collars and I am unable to find a place in London where to buy them. Do you have any suggestions?!
Filigree Jaguar (2 months ago)
What is the make and model of the classic car?
Mehdi Hazgal (2 months ago)
Hello , sir , Sven I wanna thank you for the amazing tips and cool ideas I live in Morocco , i come from a culture that doesn't understand the idea of dressing well , I find problems with others , it seems that I have to justify myself for wearing a suit . I hope my people understand someday the idea of dressing well
Michael Patterson (2 months ago)
Hey Rafael. Would you please do a video of your sweater collection?
Michael Anthony (2 months ago)
Will you make, or recommend, a video describing the best way to store your wardrobe (ie; shirts, ties, jackets, pants, etc.)? Some people fold their shirts, while others hang them. Some people roll their ties, while others hang them. Some people leave their shirts in the plastic from the dry cleaners, while others do not. I have been growing my wardrobe over the last few years and would like to hear your advice on ways to make it last for years to come. Thank you.
Max Dodson (2 months ago)
You should do a video about hairstyles
minafouad78 (2 months ago)
My favorite classic shirt have a cataway collar and cufflinks..
William Stivelman (2 months ago)
Really nice presentation. I felt right at home in terms of the breadth and depth of your collection. Mine varies minimally from yours. Does that mean we're both nuts? I think not.
TheMixedPrince (2 months ago)
Propercloth is a good online site for shirts and custom shirts of alot of variety
daddy Mannerhiem (2 months ago)
Love your videos! How often do you upload
john sullivan (2 months ago)
white shirts three or five. white shirts don't store and lose that patina of whitness over time if you don't wear them, succumbing to that off white. today I threw a load away today $70 a go. what surprised me though the shirt that had kept its white crispness was a the cheap one the cotton polly mix. what is your rule on white shirts
Jason Lee (2 months ago)
The detail at 1:31 was awesome in 4K
MultiMrMiles (2 months ago)
pastel colours are underrated, also many forget a light pink/ washed pink is an ultimate classic color for menswear, pastel can be awesome
stephen legg (2 months ago)
Should a gentleman always wear a singlet.
Cudahy 1960 (2 months ago)
You cant compare an old rug to an old frayed shirt, throw the shirt out a replace it. Agree or disagree?
Cudahy 1960 (2 months ago)
Very nice dress shirts, but do you ever have them dry cleaned? I only ask because a few of them did not have that nice fresh crisp pressed look, especially the ones you were wearing. I mention this because you appear to be the type of guy who appreciates detail.
Jamesthacoolcat99 (2 months ago)
I am somewhere around 40 to 50 shirts. Mostly vintage, which is my price range.
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
A denim shirt? Really? Are we going back to the '80s now? Hopefully, you have some boots and a Stetson to go with it.
Imran Haque (2 months ago)
what about pants?
anythingbutpriscilla (2 months ago)
Thank you for the guide!
Harry Brown (2 months ago)
How do you keep your white dress-shirts polar-white? Dresses case?
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
Bleach. Every time.
esa marila (2 months ago)
answer to the question: zero
i don`t think i have 60 articles of clothing including socks :))
shuraim27 (2 months ago)
Any suggestions for a german shirtmaker??
captain0ldy0da (2 months ago)
I wear detachable collars and cuffs, so I only require ten dress shirts at the minute, but I have about 20 collars and 4 sets of cuffs. I wear very classic clothing, we're talking antiques. Some of my shirts date back to 1890 and before, because they use collars and cuffs the shirts are not worn at all. The only wear they do get is the collar band where the collar is attached to, but that can be replaced very cheaply and the shirt can continue to life on.
Grand Slam (2 months ago)
hey you forgot . welcome back to the gentleman's Gazette!
S Tra (2 months ago)
Everyone knows that the number of shirts you need is 3.14.
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
No, that's the number of pies you need.
Throden Day (2 months ago)
Love the video, as always but I have two questions... 1.) What would you recommend for the stains that accrue on the collar from wear? 2.) Where to go, for your first Overcoat for the winter months? Thanks!
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
Always pre-treat the shirt collars before washing them - every single time! A few sprays of "Spray 'N Wash" on the collar, and on any other stains, will prevent the "ring around the collar" on dress shirts.
Saul Moran (2 months ago)
What do you thing of the Hanger Project?
Joey Braghieri (2 months ago)
You should expand Fort Belvedere by adding dress shirts.
Rich Mitch (2 months ago)
How to deal with man flu like a gentleman? *gentleman flu*
allie44 (2 months ago)
I currently have about 10 or so, all lightweight blends. I live in South Louisiana USA where there is no such thing as seasons... All my shirts are solid colors, I never did like to wear patterns. I do my pattern through sweater vests and ties and i also have a big collection of lapel pins. Two white dress shirts, one casual, and one more formal with french cuffs. They serve me well. I don't need that many because I am a chef so I spend most of my time in uniforms. Now the flip side of that is my necktie collection.... I currently have around 350, possibly more... pretty sure its more...
Michael Patterson (2 months ago)
allie44 you might consider Winchester shirts if you like solid but want to spice it up a little bit. :-)
Alex Todd (2 months ago)
Why don't you wear undershirts? I find they protect my shirts well, extending their lives longer than without.
SPNKr (2 months ago)
Hiding the nipples for jacketless dressing is necessary. Personally, I'd wear one 80-90% of the time with any shirt especially if my aim is to dress up, not down.
accountnamewithheld (2 months ago)
If you find a dress shirt, OCBD or flannel that you like -- buy another! Having 2 of each shirt you !!like!! makes wardrobe management so much easier --- you can wear it again whilst one is in the wash!
Waltski (2 months ago)
Nice video and thank you for the peek into your shirt wardrobe. With autumn arriving, any chance of a view of your entire tweed jacket collection? We've seen some of them but I am curious as to what else you have.
GENZ (2 months ago)
You have some of the sexiest legs I have ever seen.
Any idea why small holes and tears appear in the body of the shirt? I’ve been having this problem recently.
Teracerus Seferinis (2 months ago)
moths maybe?
Aireney Kirkendoll (2 months ago)
I haven’t counted but I would Imagine have close to 60 as well
Josh Peters (2 months ago)
Sven, this video is 10/10!
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Michael Powell (2 months ago)
At 06:55, is that Arnold Schwartzenegger?
Michael Powell (2 months ago)
Winchester shirts. I've had a few colored shirts with white colors, but I never knew there was a name for them,. Thanx!!
Mark (2 months ago)
What is that cream cable knit cardigan you're wearing with the green check shirt?
Dakota Hampton (2 months ago)
Hey Sven, I consider myself a minimalist so I’ll probably be sticking somewhere in the 10-15 shirt range once I have my job. Is there any particular clothiers you recommend for a good all around quality and price for a persons first 10-15 dress shirts?
Gehan Dharmagunarathne (2 months ago)
Hi Raphael, awesome video as always, well informative. By the way, when did you visit Sri Lanka? And how was your stay there?
TheSimonsse (2 months ago)
you really deserve more subscribers ! you are providing us very high quality content and its always a pleasure!
Jon Stern (2 months ago)
Great practical advice.These days I've less need for the conventional light blues so am always on the look out for unusual though still classic colours and designs ( a bit like the one you are wearing in the video - which looks great open necked as it is by the way)
Rev. James C (2 months ago)
I have four quality dress shirts. I don’t feel like I have too few. I wear them two or three days a week.
Rev. James C (2 months ago)
Catatonic, Wearing the same thing once every two weeks... looks bad? Are you taking the p*ss? Look, if you want to play the dandy, wearing an outfit once every month or two, you do it. But leave the rest of us to just improve how we look and get on with our day. Thanks.
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
It looks bad to repeat your wardrobe, and it wears out your clothes faster.
Rev. James C (2 months ago)
I currently wear the same shirt roughly once every two weeks. Why should I stop doing this?
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
You don't want to wear the same shirt twice in two weeks, minimum. Once a month is better.
Max Nysom (2 months ago)
Nice video, man! Where would you recommend looking for dress shirts? I discovered Tie Bar, but Im not sure if it is a good place for buying dress shirts. Any tips or recommendations? 🤔
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
Try thrift stores! $3 for a dress shirt, $7 for dress pants or $9 for a jacket. Once you have a bigger budget, check out The Tailor Store.
Max Nysom (2 months ago)
Im a student btw not the biggest budget 😅
jackie wong (2 months ago)
60 to 70 you don't consider too much? Well... you should tell my wife.
Linus Carlsson (2 months ago)
Those trousers are great! Currently waiting for a similar pair from luxire
Clint W (2 months ago)
1 hour closet tour time
SPNKr (2 months ago)
2 hours.
Roberts Ozols (2 months ago)
So how old is that particular shirt you got from that elderly man?
Tukkimies (2 months ago)
”#Notsponsored” now that’s a new one
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
99% of our videos are #notsponsored The only thing that changed is that youtube shows it now but they didn't before.
Oneplayer90 (2 months ago)
How does my shirt protect from sweat?
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
If your body destroys shirts that quickly, a combination of better quality shirts and an undershirt might be a good idea.
Oneplayer90 (2 months ago)
thanks. Im also using my shirt as underwear, i just feel that my sweat or the deodorant roll on destroy the shirt. I have to throw them out after a couple of months :/
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
It is the protective layer between the skin and a suit jacket. Remember that before the 18th century, what we now call a dress shirt was simply a "shirt" and was considered underwear. The dress shirt soaks up the sweat and oils, and is washable, whereas the jacket isn't cleaned very often at all.
August Roesen (2 months ago)
Can you do one single video about teens (15-20) that want to dress more formaly?
ingrid (2 months ago)
Hey hey Sven are you Swedish? I’ve been enjoying your channel a lot! Thank you! Pls do a men’s gift guide under 50.00. I love the DONT s on your vids they are hysterical! Wow you have 70 dress shirts? Probably like me with my handbag collection ! Great tips and channel tack tack Xo from CA ps how do you tackle The wring around the collar on dress shirts? You have great style Sven! Also pls advise on how to store wool suits to prevent moth holes? It’s amazing the different quality of cotton dress shirts out there good quality cotton shirts are like silk on the body rather than stiff Cheap cotton ! What brands of shirts do you prefer? I really love the Mozart era white shirts with the ruffle neck and sleeves but hey Versailles on Netflix is one of my fav shows
qarhsi (2 months ago)
this video seems very familiar. did you redo it? :o Raphael, some of my custom dress shirts are yellowing, even tho i simply hung them in my closet. Please help. I am sure it will help many ppl; not just me. cheers!
qarhsi (2 months ago)
+CatatonicBug yes you are right ofc. What I am saying is too much bleach can also cause the whole shirt to have a yellowish tint over time.
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
Bleach prevents yellowing. Yes, it is rough on the fabric, but so are the stains. It is worth having a bright white shirt for a couple of years instead of a stained shirt for 3-5 years.
qarhsi (2 months ago)
+CatatonicBug thanks but if you keep bleaching, you'll damage the fabric. And bleaching over time will cause the fabric to turn yellow in the long run.
CatatonicBug (2 months ago)
If it is white, always bleach it. Every time you wash. Socks, shirts, underwear, towels... Anything that is white should be bleached.
Akhil Singh (2 months ago)
Only guy to give every detail one would ever need. just like a Gentleman!
Xxan (2 months ago)
there is no such thing as too many ;) but I would love to see some videos on storage of various garments
Sebinator007 (2 months ago)
Very good videos as always! I would like to see you recommending dress shirt brands for different price ranges next!
bigwingedkuriboh (2 months ago)
I love that shirt
Hey Sven I always love your videos I love how you base them on traditional men’s style and not on modern skinny/slim fit style garbage like many other men’s style experts
Lauren Henns (2 months ago)
Jakob Sings the Classics 1914 this channel is for flabby old men
William Ormiston (2 months ago)
this is my favourite video yet always great quality gentleman's gazette
v a i n (2 months ago)
What would you say is a temperature where dressing down into a polo is a must? Schöne Grüße Herr Schneider! :)
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
It hugely depends on the humidity level ;)
Tomatoo (2 months ago)
Favorite my comment please
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
make it worthy of being a favorite ;)
Victor Johansson (2 months ago)
When will the second part of the eyeglas series be uploaded? Im wondering because Im thinking of getting a new pair.
Victor Johansson (2 months ago)
+Gentleman's Gazette Ok thanks😀
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
next week
Munozl360 (2 months ago)
Would you do a video on how to do laundry? How do you know when something should be dry cleaned instead of washed? Thanks!
alessandro livi (10 days ago)
Munozl360 it's written in the side of the cloth
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
good idea
Todd C Wolf (2 months ago)
I greatly appreciate your videos. I had just found your channel last week and I've gained a wealth of knowledge from your videos. Thank you.
Davi (2 months ago)
Uh, well: As someone working in Law, my closet contains a boring rainbow of blue shades 😅
Matthew Marroquin (2 months ago)
Was that Mustang a ‘65 or ‘66?
Ami Ami (2 months ago)
'I retire some shirts' is this guy real or is this a comedy character? 😂
Edgar Jimenez (2 months ago)
only a gentleman will understand such things.
Riz Kler (2 months ago)
Learning so much THANKS!
Luc Tervoort (2 months ago)
Just the video I was looking for!
TheAllSeeingDream (2 months ago)
Nice video! I would like to ask you, what do you think about walking sticks used in gentleman style? I personally love them! Even though you never see them anymore :(. But i have one and i wear it when i feel confident enough!
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
It's a very vintage style
Speedsk8r (2 months ago)
Always dapper he is👈🏾
Dejan (2 months ago)
Really nice video! Would you a video about bowler hats please? Grüße aus Franken
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
Maybe, we put it on the list
Beth Johnstone (2 months ago)
Please teach my husband to iron!
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
We already did: https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ironing-essentials-guide/?utm_campaign=social-lead-gen&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube&utm_content=how-many-dress-shirts-do-you-need&utm_term=youtube-comment
I tend to find I always need one more than I already have!
e usana (2 months ago)
Ludvik Sæther (2 months ago)
what in the world
Ematched (2 months ago)
+Gentleman's Gazette man, that means it's worse/better than we imagined!
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
We are redoing our closet, so you have to be patient for a while as we might have to reinforce the floor due to weight issues...
TexaSS_ ChainSaw_3Dd56 (2 months ago)
Rauf (2 months ago)
Notification Squad, assemble
DeadlyEye (2 months ago)
Blog guys always on top

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