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Co-Workers Ask Each Other Embarrassing Questions

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Text Comments (649)
duustin crawford (1 month ago)
Sounds like their workplace could use a metoo movement
Dragonfly XX (1 month ago)
Coworkers Ask Each Other Embarassing Question**
idk (1 year ago)
the flatliners ad :))) it’s everywhere :))))
Mistress Aries (1 year ago)
Kelsey is theeee best
Gametastic Player (1 year ago)
which one the pogo girl or the single one
Hannah Melissa (1 year ago)
Love Kelsey 😂😍
Jace Harrison (1 year ago)
Parth Patel (1 year ago)
Guaranteed i would have a crush on Kelsey
Remy Stone (1 year ago)
FACT: I am 100% more likely to click on a video with Kelsey in the thumbnail
teQ (1 year ago)
id probably get a boner if she was that close to me.
Alice Whitman (1 year ago)
This was crap
lucky duck (1 year ago)
this was short and full of nothing
Meg Mon (1 year ago)
Not long enough. Boring
Frida Arefin (1 year ago)
If this was Australia, people would not make eye contact and just be naturally awkward. Here, they seemed pretty comfortable with each other.
MotorcycleGod 420 (1 year ago)
Not juicy enough :/
Justin Recio (1 year ago)
Deyo said "Kelsey" LOL jk
nummysmom (1 year ago)
The little blonde woman needs to rethink her false eyelashes. It looks like they came to life and started to walk off.
Aria Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
nummysmom She has alopecia.
Rosita Rose (1 year ago)
kelsey very intimated person. make all surround her feel close to her...
Isabel (1 year ago)
you cuddle with your dad?? aoflksajslomfg
Joanna Jallad (2 years ago)
lady at 0:10 looks like that girl form corey in the house
Aubrey Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Jacob Cortes (2 years ago)
Another video like this, please!!!! Except, all questions must be answered this time...ehheemm 😈😆
Liza YC (2 years ago)
"you dope, I love you, I have love for you...yeah" lol this dude is cyyute
Daniell Bondad (2 years ago)
Close officemates sharing personal information to...everyone on the internet 'Officemate is a dying word in my dialect of English' Works of American entertainment replacing it with co-worker Old workers can still be heard saying that Right at this moment,I'm eating ice cream because it is hot in my country!
Daniell Bondad (2 years ago)
Kites don't fly around though since it is actually a warm rainy season,not warm summers. Entertains me sometimes to see kites. Right,this is too much information. See you not likely again.
Samantha Brodie (2 years ago)
Blonde head pigtails eyelashes are 😁
Chris Davies (2 years ago)
1:50 lol I'm not sure she feels the same way
Kat Sam (2 years ago)
Kelsey's shriek @ 1:40 scared my dog
Hye Song (2 years ago)
This was an interesting thing to do in the Youtube video.
ECS XIV (2 years ago)
Is kelsey drunk or what? xD
Aliska Tavernier (2 years ago)
Rockin Sim (2 years ago)
Why wouldn't you cuddle with your dad?! It's your dad not some weird person! xD
eschiguateco (2 years ago)
eyelash horror..........on that blond cutie..........did ur ex do the makeup
Daryns _world (2 years ago)
one time I forgot I was stalking this cute guy and accidentally liked like all of his posts ahhhhhhhhh
Vianne Buinguyen (2 years ago)
The end 😂
Scarlett White (2 years ago)
Leo Joey (2 years ago)
I really really wanna work at Buzzfeed.
smol weaboo potato (2 years ago)
When you realize that the blonde woman was currently going through loosing her hair and having to take shots, and that she's still happy and you kind of feel guilty about crying over falling down.
246apple810 (2 years ago)
1:39 Kelsey is me when my friends tell me their crush
catherine joan (2 years ago)
that girl in the green shirt's eyelashes🙃🔫🔫
noface181 (2 years ago)
1:54 I ship it
Zoe Hunsicker (2 years ago)
Kelsey looked SO drunk ;)
BS (2 years ago)
The girl with the funny facebook incident has the best stories! There was the one with a dead carcass that had me laughing so much!
Maria Makes Music (2 years ago)
John Smith!!!!! Only dr who fans understand.
Lizzi Lopez (2 years ago)
That blonde chicks eyelashes drive me crazy!!!
Abbie Grier (2 years ago)
I love the last guys mustache and shirtI love these people
Ruba Rahman (2 years ago)
the second he said Justin's name I hit that like button do fast bc yasssss my son
Andrea J (2 years ago)
Di Ci (2 years ago)
1:24 omygosh that voice
Ayak Ater (2 years ago)
Lla Ming (2 years ago)
Why is it wrong to cuddle with your dad?
Erin McNeill (2 years ago)
Who's the guy wearing the Roberts Deli shirt?
Alexis Rose (2 years ago)
are those crushed spiders or eyelashes?
Alexis Rose (2 years ago)
+Maria Corral yeah but hair or no hair something can still look like a spider? right? i like to treat everyone the same. just because she can't grow hair doesn't mean i don't think her eyelashes look like spiders? even better knowing it's not her real lashes. i'm making fun of a spider looking product ! not her, relax~~ honestly lol i'm sorry but that's what my eyes saw
monisha amina (2 years ago)
Chloe (2 years ago)
that last conversation about cuddling with his dad was so cute and playful aww
Snodge Kat (2 years ago)
"You're dope; I love, I have love for you". God, I love Kwesi!!
Millie Me (2 years ago)
He totally still cuddles with his dad
Aaron D (2 years ago)
"You're dope. I have love for you" -"Yeah". Most awkward 3 seconds interaction possibly ever.
Bright & Wordy (2 years ago)
"You're dope. I love you, I have love for you. Yeahh." My new fave line!
Marría Catchy (2 years ago)
nice eyelashes
Yaarr Licious (2 years ago)
JOHN SMITH (AKA Doctor Who's (The Doctor's) fake "human" name
Steven Cruz (2 years ago)
He problably said "its you" xD
Ladie Anaxo (2 years ago)
What's with the attempt at fake eyelashes on the blond girl?
Mia Schmid (2 years ago)
To have eye lashes. She has alopecia so fake ones are better than none
Straight Out Of Ideas (2 years ago)
Mia Simmons (2 years ago)
becky reminds me so much of claire from modern family
Fin W (2 years ago)
I wish I was black so I could say Dawg, hommie and holy Jesus in a cool voice!
YouCanBeTheBass (2 years ago)
the mexican looking guy is cute
Lauren Crane (2 years ago)
I actually could never tell becky had alopecia
Taryn kandola (2 years ago)
I thought becky shaved her hair.... Still looking beautiful AF do
Monica Soto (2 years ago)
yes she did, and I think that is not her hair
SaruCharmed (2 years ago)
Maybe I should do this with people I want to become friends with.
Natalie Miller (2 years ago)
I really want Kelsey to be my friend lol
Ana Garcia-Risk (2 years ago)
Can some one make a playlist of all videos Kelsie is in. Please. Thank you! Lol. #bae
A mermaid (2 years ago)
Becky what are you doing with your life..
chantel/tbr (2 years ago)
I love the black dude so sexy
Matt Dickson (2 years ago)
jason jason (2 years ago)
where were the embarrassing questions?
aks1 (2 years ago)
The black guy seemed pretty judgemental
Erika Ross (2 years ago)
Make more!!!
Joseph Lynn (2 years ago)
Yeah what was that, we basically just saw a bunch of cuts of the tiniest bits of information. In one instance, you literally filmed people whispering to each other as if to mock the audience. Pretty lame buzz.
mytubeaccount (2 years ago)
if i was the hispanic guy ida said Kelsey
Caesar Santizo (2 years ago)
That was it?
bollywoodfan23 (2 years ago)
Kelsi is literally my favourite buzzfeed person
Anne Nieborg (2 years ago)
Ahhhww, ur dope I have love for you :))))
So she has dated The Doctor?
Comrade Joseph Stalin (2 years ago)
+Annabeth Granger Ohh that woman! I thought you were talking about Kelsey.
Comrade Joseph Stalin (2 years ago)
+Annabeth Granger Really? I must've missed it. Could you detail the time frame?
she said John Smith. 
Comrade Joseph Stalin (2 years ago)
Why would you say that?
thejakeakar (2 years ago)
Heather DeSalvo (2 years ago)
The Justin Bieber one is so me.
Sasha Isconfused (2 years ago)
I wanna know what he whispered to hef
Wieteke (2 years ago)
John Smithhhhhhh hehe
Samantha Susans (2 years ago)
Imagine the guy said that his biggest crush at the office was his co-worker? That would be awkward lol.
June Hatter (2 years ago)
The Doctor is on her facebook status 25 times.
Paul Mataele (2 years ago)
Who that white chick with the Asian dude? Let me take you out?:)
pella shea (2 years ago)
Suzi Williamson (2 years ago)
writing my ex's name in the status bar instead of the search bar is one of my biggest fears
Bad Person (2 years ago)
Bad Person (2 years ago)
I did I don't do it now
Rosa Maldonado (2 years ago)
did i seriously just get an entire Shaytards vlog as an ad ?
Billy Khammany (2 years ago)
part 2 3 4 5 pleassse
:/ (2 years ago)
1:39 that scream tho
Alvin Leveriza (2 years ago)
Ohloveeh (2 years ago)
0sergo (2 years ago)
i want the bloopers for this XD
pleasant hill (2 years ago)
Dude Justin Bieber has been lit since his Journals album

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