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How to Speak in Front of a Big Crowd | Public Speaking

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Watch more Public Speaking Training videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/505059-How-to-Speak-in-Front-of-a-Big-Crowd-Public-Speaking How do you speak in front of a big crowd? You're in front of five hundred, or a thousand, or three thousand people. How do you do it? Here's the secret: it's no different than speaking to one person. Now, I understand it feels different. It feels scary. But here's the secret great speakers have. It doesn't matter if you love Ronald Reagan as a speaker, or Bill Clinton, or Tony Blair. All different speakers, different styles, different politics, but here's one thing they have in common. When they're speaking or were speaking to ten thousand people, or speaking to two people, they sounded exactly the same. So, here's the big secret when it comes to talking to large audiences: don't change yourself. Because most of us, when we're speaking to one friend or two buddies at lunch, we're animated. We're engaging, we're telling stories, and we're giving examples. Our hands are moving. Our face is moving. We get in front of a large audience, and all the things we do that worked for us, all the things that were interesting that made us easy to listen to, we take that, we ball it up, and we throw it in the trash can. And we put on this fake persona, my fellow delegates it's an honor to be here today. We become stiff and we become wooden. Our voice goes flat. We tense up. We grab a lectern. All these things we do because we're scared. The problem is, as much as I love crutches, these crutches don't prop us up. They bring us down. They make us worse. So, you've got to simply tell yourself you're talking to one person. You've got to use that tone of voice. Because these days if you're speaking to a large room of people chances are you're going to have a microphone, so you don't have to speak like this because that's really annoying. You speak in a conversational tone of voice. Here's the other trick: your eye contact. What a lot of people do is they're like this the whole time. They may be moving, but they have this glazed look in their eye. You don't want to do that. Or, they just zoom in here, zoom in here, and here. It's too mechanical. What you want to do is just look at one spot. Ideally, if you can see people, look at one person for a full thought. That's only five seconds or so. Go to another person in a different part of the audience. Pretend you're having a one on one conversation with that person for a full thought. And mix it up. That will make it more relaxing for you. You'll sound like you're talking to one person. And it'll keep your head from bouncing around and looking nervous and scared. The other final tip is, it's one of those things, the more you do it the easier it gets. Seek out opportunities to speak in front of large groups. Don't be one of these people that says, well I could speak to one person, or I can speak to two people, or I can speak sitting in a boardroom, but I'm not a public speaker so I can't. Baloney. If you've ever had one interesting conversation with one person in your entire life you already have all the skills you need to be a great public speaker in front of ten thousand people.
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Text Comments (83)
ERONIC (4 months ago)
Gotta speak in front of thousands of people in two days for a conference. Hope I do good, it's even my first speaking. So I guess for my first time I'm going big.
ERONIC (3 months ago)
@Dxriz Well, I did better than I thought I would have. I messed up a few times and heard people laughing in the crowd in front of me but I kept going. And luckily I was able to have my speech with me on a paper so if I forgot what to say I can just look down and say it. But one weird thing is the whole time my hand was moving as a spoke and I couldn't control it. Guess that was my bodies way of letting go of all my nerves.
Dxriz (3 months ago)
ERONIC how’d it go?
Mia e (8 months ago)
I want to be a prefect, And I have to talk to over 500 people 😢
Epa Manueli (9 months ago)
Very usefull
Mar-COOS (10 months ago)
I have to speak in front of 1,500 people tomorrow
BWツ evil (1 year ago)
i have a speech infornt of ministers
Pʅαყҽɾ5 (10 months ago)
i have a speech infront of my english class i know its nothing but im still nervous
Jacob Cammaroto (1 year ago)
i have to speak in front of hundreds of people in my graduation tommorow
Betos Ce (1 year ago)
Y que pasa si le hablo Al Mundo entero publicamente
WhoButWBMason (1 year ago)
I can easily speak in front of 40 people daily, mostly because I'm my school's Student Council President. It looks like I am going to be picked to give a speech at my graduation, which could be over 300 people. So I'm trying to improve.
Muhammad Naeem Jan (1 year ago)
keep it up
Life Channel (1 year ago)
Thank you! this really helped me out .
dylan boi (1 year ago)
This ain't helping me I have to do a play in 6th grade and when i was sick my friends made it violent They made it so i have to jump on my friend and im a girl and he's a guy im not doing that And they have to throw my friend
Blake Bleu (1 year ago)
I have to talk to 500 people tomorow to 53 state commissioners of education... about equality. Lord help me
kayla m (1 year ago)
I have to speak in front of 2000 people tmrw. When I was young i could barley do class presentation. I am so nervous. But i am hoping his tips will help
SlamboGaming TM (1 year ago)
kayla m did it worked? Please tell me
bishal adhikari (2 years ago)
nice idea thanks for video
Rusty123 (2 years ago)
Really helpful advice... I will try my best... thank u so so much
Iquey (2 years ago)
one person to make eye contact per one or two thoughts? that is a really good piece of advice!
SentBy Adds (2 years ago)
I have to read at church I mess up and stutter a lot along with the occasional wisp
Tamarra Gelenidze (2 years ago)
Good point
Xier Li (2 years ago)
Thank you
tommy moylan (2 years ago)
This really helped me
Sanii Williams (2 years ago)
i need to read a letter i wrote in front of alot of people
Cortana (2 years ago)
Funny. I look at these comments and people have to speak in front of hundreds or thousands of people for a work thing. Now here I am, in the 8th grade only having to talk to like 20 people for a PowerPoint presentation about a book I've read. I feel I'm ready but still though..... I don't wanna! XD
Morty (1 year ago)
Cortana How did it go? :D
Alight MotionHS (1 year ago)
Cortana I'm in 8th grade and have to talk to the whole school of 950 people
Lala Man (1 year ago)
Cortana same except I'm a junior in high school!
raspberryice (2 years ago)
I spoke of front of around 100 people when I was 10 when I was unexpectedly told I won a poem competition and had to read it. I had no time for nerves to build up so I did it. But now I've got to speak in an auditorium for university im shutting myself. I just hope I can apply what he said here, not get out of breath (something that always happens) and just be able to speak!
Reem Ghabbany (2 years ago)
I have to speak in front of thousands of people next month in a Confrence and I'm so nervous I almost regret accepting the job 😭😭😭 I barely do presentations in front of my class
Jeydi_lee (1 year ago)
How did you do?
Roshan Rai (2 years ago)
How did it go?
Reem Ghabbany (2 years ago)
@raspberryice thankyou so much. that made me feel a bit better
raspberryice (2 years ago)
Reem Ghabbany you'll do well I know you will. So many of them you almost won't be able to see them and it will be like talking into an empty room
aklan pinoy (2 years ago)
wow, thank you!!! ;)
Akash Kutte (2 years ago)
applied it and it worked .....Thanks
Sanguinius (2 years ago)
I have to present in front of 250 people tomorrow, including Mel Morris who owns Derby County Football Club
Lee Hilliard99 (6 months ago)
Sanguinius derbycounty yeeeoo
Pʅαყҽɾ5 (10 months ago)
how was it guys
Alight MotionHS (1 year ago)
Jam I have to in front of 950 kids and adults at my school tomorrow
iiStrikevEnOm iNtRoHD (1 year ago)
late but how was it
Sub .Box (2 years ago)
How did it go?
chuan xu (2 years ago)
Mary Batool (2 years ago)
thank you so much you are truly amazing...💕
John Morton (2 years ago)
I'm class president, have to talk about homecoming on the first of September. so nervous
Mary Batool (2 years ago)
don't worry 💕 everything will be just fine remember no one is perfect in this world so there is no need to be nervous OK💙✔.. you got this👏💕
Luke Neuhart (3 years ago)
big middle finger to the people that disliked this
fyitbs123 (3 years ago)
Nothing is working for me :'(
Brendan Walsh (1 year ago)
Qwerty MC Thats me in health right now
Kitoka Zhimomi (1 year ago)
Chris Barker (2 years ago)
fyitbs123 Same 🤐
Cortana (2 years ago)
fyitbs123 Same! :(
BlueFlu (2 years ago)
I feel you :(
Miriam Allum (3 years ago)
I'm 10 and I have to speak in front of my church which is like 500 people and talking about equality so hopefully they will support me if I get nervous🙈
varshit ratna (3 years ago)
how good did u do?
Meghan Bernard (3 years ago)
I think this might help me tomorrow THANKS
vijctoria (3 years ago)
This helps,thanks so much! As networkers we are preparing for our business presentation.GOD BLESS Tremendously!
vijctoria (3 years ago)
This helps,thanks so much! As networkers we are preparing for our business presentation.GOD BLESS Tremendously!
Bakerbg (3 years ago)
This is all I need. Thanks. I just subscribed. Keep up the good work
ghoster69 (3 years ago)
Thank you that helped :)
Alex Lee (3 years ago)
Rather simple and easy thing to do except for the fact that it doesn't work if you have severe social phobia and random fear of speech like I do when I am nervous.
James Bierton (4 years ago)
Ha, Tony Blair !
MrpurrfectTV (4 years ago)
Great video
fadipe frank (4 years ago)
Love dis vid but talking 2 1 person isnt lyk to 10 people mixed or respectful pple uil b so shy
Fahad (5 years ago)
This is me ,,, I am afraid to get mistakes wken I am speaking ,, so I can not feel comfortable.
abdurhman English (5 years ago)
I disagree , speaking to one person is really occurs in a different way . One is not like 2000. And eyes contact is not always good. You don't know who or how Is the person u look at.
StarOceanSora360 (5 years ago)
the guy is an expert lol
IAmAwesomer1 (5 years ago)
I'm running for sca secretary at my school and I have to say a speech thanks u
hamza H (5 years ago)
i am giving presentation in front of 20 people in 1 hour. i am gonna try your advise.. i'll see how it goes.. i am really good at one-on-one conversation
B SB (5 years ago)
I like this man :)
GDTV222 (5 years ago)
good vidoes (Y)
Broth3r John (5 years ago)
good advice but can you imagine some of these preachers if they talked like they preach at the dinner table ? :)
lemg93 (5 years ago)
Sir, I don't know why you seem pretty ugly to me
Veroid (5 years ago)
Veroid (5 years ago)
Veroid (5 years ago)
Veroid (5 years ago)
samjean1122 (5 years ago)
bluetoeshoes (5 years ago)
ChristianPlays (5 years ago)
I do gaming
ChristianPlays (5 years ago)
bienchidorro (5 years ago)

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