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23 New York Pizza Slices in 36 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit

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Join Bon Appétit web editor Alex Delany as he searches for the best New York-style pizza slice in the five boroughs. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/1TLeyPn ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. 23 New York Pizza Slices in 36 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit
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Text Comments (2779)
Jared Meyer (12 hours ago)
My guy OD after killin a wapping 23 slice about 3boxes of pizza
And then you have the stoner pizza. Pizza with a bit of bud on top.
yambertgini (1 day ago)
Yolanda’s pizza in the south Bronx
Jake O'Mara (1 day ago)
damn totally should have hit up Rocco's in Bed-Stuy that place is so bomb
xjmasterx0907 (1 day ago)
Gloria’s pizza forest hills got the best slice around
The Demon Ace (1 day ago)
You know nothing about pizza bro just stop please and how can sauce have no sugar that physically impossible bro maybe only les than 2g but there can not be 0 and you can’t rank pizza and how is Joe and Pats a bus stop pizza it is just because there is two bust stops there you legit know nothing about pizza go watch Barstool ONE BITE EVERYONE KNOWS THE RULES.
aboy 3011 (2 days ago)
Where's Pizza hut ?
Arpan Desai (2 days ago)
He is Pre Malone than ate pizza got tats done and than became Post Malone...
rohan sharma (2 days ago)
"Alex eats it all" hmm I see
Danny A (2 days ago)
I miss living in New York City now ! 😔
Susan Brown (2 days ago)
I've been to Joe's , pizza is yummy,but you need 2 slices.
Mir Far (2 days ago)
NYC pizza sucks, it is not tasty or filling, yet it is overpriced and unhealthy. Sorry not sorry. and no meat on my pizza? Forget about it.
salima xx (2 days ago)
as soon as i saw the thumbnail i craved pizza tbh i did before...
Brian (3 days ago)
Patsys is not a New York slice. Patsy's is a very nice pizza........if you have a VAGINA
Kevin Smith (3 days ago)
What the hell is wrong with you you can never have too much cheese on a pizza
Bullet SpongeK (3 days ago)
Do 23 pizzas instead of single slices what a way to clickbair lmao
Bullet SpongeK (3 days ago)
Anyone can eat the amount of pizza you ate not that impressive lol
The best (3 days ago)
Lmao he looks like a clean Post Malone
David Le (4 days ago)
Hes gonna need to exercise alot
Summer Caudill (4 days ago)
I personally like my pizza sweet
esorense (4 days ago)
Damn. 36 slices of pizza after checking all those Chicago hot dogs and Jucy Lucy's in the twin cities. I'd check your cholesterol unless Conde Nast wants you out on workmans comp!! :-)
TikO LoRd (4 days ago)
*Italians* 💪❤🇮🇹
Stefano DiRaimo (5 days ago)
It’s in Long Island
Stefano DiRaimo (5 days ago)
My family owns it
Stefano DiRaimo (5 days ago)
Go to DiRaimos pizza
Go to Greggs, you’d be disappointed
swagzilla3000 (5 days ago)
Alright frankie
Re'em Animations (5 days ago)
Yeah, when are you going to invite me for round 2?
Milo Didi (5 days ago)
Come on!!!Joe's pizza it's the worst pizza I ever tried...
Luis Sosa (5 days ago)
Patsys is the best and it's definitely not a sit down slice that my friends is only an option
Ramon (5 days ago)
Wal-Mart pizza the best :)
Juliana b. hernandez (6 days ago)
He's so cute omg
kyranoscopy (6 days ago)
Omfg I’m so hungry
Astronaut _Chewie (6 days ago)
Man I wish Florida had stuff like this.
Wavvy _Damien (6 days ago)
I wish I was with him to ALL THAT PIZZA 🍕 😋
joe horton (6 days ago)
Loved this episode a lot. How about that new haven ct slice though? Come on over and check it out.
Ken Shaw (7 days ago)
I thought NY pizza was something people ate when their other choice was starvation. People eat it willingly?
Lt. Ling (7 days ago)
Wish i lived on nyc.
K3nshi (7 days ago)
Matt Stonie Where ya at?
Karp Films (7 days ago)
Bon Appetite why didn’t you go to deninos in SI
A B (7 days ago)
Sofia’s pizza shoppe is better than every place mentioned
Alex Marzano (7 days ago)
sauce is the most important part of pizza, no debate
Rogue-Spear (8 days ago)
I always wondered what kind of pizza the Ninja Turtles were eating in New York
Wilde Oscar (8 days ago)
I'm guessing Sauce in lower east side wasn't open yet? Apparently they have very solid slices.
xoxox22 232 (9 days ago)
I'm just here with my McDonalds
G1nger (9 days ago)
This made me hungry af
BerryBlue X (9 days ago)
As he says with those lights u can’t pass it but a person just walked past it 😂
eddie marquez (10 days ago)
Gatta try mamas pizza
Lucinda (10 days ago)
Nadia Cianca (10 days ago)
Lol I know all of these spots except staten island because thats not NY bruh🤣🤷🏻‍♀️
Michael Mantell (10 days ago)
skipped to the end after 5 minutes. way too long to just watch someone eat pizza. make a shorter video.
alexander candelario (10 days ago)
Johnnys pizza in dyckman and post uptown
izdagrimeyone (10 days ago)
Lived in NYC for 33 years. No pizzeria is king to everyone. I had dollar slice that were better than 4.00 dollar slices. What you think is best is awful to the next guy.
5argeTech /\ (10 days ago)
Whatup Home Slice! Brooklyn is the best!
Nactate (11 days ago)
You only went to one pizza place in queens?? Bruh..
Subodh Khanal (11 days ago)
10:45 damn ninoooooo
Fahad ALomari (11 days ago)
I swear i will like this comment No im not these type of people
cassie pitchford (11 days ago)
Why do Americans always use electric stoves 😰 Fire stone stoves are the ONLY way to go for pizza.
Sean Cayman (11 days ago)
I'm shook that my favorite neighborhood spot was featured, shout out to Louie & Ernie's
R B J (11 days ago)
They look decent for being American pizzas.
Joseph1NJ (11 days ago)
IDK how he did it, after the 5th slice, I was ready to kavanaugh...
Dave Guerra (11 days ago)
I Love you Claire!!!!!!!!!
KNOXawakeN / Yeager183 (12 days ago)
New Haven pizza brother.
Lavar_Ball (12 days ago)
Please do Italian Beef Sandwiches in Chicago next
Pablito And Ccarlitos (12 days ago)
Where's nicolettas pizza? It tastes good
Avery Lyons (12 days ago)
Loved seeing Claire❤️
Itz_Me _joan (13 days ago)
3 dollars for a piece of pizza 😐 That’s kinda a lot
Waifu Material (13 days ago)
Lowkey Post malone
Pepe (13 days ago)
Joes and 2Bros are just THE spots
JPTV (13 days ago)
1 day someone will find this comment
DarkDragon (13 days ago)
Boulevard pizza Jamaica Queens best pizza you'll get
John Ferraro-Calvar (14 days ago)
Scars pizza
Frosty Dragon (14 days ago)
This guy has the best job in the world
devd 1nside (15 days ago)
*bon apple teeth*
ButterJ (15 days ago)
Bone apple tea
Akix (15 days ago)
I would love to eat 23 slices of pizza lol
MrRoachClip84 (15 days ago)
Pres lol
jk NOVA -X (15 days ago)
In Italy with 3 dollars you get the whole pizza
- j x s h u 8 (16 days ago)
you should have tried fresco pizza
Sergio MB (16 days ago)
That guy ate 3 pizzas in two days
Do Americans only eat 1 slice of pizza? like I can finish a whole box of medium sized pizza from pizza hut and still have some room for some side dishes. From Malaysia btw
oh ok
Rush B (4 days ago)
Adli Mukhriz Mohammad Firuz we could eat more ( I can at least) but these places in New York are expensive af for a whole pizza
Amanda Santiago (16 days ago)
I just visited NY/NJ recently and never had NY pizza before. I watched this video to help me decide what pizza slice I should have first. I chose Joe's pizza on Carmine and I must say they did not disappoint! I had a second slice after I finished my first!
MRios1128 (16 days ago)
One bite, everybody knows the rules
Cablitz (16 days ago)
Wow I just got a “What do you like to put on your pizza” ad right before this video
Monjur Munir (16 days ago)
Prima Pizza in Braddock,Queens
Joell Acevedo (16 days ago)
He should go to pizza boy two-on-one in Woodside and Jackson Heights Queens NYC
Jovan Adidharma (17 days ago)
0:29 you could only use the pythagorean theorem on a 90° triangle. Get your stuff right !
Irfan Nasyriq (17 days ago)
i found out this show is kinda offensive..they dont have the right to rename others pizza creation..just rate them on a scale..which is better..plus..the name bon appetit..their not even italian!, wtf!,!
Ian Burroughs (17 days ago)
Sal's pizzeria!
inquisitive871 (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who enjoys sweet sauce?
JazzFan222 (17 days ago)
Anyone catch that Sebastian Maniscalco Photo at 4:02?
SAAR3KT (18 days ago)
Freaky eaters, only eats pizza preview
Mari Garris (18 days ago)
Host Malone.
ananda devapriya (19 days ago)
Why you not slice from pizza's hut
SkinnyBoyCole (19 days ago)
Should have had Casey neistat be the guest
iphoneit (19 days ago)
Thats not pizza its cheese toast..lol Come to Chicago for real pizza lol
redxsage (19 days ago)
A very nice rundown of what NYC has to offer by the slice. Thank you. Not sure if/when I'll visit, though.
Janet Matrai (20 days ago)
Gaby's pizza Francis Lewis Blvd queens hollis ny
Northsea Harbour (20 days ago)
I see only tomato sauce and cheese on your slices.
dayof thelords (20 days ago)
alex living my best life smh
WhudUP Do (21 days ago)
One bite, everybody knows the rules.

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