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23 New York Pizza Slices in 36 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit

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Join Bon Appétit web editor Alex Delany as he searches for the best New York-style pizza slice in the five boroughs. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/1TLeyPn ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. 23 New York Pizza Slices in 36 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit
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kevinsapokguy (3 hours ago)
I went to Scarr’s bcuz of this vid and was mediocre at best. I will say though I think Alex D. And I look for different things in a NY slice all and all still great video.
Nick Milushev (10 hours ago)
Joe's Pizza takes me to heaven.
Kevin 123 (13 hours ago)
best pizza ever is marc anthonys in onset mass
Astro (16 hours ago)
Did this guy use the Pythagorean theorem on a non right-angle triangle? I'm triggered
frozt wind (16 hours ago)
You should try my favorite pizza place in NY, hard to believe but it's in flushing, Lucia Pizza. Let me know how it compares to your top picks.
Javier Aranda (2 days ago)
Cheapest Pizzas in NY?
FiTT Gaming (2 days ago)
I haven’t seen a pepperoni pizza yet?????
Christopher Niceley (2 days ago)
I'm from and live in Jersey. I always go to New York for pizza 😍😘
domeskeetz (2 days ago)
Literally every other slice "wish it had a little more color" you want your pizza burnt I'm confused bro
Delia Dintana (3 days ago)
just by waching this video makes me fat
Jomaster The Second (3 days ago)
"Also it was in Spider-man."
Layne In Chains (3 days ago)
Wtf 1 place in the Bronx?!
Strinix (3 days ago)
should have gone to lucali's
FLORELL BROWN (4 days ago)
LUV ALEX GREAT SHOWS KEEP IT UP! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Owen Harker (4 days ago)
Yvonne (4 days ago)
Vesuvios in Bay Ridge is the best in my opinion. I totally agree with Lenny's using too much cheese.
Wendi 307 (4 days ago)
You lost me at there's too much cheese on this pizza.
Lila Cannon (4 days ago)
What about Prince Street Pizza
michael simon (5 days ago)
new hide park pizza is the best pizza around . i am from pa and i went there with my wife to get a slice of pizza before we picked up our new dog from newyork that we had on hold. you are freaking crazy i went to this pizza shop not knowing a thing . this is the best pizza in the whole world . you are crazyy!!!!! i sleep dream about going there again!!!!!. i was talking to the owner and he has been there for like 40 years they make their own cheese there plus all pizza sauce . new hide park pizza is the best in my book they won the award hands down .
jane haviland (6 days ago)
im so hungry
Devon Gardner (6 days ago)
You're going to make me walk 3 miles to the pizza place.
Devon Gardner (6 days ago)
A SLICE! And a coke!
N3rdGamerProductions (7 days ago)
Need some crushed pepper and ranch to dip those slices in
Micke (7 days ago)
within 36 hours he should have doubled the amount of slices, to say the least.
Julian Marshall (7 days ago)
Gotham Pizza in Manhattan is amazing!!
ALLDAVETEEVEE (8 days ago)
Way to go Post Malone!
S. Stallone (8 days ago)
New York is over rated. You want real pizza go to Spfld Ma.
Kyle L (8 days ago)
I dont trust anyone who says there is too much cheese
H Rayan (9 days ago)
I love Alex Delany. He has cool ginger beard. Can I date him pleaseee
Pizza (9 days ago)
Ms. Kissee (10 days ago)
2 bros is the best and its $1 per slice
Anthony Colon (10 days ago)
I’ve eaten 22 pizzas in less than an hour, I’ve never felt such a pain in my life but now I can say I’ve eaten 22 pizzas d:
Ethan Staughton (10 days ago)
IM NINO!!!!! (guess the reference)
vwsaiphone (10 days ago)
Sadly after this he had a massive heart attack and died we won’t forget him rest in pizza heaven❤️🍕🍕
Vojco Petkovski (10 days ago)
Miroslav ilik
Maverick Silva (10 days ago)
Why doesn't anybody go Washington heights for a slice. You gotta try pizza hero pizza on dyckman. My mother is on her late 50s and it's been there since she was a little girl
hpkiunzy (11 days ago)
there's notrhing better than a napolitan pizza with fior di latte, none of this cheap low grade mozz.
Juhmick M (11 days ago)
Claire!! Auto thumbs up
D4RKplayz (11 days ago)
I like sweet pizza.
GenkaiTaughtMe (12 days ago)
Claire Saffitz is the very specialest of special guests!
Isadora Reisner (12 days ago)
fazios in bushwick is really good and underrated-- lifetime nyer
Kiean Coba (12 days ago)
Dani's house of Pizza
Kiean Coba (12 days ago)
L&Bs is fire too but not a new york slice
Kiean Coba (12 days ago)
New Park close second.
K London (15 days ago)
Pizza in New York is totally overrated ! I have been to most of these spots, including Scarr's. It is good, but the Pizza in London is WAYYYYY better. You guys are out of touch.,
Jessica Suarez (15 days ago)
how are ya gonna go to astoria for pizza and NOT go to alba's????? please astoria needs a redo
mihir jain (15 days ago)
Eric Robbins (16 days ago)
Mikes Pizza in LIC is probably the best I’ve had. Anything in the city is garbage. There’s another place near the N/W line on Broadway stop I think in Astoria.
Edward Brown (16 days ago)
No Denino's on Staten Island or several other landmark places. Another program is needed
Daniel B (16 days ago)
do this in philly to show how bad most of the pizza is there
Robert Morris (16 days ago)
Traviata Pizza near The Met is the best Pizza in Manhattan, but you got to get the salsa on it. Trust me, it's a power move.
scarsinizm (17 days ago)
One of the best slices I've had not mentioned is rizzos pizza on Steinway in astoria should check it out
Serena (18 days ago)
american pizza looks somehow kind of weird but I can’t tell why
Yassine SHOW (18 days ago)
DaRkMirRoR265 (18 days ago)
I live in The lower east side. Scarrs is NOT the best pizza!
justin numan (19 days ago)
Try Danny’s in queens Richmond hill or forest hills
Jon P (19 days ago)
Is that a Roll n Roster bag?
cyoohoos (19 days ago)
One hour and $5 for one slice of cheese pizza? Even the owners said SUCKER
Maddie S (19 days ago)
one word, constipation.
andrewperalta (20 days ago)
Claire my queen
Xfactor (20 days ago)
You didn't hit up Michael Scott's favorite pizza joint, Sbarro's !
iwaseasymeat (20 days ago)
Tommy's Pizza on E. Tremont in the Bronx. Nuff said
HITESH AJARA (21 days ago)
Name Calling for Pizza was Spot on Man...🍺👍👍🍺 I Agree with Scarr's , New Park Pizza Choice..🤗😲😘😍🤩👍 But you should visit the Oldest and First place in NYC ---- Lambonis 1905 Pizza 😘🤩👍😘 it is Awesome 🍺🍷🍻👌🙏👍😀😆
salah areikat (21 days ago)
honestly man, I live in new york and I go to NYC alot and I've tried many pizza places and tbh there honestly all the same to me(maybe because I've been eating there my whole life) and i'd rather have costco pizza tbh, that is some nice pizza
Fat PacsBlade (21 days ago)
Post Malone or Danny McBride ?
Jonathan Allen (22 days ago)
I'd get sick
Tabarnacos2 (22 days ago)
I'm a bit late for the comments, but when I was in Manhattan not that long ago, right next to my hotel was a tiny hole in the wall type of pizzeria, named "Patzeria", people waited outside, they shout your order, real nice ambiance, you could barely fit 6-7 people inside to order, took a minute to get my slice and god DAMN was it delicious, straight up classic New-York slice right there.
NJ2da305 (22 days ago)
You need a south philly slice from Lorenzo’s on south street
lewis bell (22 days ago)
How's the heart disease
KJ (23 days ago)
These guys are insane if you're out here buying a slice for $3 you're not at the right spot
321bluff (23 days ago)
Wheres all the vegetables and meat at? That's how newyorkers eat or is he ordering just bases.?
Nitro Prime (24 days ago)
love how the owner pulls the trash can into frame, 10:45 slow burn....
Goriaas (24 days ago)
I don't get this non-fresh mozzarella thing. The more dry variant. Must be an American thing. Also the brown caramellised cheese bubbles are real turn-offs for me. Neapolitan style for me all the way
rayamoroso126 (25 days ago)
Scars looks awesome
michel brandy (25 days ago)
frozen pizzaaaa with pineapple!haaaaa lol
Cristobal Herrera (25 days ago)
Late comment but everyone knows the rules...BarStoole's is rough but ruling but this dude is wack
forbin1185 (25 days ago)
On bite every slice has a name.
Bill Feinberg (26 days ago)
A perfect video. So we'll done! Totally agree with the winner. Also love Joe's. Never had the patience to go to Di Fara. Scarr's is the magical pizza of my childhood. Thanks so much for bring a smile to my face!
Nick Volpe (26 days ago)
Only one Staten Island slice ? Common guy
Juan Lopes (26 days ago)
One bite everybody knows the rules
Pops Gewd (27 days ago)
Downvoted this video out of principle, but immediately had to upvote as soon as I saw Claire. You lucked out on this one
Lexa Zaffuto (27 days ago)
Twin peaks, my mans❤
Ambigouos010Pronoun (28 days ago)
It’s morning and I’m skipping for pizza
Paul Montanaro (28 days ago)
Catania Pizza pastor called toner pizza
Mustang Cartel (28 days ago)
I feel like this Mothafucka is picky on pizza! Enjoy the piece of Heaven! you Donkey
P.C. RYAN (29 days ago)
Alex if you are ever up in Westchester county, NY you have to get a slice at the Irvington pizzeria!! I’m from the Irvington/sleepy hollow area and grew up on their pizza!! I now live in Roanoke, Virginia and there’s an awesome NY pizza place here in the Grandin village neighborhood of Roanoke city. It’s called Grace’s Place Pizzeria and the family that owns and runs it are NY transplants... come on down here and try a slice and an order of cheddar flatbread and an order of creamy lemon chicken penne with artichoke hearts!! I eat there several times a week!!
Dieu Minh Dang (29 days ago)
I listened to the podcasts before this video and now i found that there is a video !! YAYY
Fish Mann (29 days ago)
0:28 Why are you setting up stupid rules for your slice? Just go to the pizza joints and try the goddam pizza! Judge it on it's own merits ... not your asinine rules.
Lance Ray (1 month ago)
Definitely gotta come to New Orleans for a gumbo or poboy exhibition
John G (1 month ago)
Erik Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Johns on Bleecker
Sebastian Ponce (1 month ago)
Dani's 🍕 Kew Gardens Queens
thomaspalma33 (1 month ago)
Amore! You didnt hit up amore! In flushing queens!
jerry J (1 month ago)
19 minutes of torture
cesar ramos (1 month ago)
Starfire (1 month ago)
Can I live in New York and eat pizza for living???
A R (1 month ago)
I don’t doubt they taste good but those slices look pretty sad 😭
Palash Jaiswal (1 month ago)
Big al’s pizza should have been there on the list
ManFred TheLast (1 month ago)
My favorite place for pizza in NYC is this little closet size place in some random corner around Times Square; not many people know about it. I don't even remember the name of it but I usually pick up a slice when I am in the area. My most frequented pizza place is actually 2 Bros just because it's so cheap and quick. Walk in, put $1 on the counter, walk out with an acceptable slice; the whole process takes a couple of seconds off peak hours and 3mn or so at worst. My all time favorite pizza though is next to Islip LIRR station. Not actually in the city obviously, but you could get there on the LIRR quicker than most people's morning commute on the subway.
majcrash (1 month ago)
Put on some pants, freak. No one wants to see your nasty legs.
true moods (1 month ago)
im so jealous, anyone else?
hannah grant (1 month ago)
They missed sals!!

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