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r/facepalm Best Posts #3

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Oh, the dumb people of the world... So funny ;) Thanks for watching my video! Go and check out my other videos on my channel! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SubReddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/giofilms/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FilmsGio Discord Server: https://discord.gg/rApyjv3 For business inquiries: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creator of my Profile and Background: https://www.instagram.com/wegan_bakon/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro Music: Background Music: Outro Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hbnMgHgZfs Your mum
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Text Comments (4549)
James Castillo (4 months ago)
Gio Senpai Pin me Daddy
Patricia Soto (1 day ago)
I don’t see how a YouTuber would be your senpai but okay
perilous-panda 49 (4 days ago)
Dylan Christman (6 days ago)
The spook Pro (8 days ago)
Haha kill me
Godspeed Gamer (9 days ago)
james your fucking gaY
Marcell Beke (1 hour ago)
6:20 no, because they lied about it too! It’s only 50 Celsius degrees, or 30 when it’s winter
Skyler Erickson (15 hours ago)
At 5:38 the marshmallow is flipping u off
GachaDani Forever (16 hours ago)
Whats the music xD?
Burning Rose Imp (18 hours ago)
6:12 r/WHOOOSH
How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? That's a silly question, feminists can't change anything!
Meme (21 hours ago)
Do you also do sorrow tv because they sound like u
Jayme Willett (22 hours ago)
If syringe was healthy you’d put it in a carrot and inject it in your blood stream try it you’ll die in an embarrassing way
InfinityStar 23 (22 hours ago)
5:44 look at Michelin tier man and his hand. Is he trying to neck us? Or flick us off...
James vanDijk (23 hours ago)
Once, in second grade, somebody told me that they were smarter than me because they wore glasses... They were Special Needs
Oki Fox (23 hours ago)
i accidently just called my mum gluten and now we both laughing
Since your name is gio I’m gonna have to call you giorno giovana so you can become a gang star.(yes this is a jojo reference)
Andrew Valencia (1 day ago)
that outro is loud, not bad, just really scary when its on low volume and you feel like it jumped up 50% in the middle of the night
BORB BIRB (1 day ago)
If the Earth is flat what would be on the other side of the Earth
Briggsrocks59 (1 day ago)
/r woooosh 6:27
Israel andersonHOME (1 day ago)
Wow that’s one loud outro
King Le (1 day ago)
Sometimes you must destroy in order to rebuild Nah jk
Trishei Veal (1 day ago)
Wtf who came up with the Ea rth being flat soooo the Greeks traveled for nothing smh. Stupid people are hatched everyday I see.
r/facepalm tiktok ad appears
MLGpro And oee (1 day ago)
The earth is flat 😡
Ethan Fritz (2 days ago)
No, shhhhh, the earths flat
David-Dorian Ross (2 days ago)
I’ve watched most of all of your videos and they all AMAZING!!! Keep doing more of these!
Fallout4Gamer 749 (2 days ago)
3:01 as a kid that cares about animals I don't care about a movie
catnip addiction (2 days ago)
Extra: look in the bottom of the description
Oliver OtakuLoid (2 days ago)
5:10 Is there a joke I'm missing? I'm confused.
History507 (12 hours ago)
Oliver OtakuLoid the character in the comic is able to predict what people are going to say before they say it.
Galaxy Life (2 days ago)
8:50 also someone sent garlic🅱️read to space and it looked like the earth was round from the GoPro footage
Simone and Chanel (2 days ago)
the thumb nail is so stupid it’s 75cents for women because of the wage gap. women get 73cents to every mans dollar
John Baumanis (2 days ago)
8:43 We actually Don't Know if the earth is flat or not, they admitted the photos of earth were FAKE, so the footage most likely is too, were not sure if its flat or not.
I have no content 4 u (2 days ago)
You sound retarded ngtl
yaboycade (2 days ago)
funfact: u read this in ur head
Zedkiller Bros (2 days ago)
question 46745268756938073489062390671834561834561347891156: whats superman's real name?
Nicholas Jacques (2 days ago)
Want to put anymore ads in the video.
Its Søphie (3 days ago)
What’s Obama’s last name again...?
What song? 0:01
Xythray (3 days ago)
8:55 Gio. you just got r/wooooooooooooooooooshed
Schemingmemes (3 days ago)
6:18 But this is a joke i think somebody is appearing in a r/woosh video
onichat (3 days ago)
You know, in reference to the thing about Frankenstein's Monster being a victim, I know he's supposed to be seen as a sympathetic creature, but he always struck me as a self-absorbed douche. Sure his life sucked, and it was bad of Frankenstein to abandon him, but the first thing he does when he seeks him out again is murder one of his family members and pin the blame on a loyal family servant, and then he tells Frankenstein he did it because his life sucked and it's Frankenstein's fault. He then has the gall to ask Frankenstein to make him a wife, and when Frankenstein destroys the wife to potentially stop another murderous monster from being unleashed (which is pretty rational considering how much of a murderous asshole the monster is.), the monster goes on another rampage and takes away everything Frankenstein ever loves and causes a game of cat and mouse for years across the entire world until Frankenstein dies from it, and when confronted, the monster pulls out the "It's okay if I'm a horrible person, my life sucked" argument again. In my opinion, Dr. Frankenstein was much more sympathetic than the monster ever was. TL;DR, Frankenstein's Monster is an asshole, and I like to rant about fictional stories.
Greg (3 days ago)
What is this background music
UnknownCresil (3 days ago)
When feminist don't understand the meaning of equality
BaggieWaggie (3 days ago)
We should push all flat-earthers off the Earth and kill anti-vaxxers with an overdose of vaccines.
CaptainTutle 42 (3 days ago)
I’ve never been pinned
Vöfflur (3 days ago)
Didn't we establish this over 2000 years ago? The earth is a globe
Salty MSP (3 days ago)
3.6k dislikes are from flat earthers
SuperMongooser (4 days ago)
I feel someone read one Satire Article about Vaccines and over protective mothers took it seriously and started to spread like an MLM
BURN IT DOWN (4 days ago)
R/woooooooosh to you That guessing what people say was also on a r/wooosh video but you said there it is a joke but here you're saying that it is messed up? R/big wooosh to this video
DragonSoul917 #2 (4 days ago)
Ripoff SorrowTV
Bryson Gonzales (4 days ago)
Backround music?
: Espeon : (4 days ago)
I don't know why the earth being flat or round even matters. Oh well, I'm breathing and the earth is providing. It being round her flat doesn't matter. Does it? I really just don't care lmao. Anyone agree with me?
Greasy Weesie (4 days ago)
Yeah the miselen man
Federico Olivares (4 days ago)
4:45 .... if AIR was healthy, you could put it in a syringe and inject it into your bloodstream. Try it, you'll die.
Catzee317 (4 days ago)
Cmon guys if the earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.
poké dragneel (4 days ago)
the wage gap isnt real
Cara Jahn (4 days ago)
marsel egan (4 days ago)
6:10 it's not behind it , it's an optical illusion caused by the way cameras pick up light. Some clouds let more light through than others. When certain clouds are in front of the sun, and a photo is taken, the cloud still lets through more light than the camera's limit.
marsel egan (4 days ago)
3:12 Deadpool is a family movie , he said it himself
MasterCheif4817 (4 days ago)
0:34 Actually as you are coding. You can think of ideas but forget to implement them on both sides! That happened to me in my coding class once.😀
Michael 546 (4 days ago)
I subbed because i dont have to listen to a robot voice
LoanLeaf (4 days ago)
This makes me wanna jump off a building. I don't wanna live with these people anymore.
The question Mark guy (4 days ago)
The earth is a pizza
duckboy (4 days ago)
Did you know the sun is a giant lightbulb
Being clickbaited feels pretty bad man!
Antbal0415 (5 days ago)
There have been strong links made between oxygen and autism. Please make the safe choice, give you babies pure nitrogen or helium instead until they are 3 or four years old. PLEASE DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS ITS A FUCKING JOKE!!!
Antbal0415 (5 days ago)
If nasa can fake videos so well, why don't they just frame the flat Earthers for murder one by one until they're gone?
RedstoneMiner23 (5 days ago)
8:43 r/woosh
Elite Roblox (5 days ago)
Why did you censor his name but didn't censor his @?
JubThe Crafter (5 days ago)
too bad im 9 yrs old and I watch movies rated M and games rated T
sectreecre e (5 days ago)
Aarush Goyal (5 days ago)
Make more
Crafty Chihuahua (5 days ago)
6:19 Its because the sun is smaller than we think and that also explains why the earth is flat
Oracle of ages gaming (5 days ago)
4:59 is that a JoJo reference.
Kath Likes YouTube (5 days ago)
For the guessing what people say one, I’m pretty sure when I first saw it it took me a minute to figure it out. But I’m not surprised, I low key am pretty stupid
Harry Rushton (5 days ago)
The entire flat earth community reeks of undiagnosed autism
Fnikle Funk (5 days ago)
Misty Shine (5 days ago)
People think the earth is flat and that nasa pics and vids are fake. What has the earth come to.
Zachary Whitt (6 days ago)
EndGame (6 days ago)
If you pin me I'll give you all my robux and goat simulator merch
Searia Kett (6 days ago)
*ATTENTION ALL FLAT EARTHERS* All you have to do is go to the edge of the Earth, take 1 picture and post it to the Internet.There's the only proof to convince ALL of us.
Xrayrap (6 days ago)
Pin me or sub to my channel if you agree
Xrayrap (6 days ago)
At 8:47 the last picture the sun is bigger than the earth idiot it would probably light the whole earth if you made the sun the right size
Miku puddi (6 days ago)
1:02 his bellybutton is smiling
Andromeda Foxx (6 days ago)
8:54 I guess a lot of people AROUND the world think that the Earth is flat. Haha! Funny right? Nope? Okay.
avg joe gaming (6 days ago)
Sun person is a flat Earther they think the sun is a lot smaller and closer. To explain day night cycle but it's still dumb as hell All of NASA is just a lie for money and controlling people. Lol that's called religion Plus there's 30 countries with space agencies not just NASA and even Greeks knew the earth was round
Local Tryhard (6 days ago)
4:17 Or just don’t order pickles on your burger
Hussein Dhef (6 days ago)
*sarcastic voice* Omggggggg it’s Frankenstein MONSTER! Omg you don’t you check your facts 😂
Ruben Wolbert (6 days ago)
What’s the intro music
Stereo Steve (6 days ago)
The thumbnail has been my profile picture on goggle for years.
Dat Boii (6 days ago)
Lol you got whooshed by The Sun
Professor Quack (6 days ago)
Do... Do flat-earthers really believe the sun is that small, and that close to the earth?
Dart Vader (7 days ago)
hah explaining jokes, so fun
Wuppz (7 days ago)
Gamer couple vibes
Lucas Buikema (7 days ago)
4:07 r/wooooosh?
Dark Artic (7 days ago)
my presents that person ment that person being there
Backfisch Pirat (7 days ago)
Prince Sheo (7 days ago)
The cloud thig is because the clouds that appear "behind" the sun were too thin and the sunlight passed through them completely while the ones in "front" of the sun were dense enough to effect it.
Eternally Angelic (7 days ago)
7:01 And this is why boys and girls.. the "I went through college" is not a supporting fact in an argument of whether you're intelligent or not.
C- J (7 days ago)
inject the broccoli into my bloodstream
Adahm Jennings (7 days ago)
The 3.5k dislikes are the flat-earthers 😏
vaughngaminghd (7 days ago)
vaccone vaccince vvaccinare 3:40
New under Craft (7 days ago)
4:11 r/woosh
Jake Sankbeil (7 days ago)
At 1:17 there is a mistake they wouldn’t bring the package into the house and place it like this. So therefore they were not trapped inside.
Makari, Aleksandra (7 days ago)
5:48 no. Mary Shelley had freaking nightmares. That's how she even thought up that story. And in the late 1700s, girls didn't think of disturbing things like that thing. So her nightmare was a victim?! Haha snowflakes dumb lol

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