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How to Trim Your Rabbit's Nails | Pet Rabbits

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Text Comments (598)
William Easley (16 days ago)
How did I get here? I was watching BillBurrs’ Women are Overrated.
Shayna (22 days ago)
She is sooooo good! Wow, I hope my Suzy-bun is this good!
Daddyz Goodgurl (24 days ago)
So are we all going to ignore the lady with the clown checkered shirt? Did she start making it and realized that there wasn’t enough fabric. The teacher is legit but I can’t with the hokey pokey 😂
Nickie Chevett (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this tutorial really good information for me .
Nikki H (1 month ago)
Rabbits never belong in cages.
Sevinç Gücüm (1 month ago)
I tried it on my bunny and she bit me for the first time, thanx :D it didnt hurt tough..
Michelle Lee (1 month ago)
ThankYou for this video. I use only 5mins to give him his first trim. I don’t really need to take him up and pull his back leg .... by kissing and comforting him , I can easily pull his back leg out with all his other 3 feet on the table :)! Thanks again :) I was really panicking before doing the first trim! It’s no more pain for me 😂 !
Lazer Skink (1 month ago)
Worked wonders, thank you! First time didn’t go very well and had him hyperventilating, but attempting a few times more proved effective after taking him to a different room and placing him on a table. He doesn’t fidget or panic in the slightest, which is surprising given he’s not entirely fond of having his hind legs fiddled with
tylersaxon1 (1 month ago)
Thank you so much! We could never cut our rabbits nails, but after using this technique they were no hassle at all!
Chrono Trigger (1 month ago)
the one really good piece of advice was to wet the nail to see it better if they have a lot of fur. Thanks for sharing that tip. Especially with lops they have a ton of fur on their paws.
Chrono Trigger (1 month ago)
ever notice how on these videos the rabbit is always a perfect angel? Someone do a video with a rabbit that hates getting her nails cut!
Sean Eubanks (1 month ago)
I wish I could this. I’ve bonded w/ my rabbit. He hops over my legs & on my back. Sniffs my face, hands & feet (weirdo). The problem is I adopted him from a family who use to carry him which most likely terrified him. I mean put him on their shoulders why he balanced for his life. Put him in purses. Just doing too much. I’m also a single parent of this adorable rabbit. Ugh. I gotta find a vet 😔
StephyNicole (1 month ago)
Great job🐾🤪
Fayd Zero (1 month ago)
Mine is always run away
Danica Reed (2 months ago)
This works!!! Never been able to cut her nails alone and this is perfect. Thank you.
Cloud Bunnies (2 months ago)
My rabbit would jump into my arms!! After I place her on a table, instant life regret.
97channel (2 months ago)
There's no way my old rabbit would have let me handle him like that. He was very old when he came into my care, and really disliked being handled in any way. Miraculously, I managed to gain his full trust in me petting him. But he was steadfast that he would not let me cut his nails with these kinds of methods. The rather elaborate compromise was to sit him in my lap, tip him right back into my chest so that he was in a trancing position, wrap an arm firmly around him and beneath his front legs then go to work like that. I don't think he particularly enjoyed it, but the trancing made him not fight me. He never seemed traumatised or upset by it afterwards. Not sure if trancing is an especially recommended method, but he sure wasn't going to let it be done any other way.
ChibiBunnyTrap 119 (2 months ago)
So I received 2 month old rabbits yesterday they don't have their mom and its just both of the rabbits can somebody tell me at what age you should start clipping their nails? I've never owned rabbits and I'm doing my research
Fiona Kerr (2 months ago)
Fantastic video, love the press press clip, and the wet the rabbits feet if long hair, which mine is.
CiaTheVideoStalker (3 months ago)
Thank you for this wonderful and helpful video! This video made me confident enough to trim my rabbit's nails on my own without getting help. I don't hold my rabbit like that, but I use press-press-clip every time I trim my rabbit's nails! It really is the best tip ever. I'm in a facebook group (about rabbits) with almost 6 000 members. Every time someone asks for advice about nail trimming they get a link to this video. Another tip: If your bunny gets stressed out (or fed up), just cut a few nails at a time. Come back and do the other nails another time, maybe the day after. I think it's better to do it less and more often, so it's not such a big ordeal every time.
Jordan Chen (2 months ago)
Try this out instead! Amazon professional rabbit nail clippers/trimmer set: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=rabbit+nail+clippers&field-brand=BOBOCAWA
K. Choy (3 months ago)
OMGosh, thank you thank you *thank you!!!!* I just trimmed my rabbit's nails tonight and it took 10 minutes max! That's not to say that my rabbit Daisy didn't struggle at all, she did some, but there was much less kicking and squirming, and I did them _all_ in one go (with short breaks in-between right after she started to struggle some, or got out of my hold) instead of needing 2-3 goes (both front paws, then both back paws later, or if she was struggling particularly badly, then just one paw before trying 2+ days later)! I'll be honest, I was quite skeptical of this at first, especially since she hates being held, or even just her one paw held, but even with her rapid breathing telling me she wasn't comfortable with it, she stayed still long enough for me to trim most if not all nails on one paw before she tried to squirm free. Onace again, Daisy and I thank you for this much simplier method of trimming her nails!
Katie Gordon (3 months ago)
Yall say cut them like once a month... Dude if I don't cut my bunnies nails once a week his get huge and sharp
Jordan Chen (2 months ago)
True LOL, try this out! Amazon professional rabbit nail clippers/trimmer set: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=rabbit+nail+clippers&field-brand=BOBOCAWA
imdamanwithdaanswers (3 months ago)
What was the point of the other woman being there? Positive reinforcement? The audience's insert?
Erin H (3 months ago)
I did it!! Chili did exactly what you said he would do! Especially the back feet! He stuck them right out for me to reach! I gave him blueberries and a freeze dried banana slice as a treat after!! <3 Im so proud of myself! The vet wants $80 per rabbit to see them "initially" and then $52 per visit after for just a clipping!!! That is absolutely ridiculous!!! Not today Veterinarians!!! Not today!!
To the perfect people in the comments assuming that b/c our bunnies don't like their nails cut that they have been traumatized prior due to the quicks being snipped. please spare me. This lady is a bunny whisperer. It takes years to gain the knowledge she has. I have had my bunnies since they were babies, I have never cut their quicks and am so terrified of doing so that I watch this video every time before I proceed. you should not assume the worst of people as it actually speaks volumes about who you are.
Raven Civil (3 months ago)
Ur bunny is so damn calm...If my bunny would ever be this calm,I will be flying in the sky(because of happiness)...🤣
Angela Bannard (4 months ago)
Thank you for this! I finally trimmed my rabbits nails myself after 9 years of taking him to a vet to do it. My main concern being that his nails are all black and I can't see the quick at all. He did great!
jazandriz (4 months ago)
Wow amazing, how helpful! thank you for this
Thomas Hargreaves (4 months ago)
The Rabbit Whisperer!
danielle devine (4 months ago)
my rabbit is not letting me cut her nails she keeps pulling back when I try but i know I’m not on the quick bc the quick is pink. I’m doing it on the very tip and she won’t let me
Eva Simpson (4 months ago)
Ese conejo es muy tranquilo quisiera ver como se las cortan al mío que es súper nervioso, que gusto
Charnita Fance (4 months ago)
My rabbit would never sit there so nicely like this! I hold him in my arms while my husband clips him. He seems to be happy with that method.
Katherine Griswold (4 months ago)
Wow, you are so good with bunnies.
Jenny Person (4 months ago)
I was a dog groomer for 20 years so I was surprised that I was so nervous to trim our bunny's nails. This has given me the confidence to give it a go. If I can do cats & dogs a bunny should be fairly easy! Thank you :)
Can I cut my rabbit nails with normal nail cutter??
Actually I had 6 rabbits Once,I was tried to cut my rabbit nails But, suddenly when I removed half nail, bleeding was happend.then I stopped the cutting
the bunny channel (4 months ago)
Noooooo that can be very dangerous
ScoliSinger (5 months ago)
I just adopted two beautiful brother lops over the weekend. I've noticed their nails are long right now. But they're not completely comfortable with me yet as I'm still new to them. how long should I wait for the initial nail trimming? I don't want them to freak out!
Hello Im a potato (5 months ago)
Am I the only one that keeps staring at the nose? Just me? Ok...
Mandy McCarthy (5 months ago)
This tutorial is so simple and effective. I have never had luck trimming any of my rabbits' nails and usually just go to the vet. But I followed this technique and it WORKED. Much happy dancing was done! I only needed to do the back nails and was shocked that my normally twitchy rabbit sat up and let me trim away! Thanks!
Elii (5 months ago)
My vet told me not to cut his nails, but everywhere online i see that you do have to???
A Llama Panda (6 months ago)
Is u a vet
Chimiichim Chim (6 months ago)
Boy I was stressed all through this video
Annnah Banana (6 months ago)
I’ve trimmed my boy’s nails a few times now, I used a towel and now he runs away from me when I have a towel 😭 When we got him his quick was pretty long because they never trimmed his nails and it was hard to cut but it’s gotten easier when I’ve been able to get ahold of him. I really don’t want him to hate me 😭 but it’s for his own good
Tine Of Nice Dreams (6 months ago)
You can tell she has spent so much time with rabbits and really customized this method. I hate to see a rabbit tranced on its back so it's wonderful to see her gain and keep this one's trust with such expertise.
JuJu Baby (6 months ago)
Thank you 🙏🏽 for this video!!!!
Tracey Deere (6 months ago)
My bunny hates being picked up! I was so nervous about cutting his nails because I didn't want him to panic or hurt himself! I followed every step of this video and he was absolutely fine! I still can't believe it! He was calm, did the little foot tap thing but never tried to jump out of my arms! Thank you 🐰
usagi8eight (7 months ago)
I have a giant Flemish About 5 years now He has grown very long and cannot reach his tush any longer for proper cleaning Q: how do I or should I trim that fur? To keep it from being matted or sprayed with urine... He is very important to me and so is his health... so, pending this Q&A, I will take him to vet to be cared for ASAP for best professional answer. Thanks in advance.
It’s Tay (7 months ago)
I have a young Dwarf rabbit named Pepper and I was wondering if your rabbit needs to be a certain age before you can cut there nails?
MengaPlay (7 months ago)
I just hold onto my rabbit for dear life, and eventually he understands "NOT TO MOVE". Then I cut his nails 😅 I'm not really all that patient either, so eventually he understands the less he moves the quicker he can leave. it doesn't matter whether he enjoys it or not, it has to be done, because rabbit kicks "HURT". plus sometimes the nails get a bit "too" long. 🙄😬
Lisa Dilley (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for this demo. My bunnies don't love to be handled, but we all did great on our first try. I get very anxious about the process, not knowing exactly how to do it: I hate stressing them out, especially since they have black nails and it's hard to see the quick. The little tips (like squeezing for feedback before clipping, touching the pads of their hind feet, and wetting the hair) are invaluable. Two thumbs up.
Winnie Funk (7 months ago)
Does anyone know what these ladies names are? I cant seem to find...
paul mckinzie (7 months ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Pumpkin is a beautiful Lions head that was dumped in a neighbors yard. They gave him to us to care for. We tried to find the owner and eventually got a response that his name was pumpkin, he's 5 yrs old and was fixed. A family member he trusted him to (due to a new allergy) said he "ran away" we told him the story. We have made him a part of our family now and all was great ... until... he turned into Freddie Krueger . The nails were like knives sticking straight out. Long story short, using this video as a guideline, the first trim (they are super long) went fantastic and he remained calm throughout. Pumpkin says "Bravo!"
Sydney O (7 months ago)
I didn't really like doing my rabbit's nails. I was so worried that I would cut the quick, and then cause her pain. I realized that letting her nails grow hurt her even more. I swallowed my fear, and trimmed her nails. She was great about it! Tips that I have learned: 1. Don't use the pair of clippers they show. We got them, and it was a waste of money. It was hard to cut with them. One of my rabbit friends told me to get a bigger pair so that I would be able to get a better grip. I got one for dogs. It works way better and ends up taking less time. 2. The water trick is great! Use it! What would happen to me is that I would accidentally pull on my rabbit's fur. 3. Something else that helped that problem, a 2"x 2" piece of lace. I put the through one of the holes in the lace, and, if you get the right size, it pulls back the hair from the nail. 4. Use the 'press, press, cut' method and ONLY TAKE A LITTLE OFF AT A TIME! They mentioned this several times, and it is very important! In the end, it will be less stressful for you and the rabbit. 5. For the front paws, I put my rabbit in my lap and cross my legs. Cut the nails on the outside. Then, I turn my rabbit, and I cut the nails on the outside. (hope that makes sense) 6. I give a small treat after I do each paw. 7. GIVE LOTS OF KISSES!!! <3 <3
Adam Haikal (8 months ago)
If my rabbit's that calm 🙃
abnunga (8 months ago)
Yeah, tried this on my dwarf. Pull out back leg, wiggle. He snatch foot back! Hmm. Pull out leg, wiggle...SNATCH FOOT BACK NO TOUCH THE FOOTY!
Music Monster (8 months ago)
i have to bribe my bunny with treats he HATES having his feet touched so I need to distract him hahaha
Jim Beer (8 months ago)
Oh my God what a gorgeous rabbit!
A Johnson (8 months ago)
Thank you so much!!!!!!!! It worked!
Keniaa Samantha (8 months ago)
that rabbit is so calm, mine will probably try to run away lmaoo.
TrueCrimeRIP (8 months ago)
hideous dress! thanks for the lovely tutorial though :-)
Catherine Szabo (8 months ago)
Thank you! Your technique worked beautifully with my lionhead and she never lets me touch her back feet. First time I've been confident to trim without getting the quick.
Jerrome Edwin (9 months ago)
Thank you. This helped a lot.
xPanda Lover (9 months ago)
My rabbit is such a pain I can't do anything with him and I feel so bad
Shane Bee (10 months ago)
I can't say how shocked I was to see Amy Sedaris in an instructional video for trimming rabbits nails. So random, lol.
Noosic (10 months ago)
Use a small flashlight under the rabbit's nail. You will easily see the vein. Clip approx 1/4 inch above the vein and all will be well.
Toxitea (10 months ago)
My bunny is almost 2 and hasn’t had her nails cut.... I feel so bad because I have had her since she was a baby but I have never even really thought of it until I got a peek at her nails (she’s an angora so her hair is long) I am going to get a clipper soon and I am trying to watch as much videos as I can to help me out. Thanks for this!
Avesta (10 months ago)
This is not gonna work for every bunny , I can only do it while they are busy eating.
Christopher Brown (10 months ago)
Wow. Super detailed information. Thank you.
Bvber Sp (10 months ago)
Your videos are always so informative but would be really nice if we could have a close-up and I mean clooooose up for nail cutting vid like this one. But good job there! Keep up the great work! Love ya guys!!!
lola ginger (10 months ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I dread doing this every time and just using these simple tips, it has been really quick and pleasant for all of us. So grateful
The B twins (10 months ago)
do you sell rabbits at Mitchell South Dakota
forrest d (10 months ago)
we fed our rabbit wile we were cliping her nails and she didnt care at all what we were doing to her
Connie Holwell (10 months ago)
My bunnie absolutely hates having anything done to her this technique is a lifesaver! Thank you! Got all her nails done in one and she was so calm x
Robin (10 months ago)
OMG the hokey pokey song with the bunny! LOL
Robin (10 months ago)
Excellent tutorial! Thank you! Great tips. Will be trying this out on Pansy, my red eyed white.
Electrified Shock (11 months ago)
My rabbit is very skittish and I got through it a-okay because of this video (:
Larissa Martinez (11 months ago)
“The will shake the paw, to should you, you’ve SINNED” LMFAO
Eloise D (11 months ago)
how old should your rabbit be when you can start clipping their nails?
Nati Franco (11 months ago)
About to cut my rabbit's nails for the first time (first time rabbit owner) hope it goes as smooth as this video lol 🐇
SpikyTuber (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Horse Girl Cat (11 months ago)
This is so helpful thank you so much
harlequin0823 (11 months ago)
Was the woman on the left in an episode of My Name is Earl? She's so similar to the cat lady.
Chanel5 (1 year ago)
I'm traumatized just by watching ...this is like somebody asking me to give them insulin shot...probably will pass out first
Gabby Gao (1 year ago)
just trimmed my bunny's nail for the first time. He was doing really good. this video really helped. Tips: if your bunny doesn't like to be picked up, he/she prob will feel more secure if you put he/her on the table :P
Peteypiranha83 (1 year ago)
Thank you very much... The video helped a lot!
Jams Toast (1 year ago)
I've been rewatching this video everytime I have to cut my bunny's nails to help me go through the steps :)
100SmilesAway (1 year ago)
You make it look easy but my bunny is a demon
Anastasija Cerovic (1 year ago)
Omg she is such a good girl.Wow the fact that the rabbits sometimes chew their nails is so cool😂
Dina love (1 year ago)
Well with all do respect,I am afraid your tutorial won't work with my bunny,he nevel likes me to touch his legs,clipping nail is the way out of question😄always my vet.does that,little salon things, thanks to my savoir 😄
Shane Derry (1 year ago)
This rabbit looks like it would want to steal my dinner!
ITS YA BOI (1 year ago)
I just got a bun the other day and when I picked him up in the store his nails were so long an sharp I have a few marks on my hand. He's settling in so nicely though so in another day or two when I know hes gotten use to my place I'm going to try trimming his nails.
Bunny (1 year ago)
Jesus i cut my rabbits nails and its bleeding
ugh, as if! (1 year ago)
lazy homebody (8 months ago)
she has done alot for rabbits. Years and years ago she told stories about her awesome free roam rabbit on David Letterman.
wesley couch (1 year ago)
Are these kit cat clippers?
SQW0 (1 year ago)
My minis are 10 wks old and bounce around like puppies. Short of treat time, they will not stay still. Is it because they are young or that I let them free range around the house to stay active?
Amber Gaming (1 year ago)
What does neutered mean and what does spayed mean????
SQW0 (1 year ago)
Snip snip for the boys (neutered) and snip snip for the girls (spayed).
Qui.Yanna (1 year ago)
My bunny hates being picked up, lifting my rabbit like this is a no no
JetFalcon (1 year ago)
I just used this video for my first time! The clipping delay is a great idea, so the bunny has the chance to let you know if you're cutting to close to the blood vessel. My bunny was pretty calm the whole time and didn't resist me cutting her nails. She may only squirm if she just getting impatient from being held too long. If you know your bunny is a chill rabbit who lets you pick it up, it should be pretty easy. I think my bunny knows it's good for her.
Serbian Traveler (1 year ago)
My rabbit is so stressed when I clip his nails and when I hear him breathing so heavy I got stressed to, so when I finish clipping we hug so hard like a relief that we survived it and also for comforting each other <3 BTW this press-press clip really helped me A LOT! :) Just I do it pres-pres-pres x50 ...then clip :D
Iza M (1 year ago)
What age is good to do a 1st nail cutting I asked the breeder and she said my bunny is too young for her nails to be cut but she scratches me a little shes 10 weeks now all she said I'd to wait
Chipper Pettersson (1 year ago)
So helpful! My bunny Gus Gus was so calm and quiet during this!

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