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Five 70's Style Inspired Outfits | CLADWELL FALL LOOKBOOK

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Get More Styling Ideas - cladwell.com/app The 70's were a groovy time with great fashion! Here are five simple outfits ideas that will inspire you to dust off your mom's threads and give them a second life. Become a friend: Instagram: @Cladwellapp Facebook: facebook.com/cladwellapp Twitter: @cladwellapp Pinterest: pinterest.com/cladwellapp Don't forget to become a subscriber to our Youtube channel for more styling content just like this! Outfit 1 = Bell Bottom Jeans + Calf Boots + Sweater Turtleneck. STYLE TIP: Style by tucking the shirt into your jeans. Outfit 2 = Bell Bottom Jeans + Calf Boots + White Crewneck T-shirt + Trench Coat. STYLE TIP: Leave the trench unopened for a flowy look. Outfit 3 = High Waisted White Jeans + Striped Long Sleeve Shirt + Calf Boots + (faux) Fur/Suede Moto Jacket. STYLE TIP: Tie shirt off to the side or tuck shirt to elongate your legs. Outfit 4 = High Waisted White Jeans + Thick Heeled Sandals + White Crewneck T-shirt STYLE TIP: Tie it all together with a colorful neck scarf. Outfit 5 = Suede Jumper Dress + Striped Long Sleeve Shirt + Thick Heeled Sandals STYLE TIP: Be sure to wear a dash of confidence to make any outfit pop! Unlock thousands of similar outfit possibilities by trying Cladwell FREE for three days now! Appstore: https://cladwell.com/app
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iida (3 months ago)
Cool outfits!💖 just subscribed

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