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FORBIDDEN BEHAVIORS in Kawaii Lolita Fashion 3 by Japanese model Misako Aoki|青木美沙子ロリータマナー講座お笑い

3283 ratings | 95582 views
Watch all the videos in this series : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7k_Q9ypWTRLHgGXAOGRdPNjbXGbO8-C7 Watch all the videos with Misako Aoki: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7k_Q9ypWTRLAyHFJwqAlUX_wtzqoypx2 ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE (Click the youtube subtitles button) -- Have fun with Fashion! - KAWAII♥ PATEEN - Everything kawaii, Street fashion snaps, makeup tutorials and cosplay in TOKYO!! Also on Facebook with tons of photos : https://www.facebook.com/Tokyo.Street.Fashion.KAWAII.PATEEN — Official site : http://waoryu.jp/kawaii-pateen/
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Text Comments (205)
Na da. (13 days ago)
キャンディMINT (16 days ago)
ししゃもん (26 days ago)
月詠ゆめ (26 days ago)
ゆま (29 days ago)
Plamen Angelov (1 month ago)
Drink is good for you and vodka is your best friend :)
Lola Ryyder (1 month ago)
She is so adorable, love that expression with the pointing finger.
りぃ。 (2 months ago)
「なにこれ可愛くない(-ε´-。)」 が可愛すぎるwww
上杉みち (2 months ago)
Revolver Ocelot (4 months ago)
I like her real voice better! It's still really cute.
Shu A (4 months ago)
Martin Dixon (7 months ago)
That pause before she dried her hands,she was Like "not on Lolita I'm not''
mystikitty (8 months ago)
1:53 わたしわ きゃり-ぱみゅぱみゅです!(I'm Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!)
なる (10 months ago)
あちゅすず (1 year ago)
「なにこれ、可愛くない」が すごく笑いました(笑)
brianthao102 (1 year ago)
I have problems...
Sheena lastwall (1 year ago)
もう付き合っちゃえよぉ〜〜〜( ´ω` )💕執事かわいい!
星野舞子 (1 year ago)
Dolla Dolly (1 year ago)
I sneeze like: BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMapapalaachlOaoaoaoaaaaooaoaoaoo
거구마 (1 year ago)
Karichi Du Soleil (1 year ago)
I love when she uses her "deeper" voice, its' so pretty~ <3
Depression Of My Cat (1 year ago)
oh no i didnt know i need a cute butler to be cute TwT xD
Toria (1 year ago)
Sheena lastwall (1 year ago)
Magically Luna (1 year ago)
Haha she's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
"Nani sore ? Kawaii kunai." Daaamn son I lost it at that point xD
las lolitas pueden ser de cualquier edad?saludos desde colombia
captain0ldy0da (2 years ago)
Wait, did you actually predict Hamada Bamyu Bamyu here?! This video was last year and that MV came out after! "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu desu!" "Nandeyanen?!" NANDEYANENNENNEN?!
Kollene Cruz (2 years ago)
so cute and funny!
Ayame Tsukika (2 years ago)
You just said at the end "Have fun with fashion!"? IT.S SO CUTE OMG
emma yang (2 years ago)
How do you make your sneeze softer?? I have a loud one from my dad...
Willy the Wizzard (2 years ago)
Nobody hears me when I sneeze. Sometimes those who sit next to me are asking me if i was sneezing or if they just imagined it XD
annyeong army (2 years ago)
me too xD
Rory Mercury (2 years ago)
"Do not get too drunk" XD
池田千秋 (2 years ago)
Dollyta bjd (2 years ago)
nani kore kawaiikunai xDDDD
Risu Hijirikawa (2 years ago)
now she got a butler xD when she sneeze loudly, it's like "hakusho" xD am i the only one who thinks it's cute? ><
Autumnn Wind (2 years ago)
how are u supposed to not sneeze loud? lol ..I can't control what my sneeze sound like ..
Autumnn Wind (2 years ago)
how are u supposed to not sneeze loud? lol ..I can't control what my sneeze sound like ..
Millianna Chan (2 years ago)
gravitywar (2 years ago)
アメリカ人🇺🇸: あちょ!! 日本人🇯🇵: ハクション!! American🇺🇸 sneeze: ACHOO! Japanese🇯🇵 sneeze: Hackshon!!
Beebo! At The Disco (25 days ago)
Javanese sneeze : ASUUUUUUU !!!
Regen Box (1 month ago)
+Kusanagi Godou Vietnam sneeze is similar :D
gravitywar (2 years ago)
+KawaiiPowa Oh, sorry. I thought that you did, since you mentioned the French sneeze sound. lol, nevermind
Shaï Chuu (2 years ago)
+Miss Multifandom Naaan me dit pas que t'es français(e) ? :o
gravitywar (2 years ago)
+KawaiiPowa Tu parle Francais?
levi grayson (2 years ago)
Don't get too drunk! *runs and falls over on table*
greenfoliage (2 years ago)
Those teas tho
JazzyD Draws (2 years ago)
so... do you walk around with a butler?
Shania Maureen (2 years ago)
i love your original voicee 😂😂😂
ALF (2 years ago)
"nani kore kawaikunai" XD lol the voice changed drastically
FaZe Cat (2 years ago)
What language is Misako speaking?
Nabi Sonyeo (2 years ago)
"Kyary Pamyu Pamyu" is so cute! LOL
Juniper Sloane (2 years ago)
[sneezes like a foghorn without being able to help it] :(
Sakura (2 years ago)
I think I'm already over -9000
Sakura (2 years ago)
I love her she is hilarious !! make more
NouH (2 years ago)
I sent my Portuguêse subtitle for this vídeo. hope it will be approved.
Teddy Troyer (2 years ago)
Was anyone else freaking out when she wiped her hands on the dress and spilled chips? I was sitting here like, "Aiee! The burando!"
ShapiXSoad Froid (2 years ago)
+Sakura Chan especially when it's some brand shoe xD I already treat my body line shoes like they fell from heaven wth how rich is she
annyeong army (2 years ago)
+ShapiXSoad Froid yaassss😂😭😭😱😱😱
ShapiXSoad Froid (2 years ago)
Me too or the other video where she kicked her shoes off I died xD
Ender-Chan (2 years ago)
#6 is kind of unavoidable. If you need to sneeze, sneeze. #7 is common sense. Unless you want to deal with the after effects, don't do it in the first place.
Marisa Joseph (2 years ago)
Don't get "too" drunk xD. Don't worry, I have to wait 6 more years to even drink xD
Kyoko Kosplay! (2 years ago)
So cute!
Kierra923 Aj (2 years ago)
I'm allergic to tea ;-; xD
えりか金曜日 (2 years ago)
Steena (2 years ago)
So cute
queen snookers (2 years ago)
"ojou-sama! ojou-sama! Q_Q" aaa i just can't get enough of ryu-san >///<
ChasingTL (3 years ago)
I would be the worlds worst Lolita EVER !
XxJustCherryxX (3 years ago)
Where do you buy a boy like that?
kaomojelli (3 years ago)
This is so cute and hilarious!! I laughed so hard when she slapped the butler and said 'what the heck is this? It's not cute.' ^^ these videos are also useful though!! I don't live in Asia, but thanks to this video, my friends think I have the cutest attitude when it comes to doing regular things. Please make more!! It's very entertaining! :3
sinisterangelsan (3 years ago)
Love it!
loserland (3 years ago)
"What is this it's not cute" HAHAHAHA she's so cute
MOTHsan (3 years ago)
The butler is killing me xD these videos are awesome!
SeventeenDiamonds17 (3 years ago)
Loving her series haha xD
jintual (3 years ago)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. KYARY PAMYU PAMYU. I love your videos so much, I can't stop commenting.
KAWAII PATEEN (3 years ago)
+FangirlOverHere Ahaha Thank you ^^
Jess ;3 (3 years ago)
I wonder what Kathy Cat would say if she knew one of these rules was not to slap people... NANDE-YANEN!!!!!!!!
Jess ;3 (3 years ago)
"Konichiwa, Kyary~ *Jumps up excitingly* PAMYU PAMYU DESU!!!!!!" OMG I JUST DIED >O<
Hailen Ace (3 years ago)
1:57 hahaha X'D that one had me
Adele Mesquita (3 years ago)
"Do not slap people." that's it, i can't be a lolita
Emiko Mukami (2 months ago)
Adele Mesquita "Don't curse" .........f**k. I can't be a Lolita.
Willow Gritzmaker (3 years ago)
The Kyary part 😂😂😂
KrikaGamerLog (3 years ago)
The sneezing one would be impossible for me - I sneeze like a man, even my classmates thought it was the metal-work teacher sneezing in the hallway, and he was a big man in his 40s!
Pinkrebellion xyz (3 years ago)
I find this funny and kawaii
unionfire (3 years ago)
'What is this! This is not cute!' * Throws away * X'D
ItsOliviaAnd Aria (3 years ago)
omg ultra kawaii >.<, Im definitely doing all the bad lolita behaviours. BUTLER SOOO CUTE!!!
Onisss V (3 years ago)
Tell ryu!!! Im her fans!!!!! OmG he is so cute???? 😢😢😢😃😃😃👻👻👻
wodnyrak (3 years ago)
Who sneezes "ah-ksho"? XD Jeez I am watching the "forbidden behaviours" playlist and I'm dying of laughter already!
a (3 years ago)
I thought she was saying 'action' ?? XD
Priceless (3 years ago)
Japan has so much teas *v* This is the land of my dreams ! °( *^* )°
Carol Eames (3 years ago)
I like how the butler was not letting Misako to get the tissue XD 2:21
KAWAII PATEEN (3 years ago)
it is even funnier in the bloopers, check it out at the end.
Iron Wing Artist (3 years ago)
"What the heck is this, it's not cute." XD Same.
Scorpio Student (10 months ago)
Iron Wing Artist That part has me a giggling mess 😂
Deni-chan (3 years ago)
hahaha no way I can be a lolita...I sneeze loudly (it's not my fault, it comes all in a sudden!)...XP
Isaki Tahashi (3 years ago)
A big thank you to Kawaii Pateen and Aoki Misako for doing this series!
クレアClare (3 years ago)
I love how she uses Kansai ben when she slaps him. XD
MissxSchizo (3 years ago)
Seeing drunk Lolita priceless :D
PsychoKitty사랑 (3 years ago)
in her other video it says not to wear glasses, what if i can't get contacts? I am un able to wear colored contacts so I need to wear my glasses to see, would this be bad for any of the Japanese styles? I was planning on wearing fairy kei for an original character cosplay I am doing.
Kyoko Kosplay! (2 years ago)
She actually said don't wear them with messy hair and no makeup. I know several Lolitas who wear glasses with their dresses and bows and bonnets and they look adorable. I myself wear glasses but I often prefer to wear my contacts while in Japanese fashion, as I feel like my glasses hide my eyes and the work I did with makeup around my eyes. It's totally up to you what you wear and how you wear it.
PsychoKitty사랑 (3 years ago)
+Aneira Silvermoon I can decorate them, with non permanent stuff
Misha (3 years ago)
+PsychoKitty사랑 No problem :)
PsychoKitty사랑 (3 years ago)
+Cloudy Galaxys thanks
PsychoKitty사랑 (3 years ago)
maybe I could. 
Anti Fluffs (3 years ago)
She has an Ouji Accessory! :D xD
bmrgrrl1974 (3 years ago)
+Anti Fluffs Thank you for making my day :D
Kay (3 years ago)
Aww both of them so cute!! Ryu~~~
Elcia Veckarolmes (3 years ago)
...I always hit people,sneeze too loud, uses vulgar words or bad words...>< haha!...I'll try hard!!
DrawingIsMyOxygen (3 years ago)
I love the butler, he so cute! ^_^ I really like this one, it was really funny (=*^-^)=
emaciatedunicorn (3 years ago)
Lara Mansk (3 years ago)
I really enjoy these videos! Misako-senpai is a very good teacher! <3
なにこれ?可愛くない! のトコにめっちゃ笑ってしまいました 笑笑 素敵なビデオありがとうございます〜
demolitiontyler (3 years ago)
Very good manner: Don't breathe
Keeki x3 (3 years ago)
Her natural behaviour and voice is soooooo much more cute and adorable!! love it! (See Bloopers)
MissxValentine (3 years ago)
KYARU PAMYU PAMYU ~  the butler is sooo cute ^.^
NamasteInPeace (3 years ago)
I cracked up at the drinks part

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