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How To Recover From A Drunk Text

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Text Comments (4)
Koriander Yander (5 months ago)
I sent the dumb text to my crush haha
sage 61 (1 year ago)
What your 13
Agostinho Santos (3 years ago)
very nice advice, but if send wrong pic and them make a dramatic apologize and she dont want seem or talk to me and i work with her all the days i so fck , what suggestion do you have she avoid to talk and i feel dump, i think its over no chance but there is any change to recover from here. thks
epic monkey (2 years ago)
Agostinho Santos I drunk texting a girl last night this morning I put apologies that was meant for someone else I basically fuck that one up I'm not trying to avoid her she also is trying to avoid me I think not sure

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