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BTS vs. The fans – We put the Army’s questions to the K-Pop heroes

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Given their incomparably dedicated fanbase, we thought it only fair to open up the BTS questioning to you guys – the Army. Follow us on : Twitter: http://bit.ly/I0EsOs Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1eQ196D Subscribe to our channel to watch more: http://bit.ly/1jY5CFd
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Text Comments (8298)
Poom-Xeverna (1 minute ago)
Teakook Xoxo (1 minute ago)
Of course Jin’s example was world wide handsome
Joselyn Casas Zavala (5 minutes ago)
Me encanto la entrevista!! Gracias por invitar a BTS
auki_ for RM/Kim Namjoon (12 minutes ago)
BTS getting excited over a helicopter is just ?? the cutest ??
Andrea Salazar (12 minutes ago)
You've got me confused... so NME uses BTS for their popularity but consider their fans a threat to humanity. Talk about irony. " BTS' fans – dubbed the BTS Army – preach a message of exclusion and intolerance" https://www.nme.com/blogs/we-need-to-talk-about-the-bts-army-2389994
auki_ for RM/Kim Namjoon (15 minutes ago)
Namjoon answering *'perfect'* to Yoongi's *'I'm hungry'* is the level of friendship I strive for
JK: *Black. Big size* OMG MY IMAGINATION
Caliaxi (17 minutes ago)
Namjoon slipping into a British accent is my new favourite thing
auki_ for RM/Kim Namjoon (17 minutes ago)
yoongi's *_if you don't speak korean that well, it's okay_* made me feel many emotions:(
Hailie Brooks (19 minutes ago)
Where is my British lads
Simra Rind (30 minutes ago)
Am I the only one who thinks suga gained weight and he actually looks quite good
tala haj yahia (33 minutes ago)
اخ اخ اخ اخ اخ
Andjela Dimitrijevic (33 minutes ago)
How Jimin described himself in three words... damn😂💜🌎
0:01 Yoonmin being synchronized
Leyna Agleron (37 minutes ago)
민윤지 (46 minutes ago)
5:36 yoonmin being in sync
Ashley Cabili (1 hour ago)
World-wide-handsome Thats our Jin
Matthew 63 (1 hour ago)
Rm's british accent is WOW :)
ぐか (1 hour ago)
Cherrie Bee Singson (1 hour ago)
What is the meaning of BTS?
CBoncitá (1 hour ago)
Michaela Jeon Kookie (1 hour ago)
i thought jungkook will said in his style are black shoes and make up
SN1977 AUG15 (1 hour ago)
Jimin:cuty,sexy, lovely❤️❤️❤️
Hobi’s Sprite (1 hour ago)
*Eat* *Sleep* *Work* Relatable. I was expecting J-Hope to say “Bulgolgi, Hamburger, AND SPRITE” 💀
Cy Park (1 hour ago)
Y am i so happy Suga gained weight?
Anshita Gahlot (1 hour ago)
Cuz apparently everyone is
5and1 (1 hour ago)
I am in love with RM’s jacket damn
mehar shah (1 hour ago)
0:34 damn suga is so relatable
Fluffy Bangtan (1 hour ago)
Shitue Yoongi's accent when he said "work". IM DYING!
kunochill (1 hour ago)
That was kinda boring
mochi _latte (1 hour ago)
And this, is exactly why we love our boys
OtakuLui (2 hours ago)
They look so sweaty and oily 😅
Aya Kh (2 hours ago)
I have so much fun when I watch you guys 🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺🌺💜🌺💜💜🌺🌺💜💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜💜🌺
Yeni rzvx77 (2 hours ago)
мaѕ agυѕ тυмвen ngoм ong вanyaĸ :) вιaѕanya ĸan dιe dιeм вaeĸ
aboutalice (2 hours ago)
Nikita Kaitler (2 hours ago)
Who tf did their lipstick?
Sehunny- (2 hours ago)
When Suga said expensive high-end all I could think was *eXpeNSivE giRL*
Xxbheej (2 hours ago)
Eat, sleep, work.
TelekineticSouls (2 hours ago)
Eat. Sleep. Work. Sounds like me
Me andKookie is the same You know right I like black I like big size to wear and why is it so much like me
My Hearteu (3 hours ago)
yoongi kinda hv rounder face now chubby cheeks thats kyoottt
Kookie Jar (3 hours ago)
Jimins cute giggles can really make my day
hya chan studios (3 hours ago)
Eat sleep work😂 Same here!😂😂
Julleng Gallardo (3 hours ago)
Jungkook: black, big size, comfy Me: *gulp*😂
W T F namjoon changes his accent where ever he goes 😂 America his English had an American accent and now in Britain his English has a British accent SKSK HOT
Diksha Sinha (3 hours ago)
Joonie u fuckin accent king british joonie is so new like i wasn't expecting this at all i mean RM sounds more american than most americans so when did he go all brit did he just get down frm d plane n got it out of d blue but joonie talking eng is my asthetic so i am not complaining at all he sounds fuckin hottt. I don't knw if it is just me but i feel daddy has gotten thicker lately looks like dimple boy's been working out. He is glowing 😍😍
Christine nguyen (3 hours ago)
O wow yoongi! You need to speak more sweetheart! 😭💗
You can hear the staff giggling and laughing at times HOW CUTE💓
lilmisspiggyu (3 hours ago)
namjoons big words wowow
sky light (3 hours ago)
CUTE SEXY LOVELY damn to all ARMY all of the world just want to said he already know that fact
Twilusk Glint (3 hours ago)
1:10 how is everybody ignoring what jungkook said?
Felix Quinon (3 hours ago)
& see the beauty without whitewashing! They are GLOWING AF✨✨✨
Felix Quinon (3 hours ago)
& that Jacob fellow (note the joke😂❤) dead ass paid like $800 for a triangle! Ofc expensive & high end & colourful & luxury!!
Felix Quinon (3 hours ago)
0:38 y'all nobody realised that JK was asking RM for the English word for comfortable & when he delivered it at 1:13 he looked at RM Man I love him so muchhhh 😭😭❤❤
m m (4 hours ago)
"RM: RJ" yeessssss 😹
I can't decipher whether RM is being obvious or subtle about the new accent.
Althea Jeon (4 hours ago)
Eat,sleep,work. Yoongi is me 😂
Lena Ackerman (4 hours ago)
"Its okay if we don't speak korean really well" **remembers the time where Yoongi dissed someone about how their korean sucks** '-')
Diana Rose Sevilla (4 hours ago)
Angeline Uy (4 hours ago)
Joonie: *fashion, passion, revolution* Me, BTS trash and an intellectual: *REVOLUTION, EVOLUTION, DROP IN THE OCEANNNN! KIM SEOKJINNNNNNNNN*
JamicaX BTS (4 hours ago)
Eat, sleep, work
toura langlen (4 hours ago)
Eat sleep work yeah suga being suga 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lina Horn (4 hours ago)
Y'all I wasn't expecting british namjoon but he's welcome
Lulithat _YT (4 hours ago)
Lina Horn (4 hours ago)
Jin spreading whats really important
Runch Randa (4 hours ago)
5:25 jimin's crooked tooth is still there *UWUUU* 💓💓💓
Sassy Suga (4 hours ago)
Suga, Jimin, and Nmjoon being in sync saying 'helicopter' is an aesthetic.
One_cup_of_ Taehyung (5 hours ago)
eat sleep work woahhhhhh🤔🙄😎
JCstupidity ! (5 hours ago)
RM's new accent coming through
Stacy Onwonga (5 hours ago)
They look so handsome
Stacy Onwonga (5 hours ago)
deep namjoon deep
Kayla Anliker (5 hours ago)
1 word would have been enough to describe Taehyung's clothing *GUCCI*
Abby Smith (5 hours ago)
just droppin' in to say I LOVE YOONGI
Afra Fairuz (5 hours ago)
Yoongi has that same voice when he says “expensive” I’m crying. ExPeNsIvE gLaSsEs
Rae H (5 hours ago)
I definitely agree with the sincerity reason for why they've become popular in the West
AnnThePig (5 hours ago)
English is my second language too, I totally understand and love how Namjoon's accent got affected when he's in the UK lol (we can't help it hahahahah )
none Alex (5 hours ago)
F4 Korean artist is also famos more nice also. Bts is for now season
HELENAJUNEX (5 hours ago)
British Namjoon saying perfect
Özlem Dr (5 hours ago)
Am I the only one who thought that Jimin was gonna say “BTS crack videos” on YouTube? I’m sure he watched them.
Michelle Kim (5 hours ago)
w o r l d w i d e h a n d s o m e
Kang Sooyoung (5 hours ago)
Our BTS is so famous now. And as an ARMY we should be so proud of them😊😊😊
Ruaimaa Hasan (6 hours ago)
Wtf did Taehyung just say efficient ? boy since when did you have a complex english vocab
yoongily (6 hours ago)
5:37 boyfriends in sync uwu
Nawshin Roja (6 hours ago)
Eat, sleep, work 😂😂😂 best one!
Hina 95PJ (6 hours ago)
Jungkook- white shirt, blue jeans, timberland boots ❤️❤️❤️
Hina 95PJ (6 hours ago)
Why didn’t v say Gucci ❤️😂😂😂
Subiya maheen (6 hours ago)
They feel this popularity is a rollercoaster ride... & they know their popularity won't last long... BUT I'm feeling happy to tell this that they are WRONG TOTALLY WORONG..!
Worldwide Hmmm? (6 hours ago)
1:36 you know Jin already seen some of Army's stuff on YouTube... goDAMMIT delete the fanfics, taekook analysiss, all that shit.
Ale Sainz (6 hours ago)
"Eat, sleep, work" exactly why he is my bias
Alexia Chronicles (6 hours ago)
"cute, sexy, lovely" Yoongi: *panics in gay*
Kpop LIFFUUEE (6 hours ago)
Jungkook asking Namjoon the english of comfy IS MY MOOODDD 0:31
Rejina Fernandez (6 hours ago)
The way Jimin says “sexy” got me on the floor 😵😵
Niks Darlalalala (6 hours ago)
*Jeongguk’s cutsie, agressive “we woRld wide!” Aaahhh, baby boy culture!*
Niks Darlalalala (6 hours ago)
*shUt Up mAlFOY sHUt uP mALfOy sHut Up shUt UP*
Jisselly Diaz (6 hours ago)
Jin shoulda said “world” “wide” “handsome” 🤣🤣😂🤣 I woulda lost a lung laughing
Ines Kershaw (6 hours ago)
They have amazing words now! I'm very proud to see how much English they have learnt if you think about it it's pretty amazing. They just gotta string the words into a sentence! Btw nice grey eyebrows RM
Jeanne d'Arc (6 hours ago)
when jungkook said right now in the most perfect english accent i almost choked
kimberly haynes (7 hours ago)
5:08 ...oh...mai...gahd.... RM ARE YOU PART BRITISH??? because to me it sounded british...
XxSugaKookies 4TaexX (7 hours ago)
Crabby Abby (7 hours ago)
1:52 Idk why but the way Jungkook says animal videos has me uwuing. Like, boi you you ARE a fucking animal😍🐰🐰

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