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LIL TAY IS ACTUALLY POOR! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more Lil Tay videos! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! FUNNIEST WRONG NUMBER TEXTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKCtUaQ5374
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Text Comments (56250)
SSSniperWolf (11 months ago)
3chile Gamer Boy (24 days ago)
SSSniperWolf she poor
Julia Dean (3 months ago)
SSSniperWolf even worse I saw that chain at Walmart
Christiaan le Roux (4 months ago)
SSSniperWolf that you should quit Youtube
Dhruva Joshi (4 months ago)
Spoiled as heck. AND LIL TAY I HAVE BETTER CARS THAN YOU OK??????????
xd SillySalmon (6 months ago)
I think I want to punch lil tay right in the f*cking face
Jazmine Herrera (56 minutes ago)
what type of mom would let her 9 year old SWEAR
Adriana Curtis (3 hours ago)
She is so rude like who even say that like if you agree
Marilu Cardoso (5 hours ago)
She got what she deserves. In u re face lil tay get wrecked😇
lowlaahstar (6 hours ago)
Her Moms. A re last ate agent
Raymondo Herrera (7 hours ago)
My grandma is richer than you so looks you talking
gacha girl Love gacha (8 hours ago)
Well she does look rich
The Meme Kid 12 (8 hours ago)
Lil yay is fucking poor af and she’s bragging on stuff that’s not hers so actually the majority of us all are more wealthy than her
Alolanpaws Studios (12 hours ago)
I've seen that kind of car, I've seen that kind of chains wow she is rude
Colossal Fun (12 hours ago)
Yeah her mom got fired because lil tay was flexing in her mom's boss car and also lil tay's brother tells her what to say and to do but her brother also records her sometimes.
isa yeehaw (13 hours ago)
You can get that necklace in roblox for free bruh 4:08
Sophia PEDERSEN (14 hours ago)
LiL tAy ThE pOoReSt FlExEr Of ThE cEnTuRy
Tim Eves (14 hours ago)
It’s all more than our rent the clothes the sink the bath its all more than our rent
Hailee Harris (16 hours ago)
When you said make sure to hit that like button in the face I pretend it was lil tay
PeanutButterCookie (16 hours ago)
Don’t watch if you under the age of 18 lots of bad words
ilovecjwill (17 hours ago)
It’s my favorite rapper was doing it like a lil tay it wouldn’t be my favorite rapper
twisted wolf pack (17 hours ago)
Juanita Pacheco (17 hours ago)
8:45 no won is not that broke IDIOT 😒
Stickman Animations (18 hours ago)
Sniper wolf I think I saw you irl in a doctors office
Lilli and kylee Love (18 hours ago)
I hate lil tay
It’s Buttercup (18 hours ago)
She’s a messed up kid
ISunrise :P (18 hours ago)
Lil tay Lil GAY
entity303 303 (20 hours ago)
My mom owns a private island and a 1000000 mill dollar mansion
I didn’t even know who lil tay was before you posted this video
The Yeet Squad (20 hours ago)
Soooo... she's saying I pice of soap coast more then my rent??? 😂😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😅😝😝😝 Yeah right
Marlon González (21 hours ago)
Lil tay is a jerk and shes making fun of herself because shes actually poor and pretending that shes a billion air so jokes on her
Cattycoolgirl gamer (22 hours ago)
Hmmmm....she keeps saying b$#%@ over and over again man lil tay calm down gosh whatever
Sana_V_ONCE_ARMy (22 hours ago)
toucade (22 hours ago)
"as you can see, this money is not counterfeit" *only lets us see 20 dollar bill*
Piyush Ram (22 hours ago)
She pick a fight ill bang her
Let's Be Crafty (23 hours ago)
she is a but hole and i what her and i know all about her
Khalia Tesheira (23 hours ago)
Wait but If her mom quit her job and the houses were someone’s else’s home then lil Tay can’t flex any more.YAY😆😝😝🎈🎊🎂🎉
Khalia Tesheira (23 hours ago)
I luv u SSSniperwolf
Little Tay mom videos it and that is not a suprise
Venicia Chavez (23 hours ago)
It is cool
Jodie Cross / Blake (1 day ago)
The brother makes her do that
Lee Brown (1 day ago)
2018 9 years old 2019 9 years old don’t think u are 9
GlossyArii (1 day ago)
ll Katrina ll (1 day ago)
1:01 no way that car looks like that really expensive car in bloxburg
Eslime Green (1 day ago)
How is a 9 yr old aloud to swear and treat stuff like that if I met her irl I would kick her punch her
David Pavlas (1 day ago)
“She’s flexing other people’s shit,” says the woman whose gaming skills differ greatly on stream and in person.
Demi Kostsas (1 day ago)
0.06 in that part of her filming she still has a tag on her jacket with which is probably not her’s
Addison Corley (1 day ago)
Every hateing lil tay but her mom probably made her do this no im not a lil tay fan but it might not be her fault so yall need to stop being rude and hatein
LCM SPARKLES (1 day ago)
Get your but slap lil tay
Jalissa Williams (1 day ago)
Bro I saw a lot more gold chains than Lil tay
Jalissa Williams (1 day ago)
All of her clothes don't look like they gucci
XCrimson WolfX (1 day ago)
hahahaha она бедная
Vincent Davis (1 day ago)
I work harder than her
She is basically just shown off other people stuff for her
Lil Addie123 (1 day ago)
I’m lil tay I’m double digit now
AISLAN CLINCH (1 day ago)
How about instead of Lil Tay flexing about how rich she is and how poor we are she could give her money to the homeless shelter! What about that?🙄
Krishan Bhayani (1 day ago)
One like, is one of my poop she eats
rage 19 (1 day ago)
She got that necklace from a vending machine
Sophie Burns (1 day ago)
Anyone see the tag on the jacket in the first clip
jade Omoore (1 day ago)
Lil tay has an attidude
Chappy Mckenzie (1 day ago)
Even my grandma has more money. This is how many slaps lil Tay gets 👇🖕🖕💪I am stronger than lil Tay
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
Little Tay didn’t even buy anything she won’t have a job she don’t have nothing all she has is money and money means nothing in life
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
We didn’t buy anything you broke AF you got it all from your mom
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
First of all my grandma and Rich and I don’t really care if you’re rich because you ugly and a rotten on the inside and nobody wants a rotten rich girl
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
I hate your eye hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
I hope she does get robbed she’s rude mean and flexes on people too much
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
Probably don’t even fit in her pocket because she can’t afford pants because she spent it on the even her money flexing on other people
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
Ha ha little Tito how many more because her mom didn’t work for the business. And I like so funny the little Tay don’t get any more attention 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
I know I’m late and you probably won’t check this by who cares
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
I’m not trying to cuss but I am very mad
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
I’m sorry for writing so many sentences but I’m pissed off
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
Little Tay is so rude like you don’t even have money she takes advantage of her mom she needs to be disciplined or throw throw her out no one likes her she does die
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
Nothing cost more than my rent so shut up little Tay
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
And then me over here I’m nine years old and I have to work for $45 to fix my phone but like for real’s I’m nine
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
Little Tay flexes on other peoples money
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
I’m so mad a little pain it’s not even because what she did because she flexes too much like I don’t even like oh no why she’s begging more😡
Erica Hohl (1 day ago)
Little tay is so rude like no one even likes Rae more because she flexes too much it’s not because like people are jealous because she flexes too much and it’s not cute anymore
Mya- Gacha (1 day ago)
I ain't gonna lie my family don't got alot of money a least it helps us get by but I ain't faking to be rich cussing out people because they hating cause your "rich" even though that ain't your stuff so she needs to shut up watch some spongebob and sit their like a good little girl
Unknown (1 day ago)
Im 10 I ain't flexing but I'm actually richer than them my house cost's 15 million dollars
Ava Playz (1 day ago)
Michelle Culver (1 day ago)
My life cost more than your rent
Michelle Culver (1 day ago)
Lil tay is not rich
Angela Luquez (1 day ago)
OMG!!! I visited one of those houses, but it was to small for the amount of people that I live with,
SpringTrap DX (1 day ago)
Just to let you know it’s just funny to say it
SpringTrap DX (1 day ago)
Lil tay be moving bricks for trump
Sheridyn Dempsey (1 day ago)
Plz do another funny kid answers
vich kell (1 day ago)
When I was her age I only knew how to play with my barbies and kitchen services NOTHING MORE just teach this little kid that money can't buy her happiness when she is a child or the happiness of living a careless life
David Vaughn (1 day ago)
Let me get my belt I’m her father
Lil tay’s dog is a husky.. my dog is a husky.. his name is Sputnik... and he died in 2018... And. We still love him.. Like if your dog died.
Holly Welch (1 day ago)
A beautiful kid but, that mom, wish I could give her a piece of my mind.
Holly Welch (1 day ago)
Tay- "I ain't even got no licence but I be driving this thing around." Me- "That's illegal darlin', go play with your other 9, 10 year old friends. No one wants to hear that junk. I don't curse, but its taking all of my strength not to right now. Last straw, and that's not to you (the kid) its to your mom.
Rita Al Safar (1 day ago)
Lil tay is... Read more
Girl Twins Toy Bin (1 day ago)
I feel bad for lil yay she is just a normal kid then the mom just buts in and says hey you want to o record some vid to flex
Ronko Nezarock (1 day ago)
i think sssniper wolf is right lil tay is poor
Ronko Nezarock (1 day ago)
lil tay aen't no rapper she dosent own that car she dosent have that much money
Little Kitty (1 day ago)
1like 1000000000000000000 Kicks in the “donkey” for little tay
Sugar Asmr (1 day ago)
She be flexing Monopoly money and other peoples shit!
xRobloxVouad (2 days ago)
I am a rich person 100M Doller
xRobloxVouad (2 days ago)
I am richer than here
Olivia and Sophia (2 days ago)
She can’t even drive
Makai Mavour (2 days ago)
She flexing but I'm texting
Mar and Aly zeah Af (2 days ago)
Rude,JK I love ur videos
Mar and Aly zeah Af (2 days ago)
Heeeeeeeeeey,I’m a nine year old
Aliviya Gales (2 days ago)
I saw that she lives in a barn house
Hanaa Boo (2 days ago)

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