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TRUNDLE vs OLAF FULL FIGHTS MUSIC: Outro: Módl & Holly - Coming Home ► https://youtu.be/vuISYpyoaIw If you notice an issue in the title or description or credits for a play/music, please message me: [email protected]
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Text Comments (229)
PROTECT SKYNET (4 days ago)
senin çıkacağın buldi sikeyim olaf 1v1de cançalma çarı hem trundle usu ap bi tane mr yok öküz gerçi gene kazanamaz olaf hibrit çar trundle
Jason Standley (4 days ago)
I would never build trund or Olaf like that.
김길재 (5 days ago)
Pick up your axe you dumb thing
Calafriok (5 days ago)
Talon vs Zed
Crusuvix Plays (5 days ago)
Trundle has Blade of the ruined king so unfair
Crusuvix Plays (5 days ago)
Crusuvix Plays (5 days ago)
Same build
Lorenzo Campani (5 days ago)
Olaf should avoid fighting trundle in his w..
Maito Gameplay (5 days ago)
Olaf ganha se ele sai pegando os machados e pra reseta ele ganha
Turecki Wąsacz (5 days ago)
Why u so stupid? Its obv that champion with 2 lifesteal items will win the fight
David Xerxius (5 days ago)
That fight Was no fair..
The Blood Of God (5 days ago)
It is not fair ...Olaf did not have the trinity ....
Eman Abbas (5 days ago)
Darius vs tryndamere
LaMisto (7 days ago)
conclusion: Items matter!
Anası Sikik Rengar (23 days ago)
trundle ult op
롤하실분 (1 month ago)
He is kingrundle!
Mücahit Soylu (1 month ago)
Lütfen Ivern vs skarner yapın
Diarko Skyren (1 month ago)
Tresh ap vs Tresh ad?
della rahmania (1 month ago)
nice vid so creative
Smith (1 month ago)
these fucking videos are so fucking bad. you can already tell who would win just from the thumbnail or title itself. and all he does is stretch the remaining minutes with some dogshit montahe to make it a 10 min vid. fuck this guy lmao
willian simoes (1 month ago)
Olaf ganha de trundle
Ngọc Khả Nhi (1 month ago)
Nội tại olaf càng ít máu đánh thường càng nhanh , thích hợp solo chay
Appleshyn Reactions (1 month ago)
Whats the song through the video, not the outro
Sammy Lawrence (1 month ago)
Olaf wins autos because of passive trundle wins abilitys because of ult health and stats drain
emre kurt (1 month ago)
Ad rengar AP rengar . :)
akibara rei (1 month ago)
bad olaf,wrong mastery, wrong item, wheres BORK on olaf, Wheres death dance, why building armor, why have ton of health what a bad olaf player
Franco Ledesma (1 month ago)
I think, every 1v1 need to improve 2 things. 1- Olaf Is so bad, 2- Equal Builds, its obviuous trundle will win with lifesteal and his countering half of olaf build.
Cjg J C (1 month ago)
Link music ?
VargasMH (1 month ago)
Yorick VS Nasus
VargasMH (1 month ago)
Yorick VS Nasus
VargasMH (1 month ago)
Yorick VS Nasus
VargasMH (1 month ago)
Yorick VS Nasus
Thanh Vuong (1 month ago)
Kayn and Darius
Jakub Lupa (1 month ago)
Udyr vs tryndamere
Galium ! (1 month ago)
This dude looks more like a Bronze V playing w/ Olaf..
Stephen Curry (1 month ago)
Mayker Carvajal (1 month ago)
Trundle is a Hard counter of Olaf
sd s (1 month ago)
There is a bug in 0:53 when olaf get cc'd by the piller in his ult
Gustavo Pereira (1 month ago)
Pls darius tank vx darius full ad
Jayden Gaming (1 month ago)
The cute raptor are watching them!😍
fairy tail (1 month ago)
Talon vs zed??
Daniel GÓMEZ (1 month ago)
Trunle VS máster yi
Jaihe Bobby (1 month ago)
That bork fks the olaf up so hard
WaitedDesert169 (1 month ago)
AD teemo vs AP teemo
Linh Lê (1 month ago)
fiora vs riven
sullivan !! (1 month ago)
This channel has no originality
IkawnaEh31 Eds (1 month ago)
Tryndamere Vs Trundle Please.
Emre Dokuz (1 month ago)
Zed vs yasuo
Pq tem uma Fiora nessa partida?
teemo supp (1 month ago)
Attack speed crit lb vs ap lb
teemo supp (1 month ago)
0:02 where's fiora
Rikke Music (1 month ago)
Uma pergunta, sou o único brasileiro aqui?
Byerrow xD (5 days ago)
Rikke Music (1 month ago)
Beleza, vou vazar então, flw =\
Gabriel Ferreira (1 month ago)
Simplexble (1 month ago)
Make some challangrs lets see who is strongest 1vs1
Paulo Ricardo (1 month ago)
Yasuo vs graves
Erdem Akay (1 month ago)
Trundle vs volibear pls
Daymanz276 (1 month ago)
Thats an obvious with for Trundle
Simon Moran (1 month ago)
Trundle is god
Thomas Fayac (1 month ago)
I think you should have do the same stuff exept for the trignit and black cleaver
Çağrı Bey (1 month ago)
Trundle main olarak söylüyorum olafın itemler yanlış. can çalma çıksa olafa trundleyi siker atar aq
Rildo Alves (1 month ago)
GG trundle
Anons Cater (1 month ago)
solo duo is hard to fight against Trundlle.
Asd Dsa (1 month ago)
Anons Cater illaoi can defeat him easy
Ryan Xing (1 month ago)
Jax vs trundle good Jax pls, would be fun to watch
Nasıl Ya (1 month ago)
Ad jax vs ap jax
KOE TUDO BEREUZA? (1 month ago)
Zoe full build vs lux full build
Çok Bilmiş (1 month ago)
Olaf need attack speed
Thinh Ho (1 month ago)
Tao coi đầu tiên
Johanz Santiago (1 month ago)
olaf lose because this channel svcks Get your fcking axe while atacking that's how you win in olaf this channel svcks i saw many 1v1 here and same thing no moves champions that suppose to win is losing
Anthon Marimat (1 month ago)
Olaf no Bork..
Eidrien Nos (1 month ago)
This suks, You give to olaf armor when You know the effects of trundle ult, and i dont want to talk about that trundle had 2 items with atack speed, armor against trundle is useless, that fight is totaly against olaf
linh nguyen (1 month ago)
Olaf turn on untilmate = defeed
Exotic (1 month ago)
Why did trundle have fiora's passive on him?? 0:01
Justice xx (1 month ago)
Ap vs Ad shaco 😇
HaNnZ STRAFE (1 month ago)
Give me link for song plz
Banana Bin (1 month ago)
Trundle vs yi Olaf vs yi
cow stepsVn (1 month ago)
Olaf bad bulid
Thuận idol (1 month ago)
Việt nam num bờ one... Cân hết
iluvsquarez (1 month ago)
Auto wise olaf will always win vs trundle because his passive gives AS as his health lowers while trundle's just does nothing
Àvallon Feyth (1 month ago)
Sion AP vs sion AD please
Fabulous Juker (1 month ago)
I love this video and i like it, But why there are vitals of fiora in the side of trundle in 0:01 ?
o cara das gameplays (1 month ago)
Darius ad vs tank
Colossus (1 month ago)
0:01 Trundle has Fiora's passive mark.
NGUYỄN HOÀNG (1 month ago)
vayne of kasai
Trynda vs Fiora
fabri Malizia (1 month ago)
Warwick vs Rengar
Mozar v (1 month ago)
Renekton vs Darius
《 Megumin》 (1 month ago)
A troll vs a Viking
LucioGD (1 month ago)
1:04 Unstopabble btw
manderine (4 days ago)
He is unstopabble, but what is the game supposed to do?Let olaf stay in the pillar
Marat Black (1 month ago)
Im an Olaf main, and I can say first hand that that is not at all how you build Olaf, my god, you are supposed to bring botrk not frozen heart lmao
R ų ʂ ʂ ı ą ŋ (1 month ago)
But I completely agree with you xD in this match up is not necessary to build armor since Trundle's r can deny it
R ų ʂ ʂ ı ą ŋ (1 month ago)
Remember that Trundle is using Thornmail, so life steal is mostly denied
RAGNAROK (1 month ago)
this olaf uhhhh ..... play like shit.
Fallen Angel Michael (1 month ago)
i rlly hate your builds. seriously ? trundle with BORTK and olaf with frozen-heart ???
Why is fiora there?
thanh danh Bui (1 month ago)
olaf should build guinsoo for fast cd E,
Gusnah (1 month ago)
Pero nisiquiera vuelves a agarrar el hacha... claro que va a perder asi
Rade Đokić (1 month ago)
trynda vs darius
Barbaros Biçer (1 month ago)
Guinsoo yok olafta ciddiye alamıyorum şuanda su videoyu
Rayx Gaming (1 month ago)
Miss Fortune AD vs miss Fortune AP
Stegorian (1 month ago)
No attack speed olaf
MASTER YI (1 month ago)
Goiaba #Maki200k (1 month ago)
Nicholas Nguyen (1 month ago)
AD teemo vs AP teemo?
Nicholas Nguyen (1 month ago)
I like how Olaf is building armor, but trundle ult steals it.
Joshua Osei (1 month ago)
It also deals it as magic damage. The armour is more ineffective.

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