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A Conversation With My Body Parts

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Link To Article: https://goo.gl/okNZaL In this Reaction Time Episode I had a casual convo with my body parts via text messaging. Yes, it sounds strange...that's because it is strange. But this is what that conversation would look like! For Video Submissions E-mail: [email protected] Follow Me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/talfishman_ Instagram: http://instagram.com/talfishman_ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialtalfishman Snapchat: TheTalFishman P.O. BOX: Tal Fishman 19300 Rinaldi St. P.O. Box 7356 Porter Ranch CA 91327
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Text Comments (17056)
Sophie Chendriah (23 hours ago)
The Bollywood song you put is om Shanti om, my cousin love this movie
*when you’re taking an exam and it’s completely silent* Stomach: I will now demonstrate a whale’s call
When he points out his ears and then that's all u see
J Leend (1 day ago)
Hey Tal Fishman, your ears are not that big compared the average... the "normal" ear size is like: top is on the level of your eye and the bottom of your ear is the level just under your nose, so yours are just fine 😊
Adam Maverick (2 days ago)
I know what your talking about when you get blamed for a fart when you didn’t do it
Dylan Both (3 days ago)
4:11 I always think of chicken little when i hear that song
Edwin Steffen Bouman (3 days ago)
How to keep your fart silence: S~l~owmotion fart it work for mehh
I am Stupidity (4 days ago)
I have a crush and he keeps on shouting so i shout bak at him
Crystal Clear Vlogs (4 days ago)
1:13 you need and inhaler bruv
Lyn M jacup W (8 days ago)
Who else has that same sweat shirt
Queen Nyra (9 days ago)
The most important part if the body is your HEART!
Shayla Daly (9 days ago)
i dont like Shape Of You...
Just Me (9 days ago)
Definitely true!! Except I don't have a dick
Amanda Young (10 days ago)
Im pretty sure when girls hair falls out its called sheading?... I dont know how to spell but i think u get what im tryin to say. -Taylor💞
Kyle Zheng (10 days ago)
My ears are 3 inches long
thegamer EXE3RR0R (10 days ago)
Where's Conversation with tal's neck? :V
Rizq Umar (12 days ago)
5:58 Bald Fishman
Tabassum Mohammad (12 days ago)
It’s really relatable for me 😂. But the last one is not because I’m a girl 😂😂
Rubytree 7862 (14 days ago)
1:23 I have Crab Rave stuck in my head...
Lucky Vs Buza (14 days ago)
Tal actually looks like me
Chibi Catisawsome (14 days ago)
4:10 my god.....
Lela Psic (15 days ago)
Good times...
Caramel tartz (15 days ago)
Is that Tinky winky i hear?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Eden Sanchez (15 days ago)
Lol😂😂😂 this was funny😂😂😂
Phil Brewster (15 days ago)
Shape of You is actually my all time fave song!
Lillian Brummage (15 days ago)
That was so cringy when he danced I was like help me now
YouTube Is Bae (16 days ago)
Ass: I need to fart Me: no, no no.... Ass: FFFFFFFFTTTTTT!!!!!! Me: oh f**k u Ass: hehe Me: well you look like a donkey's butt! Ass: re-think that sentence.... Brain: oh my god, why do you have to be so damn dumb Me: ... Stomach: I'm hungry Brain: hi hungry Stomach: food! Bain: your already fat enough Me: stfu already! Fingers: I need to fidget Me: no it's so awkward Fingers: idk what to do with my hands!!!!! Brain: 🤦 Ears: what the heck is the teacher saying Me: of f**k I forgot I'm in class 😫 Brain: Idiot Eyes: I'm dry Brain: hi dry Eyes: spell yes (Y E S) now put and e in front. Eee Yes???? Hehe Brain: your not funny Me: everyone shut up Body parts: BXKSKSSJHSJSKSACAHAKZKDJKANZNZMAKA
Brenda Mendez (16 days ago)
Tall, That was BEAUTIFUL!♡
Tata Lamb (16 days ago)
This is Suzi 😇 👚👜 👢 1 like = more arms! Idk
Charles Stokes (16 days ago)
Just say girlfriends damn
rashika chandara (17 days ago)
Sylvia Zuidema (17 days ago)
female(synonym)= girl, so female friend= girl friend just kidding i believe they aren't your girlfriends!
gusgus 3oa (17 days ago)
If tal was bald he would look more like an egg than he already does😂
Michael Owino (17 days ago)
tony garcia (17 days ago)
Play it 9n slow motion lol😂😁😃😀😅😆😄
Fishii :3 (17 days ago)
I farted during class in first grade and I asked a girl to not tell and I hear her yell and I cried and I got walked to the water sprinkler
Stan BTS (17 days ago)
I'm a female and I'm watching this.
jatastic games (17 days ago)
You called Johnny a babe lol thats my brother
FluttershyLuna Playz (17 days ago)
You know Bollywood? I watch Bollywood movies sometimes, and I understand it!
DIVA VIVA (17 days ago)
by hulk he meant hulk smash
Faith Grace (17 days ago)
I feel you
Grace Bradney (17 days ago)
4:15 crying😂😂
Marris Moizuddin (18 days ago)
I had a song stuck in my head for 3 years...
alphawolfgirl love (18 days ago)
No the hair one it is mostly that I cut my hair and then every one is like ur hair fell out
Benjamin Brannan (18 days ago)
My song stuck in my mind is still gang gum styal
Jillian Ward (18 days ago)
Me:Farts loud in class *Everyone looking around Me:Ewww,who farted? Kid:Eww,it smells! Me:I know right!?
Jillian Ward (18 days ago)
Whoever disliked meant "dis I like."But they had their phone upside down.
Stefanie Kwong (18 days ago)
U talk toooooo much 😢😑
Rayna (18 days ago)
There is a channel that's for kids songs, and I remember that when I'm in my roon and just hear 2 second of it, its stucked in my brain for TWO WEEKS AND MORE!
TWE Dino guy (18 days ago)
5:07 me right now
i get songs stuck in my head.. for... YEARSSSSS!
sowon nochu (19 days ago)
Megan Alexander (19 days ago)
You are so cute and amazing 😉🥰
tirafuego (19 days ago)
I can relate to the brain in music, one time i got a song stuck in my head for four weeks i found this video and it still happened
Chris' winter (20 days ago)
my brain is all ways got MUSIC
Pixie Fuentes (20 days ago)
You say that your ears are big. You obviously haven't met me.
Teletubby Mom (20 days ago)
0:00 u okay there Tal? 😂
Dragon Maniac (20 days ago)
When the wind is to loud TAL:So basically ijamamsmsmmamsmsjsjjsjsjsjdhdhfhjfjrkkskmddn
Vlogmaster Gamemaster (20 days ago)
rainbow sundays (20 days ago)
👧 this is krishley she has canc- 👚 😭😭😭😭I will miss you 👖 sis😭😭😭😭😭. 👢👢
Hanna McWaffles (22 days ago)
*My body has left the chat...*
Snowfire Saphira (23 days ago)
Once I had this song called who'd have known for like two months!
LDDOGLADY (23 days ago)
I have dig ars from my grandpa so that means you got arsfrom your family hahahahah!? ;D
furious weirdo (24 days ago)
Karla Morales (24 days ago)
What about arms?
Unicorn Princess 10 (24 days ago)
i sit next to my crush!!!!! pls send help
Anique Crouch (25 days ago)
Beanie Boos Galore (25 days ago)
We have hard wood floors in school and I accidentally farted sooooo loud but my friend jumped on my desk at the same time so I blamed my desk for moving and farting 😺
Brenden Woodward (25 days ago)
you have big ears just like your neck
Kyah Ford (26 days ago)
My beach outfit
Trevor Snipes (26 days ago)
I got something in my eye during the eye conversation ouch!!!
Valentin Azmi (26 days ago)
Great now I have that Ed Sheeran song stuck in my head, like if you can relate.
Emily Flores (26 days ago)
0:00 pause
Jamison Essentials (26 days ago)
Dude don’t click read more Read more
Jamison Essentials (26 days ago)
I told you not to click it
Ivan Lirazan (27 days ago)
Tal: Ohhhh What the- Me: No Tal dont do this. My brother's watching with me. It might be a bad example. Tal: F.... Me: ... THANK HEAVENS *dances heavenly bootiful like a hooman*
Life with AJ (27 days ago)
That’s funny the boy I like his name is Johnny😂
Paulo Miguel Besa (27 days ago)
Last night i had a confesion with my crush has a crush on me so wer practecly in love........we are both 9 year olds its not a lie btw its real
Dick... So where is the vagina
Tiffanie Terry (28 days ago)
Anybody else have a song stuck in their head for a year straight!? I have!!
Madison Manning (28 days ago)
Girls hair fall out mainly because of a lot of stress👍🏻
Life of an Ed lover (28 days ago)
Omg! 😁😁. Ed is featured
Stephany Novais (28 days ago)
K then...
Zoha Ahmad (29 days ago)
5:25 Black Sabbath Any Black Sabbath fans here? If so leave a like 👍
Mimi the Neko (29 days ago)
The hair thing is stress and I can relate so god damn much
Komal Bal (18 days ago)
Omg when he showed the clip from the Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om😂😂
Universal Ace (1 month ago)
SimpleMC (1 month ago)
In my language, we call little brother 'a dick'
Roblox Mysterys (1 month ago)
4:05 CALL 911 NOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
Coryn Costamagna (1 month ago)
_Çhäçä _ (1 month ago)
*V: Haha, hello* *Me: Oh god, what do you want* *V: It’s the month* *Me: NOOO!!! I DONT HAVE PADS* *V: Woopsies*
Kenia Sosa (1 month ago)
Well the legs aren’t wrong... The arms and hands also help to run faster and you also need stamina
Joe Chammas (1 month ago)
im the best at keeping farts silent
Syma F (1 month ago)
Who else is Indian and recognised these actors I don’t know how to spell their names
Logan White (1 month ago)
Whenever i fart in class i wait for everyone else to notice then when they plug there nose i am like *ew who farted wasmit u hayden i think it was u* when i farted
mk _ lolz (1 month ago)
Anaïs Lekapene (1 month ago)
dick... I was waiting for that
Mayann_ Madauran (1 month ago)
When u played om shanti i immediately clicked the like button
kyle deoliveira (1 month ago)
Once I farted in class it sounded like a freaking machine gun and I turned bright red yet nobody knew who it was, seriously people take the hint
Kattie Sucks At Living (1 month ago)

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