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A Conversation With My Body Parts

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Link To Article: https://goo.gl/okNZaL In this Reaction Time Episode I had a casual convo with my body parts via text messaging. Yes, it sounds strange...that's because it is strange. But this is what that conversation would look like! For Video Submissions E-mail: [email protected] Follow Me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/talfishman_ Instagram: http://instagram.com/talfishman_ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialtalfishman Snapchat: TheTalFishman P.O. BOX: Tal Fishman 19300 Rinaldi St. P.O. Box 7356 Porter Ranch CA 91327
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Text Comments (15696)
Ah moi Ng (14 hours ago)
I do that all the time
cristasha gamez (15 hours ago)
I've seen the video u popped up its called on shanti om I'm Indian
Jordyn Gacha Queen (1 day ago)
One time someone in my class farted and my friend blamed it on me...we were in front of my crush.
Cord McKelleb (3 days ago)
1:20 I had a song stuck in my brain for an entire month
Sarah Sallam (3 days ago)
Monika Żelazowska (4 days ago)
Go to 2:59 and pause it.
Pet Fox (5 days ago)
Conversation with my nose.... Nose: You have to sneeze!! Me: Oh no! Nose: LET IT OUT!!!! Me: Okay!! *makes the dumbest and ugliest face ever* Nose: Oh actually it's gone. Me: SCREW YOU!! MY CRUSH: Are you okay? You look weird... Me: I'm f-f-FI- ACHOO*sneezes in his face* *makes dumb face* SNEEZES AGAIN* Nose: hehehehehe True story😭
Suzanne Villalobos (6 days ago)
It might keep it sighlent but does it smell🤔
Kiran Witt (9 days ago)
I got shape of you stuck in my head for 2 months
TOTALLY HAPPENED (10 days ago)
Tal and his neck probably
Gangsters Beasts (11 days ago)
How many times he edited his video ⬇️
anupama vijayan (12 days ago)
00:56 😂😂😂his song !!!
Shadow Dog (12 days ago)
Okay so shape if you is literally my favorite sobg
Jelly Tots (12 days ago)
Me: okay we're going to study we got this...right brain? Brain: lol. You're high.
Ashrav Verma (13 days ago)
Interesting fact scientists discovered that our heart actually releases love harmons not only pump blood
Sandy Clark (14 days ago)
Tal is sexy
Carolyn Ellis (15 days ago)
My brain made me laugh at someone who got hit by a train
If you fart in class and someone said ewww say what its not like you havn't done it.
carvil frett (15 days ago)
Soniso (16 days ago)
So this is where my brain cells went....
Gacha Violet (16 days ago)
"Don't worry I'll keep it silent* Me: THAT'S WORSE! DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD IT STINKS WHEN ITS SILENT?!
Daddy Fat Sack (16 days ago)
Me:DONUTS!!! Brain:it’s bad for you! Me:just one? Brain:fine..... Me:*BUYS ALL OF THE DONUTS* Brain:WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? Me:I did deliciousness....*burps*
XAlexa WolfX (17 days ago)
long hair falls a lot like me (my hair reached my knees about last year) but short hair doesn't really fall that often (like me in age 5)
M18 Cuber (19 days ago)
That Bollywood film was 'Om Shanti Om'
23ngrace (19 days ago)
5:47 I am one of those girls and i thought I was the only one!🤣😂 I'm so happy I'm not...
Rekha Nair (20 days ago)
Good ol days when he used to swear
Helix 003 Rip x (21 days ago)
Ι actually can fart silent so nobody knows who did
Teruhiko Insecto (21 days ago)
But you can smell anything
Teruhiko Insecto (21 days ago)
When I fart in school you can't hear anything
Mad Dog Milo (21 days ago)
I have bigger ears than you
Luana LePani (22 days ago)
Ed sherran songs
Dominick Truglia (22 days ago)
Nobody- Noone dsgdsrtgrewwwwfskfdnsksdxadominick is muy dominick dominick dominick t
Best Player (24 days ago)
Now shape of you don't wanna leav me brain
Little Joy (24 days ago)
Blast of hot air😂😂
XD lightning (24 days ago)
christian Saldaña (24 days ago)
5:12 it says in the upper left corner Last seen Yesterday,probably the guy looked at the mirror yesterday.
Kryzl kyra Paeste (25 days ago)
Relatable it's awful when you need to think but a song plays in your head
erick ramos (25 days ago)
lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ik I'm late and no one will see this but I was lmao when the Bollywood stuff came on 😂I'm southeast Asian 😂😂
Katy Jayne (26 days ago)
If they dyed their hair, the bleach would make it fall out
Genesis Ramirez (27 days ago)
That song got on my head
Nicho Arnaiz (27 days ago)
When u have no friends just talk to ur body parts lol
Double T (28 days ago)
Dude... I had a song stuck in my head during my exams. In my English exam I almost wrote the lyrics instead of the answer!
Unstoppable Beast 57 (29 days ago)
5:57 *puts crops hitmans bald head and puts over hair HUAAAAAAHHHH*
One time i was running to the restroom and there were kids behind me and when i was running a giant fart came out
Jon Petty (1 month ago)
In the conversation with your eyes, Just pull your eyelashes backward and it* should stop
TheGaming Raptor (1 month ago)
One song was stuck in my head for like 2 years...
Llamaboy 157 (1 month ago)
Sure......... “female friends” 🤫
Mary Veronika76 Leone (1 month ago)
Please dont say songs because songs are always stuck in my head😥
Škÿ Kūń (1 month ago)
R&J Gaming (1 month ago)
Prativa Das (1 month ago)
Bollywoods movies are actually hilarious
Aida Hodge (1 month ago)
I was eating pizza when he was talking about farts
Shark The Penguin (1 month ago)
When tal shows the bollywood move im like i watched that
• Osas • (1 month ago)
Me: BRAIN, I need to focus Brain: memes Me: COME ON
Fishy (1 month ago)
2:49-2:56 *Tal Fishman explaining a fart for 7 seconds straight* Oh and also 4:28-4:47 How dirty is your mind? Haha
Cutestone34 (1 month ago)
Cutestone34 (1 month ago)
You not me lol
Kaitlin Lennox (1 month ago)
The only hot air I feel is my fiancé's breath when he breathes on me when he's asleep
idiot on the internet (1 month ago)
Pp:i need to exersise Me:IM IN A PRESONTATION! Pp: *rises*
Michelle McCloy (1 month ago)
I like the conversion with your butt!bwahahaha! too funny!
Ender Gamer (1 month ago)
I laughed What do you expect me to do cry
Michaelangelo Hamato (1 month ago)
I've had a song stuck in my head for 4 months no joke
govinda Tanty (1 month ago)
Who r indian like
Samer Tawasha (1 month ago)
That's what happens to my hair
Jay More (1 month ago)
Do you like Bollywood because m from India love yur videos from India plz response
Cloudfalcon (1 month ago)
Dmmit BRAIN U STOOPID but... your brain is telling you to think/say that
Staci Harrison (1 month ago)
Once I was joking around and I stepped on my friends back. He farted and yelled, " Noooo!!!" We laughed so hard
Izzycutie5156 (1 month ago)
I farted in front of my crush....I’ve been friends with him for 6 years before so he didn’t care
lala key33 (1 month ago)
You might have big ears but you have a bigger nek
Kuba Czapiewski (1 month ago)
Pause it at 4:11 and Tal is kissing the play button
Mashmiri Fun (1 month ago)
3:49 Om Shanti Om.........😊my favorite movie And Deepika Padukone my fav actress😁 👇🏻Like who have seen that movie
Shashwat Saxena (27 days ago)
chani N (1 month ago)
7:35 you should stick your tongue out more often. You look cute😋
mcmoe nugget (1 month ago)
I had a song stuck in my head for like 2 or 3 years I swear
Eden Adams (1 month ago)
So Now You Are A Hybrid Between A Giraffe and an Elephant?
Carolyn Posey (1 month ago)
I know about what you're talking about.(farting)
\ Krzycat / (1 month ago)
Wait.... what’s focus? Don’t think I’ve heard of it.
86_ UNEEK (1 month ago)
Hi I AM from India and I loved that part when you added that scene from a Bollywood movie
Sophia Music (1 month ago)
5:50 Omg that’s so annoying
Ivy Jackson (1 month ago)
I had a teacher, his name was Dirk but we didn't like him so we used to cal him D*ck
Chicken Matt (1 month ago)
In our class all of my classmates always farts including me we just all laugh 😂😂😂
Linda Losper (1 month ago)
How are u single
Charvi T (1 month ago)
plays my favorite Bollywood movie clip *screams*
Danielle Copeland (1 month ago)
What was the song 50-1:03
Charlie Carroll (1 month ago)
Butt: I needa cart Me: *farts a billion times*
gatcha gang (1 month ago)
Ethan Ebohon (1 month ago)
Mr butt :it will be silent Person : ok Brain : WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr butt : what Brain : it may be silent Person : yeah that is why I said yes Brain : but , we all know it will be deadly
Matisa Dusic (1 month ago)
i never fart at school
CurryKid (1 month ago)
im Indian and LOVE Bollywood
Ifady H (1 month ago)
LOL Tal Knew Who Is No Way Jose.
Hannah Smith (1 month ago)
When a song keeps replaying in your head its mainly because ur brain is trying to figure out the ending, I would suggest trying to sing a song you know the ending to. IDK its a guess
Ismail Shaikh (1 month ago)
If theres a song stuck in ur head , remember the ending of it It actually works for me
Terri Pope (1 month ago)
It's shape of you by ed sherwin
Hunter w Sprague (1 month ago)
Tal + geometry= ☠️
ashleeebc (1 month ago)
I ship it
mohamed ali (1 month ago)
oh so a brain has a brain inside it?
sabari binoy (2 months ago)
If u want to get rid of a song from your head just focus on the end of the song
Faiza Sheikh (2 months ago)
Bollywood ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Autumn Rose (2 months ago)
Usually the songs that get stuck in my head I barely know the lyrics to so you hear me mumbling in the middle of a verse 😂😂😂
Autumn Rose (2 months ago)
Autumn Rose (2 months ago)
Me and my stomach Stomach: I'm hungry Me: No lunch is soon Stomach: I'm gonna growl! Me: *in a dead silent classroom with 4 of my friends around me and 10 other kids I don't talk to* NO Stomach:*growls softly* Me:DONT DO IT *holds stomach hoping that will make it stop* Stomach:*growls then stops* I'm not hungry anymore
Candice Perry (2 months ago)
I would talk to myself but I would talk to my heart

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