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A Conversation With My Body Parts

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Link To Article: https://goo.gl/okNZaL In this Reaction Time Episode I had a casual convo with my body parts via text messaging. Yes, it sounds strange...that's because it is strange. But this is what that conversation would look like! For Video Submissions E-mail: [email protected] Follow Me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/talfishman_ Instagram: http://instagram.com/talfishman_ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialtalfishman Snapchat: TheTalFishman P.O. BOX: Tal Fishman 19300 Rinaldi St. P.O. Box 7356 Porter Ranch CA 91327
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Text Comments (17221)
I was in a exam and my and a song got stuck in my head
michelle e (2 hours ago)
You are not pathetic! You are amazing!
Everhardo Generoso (6 hours ago)
Dude am a girl and it does matter that my hair falls off
Anto manto (16 hours ago)
WAIT, u have friends?
ronan jones (22 hours ago)
I can keeo farts quite
ronan jones (22 hours ago)
SkullDUDE101 (1 day ago)
3:48 im indian and dude i was lmfao.
I remember when one-time I farted sooooo loudly but no one heard it cuz everyone was talking...... yeah lol
Nikolov_Playz (1 day ago)
omg guys help tal his eyebrows didnt reply
Heather Landreth (1 day ago)
I thought the heart was the most important part of the body
Vixena (1 day ago)
SO I have a bad reputation of crying a lot at school, so whenever I have watery eyes, everyone's like "ARE YOU OKAY?" and I'm like, "Yeah, of course!" It's kind of annoying, really.
Vixena (1 day ago)
Oh boy, you have no idea. I get songs stuck in my head for MONTHS.
Blitz TheWolf (2 days ago)
Why was Tal talking about farts for like 2-3 minutes? And why am I still watching?! 😂
Dude, in 4th grade, somebody farted , and me and my bff had a crush on this boy named Luke and everyone was like LUUUUUKKKE!!! And we just rolled our eyes and he was like DUUUDDE, ITS NOT ME!
Alex Blake (2 days ago)
Thanks for get that song stuck in my head
Louise Hall (2 days ago)
I love ur YouTube channel
Drea Hendry (2 days ago)
Uh oh he's high again
Yusha Alam (2 days ago)
Omg when he played om shanti om at 3:48
Paden Williams (3 days ago)
“...in return, we will ask legs to run an extra mile.” Says stomach. Me: WHO’S “WE”?!
Game apps Girl (5 days ago)
Heart: Hey.. You:. Yea? Heart: I got this weird black thing on me You: OH god..we're going to the hospital
Nuclear Drift_YT (5 days ago)
Tal is a monky
Ric k (6 days ago)
Once I had pinkeye for like 3 or 4 days
RayDoesYT (6 days ago)
Debbie Foxworth (7 days ago)
I talk to my brain but somthing talks back 😐
Priyadarsini Mohanta (8 days ago)
Wanna hear a joke?? Me too!!
I Really Don't Know (10 days ago)
Ass Status:online
Maria Cardona (13 days ago)
Ok my crush and I had took a pic 2gether ( best day ever ) and he made an insta and made his profile into my eye long story short it was a perfect crop of my eye
violeta ostrovski (13 days ago)
I had a song stuck in my head for a month
Jenson XD Vlogs (14 days ago)
If you were bald i would unsub
Lisa-marie Gaming (17 days ago)
I thought you would sensor the swearing lmao
AlpacaWithACamra 176 (19 days ago)
One time in class we were taking a test and it was dead silent and then I farted...
wind flower vlogs (19 days ago)
Me: hey brain what was my homework? Brain:urm you only have math division Me: ok soooooooooooo um are you smart Brsin:nope Me:I'm dead then lol this is soo hard! Brain: no its not that's easy look it's 50 you dum dum Me:don't you dare call me that Brain: I am calling myself that to I am part of you Me: oh yeah you are Brain:now go I wanna think Me: oh shoot I think I'm late WHAT 7 HOURS LATE FOR UNI ON MY FIRST DAY NOOOOOOOO! Brain: I told you to sleep last night Me: you didn't you are part of me I would have slept if you wanted me to Brain:well get to school then! Me: ok brain bye Brain: why are you saying bye I am coming with you! Me: ok thanks we gotta go! Lol hope u like it!
wind flower vlogs (19 days ago)
Lol I'm crazy
ArrowHead (20 days ago)
oh ya ya
Mrs. Ashley Mendes (20 days ago)
what about lady parts? Boobies?
Kiki van den Berg (21 days ago)
*My conversation between my eyes:* Eyes: i might water right now Me: yep, my internet went out Eyes: ... Eyes: i meant the onions but sure i'll cry more.
Classical Music Girl (22 days ago)
Rouqs Belgore (22 days ago)
Actually i'm really good at keeping farts silent
Vlog Days (23 days ago)
When you’re in a race, go slow. Just jog while the other person is running wasting energy. In the end, the other person is tired and gives out, while you are not very affected b being tired and still going. 😉
Crystal Galaxy (24 days ago)
I have anorexia my stomach says Stomach:DUDE YOU HAVEN'T GIVENT ME FOOD 5 WEEKS. ONLY WATER WHY Me: *gives more watter* you whant me to stop giving you water you're getting fat. Stomach:NO NO NO WATER IS GOOD LOL if you have a eating disorder don't just be sad
KillAll Evil (26 days ago)
Wait what’s his new song
CatOfTheUniverse (26 days ago)
"I'll keep it silent." SILENT BUT DEADLY
Horse Lover (28 days ago)
4:18 is the definition of high
Its Ripjaw (28 days ago)
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I am a belieber (29 days ago)
I died when I saw the scene of Om Shanti Om. 🇮🇳😂😂
Larry Morris (1 month ago)
That face at 4:12
Shelby Gidney (1 month ago)
4:54 is he ok?
Yusra Raza (1 month ago)
Tal didn't bleep out the fucked.. HAHA:))
dude shot film (1 month ago)
DO NOT Press read more You have been cursed by the mafias like to undo it
Madeline Belle (1 month ago)
4:11 girl dats a bootyhole
Hask Grad (1 month ago)
I have songs stuck in my head about 2 to 3 weeks.
Dominic Nguyen (1 month ago)
1:47 I was farting while watching this at the exact moment
Subscribe to PewDiePie (1 month ago)
This is part 2 of the socially awkward video
Sonny Clemente (1 month ago)
i have a song stuck in my head for all day evry day
I love Tyler And Josh (1 month ago)
You did not just say that dick....... Dick Tal Fishman
Canadian games (1 month ago)
Um 30 seconds of talking about farts lol
vaishnavi dubey (1 month ago)
Ayye.. Indian fans.. 3:40 - 3:50 woah !! Those who are not Indian.. that song is from the Film "Om Shanti Om"
Harji Kalsi (1 month ago)
Oh I love that movie!
Meadow Breese (1 month ago)
GUYS! Tal just turned into MEGAMIND!!!!
DemiD.I.Y.god160 (1 month ago)
I had Thomas the train theme song in my head and that vine one with Ron and Harry and then I couldn’t stop thinking of it
DemiD.I.Y.god160 (1 month ago)
I love how tal looks so cute ❣️❣️❣️❣️
Susannah Hill (1 month ago)
Tal can not sing
Ghalia Nafaa (1 month ago)
4:11 😂😂
LegendaryDoge (1 month ago)
4:11 Wtf is wrong with you why did I ever subscribe
عائشه عائشه (1 month ago)
That was so funny 😂
Hollie Morton (1 month ago)
2:50 really tal, I'm eating 😂 ew
SolielThe Weeb (1 month ago)
Silent but deadly
Fandom Edits (1 month ago)
Who else couldn’t stop noticing his ears after he said something
Misha Hassan (1 month ago)
At 3:48... OMG that is my favorite bollywood movie!!!!!!!!! I could watch it all day! It is called Om Shanti Om! I love it sooooo much! Btw I am Indian. But Om Shanti Om is a great movie and even if you don't understand the language then still watch it, it is on Netflix and there are English subtitles. *So go watch. Like... right now. Seriously. GO*
Payton Lusica (1 month ago)
The f*** kind of classroom were you in where hot dude's farts are hot and steamy
Makayla Clements (1 month ago)
In my school for some reason everyone ksighs and proudly confesses to a fart
killer cheese (1 month ago)
I had a song stuck in my head for 3 months. And I forgot what song it was
REESE STARNES (1 month ago)
.i. ???????????????????????? Why i thought making that was a good idea
Luci Center (1 month ago)
0:00 Tal's face omg I'm literally dying
Lunabear Videos (1 month ago)
This is what happens to me I need to fart and I keep it silent but it stinks and everyone knows it’s me but I pretend it isn’t
shylars world (1 month ago)
Didnt anyone start looking at tals ears when he stared to talk about it
Rob Slaughter (1 month ago)
T Ta Tal Tal i Tal is Tal is s Tal is so Tal is so h Tal is so ho Tal is so hot Tal is so hot! Tal is so hot Tal is so ho Tal is so h Tal is so Tal is s Tal is Tal i Tal Ta T Like if you love Tal!❤
Yessie Campos (1 month ago)
Once my friend Farted😳😳😳😳 in class and he said it was my boyfriend and I said his farts a silent soo it was u and everyone was looking at us😦😦😦😦😦 and they heard it and then I said it wasn't us and 2 hrs later my friend it was me heheheheheheheh😈😈😈😈
mang tomas (1 month ago)
Tals mouth=clalalala Me=shut up bruh Tals mouth=no sht way Me=ahhhhhhhh 1=like 1=savior for me in tals mouth
butter flyz in my supe (1 month ago)
What if the person sitting next to you farts and everyone blames you... But your sick at home 😑
Logan Franklin (1 month ago)
At 4:12 Tal looked like Adi
Laura Gepfert (1 month ago)
3:50 Omg shanrukh khan❤❤❤❤
Warrior cats solestar (1 month ago)
When I frat in class I only care about my art nothing else and I'm watching you during a semester
You know who is the best Read the first word Have a nice day 😍😄😀
chance dolan (1 month ago)
Bollywood movies 😂😂😂😂
Lilcookie Yummy (1 month ago)
Is ur mum a 🦒 Because your nec is tal
Monaiya Durham (1 month ago)
when us girls hair comes out it means it growing
Alpha Wolf35 (1 month ago)
Amos Backstrom (1 month ago)
Y do they have a middle finger emoji?
gaming wolf (1 month ago)
The first one with the brain is me every Monday to Friday
Bubblegum_Blitz (1 month ago)
Can we pls get a group chat ☺️ ✋👃👀❤️👄👂👣💇🏼🗣👅
Natalie Ak (1 month ago)
2:52 too much information 😂😂
Evy Nulle (1 month ago)
This new video should be named.... SONGS REPEATED BY TAL FISHMAN
PakoDog_YouHorse 836 (1 month ago)
This is true, when I was in year 4, a new person came in and he had to sit next me, I'm a girl and I had to fart, so I let it out and it was so loud, everyone laughed and the teacher said, 'maybe that person needs the toilet' to the class, and I just sat there... So imbarasing 🤣
Alpha and Omega (1 month ago)
I pranked someone Read more
Amber V. (1 month ago)
4:03 lmao
Amber V. (1 month ago)
Drew Deck (1 month ago)
1:30 I’ve had Jingle Bells stuck in my head for 2 years... yeah ok it’s crazy
NightmareFoxy192 (1 month ago)
We get stronger with our size!!!
Maria Vargas Gonzalez (1 month ago)
LMAO I thought I was one of few girls who looses hair like a fluffy dog
sister's fun (1 month ago)
3:48 .... Indians ,hit like....
Jared Dickerson (1 month ago)
🧑🏾 🎽 🦶🏽🦶🏽
Breonna Stevenson (1 month ago)
When he scrunched up his lips and formed a circle it looked like a butthole

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