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NEW Best Vines of 2014 | FUNNIEST Reggie Couz Vine Compilation

16846 ratings | 1541172 views
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Text Comments (844)
Alvin Jr. (7 days ago)
0:51 when it's a day before summer break and your teacher gives you a 70-stacked homework piece
fazejapan matthews (1 month ago)
I'm dead trey songz
fazejapan matthews (1 month ago)
Dead Trey songz
Paper Cut (4 years ago)
Whats the prince song?
Barbie Stone (4 years ago)
What song of Michael Jackson was that???
Anthony The Jester (4 years ago)
4:00 that face tho XD
Lea Yvonne (4 years ago)
purple_bucket (4 years ago)
3:35 best .
Syncer Gardner (4 years ago)
What song is 4:24
Layah Jhene (4 years ago)
fucking hollering @ 2:50 LOL I hate when parents do that shit.
Kyaria Pettaway (4 years ago)
You so funny and i love the way you sing.
Cherkeithia Gilstrap (4 years ago)
sade paul (4 years ago)
Alexandria Bailey (4 years ago)
Mad... or Nahhhhh! lol
Guppie Sanders (4 years ago)
She said a neck brace👅📲
Gabby Gosnell (4 years ago)
(Group therapy) "Dad was never there" "What an asswhole" "Died in a car accident" "Ohhhh" Lmao at that one xD
Brotha Sunflower (4 years ago)
Hilarious my my man
African Queen (4 years ago)
man dis is so damn funny.  I love ya facials. and ya got a great voice. love u!
Taters (4 years ago)
"Rubbin oils own yo belly, makin sounds like we telly tubbies" "What" Lol
Oakland RaiderFan559 (4 years ago)
Pancakes and chicken 😂😂😂😂
imHyology tK (4 years ago)
When he pulled out that flip phone I died😂
Todie Tootoo (4 years ago)
lol while u sitten here doing nae naes im out here woking
Teresa H (4 years ago)
"We don't even have spinach!" "Make some!"
Don'Karvian Dickson (4 years ago)
Dis dude funny
Kîtàñä Qūįńzėl (4 years ago)
5:29 oh my god his face.....was sooooo goddamn cute
Aaliyah Campbell (4 years ago)
i am laughing down the place and drooling on the floor
Dvonte Blackwood (4 years ago)
Oh hell naw funy vine and chet your ass up to look up dvonte Blackwood
MALIK is BACK (4 years ago)
You are right jery purpdrank an rc af funnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyygy
Itz Pambi J (4 years ago)
6:05 song pls
Shayla Stone (4 years ago)
@4:23 it was funny
Gabrielle Lauriston (4 years ago)
stop,stop,stop why are you so agressive?
Jahoza24 (4 years ago)
he somehow reminds me to chris rock
chart show world (4 years ago)
What's the Name of Song at 2.37
Sheila Dickerson (4 years ago)
He said like we tely topies :) :) :) :)****** ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Statha Jackson (4 years ago)
No sense lol smh
AL3X (4 years ago)
AL3X (4 years ago)
Awesome MegaSlash Cube (4 years ago)
We in here turn up turn up where the bitches
shawn brown (4 years ago)
y his mom crying cuz he needs school supplies?
Yes coz it cost hella money lol
phong (4 years ago)
This is so funny pr nah
Royal Black Saiyan (4 years ago)
Reggie: Ok, so what would u like Drake Drake: GIVE ME SOME PANCAKES AND EGGS AND MAYBE SOME BACON
diego rangel (4 years ago)
Mikayla Mathis (4 years ago)
The last one is me right now should I go to bed... or nah
ellie ellie (4 years ago)
OMG its like so funny
Stanka Fossett (4 years ago)
Lol he's hot😘😘😘😘😎😎😎😎😎
KG (4 years ago)
I caught Reggie lookin stupid lmfao http://gyazo.com/b1c91a8509b79959df25f96fcd43c84b
Aikia Williams (4 years ago)
I love the way he sings .💙💙💚💚💛💛💛💜💜💜💖💗💘💝💓💔💕💞
Brianna Chery (4 years ago)
LOL 😄😅😅😅😅😄😄 u funny
Wesam El-Dawi (4 years ago)
that lil wayne joint right there XDD
Treniece Crawford (4 years ago)
Reggie please do more crazy best friend... I can't stop laughing
SquidWERK (4 years ago)
I got pancakes and chicken
Quinn Chase-Lutt (4 years ago)
What was that one clip from 4:12 like that one guy plz respond thanks
serenatvtime (4 years ago)
I don't why he looks so cute in tht wig in mustache when he is doing the choir
Casey Burse (4 years ago)
ayyyyee dat pancakes and chicken was slick hard lol
moistBread (4 years ago)
4:04-4:10 ahhh gah <3
Simon Turner (4 years ago)
3:17 is the best vine who agrees
Charles McAllister (4 years ago)
Prince be like... PART 2 THO
Dat Boi (4 years ago)
you are singing very good :)
Dorcas Mayazi -Grace (4 years ago)
Song. .? 2:36
shirley teran (4 years ago)
song 0:15??
Tiara Washington (4 years ago)
Just Tatianna (4 years ago)
5:39 lmao!!!
Christ Calzone (4 years ago)
tjblaze111 (4 years ago)
The hip hop choirs though
自作NEKIE (4 years ago)
Yo voice is so beautiful 😍
LisaSSP (4 years ago)
Mj from 0 to 100  is my favourite vine :-D
Sterling Vann (4 years ago)
What song is that when "prince be like?"
Briaan Danisa (4 years ago)
We eat together and forever!!!!
garen wilbon (4 years ago)
I love his vines so much he is awesome!!
deonna allen (4 years ago)
@cyteria smith  @hannah edwards @Hannah Edwards @M Crowley  lol watch he whole thing and we will talk about it the next day
A Wakandan Weeb :v (4 years ago)
00:13 Song?
Chancho (4 years ago)
Pyrocall (4 years ago)
always that one student sleeping in class
Pyrocall (4 years ago)
trey songz
Pyrocall (4 years ago)
parents be like
Tydeathpaz I (4 years ago)
Name of the song
Maliyah Buford (4 years ago)
You're hot K
Tahjanay Griffin (4 years ago)
Natalie Diaz (4 years ago)
his voice <3 damn he can sing
Kawaii Katarina (4 years ago)
There was a vine where one guy is making fun of another one and he is singing ''I got chipotle, I know you want it'' as lyrics to the song Bang Bang by Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande but I can't seem to find the vine. I see it's been searched on youtube but I cant find it and this video is the first one that pops up. If someone understands which vine Im looking for, please help. Appreciate it.
Ozward Gosku (4 years ago)
Elyjah Gluska (4 years ago)
funny a hell
Josh Dreben (4 years ago)
I'm having the best time in Language Arts looking at this
Josh Dreben (4 years ago)
This is great
Josh Dreben (4 years ago)
Found you
Josh Dreben (4 years ago)
Hey elyjah
Lukas Tandrup Larsen (4 years ago)
02:28 somone who knows the beat?
Ruben Leon (4 years ago)
I need to know the song on 6:10
Jazzlyn Lawson (4 years ago)
He's. soooo funny right
divine roy- black (4 years ago)
#that one kid who is exited for class😂
Olivia D. (4 years ago)
His singing is just 0-0 I will definitely buy his album if he ever decides to make one. 
xxx Rest in peace (4 years ago)
Lukas Tandrup Larsen (4 years ago)
06:05 that beat??
Duskey Husky (4 years ago)
I lost it at that surfboard vine like omg 😂
Vodun13 (4 years ago)
1:25 his best vine!
Dymishia Dodson (4 years ago)
Reggie couz fine
Lida Hernandez (4 years ago)
In 5:55 you sound like madea
MiMi gaffney (4 years ago)
I am dying of laughter man, LM FAO frfr. Eh,eh,eh!(prince)
Adam Bisultanov (4 years ago)
01:43 music ?
Roundemillia V (4 years ago)
Mess with us u get the twinky!!!!lok😂His dance moves tho😂😂😂
Roundemillia V (4 years ago)
I mean lol
Leroy Cole (4 years ago)
Lmao Vine 2:26 _ ND 2:33
TheSan (4 years ago)
2:35 i cant find the song help
TheSan (4 years ago)
Whats the song at 2:29 plz help
Wina Styles (4 years ago)
Too turnt tina vines?
Orbit Ghost (4 years ago)
lol "Give me some pancakes and eggs and maybe some bacon"
IKingM (4 years ago)
Turn up turn up where some bitches

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