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27 Examples of What Happens When You Get Too High

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When people do the mary joes sometimes they get a little…. high. Here are some funny ass examples of stupid things people have done high. Narrated by Cowbelly.
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Cowbelly (1 year ago)
mary joes
Sweetheart Studios (8 hours ago)
Ege Gun Babaçoğlu (16 days ago)
Cowbelly holes
I was so high and hungry one time that i sat at the kitchen table, stairing at the fridge for almost 2 and a half hours straight, thinking about food and while i continuously stared at the fridge wonder if there was any food in it or not
Mr. Jazz moose (1 month ago)
No, I have never had a relationship with joes, nor do I want to Mary joes.
Creemiepuffie ;3 (1 month ago)
Pacifico (10 hours ago)
I tried to make my phone touch screen but I was really mad because everything I tried didn't work and then once I got unhigh I realized my phone was touchscreen this whole time
Hamilton Trash (12 hours ago)
Someone: How high are you? Me: *looks down* Three centimeters
Distinger (14 hours ago)
don't get high kids marijuano is *b a d*
Nicholas Johnston (15 hours ago)
Bender B Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Robot voice, I'm out
StormyWolfLPS (1 day ago)
I got an apple, forgot to wash it and take off the sticker, used one of those weird cutting things for apples that make them slices, then grabbed a fork to eat the slices with.
Iceypumpkin head (1 day ago)
No drugs for me.
Max Bodnar (1 day ago)
None of these happened
Honoka (1 day ago)
I threw my lighter while trying catch my cat who wasn't supposed to be outside
EgMusic (2 days ago)
I asked everyone what color clear was... I figured it out tho... Its no color and any color at the same time.. Totally worth the effort.
Linnie Lane (2 days ago)
I drove to the nearest beach, just to poop in the ocean.
Naomi Sugoon (2 days ago)
These are all things I would do completely sober x)
LeftHand Monarch (2 days ago)
I've done half of this stuff sober...
PianoGold651632 (3 days ago)
I thought i was stuck in time
hmm this video was really good and all of them made me nearly piss my self laughing xD
Luke Reichmann (3 days ago)
tried zooming in on a book once. i was sober.
Łucja Uhlenberg (3 days ago)
Got so high one night with my friends that i forgot i had smoked a cigarette and asked my friend to finally give me a cig and she said she already did and i had smoked it and some sober friends That were there too confirmed.. At the same time i got really paranoid because it was at my friends house and she had lots of religious paintings on her walls and we were sitting by the last supper and I thought i was gonna go to hell for smoking pot. Other time I got high and was with the same friend as the last time and we decided to paint our nails and then a bit later on i decided to go to sleep and got really scary because my fingers were on fire, turns out it was glow in the dark nail polish.
Lincoln Martinez (4 days ago)
Flex ok but weird
Kintsugi G (4 days ago)
Prepaying for gas then leaving without pumping.
Lady of Darkness (4 days ago)
The one that will always make me laugh the most is that someone who "watched the tv for 30 minutes before realizing it wasn't on" like HOOOOWWW 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Deren Terzioglu (4 days ago)
Maybe I was high because the thumbnail sounded like nothing was wrong but after I realized you don’t vacuum grass
I put my food in the dryer and turned it on Also i sleep eat but i didnt know and all the food kept going missing so i set up a camera and i found out i sleep eat,walk,talk,and fight
TheWeirdOne 21 (5 days ago)
One day I was looking for my school is for 7 minutes and it was on my neck the whole time :I
Barira Creekmur (5 days ago)
My alpaca is pregeneganant.
FoxOfSky 5 (5 days ago)
(I'm in 6th grade) So my school gave all of 6th grade computers, and whit the computer came a touch pen which only worked when touching the screen of this specific type of computer (obviously) But me being the only one in class interested in digital art thought that this was a pen used whit a drawing tablet... so for some dumb reason I thought that I could use it on the table and it would work on the screen... My friends thought I was an idiot...
spaghetti (5 days ago)
I went to school wearing crocks (or whatever they are called) and didnt realise it until a person told me....
spaghetti (5 days ago)
Rip iphone
Blank Gaming (5 days ago)
Holy fwuouck
Lorendrawn (5 days ago)
Ever get so high you just come to and realize you've rolled like 11 joints?
RedGuiced (6 days ago)
The last one LMAO
Idk why but whenever I smoked weed in the past I was still totally clear in the head. I could still think straight and all.
Ballin Slayers (6 days ago)
You need to make another one of these
Stealthlock (7 days ago)
Giggling like an idiot and this video AND the comments
Svd Jxnah (7 days ago)
2:50 the spider is in the 4th dimension
Alex Mahe (7 days ago)
4:53 who put toast in coffee
Will Bevis (7 days ago)
90% of these stories, and the comments, are probably bullshit
Royal Coopah (7 days ago)
Yall doin meth
Still think Germany started WWI?
Anyone know the outro song?
Lenny (9 days ago)
Me and my friend came to his house stoned and his mom answered the door. I figured i would say "hi how are you" but instead i said "how high are you"
Jarmo (9 days ago)
That last dude is so fuckin me
David Milliard (9 days ago)
I bet the spider like was wtf dude
jeff bird (9 days ago)
There should be a part two for this hilarious
Deatheroma (10 days ago)
Getting paid to get coffee and sandwich.. that’s awesome
gaminglife for ever (10 days ago)
I was stoned was smoke weed for about 6 hours strait and was staring at the bell on the bus for 20 before realising i had to press the bell cuz no one was on bus
Love, CEVG117 (11 days ago)
I tried to plug a flash drive in an HDMI port then angrily complaining why it doesn't plug/go through at 9 in the evening. I drank too much coffee that time since I had a project that's due 10:30 pm.
Vanessa Delgado (11 days ago)
One time I got high with my friend Sara and decided to get snacks. So I went to the kitchen opened the bottom cabinent and sat down to see what we had. I stared at it for a good 3 mins and decided to lay down. Then I hear Sara say "hey, are you okay?" And im like "yeah, sorry im coming" but when I tried to get up it felt as if I was glued to the floor and I start panicking "SARA! SARA help me! Im stuck, the floor is pulling me" she comes running and laughs until I roll over, get up and ask her why she was laughing and didn't help me. And that was the first time I got high with her.
Castiel Winchester (11 days ago)
2:40 I did that at like 2 am one time..i was sober just really sleepy and confused
life as a girl (11 days ago)
"just take it, i fucked up"
Jana Szkanderová (12 days ago)
HOW... I mean those are things I normaly etleast 90% of those...do without weed... like wtf? :D what is wrong with me???!!! I tought those were normal things!!!
Meme War Pepe (12 days ago)
Stoned me: *dips phone in hot coffee thinking it was my pocket* My stoned brain: *dial-up internet noises*
Abi Playz (13 days ago)
Oktober Vanderslice (13 days ago)
Last guy is me
Tahsin Rahman (13 days ago)
P G (13 days ago)
Went to the ATM baked to take out cash to buy more herb, quickly made transaction, pulled the chip card out, checked my receipt and left 100 dollars hanging in cash slot as I confidently walked away
cohy_pocrit (13 days ago)
I'm only 31 seconds in and I already can't breathe UPD: I legit almost died because I didn't have enough air. I'm not even fucking kidding i started coughing so badly and almost peed in my pants
Jade LUI (14 days ago)
I dont get the last one
Krazy Gamer (14 days ago)
I go on my day as normal haha wtf is wrong with people
Chessislive (14 days ago)
The first time I smoked I was at a friend's party, I started rubbing my tongue against my teeth only to realize I didn't feel so much pain so I was biting quite hard. End of story: I was sitting there for 2 hours with my finger in my mouth in order to prevent me from biting my tongue Edit: I also developed a device for your mouth that would prevent you from biting of your tongue
Vertopian Gaming (14 days ago)
i got so high once that i have no memory for a full 20 minutes all i remember is taking a massive hit in a park and then next thing i know im sitting in taco bell eating a shitload of tacos. 1. taco bell was 3 miles away and i didnt have a car. 2. i didnt have any money or card on me when i smoked so i dont know how i paid for the food. all ive found out about that day after talking to my friends is that as soon as i took the hit i started to cough really bad then sat on the grass for 15 seconds or so not moving or talking then got up and just walked away into the woods and thats the last they saw me that day.
Curry Vlogs (14 days ago)
I've done several of those things without being high.
absentmindedprof (14 days ago)
The spider probably died laughing.🐙😁
Ruby Gonzalez (15 days ago)
I tried to make my eyes less red by licking my finger & running it across my eyeball
Sunshine Hernandez (15 days ago)
I got lost in Manhattan and stood in the train station for 45 minutes while telling myself "YOURE SO HIGH, WOW WOW WOW"
Rebecca Witt (15 days ago)
We were super high one night at a friends place. I walked back from the kitchen to his room and wanted to see myself in the mirror that was hanging on the wall next to the entrance. I looked into it but couldn't see my reflection. I saw the ground, some clothes and the boxes behind me but not myself. I thought my soul had left my body, moved around and leaned in front of the mirror to see if i could touch it. I could even touch through it!! A few seconds later I realized that it wasn't the mirror but the opened door of his flatmate.
Emily Davidson (15 days ago)
Thought I solved world hunger when I inflated a marshmallow in the microwave
Morty McSmith (16 days ago)
I stopped at a green light once.
TearsTheKitty Dog (16 days ago)
2:45 **grabs flamethrower**
Bones Cartoons (16 days ago)
I'm high jk
RIOUYYY (17 days ago)
solid gold
Samantha Hull (17 days ago)
0:15 Do you know who else vacuumed the grass? Sarah. Sarah Urie did...
AJ Alchem (17 days ago)
A dyslexic man walks into a Bra
Jazmine m Wirth (18 days ago)
3:58 your welcome
The last one got me
Jaceblue04 (18 days ago)
For some reason, I'm imagining that people telling these anecdotes look like Leon Kuwata and Himiko Yumeno, and I don't know why.
KissiMawo (18 days ago)
tryed to mak spagetti Whitout water
fariaki✨ (18 days ago)
yt down!!!!!!!!
VPxndxs (19 days ago)
You can tell between the people who are actually high and those who are lying
Anna Playz (19 days ago)
This made me lose braincells and a lung KJDJDJSJJSJSJ
Tht Blu Gamr (19 days ago)
Once I was sober and normal and for a good 5 seconds while making cereal and put the milk first
SugaTea (19 days ago)
sup bro (19 days ago)
Cop: How high are you? Me: No, it's hi how are you
6:14 I thought my phone died 😂
ThatGreenDinosaur (20 days ago)
I was reading a book and I looked to the top of the page to see how much battery it had left. A fucking book
Freddie Lynn (20 days ago)
me n my mate got really baked and we went to go for a piss in an abandoned house in the front garden, we turned and looked at each other with our dicks out and started talking about how it isnt gay if u masturbate without making eye contact so we jerked off back to back and no one ever knows about it cos its really fucking embarrassing
TDF_ W0rldKeY (20 days ago)
So.... I want to try now... Don't do drugs kids
wednesday boi (20 days ago)
i thought weeb will not impair you
I wasn't drunk (I'm not old) and once I put cereal in the fridge and found it after I opened the fridge again, which was a minute later
CAB Entertainment (21 days ago)
unbelievable YT (21 days ago)
using my phone light to look for my phone
Rich End (21 days ago)
You forgot one guy *Me*
Gryffindor Seeker (21 days ago)
I wasn’t even high I just went into the bathroom and forgot what I was doing so I took a shower...
Mrc3man (22 days ago)
I was just listening and not actually watching at 3:20 and was startled, but then noticed it was 2 different posts.
Camilla Rose (22 days ago)
I am crying
Jeanette McClure (22 days ago)
When making a sandwich I once put my phone in the refrigerator instead of the mayo. Was looking for my phone for 15 minutes. Then I saw the mayo sitting on my nightstand. And I knew.
Deckus Ragnarok (22 days ago)
Max your fucking up the rotation
momiji hayabusa (22 days ago)
What's the outro song
Crackbaby 42 (22 days ago)
When your high af laughing at comments

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