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How to Increase Push-Ups by 400% | Boot Camp

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Watch more Boot Camp: Learn about Basic Training videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/498698-How-to-Increase-PushUps-by-400-Boot-Camp No doubt about it in basic training you're gonna gave to do a lot of push ups so you're gonna want to get your push up count as high as possible before you ever meet your drill sergeants. Let me show you the way to do that. You can increase your push up count considerably with this quick and easy routine. First thing you want to do is you want to do some jumping jacks to warm up your body, ok. Just a few. If you can do 25, 30 great. Jumping jacks are simple just like this, ok. Now once your body is warmed up this is the routine you'll really have to do to increase your push up count. The first thing you're gonna wanna do is do diamond push ups to exhaustion and when I mean to exhaustion I mean till you literally cannot push yourself off anymore, ok. And a diamond push up is when your hands are on the ground and it looks like this it's making a diamond. Alright, starting position your arm is straight gonna come down as far as possible gonna push yourself back up. Now again work to exhaustion. Then I want you to wait 30 seconds. Do a normal push up where your hands are normal length. Shoulder width apart, ok. Again you're going to exhaustion. And I'm gonna tell you the reason you're gonna go in this order in just a few minutes. Now we're gonna do wide grip push ups. So your hands are gonna be even farther apart then the normal grip of course. Nice and wide. So in between each of the diamond, the normal and the wide grip you're gonna be taking a 30 second break, gonna be working each to exhaustion. All of those three exercises is one set. You're gonna wanna do three of those every other day and if you're used to where you can do those three exercises without any problems do four sets then five sets then six sets however long you have to go until basic training. Now here's a tip when you're doing diamond push ups you're working your fast twitch muscle fibers in your triceps. When you're doing wide grip you're working your slow twitch muscle fibers in your chest. You're building up your chest your arms and your triceps all on one where you do each of the three variations of push ups. So if you could do twenty push ups before you even start this exercise you should easily be able to do 80 without stopping after you've done a few weeks of this exercise.
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Text Comments (2650)
SlowerMusicArt (15 hours ago)
Diamond push-ups were hard for me when I was in gym. After a few days I pulled off my first diamond.. Now after 1 year I can do more diamonds than regular.
Pen Umbra (1 day ago)
who came mutiple times watching this.... its taking me forever to get these numbers up... God I hope theres a pullup video
Spaztix Tactix (22 days ago)
will this still work if i can do 45 push ups? like can i reach 180 push ups non-stop in 3-4 weeks?
T2HeadedEagle (28 days ago)
Ok challenge accepted. Trust me I will let you know if I can't do 80 push ups in 3 weeks.
Inferno Ghost135 (30 days ago)
Hey does this work? I want to know before I do this and waste my time.
The Kameleon (1 month ago)
Why are all these army guys not extending their elbows fully
GI Jose (1 month ago)
"I am 77 years old and i can do 367 push ups a day when i started i was only able to do 13" - 99.5% of the comments, great video tho!!!!!!
RAGE GAMING (1 month ago)
Just seeing this but basic training increases your push ups alone for the test but doing practice will make it easier
SurTic (1 month ago)
Thanks man you explained everything I came for
Mike Bong (1 month ago)
I tried this I'm doing now *230 pushups* must give it a try..!
MyFireVideos (1 month ago)
Can this be done every day? Or is the rest day essential?
Victor Fernandez (1 month ago)
First thing you want to do is do push-ups.
malek 28 (2 months ago)
Struggle at five
Justin Credible (2 months ago)
What about shoulders, do they play an instrumental part in the number of pushups or stamina? Thanks
NOSTALGIC (2 months ago)
Or you could just lose weight so you're not as heavy. *mind blown. Jk good stuff
Kanisuke (2 months ago)
sir what if i cant do diamond pushups
muldoon55 (2 months ago)
Always keep your elbows as close to your body as possible,otherwise you’re setting up for shoulder pain. Wide grip=no no
Necessary Thoughts (2 months ago)
Got 3 months to the day to get ready for Infantry OSUT and Airborne school.
Luke Letica (2 months ago)
Wow, this really worked! I had to do push ups as part of a physical education course at my university. I had 10 weeks to prepare for the test. I started out barely able to do ten consecutive push ups, but on the final test I completed 40 before the one minute time limit! Sgt. Volkin, thank you so much for the video and for your commitment to US freedom.
Romario Monroy (2 months ago)
How much rest between sets
MrTripper77 (2 months ago)
Starting 4/15/2019 can only do 12 push ups. I am 21. Leaving for bmt in 40 days. Will update weekly.
Rajesh Kumar (2 days ago)
Man Is that Setting alarm Technique working??? I m currently at 13 I want to go upto 50 in a go 2 months Time
MrTripper77 (17 days ago)
It is now 6/9/19. I’ve been trying to do over 100 push ups a day by setting an alarm every hour. It’s extremely annoying but it has helped somewhat. I can do 18 push-ups now. Better than before but still not my goal in any way. This has been a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.
MrTripper77 (1 month ago)
It’s been 15 days and I can only do 15 push ups. I have to figure out a better way to improve push ups so I am deviating from this work out to another. I’m always exhausted and my arms are like jello. If they improve any more I’ll tell you guys about it.
MrTripper77 (2 months ago)
For the 4 days that I’ve been doing this I honestly don’t see a difference yet in how much I can do. It is pretty exhausting and my arms are always tired. BMT ship date has changed to August so I’ll try to update continually through the next 3 months.
CheckThisOut (2 months ago)
my problem is that I can get to around 30 in a row, but once i go to exhaustion the first time, my arms give out really fast in the next set. How can I go about fixing that?
Clorox (2 months ago)
I think this is the only thing howscast has done that works
diego arguello (2 months ago)
i'm 17 rn and i figure i outa start gettin in shape before i go 😂
Dicey Mcroller (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/BFGfAJhubBo Sub for more
MrBobthecorncob (3 months ago)
80% of this comment section are people saying they started at 0 and 400% of 0 is 0
KoruptOverseer (3 months ago)
I can do 10 normal pushups without pushing myself, starting this tomorrow will report every week.
Jon C. (3 months ago)
0:45 illuminati confirmed
GT Violinist (3 months ago)
Or basically the illuminati pushup.
Matthew Van (3 months ago)
Omg it works! 400 percent of 0 is.... Welll..... 0😢
Chris Hahn (3 months ago)
You should of title the video '20 to 80 pushups in four weeks'. Those of us already in great shape, expecting to quadruple our pushups in a few weeks is near to impossible. I already do 100 straight. But it is an informative video for beginners. Thumbs up. I just hate being mislead by video titles all the time.
Erebus (3 months ago)
I used to can do 120 push ups and 20-40 ish diamond push ups in a row, but ive been off the track to my goal, its been 9 months i havent done any push ups, now i can barely do 10, but i shall continue what i left behind 9 months ago! Thx for the vid, sure it will work
anthony agront (3 months ago)
Where’s your reflective belt lol
Guillermo A (4 months ago)
My drill sgt would scream at us to TUCK IN OUR ELBOWS!!!!
Erman Mutant (4 months ago)
this comment was made (4 months ago)
Day 1: I did 15 diamond push ups and can't remember how many other pushups I did Day 2: I did 18 diamond push ups, 10 millitary push ups, 10 wide spread push ups Day 3: 20 diamond pushups, 13 millitary push ups, 11 wide spread pushups
Bobby G (4 months ago)
I have 6 years until boot camp 😂
Zeyad Mohamed (4 months ago)
Please don’t make fun of me, I can’t do a single push up, No joke. If anyone has tips or anything. Please help me, I am in need and I would appreciate it
Zeyad Mohamed (3 months ago)
35353535 353535 Thank you very much, it worked. My push ups are not perfect but they are good enough, I appreciate it
35353535 353535 (3 months ago)
Do the workout in this video except keep your knees on the ground. It will be much easier than regular pushups and if you stick with it you should be able to build up.
that one person (4 months ago)
Anyone else have a pt test coming up?
Caiden Knox (4 months ago)
This helped A LOT. I'm going to the Navy SEAL, and I'm trying to prepare.
Gwenom · (4 months ago)
Old army PT uniform, the memories
Hannah Kunstler (4 months ago)
This is bs
Commander Dray (4 months ago)
Book marked. Trying to get push up count up
t3hdude (5 months ago)
Been doing another push up routine but I plateau'd and can't seem to get past week 3 in the program, gonna try this now. Thanks.
Bossman CALL (5 months ago)
The wide grip pushups actually cause a lot of wear-and-tear on your shoulders. The further your elbows are pointed away from your body, the less gains you'll make, and the increased likelyhood you will injure yourself.
Nega Skoll (5 months ago)
I can only do 25 normal push ups, 14 diamond push ups or 6 wide push ups before failure. Anyone got any advice?
William Cornejo (5 months ago)
Any other videos like this for increasing sit ups and running faster and longer?
Bladenn Moyle (5 months ago)
Ill just face it im fat and will never be able to get past 3 push ups
Mayukh Sen (5 months ago)
You are talking about 3 rest pause sets every other day. It's brutal and yes of course it will work.
Matthew Swinning (5 months ago)
Dosebt even show him planking
John (5 months ago)
Illuminati push ups 💪🏻
William Stalvey (5 months ago)
Thank you for your Intel ref push ups...very clear and concise.
DJ Guzman_Triłł (5 months ago)
Diamonds are hard
Tans 12 (5 months ago)
Your chest needs to touch the ground and you need to fully (over extend ) your arms when you're pushing up
Smoke 9 (5 months ago)
That's for the advice I'm training and studying for the asvab,What's your MOS
I'm bored channel (5 months ago)
400 x 0 is still 0.
crystal abbey cooley (5 months ago)
His shirt reminded me of bts lol 😂
ZN Gamer (6 months ago)
so how long do you wait after a set
Stew Vlogs (6 months ago)
Great tips. I’m on an training plan and it requires push ups. I am finding them easier but this routine will help me to increase the number of push ups and decrease the time it takes. Thank you, good video!
Luis Montano (6 months ago)
Thumb nail shows plank... does push ups instead
TheBDaySkeli (6 months ago)
I could do 0 push-ups before I did this and it actually worked. I can do 5 times as many now.
FrostFlakejr (5 months ago)
Nice, keep on going! I can do 30 now, so hopefully o can do around 85-90 in a few weeks time.
Billy Peterson (6 months ago)
I love diamond push ups.
FrostFlakejr (5 months ago)
Deadpool (6 months ago)
What should be the time gap between each set?
Emily’s Videos (6 months ago)
Who else was bothered by the dot thing in his shirt the whole time......❤️
Blackberrii Mo (12 days ago)
His microphone
Hiva Vlogs ✔️ (6 months ago)
DavidStringer1971 (7 months ago)
Johannes Jacobs (7 months ago)
thankyou.. im going to huse tbis knowledgh information to improve my pushups.. thankyou
Stone Hearted (7 months ago)
I'm 18. My best record of normal push ups is 170 in one set. Also my 80 push ups best record is 39.86 seconds...
Randall Hill (7 months ago)
I went from doing around 100 orso in 5-6 reps at the start to around 360 + it took a few months and that's at 55
Cleomontrez Brown (7 months ago)
I did 32 In a practice pt at drill I need to be at least at 60
the mailman (7 months ago)
So I do this one day then skip a day and so on?
Will M (7 months ago)
I want to joint the army as a adult so I need some more pushups... Then I realized 400% of 0 is still 0
jervis love (7 months ago)
I would take him serious if he was wearing his pt belt. Lol
MasterBlaster (8 months ago)
I know this is a push-up video but his hairline is distracting me
Dead X (8 months ago)
My max are 15 and 400 / 100 × 15 = 45 that's great I'll try
Arif Jabry (2 months ago)
Being Boby *60
Tayler King (8 months ago)
As of this time I am 15 240 and can do 20 full rep push-ups in 13 seconds
DonLee (8 months ago)
Honestly If you want to do more push ups, you have to do more push ups
Key 13 (8 months ago)
I can't even do one diamond pushup 😣😢😭😞😔
Kuzen Madara (9 months ago)
How long do you rest between sets?
Anthony O (9 months ago)
I feel like these are methods for people already able to do push-ups and do them. Properly. How do I go from 10 to 50 push-ups?
Lil awtistc disabled kid (9 months ago)
I just want to get my push ups up to impress my gym class when we do the fitness gram stuff
Harry Baron-Richardson (9 months ago)
So I'll be able to do 12 push ups? I'll stick with my weights
Nicholas Gurton (9 months ago)
Is it 30 sec between sets as well?
MANLY KING (9 months ago)
Thank you bro
Mario Garcia (9 months ago)
This is only for the army, or can this be for home?
MrBobthecorncob (3 months ago)
Mario Garcia Use your common sense
Alex Quiroz (9 months ago)
I hit exaustion at 7 pushups
Mtb Boi (10 months ago)
Thanks howcast, now I can do 20,000 push-ups
Brittaney Rae (10 months ago)
I’m getting ready for the Navy and I’m hoping this will help. I’m up to 35 push ups in 2 minutes and am shooting for well over the 48 they rank and an outstanding excellent. Just need a video on how to increase my sit ups by 400% now
James Murray (10 months ago)
What if my push up count is 0? Then to increase it by 400 percent should I just do no push ups? Sounds pretty easy.
Mistah Maisonet (10 months ago)
2 months ago i was at 59 pushups in one minute, now i'm at 84.. I weigh 146 but i also use a 25 pound vest when i'm PTing, increasing my resistence (:
Boo Too Vicious (10 months ago)
I’m a skinny person and my chest was like flat and I’ve done this for a month and now my canes are popping out and my arms are getting. Ripped
Look Away (10 months ago)
If you wanna increase push-up count, do push-ups every day all day
Harriet Can Kinda Art (10 months ago)
Thanks! I went from doing 0 to doing 0 :)
Berri (10 months ago)
“To exhaustion” bruh I can barely do the position
Jannik Willen (9 months ago)
Hey! I just uploaded a video on this topic and I really think it can help you get started on your Push Up journey. Good luck with your training.
YMG Keezo (10 months ago)
0:48 Illuminati confirmed.
mind your own business (10 months ago)
So,I'm 18 years old ,and can do 100push ups in 2 minutes, if I done this warm up ,Can I do more than 200 in 2 minutes?
AF Ghosting (10 months ago)
Diamond to shoulder to wide is backwards. Smallest muscles (triceps, in this case) completely exhaust before the big ones - front delts and then pecs in this situation. Go after the big muscles first, just like you would in a weight room (ie. Chest, shoulders, and last, tris.)
rionmoonandroid (10 months ago)
Being former Army and now being a personal trainer I can tell you for certain that is not the way you increase your push-up count. The philosophy of the Army in the military in general is do more push-ups if you want to do push-ups. That is not the way to go about increasing your abilities. Work on your triceps and your core strength and do shoulder and back exercises to isolate the muscles you need to do more push-ups. It's more complex than that but that's the simple quick version
Cool Bro (10 months ago)
I feel so bad for this guy. Great video.
Ishmel Cupid (11 months ago)
4×0 still equals 0

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