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Video seems interesting? Then feel free to leave a 🔥 LIKE 🔥 and 💯 SUBSCRIBE 💯 for more new and amazing content!! Thanks! CONQUEROR SKARNER TOP LANE?! 😱 SOLO BARON AT 20MINS THIS IS CRAZY 😱 You want the STRONGEST NEW RUNES Skarner Season 9 Build for TOP/MID/JUNGLE? Enjoy: Precision + resolve For Precision : - Conqueror (By far the most broken thing ever) - Presence of mind (10% R CD back plus 20% mana) - Legend Bloodline (extra lifesteal) - Coup de grace (Bonus damage to low hp targets) For Resolve: - Revitalize (Bonus shield and heal) - Shield Bash (Bonus damage while having your shield) Also you will get for: OFFENSE: 9+ ADAPTIVE FORCE (Extra 6 AD) FLEX: 9+ ADAPTIVE FORCE (Extra 6 AD) DEFENSE: 15-90 HP This runes will give you everything you need for Skarner to do insane damage Conqueror #Skarner vs #Trundle TOP LANE Build Game with fans Season 9 Gameplay #LeagueOfLegends 🔶 Feel Free to make any donations here: https://streamlabs.com/lolbalori 🔶 Want top quality products? Check out our official Channel's Store here: https://teespring.com/stores/balori 🔶 SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCUkOmvlRSUTonLAYn8XX9Ew 🔶 All my Series: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkOmvlRSUTonLAYn8XX9Ew/playlists?sort=dd&view=1&shelf_id=0 🔷 Follow me here for more content and daily updates! 🔹 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lolBaLoRi 🔹 Twitter - https://twitter.com/lolBaLoRi 🔹 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/5xXtdwq 🔹 Reddit community - https://www.reddit.com/r/BaLoRi/ 🔹 Stream https://www.twitch.tv/balori All the songs that im using are from "NoCopyrightSounds" youtube channel! Thanks for watching!
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BaLoRi (23 days ago)
This is the first time Im seeing something AS STRONG AS Skarner and Im going to tell you EXACTLY why, first of all, 18:50 Solo baron with only 2 complete items, INSANE! Also, one more thing is that we did with Conqueror 3500 DMG, after the rework from Conqueror this is the first time I ever saw this amount of damage from this rune! So we got, insanely big damage and insanely big sustain, the ultimate TOP LANER is here! Enjoy :D
FreakOfLeague (19 days ago)
Where are your guides i wanna rank up mate
FreakOfLeague (19 days ago)
Can somone tell me how i get my channel more views and subbs cus i reacently started out and whould like some tips and help
Ifaj Adgs (22 days ago)
Its funny how dumb this Trundle is. He was running away all the time, even though he could kill you with no problem.
Snow Man (23 days ago)
That was cool and interesting. I play abit of Skarner (for some reason he works for me) this build n items will help me ThX Dude
Diogo Freitas (23 days ago)
Nice vídeo Balori. Fan from Brazil :)
Christian Shammami (23 days ago)
u should play 1 game with full tank cho, I know AP is better but I just really wanna see it
vis bot (23 days ago)
Christian Shammami he played tank Cho a year ago or so,if u wanna check it out
Apel Feler (23 days ago)
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Check out the description for the full runes, or the end of the video, for the runes plus the build!
But he has everything , not only the rune page in the description.
Tóth Krisztián (23 days ago)
something wrong with ur finger kopp-kopp-kopp-kopp-kopp
Furydora (23 days ago)
Never thought of what BaLoRi really looks like but when I saw that at 30k subs he will face reveal it started haunting my nights >_>.
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Lets hope after the face reveal, to not hunt your dreams as well hahahaha :D
Flor Vanhumbeeck (23 days ago)
I like your videos because your very good at macro and thats what i want to improve on Thanks for the video
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Im sure you will improve greatly soon, Im trying my best to explain what you need to know to be better in this game!
cool xD Balori, Do you want to play Gangplank?
Battlecast Cho'gath (23 days ago)
You can feel his stinger at this point. Venomous... Love it
Mantiz s (23 days ago)
FULL ap zac top next please
Mantiz s (23 days ago)
@BaLoRi ohh yes sounds fun!
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
We are going to start a new series in the following days, it will be IRON 4 to DIAMOND with YOUR picks! You will vote for what I will play in the next video and have fun :D
Ahmed Fesal (23 days ago)
Where is this top liner :D Keep going my friend u r amazing ❤
Ahmed Fesal (23 days ago)
@BaLoRi You are already doing this my friend :) god bless u
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Thanks for your kind words ❤️ Im trying my best to show you something interesting each time!
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Beware of...Skarner -> 15:55
hashinshin junior (23 days ago)
Thank you for the skarner video BaLoRi
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
No problem my friend! The power of this champion is just crazy!
Yousif Faker el dine (23 days ago)
A jungler top vs jungler top,what a game😂
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
hahahaha see what will happen later on and enjoy :D
H.47 (23 days ago)
Great video as always.
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Thanks my friend! Glad you like it :D
Silver Phan (23 days ago)
I want for skarner top so long
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Enjoy this, the ultimate SKARNER BUILD!
pom dros (23 days ago)
Thanks for the experience BaLoRi<3 I was the rengar btw
H.47 (23 days ago)
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Thanks for the great game my friend 💜

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