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Does Liking Lolicon Anime Make You A Weirdo?

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Text Comments (1557)
Caleb Pulliam (17 days ago)
Shädman did nothing wrong
Sonic&Knuckles &Womble (1 month ago)
You're just ranting and raving to yourself at a million miles per hour without substantiating anything or even making much of a point, you make Paul Joseph Watson look like an Oxford Professor :p
Aubrey Montgomery (1 month ago)
So if I hit a drawing of a loli does it mean it's child abuse?
Aubrey Montgomery (1 month ago)
People are so sensitive these days, and they get so offended and butthurt by some lines and color inside of it, it is a drawing on PAPER with no brain or heart and it doesn't feel pain .
Samuel Chen (2 months ago)
What's lollicon
Red Piper (3 months ago)
Joshua Lopez (3 months ago)
Hat Kid
Ashton Bilon (4 months ago)
How about legal lolis?
Ashton Bilon (4 months ago)
I’ve seen a 42 year old loli and a 600 year old loli.
Sande (4 months ago)
So every person who enjoys violent video games or movies is now a sadist?
The Last Feelbender (4 months ago)
We used to hunt noble beasts... Now weeaboos hunt underaged girls...
Chiek Cehs (5 months ago)
Nicholas Hoffman (5 months ago)
Where's fetuscon?
Toph Beifong (5 months ago)
"but in the anime she's actually a 10000 years old vampire so she's not a child!" Says them pedos trying to defend themself lmao.. Face it weirdos, you are pedos
J Riibz Model Prime (1 month ago)
+John Oliver they thing is though why do those characters act and look and even display the child ages. And you are comparing apples to oranges. People who play GTA V don't usually masturbate when killing civilians, and the game punishes you for doing so. Furthermore that's not the point of the game and people don't play the game primarily to kill civilians and to enact their murderous fantasies
John Oliver (1 month ago)
J Riibz Model Prime "you know it's something confusing. If they don't find example, a child they saw on TV attractive, but then they draw the sane child in loli form and then you know do their thing to it. What does that make them?" a lolicon, because they are not sexually attracted to a real child, as far as we can determine based on the scenario you described. but they *are* sexually attracted to the drawing they made, which is what makes them a lolicon. just because citizens exist in real life doesnt mean you are a psychopath for enjoying the act of killing them in GTA 5.
J Riibz Model Prime (1 month ago)
+John Oliver you know it's something confusing. If they don't find example, a child they saw on TV attractive, but then they draw the sane child in loli form and then you know do their thing to it. What does that make them?
John Oliver (5 months ago)
pedos who are not sexually attracted to real children. checkmate atheists.
Zenberry flood (6 months ago)
Lol I’m not into anime so I’m safe !!
My ex boyfriend name was shota and when I saw his name i fucking died
Zak Silva-Sampaio (6 months ago)
Loli isn't short for lolicon, it's short for Lolita. It's from a book called _Lolita_ and it's about a grown man and a 12 yo girl in a relationship. There is also a movie. It is also not Japanese, it's western. So wtf europe?
Im 13
Elongated Muskrat (6 months ago)
0:32 looks like I'm moving to japan
Marmite (7 days ago)
same bro
daddy cj (6 months ago)
she looks like a kid, but shez 1000 yearz old i swear
Dontbescared Lerma (7 months ago)
Anime is anime, it’s in a television. Loli refers to any age with child like looks. Liking them such as saying “she’s so cute.” Is not sexual. Such as many adults find real life child cute. Are they pedophiles? Nope. So before you make a video generating the ways anime viewers could like a loli please understand the differences between people who watch loli hentai and regular ole anime with lolis in them. SUCK A DICK
John Oliver (7 months ago)
"Anime is anime, it’s in a television" eh, it being on television doesnt have any real influence over whether or not its "good" or not. "Liking them such as saying “she’s so cute.” Is not sexual" obviously, but lolicon is so intensely reviled that anything even adjacent to it is considered a mortal sin. so even just thinking lolis are cute (atleast if you're a male), your basically the second worst human being on the planet. still, its better than actually being sexually attracted to lolis though, since theres a small chance the SJWs wont behead you in the public square when they rise to power. but us pseudo-pedophiles are gonna have our guts strewn about the power lines for decoration.
zach4310 zach4310 (7 months ago)
I fucking LOVE lolis, but in the same way I like kittens or puppies or something. If literally anything is cute I will want to hug it and protect it, and that includes lolis
John Oliver (7 months ago)
"but in canada fictional child porn is just as much illegal as real child porn" thats pretty insane if you make pretty much any comparable analogy to that. saying that any fictional version of anything should be regarded as equally harmful as than real world equivalent is pretty insane. i could atleast understand how people could see lolicon as being very similarly immoral, but we shouldnt base our laws on morality alone. thats would be dogmatic, tantamount to something like Sharia law. "Any way I suppose the point has been made, so good luck with whatever you do" thanks, same to you. ill just continue no-lifeing this, and a few other video's, comment sections. like a true degenerate.
zach4310 zach4310 (7 months ago)
Ok well that's fair enough. Tbh I also enjoy making fun of flat earthers and the like. And I suppose it isn't technically self incriminating to you but in canada fictional child porn is just as much illegal as real child porn, which is really stupid because fictional murder isn't illegal. Any way I suppose the point has been made, so good luck with whatever you do
John Oliver (7 months ago)
"I mean Idgaf, but like, are you not embarrassed" not when it comes to the uninformed opinions of the average anon in the [inter website name here] forum/comment section. id care more (to the point where it might effect how i think/behave) if it was someone personally close to me giving their opinion about my interest in child-like cartoon characters. but the few people i consider very close to me would likely either not care, or mostly understand that its not a real problem worth worrying about. if someone has a problem with the fiction i indulge in to the point where it makes them dislike me as a person, well, i wouldnt consider them a person worth caring that much about. "And You low key were doing that shit" criminalizing myself? well seeing as how its not a crime to be a pedophile, much less a lolicon, then i dont see how i was doing that at all. criminalizing (or actually self-incriminating) means you are admitting to a crime, which im not, because being a pedophile isnt a crime here in the good ol US of A. "It was a while ago tho, like 2 years from the looks of it, but you're ALL OVER this comment section announcing it" its a hobby of mine, i love talking about this topic, and some others, like religion and otehr crazy beliefs like the flat earth "theory". its fun to tell people they're wrong and attempt to convince them to agree with me. debating is just entertainment to me, like playing a videogame or watching youtube. "I'm just saying like if I were you I would prefer to keep it a secret" nah, i like talking with people about it. "As long as you don't touch kids for your whole life, then wouldn't you be better off just being a lolicon privately" why not publicly? i can be a lolicon in "public" *and* still never abuse any children. "i am QUITE sure that your image ain't gonna last if you tell people" being a lolicon is part of the image i present to people online. its not like i need to represent anyone else with my youtube profile, so i can just be who i want others to see me as. just like what everyone else is doing. being a lolicon online, to me, is little different than being an atheist online. sure "most" people will dislike me for it, but that just leads to potentially interesting conversations. though mostly it just leads to one-sided flame-wars with them telling me to kill myself and me telling them they are being overemotional children (ironically). but still, its worth it for the entertainment value.
zach4310 zach4310 (7 months ago)
I mean Idgaf, but like, are you not embarrassed. And You low key were doing that shit. It was a while ago tho, like 2 years from the looks of it, but you're ALL OVER this comment section announcing it. I'm just saying like if I were you I would prefer to keep it a secret. As long as you don't touch kids for your whole life, then wouldn't you be better off just being a lolicon privately. i am QUITE sure that your image ain't gonna last if you tell people
John Oliver (7 months ago)
"Why are you going around in the comments criminalizing yourself bruh" im literally not. "why you so open about it?" because theres not much reason to keep the fact that im sexually attracted to fictional children a secret through my pseudo-anonymous internet personality. would you prefer that i roam about the internet, and real life, never letting anyone know that im sexually attracted to fictional child-like characters? more importantly, would you prefer that a real life pedophile never let you know that they are a real life pedophile even after you hire them to babysit your kids? people with ideas and preferences that you dislike are doing you a service by letting you know who they are and what they are about, and you do them a service by letting them speak. its a win-win.
•sad demon• • (7 months ago)
Wat if your 13 and u like Loliz that’s me
SASSY BITCH (7 months ago)
i am a girl is it okay to watch hentai lolicon like shoujo ramune? pls answer me :) if this comment gets 25 likes it means it is okay for me to watch it 😊
John Oliver (7 months ago)
SASSY BITCH "i am a girl is it okay to watch hentai lolicon like shoujo ramune?" "okay" depends on who you ask, so its not a good moral metric, but it does matter if you are looking for the approval of those around you. as for if its a problem to watch it... nope, not even if you're sexually attracted to them. its not an actual problem thats worth worrying about. "if this comment gets 25 likes it means it is okay for me to watch it" dont.
n3wbskillz activate (8 months ago)
Better to give people a way out with anime then with real little girls. People are against people who like lollies because it makes them feel good about themselves like everyone does not have bones in there closet. It's anime..... so get over it.
John Oliver (7 months ago)
shreks wife "Jacking off to a child, or a child like person. That's gross" its fine if you feel that way, you dont have to masturbate to small fictional children. but i will, because nothing gets me hotter under the collar than nonexistent underdeveloped genitalia.
John Oliver (7 months ago)
n3wbskillz activate "as long as they don't do something else illegal" lolicon isnt, itself, illegal. it can be criminalized on a case-by-case basis if it fails the Miller Test for obscenity; a test that can make ANY visual art form a criminal offense to posses.
John Oliver (7 months ago)
shreks wife i still dont care. give me good reasons to care how you feel.
n3wbskillz activate (7 months ago)
shreks wife as long as they don't do something else illegal I can care less what they do with their lives. I like anime I don't necessarily like loli anime but I like anime. Some of the anime has cute little girls whose overly sexualized in it. I'm not necessarily watching anime because of that but at the same time I don't want people to think that "this guy's a pedophile because he's watching that".
TheEXGamemaster (8 months ago)
xKark (8 months ago)
"It's just anime" *WELP* *_I FUCKED UP_*
John Oliver (8 months ago)
use the lower wanted level cheat. do you have your controller with you?
puddels1o1 offical (8 months ago)
The only reason people like 5 year old lolis is because they usually have big tits and are more sexualy hyper when it comes to men
puddels1o1 offical (7 months ago)
Sorry for liking anime, in real life I would never consider even thinking about a real 5 year old. Like I'm still confused how you are a pedo for liking things that are not real. Like if that's the case then we're is the boundary between pedos and people who just like action. I would never harrase a women let alone a child. For example if a girl came up to me in the middle of the night drunk but naked and was horny as fuck. I would help her not take advantage. Sorry for annoying anyone. 😐
puddels1o1 offical (7 months ago)
Hey I didn't mention liking them there anoying as hell but still dify all logic when it comes to there parts you know is it not right to like giant tits that fly around the place
puddels1o1 offical (7 months ago)
Well then your retarded for thinking that
puddels1o1 offical (7 months ago)
Hey grow up dude I said lolis that's a whole different meaning in my terms. That's just fucked up to like a 5 year old 😕
John Oliver (8 months ago)
>lolis >big tits
Bishop Anderson (8 months ago)
I Elizaaa I (9 months ago)
I guess its like a natrual thing like you cant argue with that
Sonja Ippolito (9 months ago)
One other thing. I'll kind of explain why lolis are a thing. Humans are programmed to not be attracted to children (unless they're a pedophile--which is not meant to happen) based on characteristics that trigger our brains to see children as impossible to be attractive: behavior, physical build, facial proportions. Loli girls, though, despite appearing young, do not have all these characteristics that any prepubescent human girl would. - Loli and adult female body proportions are interchangeable, since they generally have minor curves, as do many adult anime girls - All anime characters have ridiculous face proportions - Loli's often (not always, but often) behave like adults Because of this, the line between child and loli is blurred. (Also, a loli isnt necessarily a young girl. Often it is an adult who looks very young)
John Oliver (7 months ago)
shreks wife i still dont have a reason to care.
Sonja Ippolito (7 months ago)
well yeah
John Oliver (8 months ago)
"but usually they aren't actually young children" most of the anime i watch that is "loli-centric" is about girls who are canonically under the age of 18. heres a list of loli anime that im currently trying to get through. Angel's 3Piece Gabriel DropOut KonoSuba and Blend S also loli anime ive gotten atleast most of the way through would include Kodomo no Jikan Ro kyu Bu Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya No Game No life atleast one of the main characters in each of these anime are or look the same age as an elementary school student. id argue that most underage looking characters in anime are actually underage canonically.
Sonja Ippolito (8 months ago)
Well, of course there are exceptions. And yes, 'loli' can mean different things, but usually they aren't actually young children. Not always, though.
John Oliver (8 months ago)
"Loli girls, though, despite appearing young, do not have all these characteristics that any prepubescent human girl would" https://myanimelist.net/character/4163/Rin_Kokonoe looks pretty young to me. "Also, a loli isnt necessarily a young girl. Often it is an adult who looks very young" people use the term to mean many different things, even clothing styles, disregarding who is even wearing the clothes.
StickGhostMiner (9 months ago)
Oh no there is the FBI
Hugh (9 months ago)
Weirdo? Yes sir, I'm a weirdo alright. Pedo? No thanks. It's the same reason why i enjoy beating people's skulls in in Hotline Miami but absolutely despise any violence in real life. Fiction ≠ Reality. I'd also like to debunk the "the attraction comes from somewhere inside you" phrase here. It doesn't prove anything. It's just a meaningless sentence. What do you mean? Do you think i'm a pedo? Do you think i'm not? What does "somewhere inside you" mean? How much do you think this "something inside me" affects me in real life? For me it just feels like a way of saying "you're a pedo" but when called out on it, you can say "well i *technically* didn't call you a pedo". Be straightforward with your arguments, people. Write a wall of text if you need to. Just don't do shit like this.
Hugh (7 months ago)
shreks wife I mean, I'm not denying that. I'm pretty messed up. But not a pedo, no siree. Cool username, btw.
Hugh (8 months ago)
Yeah, that's true. You do need to be defensive to defend something, after all. And hah, I guess that's right. I usually only get to a point where I call them out on their backpedaling with people who are reasonable to *some* degree, but these are few far and between. I usually don't even try to continue discussions on lolis with the "leeeeee ure pedo" kind of people simply because I know I won't achieve anything.
John Oliver (8 months ago)
"And sorry if I sounded a bit defensive there" not a problem, alot of people could describe what i do as "being defensive". but its kinda hard (impossible) to defend something without being defensive. saying someone is being "defensive" isnt really invalidating anything they are saying... at all. "then backpedaling when needed" id almost rather they backpedal, instead i tend to get people who dig in even more but just simplify their opinion to "i think its wrong so kys". its not an opinion thats worth caring about, but for alot of anti-lolicons its the core, and sometimes the the sole, tenet of their relig- position.
Hugh (8 months ago)
Yeah, i guess that could be it. And sorry if I sounded a bit defensive there. I'm just tired of people throwing around phrases that can be interpreted in many different ways then backpedaling when needed.
John Oliver (8 months ago)
"What do you mean?" maybe he means its inborn and not based on personal experiences after birth. theres evidence to suggest that pedophilia might be genetic.
Sonja Ippolito (9 months ago)
Gosh I hate lolis, at least when it’s in a sexual context. Like dude I came here for a hot anime girl, not a kindergartener. Come on now.
Dark Umbreon (5 months ago)
True true I hate it to Its Just so Fucking Disgusting
John Oliver (8 months ago)
i came to GTA 5 to drive around like a maniac and kill cops for 30 minutes, not deal with Michael's family issues. i dont give a shit about his life, i just want to drive and shoot things, not watch Trevor be the worst person on earth to the point where i want him to die permanently. but hey, thats just me.
anime freak (9 months ago)
ok Onision loli is a female that looks underage but is older you see the age is the only loophole from being a pedo and shota is just the gender swap of loli
John Oliver (8 months ago)
"loli is a female that looks underage but is older" also can be canonically underage.
Sam Humphrey (9 months ago)
Lolis aren’t always children. Some lolis are 1000 years old. A loli is a character that looks and sounds like a child. Also not all lolis are female. I’m personally not a lolicon but as a lover of anime I felt the desire to correct this video. I love Onision as a YouTuber but sometimes(not always though) his research is far from thorough.
John Oliver (8 months ago)
"Also not all lolis are female" shotas, yes.
Aelter (9 months ago)
What about hebecon???
John Oliver (8 months ago)
also god-tier.
Gabcard (10 months ago)
Jokes on you, i am not a Lolicon I am a Toddlercon.
Edgyjeans (10 months ago)
This is also something people are angry about the sex dolls that are like small girls. Well, in my opinion, fuck it. I’d rather have the local pedophile having orgies with his 20 child sec dolls then needing to satisfy his urge by kidnapping, raping, and killing my child because he knows he can’t satisfy his needs and get away with it by leaving the kid alive.... in my opinion. Who TF cares!!!!!! Watch what you want to watch, fuck what you want to fuck. As long as you don’t hurt people or cause harm to your surroundings do whatever you want. Fucking hate all these dipshits who act like people can’t be attracted to things they aren’t attracted to. I think girls who are obese are disgusting. Yet there are men who will feed and fuck their fat roles and absolutely get off on it. Who am I to say it’s wrong. So In the end. Porn is porn. Dolls are dolls. And no, there isn’t a “slippery slope” if so then I’d be having hardcore gangbang bukakes every other day.... which I’ve never been apart of in real life... you dudes are fucking idiots. People who slam other people’s sexuality are the exact people confused as hell and insecure about their own. Just saying. Says a lot about you.
tanger :33n (10 months ago)
Alot of kids are hitting puberty at like 12-13 i had c cups in 6th grade actually
John Oliver (8 months ago)
stop spreading dangerous facts.
Gurra Gaming (11 months ago)
F.B.I. (10 months ago)
*Are you serious?*
John Oliver (11 months ago)
are you?
Ram boi (11 months ago)
Wait,but I’m 13
John Oliver (11 months ago)
it starts being a problem when you become a legal adult.
Senpai 1080 (1 year ago)
Loli is hot tho
John Oliver (11 months ago)
like 110 degrees Fahrenheit or somethin.
Mooo Guy (1 year ago)
John Oliver (11 months ago)
Lolis are cool 😎 *FBI out side my house*
John Oliver (11 months ago)
*my house inside FBI*
Major Cbass (1 year ago)
There is a difference between loli and actual real life children, just saying
Ronnie (2 hours ago)
Lol weeb. Stay away from my kids
Aubrey Montgomery (1 month ago)
We should be friends.
+Banned Fruits yes really dumb ass. They're referring to loli to more so fictional characters rather than real life kids.
Actually a grown adult can be a loli if she looks like a little girl
John Oliver (1 year ago)
also includes canonically underage characters.
Selvin Ortiz (1 year ago)
Watch TheAnimeMan's video on what makes a loli. Y'all need to be educated
Selvin Ortiz (1 year ago)
Loli means someone who portrays or have childish characteristics.
John Oliver (1 year ago)
also includes canonically underage characters like Rin Kokonoe.
Soull3ss (1 year ago)
I thought lolis were over 18s that just were short and petite o.o i may have to change my searches
John Oliver (1 year ago)
dont worry, you're already on the list.
Aidyn Boniface (1 year ago)
I have a overwhelming erge to vomit Your whole channel
MΛX (1 year ago)
I like lolis and I am proud of it.
John Oliver (1 year ago)
fictional children, not real children.
Frisk 7w7 (1 year ago)
John Oliver Lolis are prepubescent looking over 18 girls not actual children.
John Oliver (1 year ago)
not sure why you would be proud of being sexually attracted to fictional children, seems like something a normal person would just be emotionally neutral about honestly.
Alex Steward (1 year ago)
The most sense Osleazeion has ever made.
Admiral General N.N. (1 year ago)
I just watched some ASMR videos and then a anime one appeared so I watched it and then I click my way through some more videos untill I landed on a Loli ASMR ear licking video.... I enjoyed it but I didn't know that those were like 6 year olds
John Oliver (1 year ago)
sauce pls? for a friend...
SpungBoob CancerPants (1 year ago)
Lolis in anime fr me are jsut a thing to hug and love, but when we get to the sexual part im out at that point
Yo face (1 year ago)
I'm 14,and I'm attracted to someone my age. Welp,guess I'm a pedofile.
MΛX (1 year ago)
No the real definition is the attraction to the prepubescent looking kids and you have to be at least sixteen and the age difference has to be greater than 5 years.
Mom's Spaghetti (1 year ago)
Lolis and Shotas in my opinion are only appropriate for anime that does not involve them being cum dumpsters getting raped or being Manipulated to. I agree such characters do not exsist in real life but honestly, future laws will prohibit such and will brand it not good. I wouldnt consider lolis legal under the circumstances that its not hentai but everything else under that would good imo. Look at Monogatari, that show is the best ive seen so far. Its ecchi I know, but its a very small factor inseries focusing on art, character development and the canon storyline. Charcters like Shinobu, Karen, Tsuki, Yotsugi, Nadeko and Hachikuji are very colourful in terms of art and backstory. There are a few suggestive scenes such as the bathing scenes and the toothbrush scene are merely fanservice throwaways that is overshadowed by everything else.
Knight Fire (1 year ago)
i just liked one thing where the girl was i think 23 and it was named loli is loli younger than that .... even if she was still 23 so is that bad pliz tell me
Lolicon (1 year ago)
I'm a Lolicon
John Oliver (1 year ago)
never wouldve guessed
可愛嬰兒 (1 year ago)
Can you talk about Shotacon next?
Deutsche Hierarchie (1 year ago)
To answer the qquestion posed by the title of this video. Yes. Yes it does make you a paedophile. And that's okay. If you dont think so, you're probably American or Russian. 99% of the rest of the world doesn't really care either way or is supportive. For instance, there are no laws against people's sexual orientation in Germany, where I am from. you cant help what or who you are attracted to and we are fully aware of that.
Ilya Deswerdt (1 year ago)
I am gonna be 500 percent honest. I'm fifteen and an actual full fledged, level 50 lolicon. Your welcome.
Aubrey Montgomery (1 month ago)
How is it not a good thing? At least he's fapping to some lines with color inside of it with no beating heart or a thinking brain than to actual kids.
Socraturtles (5 months ago)
That's not a good thing.
MΛX (1 year ago)
Same bro, I am certain I will never stop lewding lolis no matter how old I become.
SunDale (1 year ago)
I sometimes read shota yaoi cause why not I'm already a pervert
PrinceDraco 101 (1 year ago)
hey I mean, it's better than fucking actual children, and it isn't hurting anyone so...I have nothing against it really i guess
Yee Lord (1 year ago)
lolis are child looking teens/ adults
The Void (1 year ago)
It's really disturbing
John Oliver (1 year ago)
yeah, Onision is pretty cringy.
Hans Bjorgman (1 year ago)
1:25 and 1:48 *LOL*
John Oliver (1 year ago)
im glad we agree.
Hans Bjorgman (1 year ago)
+John Oliver While it is fun to run over, stab, punch, and steal from people in Grand Theft Auto, it is never something I would ever do or consider doing in real life.
John Oliver (1 year ago)
most of what you do in GTA 5 is bad when you start thinking its ok to do in real life. good thing that never happens huh?
Hans Bjorgman (1 year ago)
Loli and shota are bad when people start thinking it's okay to do it in real life.
The Void (1 year ago)
Their is a book called Lolita look it up
John Oliver (1 year ago)
i prefer manga.
Doliague (1 year ago)
Lolis <3
Cherry apple (1 year ago)
Your a legal young adult at 18, your brain is fully developed at 21 but your body is ready to have sex at 25. -Also 16 is still a person who is a child, just past puberty.-
Rosalynn Silver (1 year ago)
fuu.... i just cringed so much Dx
Monolithic White (1 year ago)
isnt the gf you doxed 13?
mrjhrock2010 (1 year ago)
This is boring, watch Shadmans video about Lolicon, less fucking memes and better art as well as more content and length.
Chibi Bilgewater (1 year ago)
Still wouldn't advice mentioning that to get out of court duty.
Liv (1 year ago)
DarkSideStudioOne (1 year ago)
I didnt watch the Video and i wont but the answer to the Title is no glad i could help u
Aries God Of War (1 year ago)
by the way all fake adults real kids fucked up
Aries God Of War (1 year ago)
sex is going down the ages
DangerousPie03 (1 year ago)
...but you receive lewd pictures of REAL underage girls all the time.
EarthBuilder561 (1 year ago)
Correction: Zollicon (sorry, just had to make that reference >_>)
Emma Craig (1 year ago)
I was ten when I hit puberty... that doesnt mean 20 yearolds can flirt with me, even if we are both into it!
John Oliver (1 year ago)
course not, we cant guarantee that all 10 year olds can handle a non-platonic relationship with an adult, thus it has to remain a criminal act to attempt to do so. untill we have a much better system of protecting children from harm by adults, these laws have to remain in place. ofcourse they should be revised and improved if and when its necessary, as should all laws.
error 404 Is dead (1 year ago)
I have a friend who has a body pillow of this girl whom is 11 :-) (That character from Life is a game)
John Oliver (1 year ago)
you mean Shiro?
MCR KILLJOY (1 year ago)
there is love if the dick touches the heart... I'm gonna fucking kms.😂
John Oliver (1 year ago)
thats some fucking guro shit...
fuck pedos in real life BUT anime lolicon for life =3
+Joseph Damon umm oke........sure =3
+Hyuga Fariz you mean one is the same or you think the same?
Hyuga Fariz (1 year ago)
I'm Fire one in the same
koma the boma (2 years ago)
this is ok
koma the boma (2 years ago)
+Agustí Guerola Garcia yep cause that's real
Gishathosaurus (2 years ago)
Atleast it's better than asking 13 year old girls to send you pics with their underwear, right *;)* ?
Astrolightning00 (2 years ago)
The way i see it, its just lines and colors put together. Matters not what the characters age, height, or size is. If you "like" a character, and it just so happens to be small and actually young, is there a problem? Its not like you see humans in the same light. Now if those characters were to suddenly materialize...Well, then an in-depth discussion needs to happen on what to do LOL
Abbygaygoddess (2 years ago)
True. But to be fair, a lot of hentai/anime have "underage" girls (I use quotes because they look no where near that age), who have fully formed, giant breasts, curves, and are extremely developed. So basically if you find cartoon characters like Aira (or whatever her name is) from onichichi, that's pretty different compared to a fuckin 7 year old child or some shit. Basically, if they look under 16, NOT GOOD!!!
John Oliver (2 years ago)
or Mimi Usa from Kodomo no Jikan or Airi Kashii from Ro-Kyu-Bu. without knowledge of the characters someone could mistake them for 16 or 18 year old characters. which is why age is irrelevant when arguing about the legality or ethics of lolicon.
kenji harima (2 years ago)
easiest answer 2D not real have your fantasy while it lasts
Captainsparkist (2 years ago)
People be hitting puberty at 9 man.
Marmite (2 months ago)
O.o isnt that a medical condition or do kids these days eat nasty ass food packed with hormones in it?
MoonlightSky (1 year ago)
I hit it at 8
John Oliver (2 years ago)
and people at 30 still have the mentality of children. whats your point?
Olivia Drambarean (2 years ago)
Seeing the Fox Mulder meme made me really happy.
Tabitha Segree (2 years ago)
I think so
Iced._ tae (2 years ago)
Next shota lmao
kendog84 (2 years ago)
Applying a word "children" to fictional character that mostly doesn't represent real person in both visual/beahvioral way is pretty dumb. I guess it could be a case if the character has realistic shape and that's the reason why a person is attracted to the character though, well...you rarely see such a character in popular "moe" stuff.
John Oliver (2 years ago)
Applying a word "car" to fictional vehicle that mostly doesn't represent real cars in both visual/beahvioral way is pretty dumb. I guess it could be a case if the vehicle has realistic shape and that's the reason why a person likes the vehicle though, well...you rarely see such a vehicle in popular "car anime" stuff.
Dante Universe (2 years ago)
anyone want in on a lolicon hell group on facebook? reply and ill post the link here.
John Oliver (2 years ago)
lolicon hell group?
bread. (2 years ago)
What about Lollis like shinobou from the monogatari series?? Technically she's not underaged but she still looks like a fucking kid!!
Maximum Carnage (2 years ago)
John Oliver I ended looking at it again. I can't resist. I love lolis. DAMNIT! Why?
John Oliver (2 years ago)
+Maximum Carnage "Not disrespecting you but are you an adult?" yep. why would that question be disrespectful? oh, because of the insinuation that that im not mature if im into lolicon. dont worry, i wont take that question as an insult on my character. "I will be turning 18 in a couple of days and I decided to stop because I feel like it was ruining my mental health" if thats what you believe then do what you think is best for you personally and if it helps then great. just be sure you are actually fixing the issue rather than just running away from it, because it wont necessarily go away just because you put distance between you and it. just some sagely (atleast i like to think so) advice from someone who happens to be on the other side of the fence.
My Lost Soul (2 years ago)
I just want to be called Onii chan. Is that a crime?
Moon1ight Queen (5 months ago)
John Oliver (2 years ago)
if its a real kid calling you that, possibly.
Nodmac 26 (2 years ago)
fuck you banana bitch
Uta Shirumo (2 years ago)
I like lolicon but I'm still only eleven. Does that mean I'm a pedofile?
Nonsense of Sami (2 years ago)
No being a child and watching lolicon is the equivalent to an adult watching regular porn
Sai Gautam (2 years ago)
Ik 15 and ive been watching shotacon since im 12 and i have many crushes in school lol
Marmite (7 days ago)
Marmite (2 months ago)
why tho? 0.o
Brep Brep (2 years ago)
I'm 6 yo little girl, do u have candies? (just jocking)
Sai Gautam (2 years ago)
male o_o

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