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League of legends Full AD RUNES

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Text Comments (32)
Aleksa Lomic (1 year ago)
How much does it cost ?
stefy florica (2 years ago)
Mert baltcaı (2 years ago)
senden run alan mal
Teodor HD (2 years ago)
What is this music's name??
HyxRazor (2 years ago)
+Teodor HD Get Real by Pastor Tiger
JasonDerulo Gaming (3 years ago)
ty bro u the best
Venelyn Iliev (3 years ago)
bronze maybe ?
a.k.a dyny (2 years ago)
+Firefox TV maybe say bronze cuz u can't play with this runes, u will die fast hohoho
Jsph_150 (3 years ago)
wtf sooo blurry
Rovic Asunio (3 years ago)
sobrang panget
Bence Docsa (3 years ago)
Ty guy ;)
cincameron (3 years ago)
The seals and glyphs are not viable at all... and the dmg marks are not as viable as armor pen marks... dmg quints are great, but depending on the champion, you might want to have life steal instead.
George Sirr (3 years ago)
how much ip i need to do it?
CrniGrujan (4 years ago)
i have ad runes ap runes... all i have it
JaSno (4 years ago)
Luka Brkanovic (4 years ago)
witch music
Very Doge12 (4 years ago)
ty :DD
Zain C (4 years ago)
TwliCz Lp (4 years ago)
realy ?? Super :D
elisha carlton (5 years ago)
i appreciate all 4 pixels 
SCGmovies (5 years ago)
Search dunk squad and youll find a league video with these in action
Storm Breaker (5 years ago)
I got the same.
John-Paul Ong (5 years ago)
WTF?! Level 30 Gold 3 and thinks he is a pro????? AD Runes: Situation dependant pfft, gold
ChuckNGG (5 years ago)
They're pretty good, but I'm a level 29, so I'd give you my runes - Marks - x4 Flat Armor penetration. x5 Flat AD Seals - x9 Flat Armor Glyphs - x7 Flat Magic Resistance. x2 Magic Resistance /Per-level Quints - x2 Greater attack damage. x1 Life steal(Optional, if you're going ADC I find this useful.)
Nicolas Silva (5 years ago)
yeah i think is true, and it means that you must sacrifice damage items for mr/ar items
Hawokki (5 years ago)
Some people use them even at gold tiers. But I would never sacrafice the armor seals for that! 12 armor or 3,9AD? 12 armor gives so much more fighting power than 4 AD.
sanja lalatovic (5 years ago)
why only 22 damage it should be near 30 or 30 damage
JeyVGaming (5 years ago)
16 kills & 3 deaths playing yi... Not bad AD runes :D
Knyckare mc (5 years ago)
Nicolas Silva (5 years ago)
does this really work? or is just for fun, i mean, i think this is pretty useful in early game for an adc
Miralem Hasic (5 years ago)
I wish better to have some armor with AD runes because i play ADC so I dont take much dmg.. I have +14 AD,+11 Armor and +3.5 AD on lvl 18 because of my Quintessences
Omet (5 years ago)
You have op runes!!!!!!!!

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