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If you could only make 4 Rune Pages in 2015

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If you could only make 4 Rune Pages, what would you make? Buying as few new runes as possible, IMO it's this. Note that the Ability Power one (MPen, Armor, MR, AP) also works on AP Top Laners like Singed, Maokai, Rumble. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/phreakstream Page 1 - ADCarry | Jax/Irelia Top | Nocturne/Master Yi Jungle Attack Damage / Armor / Magic Resist / Attack Speed Page 2 - AP Solo Lane | AP Support Magic Penetration / Armor / Magic Resist / Ability Power Page 3 - Thresh/Blitzcrank/Leona/Taric Support Attack Damage / Armor / Magic Resist / Armor Page 4 - AD champions in solo lanes or jungle Attack Damage / Armor / Magic Resist / Attack Damage Total Runes Used: Marks - Attack Damage, Magic Penetration Seals - Armor Glyphs - Magic Resist Quintessences - Attack Speed, Ability Power, Armor, Attack Damage Next Runes Acquired: Health Seals, Cooldown Reduction Glyphs
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Causatum (2 years ago)
i only have 4 right now AP(3-plat ap quins,9 growth ap glyphs,9 armor seals,9 magic pene marks) AD(3-plat attack quins,9 magic resist growth glyphs,9 ap seals,9 magic pene marks) AP support(3 plat ap quins,9 magic resist growth glyphs,9 armor seals,9 armor marks) Tank(3 armor quins,9 magic resist growth glyphs,9 armor seals,9 armor marks) still planning to get more rune pages, when buy 1 take 1 event happens again and i prolly make an alternative AD page that focus on attack speed and an AP that has cooldown runes or totally focus on cool down support rune page but those 4 are pretty decent, you can even have just the 1st two...but in higher ranks i find that my tank rune page really helpful when your playing a tank or an tankish support...it will give u around 60 armor right away and u can easily focus on MR items if your enemy has a hard hitting AP or buy more Armor items if u wan to be more tanky against ADs
pipis2000 (2 years ago)
malphite is an attack damage attack speed melee assassin fighter. Dark Mane 2015
pipis2000 (2 years ago)
me too xd
The Unusual Advertiser (2 years ago)
only reason why I came here :')
Antonio Forte (3 years ago)
What about an AP Tank?
Jiří Valtr (3 years ago)
Why moving with mouse that fast? Its chaotic and i cant read it. Thumb down.
Jiří Valtr (3 years ago)
Why? I can just find another and better video. I dont need to adapt. You do.
fat3ownz (3 years ago)
+Jiří Valtr Bruh pause the video then god. Crying over free help.
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ (3 years ago)
For support i have 1 gold per 10 10second on Quints and Seals and Marks i have armour and for Glyphs i have mr
NTCreature (3 years ago)
I love how you have 14 Ability Power Glyphs. Benefits of being a rioter: 5 unusable Glyphs!
Azure (3 years ago)
What about AD Mid laners?
JhonnydasBR (2 years ago)
+L 15 AD
Baba Melih (3 years ago)
+L ad and ms thats it
Wood Croft (3 years ago)
It took me more than 1000 games to get the IP for that!
Darth Vader (3 years ago)
+Wood Croft Lol. In my opinion Full AD and Full AP runes are the best.. Idk almost always i get first blood when i get those runes. There's literally like 40 AD and 50 AP. Its so good.
Army Tutorials (3 years ago)
Hi Phreak , why my ap rune page have 8 magic resist and 18 ap, how can i get 12 mag rez and 15 ap? i don't know what can i do...... ap 3x 4.95, magic resist 9x 1.34, penetration and armor are the same... hmm? Where is my error? http://www.fileshare.ro/e31620683
Rothphise (3 years ago)
This is my 4 rune pages version: 1st rune page for top and jungle - Marks AD, Seals Armor, Glyphs Magic resist & Quints AD. 2nd rune page for AP mid and supp - Marks Magic Pen, Seals Armor, Glyphs Magic resist & Quints AP. 3rd rune page for tanks and tank supp - Marks Armor, Seals Health, Glyphs Magic resist & Quints Armor. 4th rune page for marksman or etc. - Marks AD, Seals Armor, Glyphs Magic resist & Quints Attack speed.
DVG (3 years ago)
+Slender Diper why hp for tank support tho ?
Luca Cal. (3 years ago)
what is best runepage against tanks as playing jinx? and with AS runes or not?
Miguel 666 (3 years ago)
Marks armor pen Quins armor pen Is it good?
Erectro (3 years ago)
+Miguel Ávila mostly its better to go marks armor pen with ad quints i guess
Theo (3 years ago)
The only champion I'd run those runes is when I play Jarvan top,other than that I dont think I would run so much pen
Miguel 666 (3 years ago)
Shisui's Susanoo (3 years ago)
Yea but twitches main damage is auto attacks and hes E i think scales with AP
Miguel 666 (3 years ago)
So on Varus mid that would be great?!
Lispy Dipshit (3 years ago)
@Phreak Can you please explain exactly how you deal Tons of Damage?
Skillshots (3 years ago)
Don't AS junglers benefit more from lifesteal than AD?
mabCx (3 years ago)
+Skillshots lifesteal quints aren't gold efficient anymore.
El da (3 years ago)
What you think of +20 magic pen in runes? I always play like that it seems viable, but don't know ur opinion. I run armor & full magic pen. Early game is does less damage then AP, but late game it will make me a absolute beast that schred tanks and extra damage to everybody. If someone have 100 mr. 40% mr redux from void staff thats 60 left. 60 - 20 magic pen runes - 15 boots - 15 haunted = they walk around with 10 MR instead of 30. The lower mr, the more % damage. so the step 30 to 10 mr is more % damage then 70 to 50 for instance. If they dont build MR I just build haunted. Most people without mr walk around with 30/ 42 and max around 50/60 mr. With just boots and haunted magic pen = 50 so I reduce there MR to practically 0. What do you think about this build?
Captain Trojan (3 years ago)
Would you go attack speed or attack damage runes on Rek'Sai? I think attack speed runes are better, because you finish your three Q autoattacks sooner, therefore it goes on cooldown sooner, thus you can Q sooner again. But what are your ideas?
mike johnston Bob (3 years ago)
AD, because you get auto reset on Q and your E and W does more. in this meta, burst > sustain. then get more CDR from items to get more resets (basically free auto every 3 seconds, averaging out AS gains) on top of that you can nuke enemies with your E twice in a fight late game
A y e L m a o (3 years ago)
18indi123 (3 years ago)
how do you think scaling runes would be in the new season? better or worse than flat ad, flat armor, and flat magic resist.
Timothy Martin (3 years ago)
what of CDR Glyphs? i can imagine they would work well with someone like riven.
Hizsoo (3 years ago)
I would put hybrid pen into the mage one, replace (or maybe not) the tank one with the one optimized for Elise and make an AS-AP one as 4th.
xXdimmitsarasXx (3 years ago)
I'd rather suggest AP ones having hybrid pen, they're generally more useful for autoattack harass.
SuperGameBusters (3 years ago)
i only have 4 and im plat lol
Raafat Essam (3 years ago)
thanks for your time :) gonna build that
marlonyo (3 years ago)
+Raafat Essam  a tanky one maybe and a i have seen movement speed on some jungles buidls also or a personal champion page if there is a champion you use alo
Raafat Essam (3 years ago)
started playing 1 season ago went to silver 1 by 2 runepages (basic ad and ap) i bought another 2 what would u recommend to build them?
LisandroCalejo (3 years ago)
incarnation only has 2 on his chalanger account lol
Hesket (3 years ago)
Is more about how long you have played rather than skill when it comes to amount of IP, so no biggie
AnkTyK (3 years ago)
Can i replace 6x cdr glyphs to 3x cdr per lvl gryphs? is not better?
kaisserds (3 years ago)
i use the scaling cdr in other champions, but for a jungler flat is better since it helps you clear faster
Al Darkin (3 years ago)
The cdr glyphs are used for faster jungle clearing speed by giving tons of damage to you, I didn't know that google allow us to change our names to some random long shit like I did just now
Irving Rodríguez (3 years ago)
Dat username tho
MrOverholy (3 years ago)
How do you think about 1 crit mark in the adc/tank rune pages ?
Hesket (3 years ago)
Yeah it all depends if you get that crit or not, but i generally don't like leaving it to RNG whether i win a fight or not. Like, just imagine you're an ADC in a 1v1 fight, and you can assume you will need roughly 5-10 autos differing between what champipn, abilities etc, to kill the enemy ADC. The chance for you to get that crit in one of those 5-10 autos is less than 10%, so i would rather just have that AD.
Excalibaard (3 years ago)
The DPS you lose isn't too large, though theoretically you'd lose 1 on 1 fight unless you get that random crit. I'm running it and so far it helped me get several kills just due to the surprise factor. The loss in AD is tiny so you'll often still need the same amount of autoattacks to kill someone, but you can crit :D
Hesket (3 years ago)
It's more of a gimmick/for fun, it does lower your overall damage somewhat, but if you do actually happen to get a crit, it feels really good, however, the chance for that happening, is after all really low
Shatsui (3 years ago)
I think that Hybrid Pen marks is better for Ap solo lane, making your early AA a lot stronger.
Slay Man (3 years ago)
thank you
MrHennoe (3 years ago)
"Marks - Hybrid Penetration Carries 71% of the attributes that each Mark of Armor Pen. and Mark of Magic Pen. has Mark of Magic Pen. offers 7.83 M.pen and Mark of Hybrid Pen. offers 5.58 M.pen + 8.1 Ar. Pen. Sacrificing 2.25 Magic Pen. for 8.1 Ar. Pen. is a reduction of 1.61% in Magic Damage and 6.14% increase in Auto Attack Damage (Calculated with 40 Armor and 40 Magic Resist) If your damage is composed of 20% Physical Damage and 80% Magical Damage, then it can be assumed that Mark of Magic Pen. ties with Mark of Hybrid Pen. This is currently the best Mark rune for any AP Champions" - Inverted Composer
arooni roojo (3 years ago)
this may sound dumb but for an ad carry page you put attack speed quints right? can you replace those with ad quints or is attack speed better. if attack speed is better than why?
arooni roojo (3 years ago)
i see. thank makes sense. thanks for the advice ^.^ i really appreciate it
kaisserds (3 years ago)
+arooni rojas Jinx is kinda weird because of her minigun steroid. My standard ADC runepage has 2 AS quints, 1 AD quint and 9 AD marks, with masteries i get 15% attack speed which helps me last hitting and i still get nice AD from the quint and the marks  IMO try different setups, Full AD quints, full AS or mixed like mine and see which one works best for you. Jinx is very forgiving rune wise so you can put whatever you want, As a rule of thumb in general unless your ADC doesnt rely much on attack speed (lucian, graves, corki and ez are more like casters so AD is better for them, and Draven has to catch axes so his potential dps with Q is "capped") attack speed is better because flat AD falls off and AS stays relevant all game
arooni roojo (3 years ago)
id like to thank everyone as well for their input. it helps a lot! ^.^
arooni roojo (3 years ago)
+kaisserds im wondering. i like jinx as my pref adc so would AS quints be better on her or AD? im wondering because the champs you said have some kind of attack speed boost and so does jinx but im not sure what would be better.
kaisserds (3 years ago)
apart from the increase in dps in mid/late game, i find as quints make your aa smoother, so last hitting becomes easier. Still i would go with AD quints for Draven, Lucian and Graves, for the rest AS quints in my opinion
What do you think about a rune page investing in flat 19 armor penetration?
P (3 years ago)
Runes/masteries are mainly used to mitigate a champion's weaknesses and  to pad their stats to be stronger in the early stages of the game. That being said, armor pen/magic pen stats are more useful for skirmishes/fighting other champions, which happen toward mid and late game. Flat AD, on the other hand will be better in the early game for csing and dealing more damage. Now, this is a general statement; each different has different play styles, scaling, and kits that can make use of arm pen early game; however, 19 arm pen is just overdoing it. It would be better to invest in a hybrid of arm pen and AD, as a general rule of thumb.
PieLovinGnomez (3 years ago)
Phreak, if I may ask: What are the top 5 bruisers right now?
Jeevinater (3 years ago)
Wait... Phreak has a stream?
acommunityofhermits (3 years ago)
Yes. http://www.twitch.tv/phreakstream He doesn't stream that often though.
DyeMiX (3 years ago)
Why did u censored your IP/RP ? or is it the client because ur a rioter?
Ian Haack (2 years ago)
+DyeMiX he has unlimited for both so it probably says something like 999999999999 or some weird characters
ady gombos (3 years ago)
+j99dude Same as pro players, look at their main accounts, all the champs, plenty of rune pages, all the runes and 100k+ ip. Also, some rp (usually over 2k) for skins.
No Luls Deep Meme (3 years ago)
+Chris Jantzen Lol mb I should have said RP
Chris Jantzen (3 years ago)
+TacoHawk76 im pretty sure you cant gift ip..
Nako (3 years ago)
+DyeMiX they already have the champs and skins for them he is a roiter bra
chrom491 (3 years ago)
After a long time legendary video of Phreak is on youtube
KleptooN (3 years ago)
Thanks this is useful :)
Quocipher (3 years ago)

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