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Having some fun on abusing the new season 8 runes on the PBE server. Try out this build for yourself, because it's a whole lot of fun. ►Use code GLACE10 for 10% off! http://www.capbeast.com/ ►Rune setup used this game https://imgur.com/a/WMXz4 ►LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE! (HERE ON YOUTUBE!) MON-FRI/SUN @ 12:00 PM CST NA
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Text Comments (69)
BM Grief (3 months ago)
You're 6:52 wasn't electrocute it was your 20% crit hahahaha
XTRapid Z (7 months ago)
De white man has found die new wae
Russell Rubachko (8 months ago)
It’s re post with a hard o
wisse van Barschot (9 months ago)
Next time can you put a link to the build please
BboyKetrio (10 months ago)
lol that salty kogmaw hahaha what a sore
Zain Tm (10 months ago)
Youre playing Garen= Ur shit
Erlend Jørgensen (11 months ago)
3:28 FUCKING OP FIORA BULLSHIT how the FUCK did she proc all vital points ffs riot? Delete fiora from the game already pls.
Maoge xd (11 months ago)
wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow that damage wtfff ~~!!?? Y4$$U0
Wimped (11 months ago)
This guy's tips made my garen climb to mastery 7 and made my reputation growing that I can climb to challenger :)
Duncan Raih (11 months ago)
I have noticed you have changed your build from ghost blade to tri force now into ghost blade and infinity edge, how come you have left tri force out of your builds now?
Duncan Raih (11 months ago)
True, I have tried it, its insane like you have said, so when do you build tri force then?
The Glacierr (11 months ago)
Infinity edge is just too good not to build when I'm fed and the enemy team is squishy. 10x more damage than trinity force.
Nicholas & Lisa Murray (11 months ago)
I have a question @theglacier how do you win against a vayne top with garen I keep getting killed by vayne players it tilts me too much any advice?
Sibler Inkognito (11 months ago)
3:50 the best "hell yeah lets make this lvl" music evr mader Dr. Willys casltle from mega man
Malek El-Isa (11 months ago)
@The Glacierr did u notice garens e doesnt crit anymore
Iwona Jędrak (11 months ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the song that starts on super low volume at 7.50 that would be much appreciated thanks
Nick Norton (11 months ago)
1%crit chance... Never underestimate
Robosaurus Rex (11 months ago)
first Professor Akali and now ... you ... What has become to league of legends youtubers?
Vortex Gaming (11 months ago)
wait thunderlords seems way better?
Eray Yirik (11 months ago)
It is better on Garen, because e or q+e no longer procs it for Garen. You have to aa + q + e for it to proc, which is really hard. In most of his "WTF LOOK AT THIS DAMAGE" moments, he didn't even proc electrocute, it was just ad garen damage.
m (11 months ago)
That thingy before the intro it was rimfrost he got here bcs of me i told about theglacier when i was on rimfrost's stream
LunarFang YT (11 months ago)
why garen and health bars looking strange
Zeka 10 (11 months ago)
LunarFang YT upcoming health bars maybe and a chroma for garen
EIine From Europe (11 months ago)
i miss the feet videos <3
Protex (11 months ago)
Why are you so amazed Rengar with dark harvest can kill people with 1 auto
D3ATH G4MING (10 months ago)
Resumed Dexterity garen can be a tank or a fucking troll with critical build imo
Resumed Dexterity garen is not a tank
Resumed Dexterity (11 months ago)
garen is supposed to be a tank its perfectly normal for an assassin to one shot
Jann Wayne Vistro (11 months ago)
Is that runes or masteries??
Jann Wayne Vistro (11 months ago)
No i have masteries -_-
Happy 11211 (11 months ago)
Jann Wayne Vistro you dont have masteries only runes
NewtNukem (11 months ago)
This was entertaining how people think Garen is a thing. If you want a warrior Darius is that champ.
Resumed Dexterity (11 months ago)
nah garen and xin are better than darius all darius is good for is dunking and even then jarvan has a faster one shot dunk
Kurosaki Ichigo (11 months ago)
You recognized the bronze chat at 8:40? XD
Randomizer (11 months ago)
Full ad dark harvest garen, ohhhhh boy
MaliciousMisari (11 months ago)
Gold3n Fight3r (11 months ago)
try DART HARVEST on garen plss its the most op rune ever made
MaxDunkage (11 months ago)
is that a custom skin ? it looks pretty :O
FRANCK the TANK (11 months ago)
Hi Pappa Glacier, fun stream this sunday, and I WAS THERE FOR THAT ONE SHOT!!! :OOO
Khalid Saif (11 months ago)
Wtf is that health bar?
Alec (11 months ago)
whats ur name on pbe?
Cjharps2442 (9 months ago)
Same, was wondering the runes other than just keystone.
Sherone Peters (11 months ago)
So if kayle occurs on the top lane How you counter using cho gath
NewtNukem (11 months ago)
Sherone Peters You Rage quit............
Matthew C (11 months ago)
That kogmaw calling you a coward for fighting him when his w is on cooldown was such an idiot lol. Better players time cooldowns in order to engage with an advantage, it is smart not cowardly.
Vladimir Chen (4 months ago)
Lol glacierr even beat that cockmaw in his own game, only used q and e to kill him lol.
NewtNukem (11 months ago)
Matthew C That's just gold an lower elo players moaning cause there flamers and dont understand tactics. Ignore them an WIN :)
juan321654 (11 months ago)
in PBE, every elo is mixed, challengers with bronze etc.
Joseph Demacia (11 months ago)
man that " more 10 minutes of couse went to that replay" but DAAAAMN IF I HAD TO JUDGE THAT REPLAY ,THAN THE REPLAY IS WORTH WATCHING HEELLL YEAH
Joseph Demacia (11 months ago)
Dollomork (11 months ago)
song in 6:52?
Sunburn Retrovs (11 months ago)
is that a challenger garen? :O
Sunburn Retrovs (11 months ago)
Hristijan Bogoevski (11 months ago)
I always buy static shock when I play garen
Let us Beat The Meat (11 months ago)
Not first.
Yorian van Heusden (11 months ago)
Do dark harvest garen (clickbait title: OMG THIS DAMGE INSANE DARK HARVEST GAREN 3K CRIT
genco gökceli (11 months ago)
Thumbs up to ma boi
nikola atanasov (11 months ago)
Woww this is op
pretty boi swag (11 months ago)
Wtf is that ugly health bar
Gold3n Fight3r (11 months ago)
tbh i dont like it either...it doesnt looks good.
xSpookie (11 months ago)
it's the new one on the pbe, it's coming with the preseason patch
young flaco (11 months ago)
That shit looks like a phone game health bars. Riot let's not downgrade
Adolf Hitler (11 months ago)
it's gonna be the new bar in s8. i kinda like it tbh, but most seem to hate it
Moisés Ávila (11 months ago)
yeah, wtf is that, is that a custom shit or something?
FistPunchCrusher (11 months ago)
wow thats crazy af
Luiz Carlos Alborghetti (11 months ago)
Kkkkkkkk Nice Thumbwall
Igor Rajković (11 months ago)
Lol saw that one on the stream XD sick
Tenshi Burasuta (11 months ago)

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