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Men's Wedding Attire: What to Wear to a Wedding (Not Yours)

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http://www.iamalpham.com Men's Style, Grooming and Fitness 15% OFF DISCOUNT (Hurry Ends Soon) enter code: ALPHA15 (case sensitive) http://www.peteandpedro.com Email: [email protected] for product recommendation. Modern Tailor Link For Discount: http://www.mtmt.us/ihg65tie Enter Code: ALPHAM10 for 10%OFF Order! http://www.aaronmarino.com (products and services) http://www.iamalpham.com membership site with over 1500 original videos and articles In this video professional male image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about what to wear to a wedding. How to dress to impress when you are a guest at a wedding. A wedding is a great time to show your sense of style and make a great impression. Weddings are great places to meet other singles and you need to look your best! How to dress when going to a wedding as a guest.
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Text Comments (282)
Indian Life (1 day ago)
"Not yours"😂😂😂
Thunder (5 days ago)
Is it appropriate to wear a thong under my suit for a wedding?
GetPaidWithKyle (2 months ago)
When I got my first suit a couple years ago I went to your YouTube to make sure I did it right in style..got a wedding coming up again need to look dapper once again
Elena Savin (3 months ago)
Thank you
Kalash Operator (3 months ago)
Dude I showed up to a wedding in a suit once. Every dude there was wearing jeans and a white button up shirt 😂. One motherfucker had a camo vest on. I was overdressed and felt out of place
Simo Lajustice (3 months ago)
you speak so loud..you are annoying
jbird Perez (4 months ago)
Thanks Man
Bruce W. (7 months ago)
This video is misleading. If the invitation states a dress code you must follow it, black tie or black tie optional. If no code is requested then you are able to wear what you want with considerations into the time of the day,the location, etc.
Ricardo Mijares (8 months ago)
Young Alpha
Sean Will (8 months ago)
unfortunately in Chinese weddings, Black n white are off limits....
TPlays (9 months ago)
00Sassy style xD
W Robinson (10 months ago)
Hey where did you get that shirt
Jums (10 months ago)
Stick with black for my plus size brothers or dark colors . Jus looking out for y'all ✊
J.W.A. (11 months ago)
What to do if your gf is not invited? Should I attend alone or decline?
Bruce W. (7 months ago)
Ask yourself why she wasn’t invited?. Maybe it is for a reason and should consider why your friend did not want this woman at their big day.
Jackson Dowdle (1 year ago)
Nikos Karalis (1 year ago)
Well, now I can see kind of a cultural difference in what to wear to a wedding between the US and my country, Greece. Where I live, it is universally acceptable to wear jeans, a nice T-shirt and sneakers to a wedding. I usually opt for a pair of black tapered jeans and a nice dress shirt (I have a black one with little white dots all over it, it looks amazing!). A suit is usually worn only by the groom (who almost always wears a black suit and not a tuxedo), and maybe the groom's and bride's parents or very close relatives. Not only do younger people like me (I'm 15) not wear suits in weddings but older people don't as well.
justin Indian (1 year ago)
how can you guys think about wearing a suit in a funeral...its so weird...the person is dead and you are busy selecting the color of your shirt and tieing your fuckin ties...you guys are probably out of this world...
David Peter (1 year ago)
Alpha, is there anything you could suggest that the groom should wear on his wedding? Would be very helpful, thanks in advance.
Gooblyful (1 year ago)
A friend took it to the extreme and refused entry to their reception without full suits/evening dresses. This would have been fine...if it wasn't the middle of summer in Australia. I genuinely want to have a chill wedding if I ever find a great guy for me - he and I should be dressed well, but I refuse to get dumb about peoples' clothing for one day of my life - family is not to be compromised for expensive clothing.
Bruce W. (7 months ago)
Dressing well does not mean expensive.
Joshua Norris (1 year ago)
he's awesome lol
Anurag Deep (1 year ago)
love ur video but tell me what should I wear as I am very thin . nd season is hot summers india . suggest me something bro .
Bryantj Griffin (1 year ago)
Need to update this video for 2018 and also im 17
daddydojang (1 year ago)
Don’t take advice from this guy. Figure it out for yourself. What works for one doesn’t work for all. Be your own man.
Bobby Russo (1 year ago)
Some pictures would have made this video 10x better.....
you talk too much
Abir Rahman (1 year ago)
What to wear at summer weddings? 😕
hari lal (1 year ago)
Sorry Video starts at 3:0
hari lal (1 year ago)
Video starts at 2:00
Tactical Ken (1 year ago)
Keep looking .... too much talking on this video.
Hkm Saharan (1 year ago)
On the way to a wedding 🎩👀❤️
Jason A (1 year ago)
we need an update on this subject
HybOj (1 year ago)
Im stressed, my invitation got to me late, had only few days for preparations, havent prepaired shit and its happening tomorrow. I have 3 suits, one is unusable, to the 2nd one I miss brown boots and the 3rd one is classic black with nice Bugatti boots which have only one fault - they destroy and murder my feet. And I know the trousers are in a bad shape and shirt as well. Deffinition of being fucked... well I guess they will be glad to see me anyway, Im sure its not about flashy clothes but the fact you got your ass there. These social situations... nothing for me really... Ive read some advices and traditions, I dont understand shit anyway. Same on this video honestly. For me its about being there, seeing whats up... fuck its gonna be strange, I like my fucken couch
MitzZza (1 year ago)
i really love a dress vest
Joe O Sullivan (1 year ago)
The bride thinks it's her day.. No it's YOUR day! lol
Jenivera (2 years ago)
but make sure your not better dressed than the groom...
BeeJay Thao (2 years ago)
Overdid this video. Just tell me what I should wear.
Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen ...
summerdying111 (2 years ago)
I can't believe he said ladies instead of señoritas.
Phil Borkstrom (2 years ago)
this is YOUR day lol. I love it!
Exotics SFL (2 years ago)
Double o sassy style is the funniest thing I've ever heard
Prince Ali (2 years ago)
can you wear a black dress shirt, black slacks, white suspenders, white tie, white or black dress shoes?
sharan chenna (2 years ago)
can I go in as James Bond?
pborkstrom (2 years ago)
"This is YOUR day". Lol
stefanr00 (2 years ago)
How about overdressing the groom? I have a wedding coming up and my suit supplier said that I had to be careful not to overdress the groom..
JohnVideos (2 years ago)
thanks alpha! just what I needed!
Keith Ollenburg (2 years ago)
Something Alpha didn't mention here, is never match your colours to the groom/groomsmen. It's simple etiquette. Ask the planner or host what colours you should 'Avoid'.
TokiWartooth6666 (2 years ago)
I want to wear brown shoes with the navy outfit....... But I am a groomsmen and get no say in the matter. Black it is
Fabuloso (2 years ago)
i think real men dont have pierced ears, because it makes you look very imature
Fabuloso All Purpose (1 year ago)
Victor Diaz defending your boyfriend?!
Victor Diaz (1 year ago)
Fabuloso All Purpose Eat shit, he's beautiful.
TheLegend28 (2 years ago)
A real men can wear what they want and feel confident . Only pussies judge people like you do :D
Fabuloso (2 years ago)
blackl1steddrums (2 years ago)
DaTickizevil (2 years ago)
You a real D bag But I like it Lmao!! hell yeah its my day Im going with no tie!!!!
Eric Schultze (2 years ago)
talk to me about pant length
StraightUp Oldies (4 months ago)
Just go In like a chav with pants down to knee caps and you'll get More attention then the ladies
Jimmy Pham (2 years ago)
Is a brown suit appropriate with brown shoes?
lrod11186 (2 years ago)
what if I'm the groom and I want a charcoal grey suit with brown shoes!!!???
Gooblyful (1 year ago)
lrod11186 then wear it! The only other person whose opinion you should get is your partner - your day, your vibe!
Johnny Nguyen (2 years ago)
Hello! Im attending a Wedding this weekend, is it possible to wear a double breasted light grey suit with a black bow tie with a white shirt and pocket square?
Xperia Zip (3 years ago)
comando is the only way I'm comfortable. I say bring a small bag with mouthwash, tooth brush, shorts, tshirt, weed, lighter, etc... if your room isn't on the premises
Adam Kaktus (3 years ago)
alpha upload a new video for wedding attire !!! its 2016 !!! help !!!!!
1990rms (3 years ago)
+Adam Zawahir Yeah they pretty much did. Google 1916 wedding and look at photos if you don't believe me. I get your point that time does eventually change things but this video was 3 years ago and the general style hasn't changed for over 100 so I think your good for awhile.
Adam Kaktus (3 years ago)
+1990rms I don't think people from a 100 years ago put on the same thing as people do now
1990rms (3 years ago)
Weddings haven't changed in hundreds of years. I'm sure this advice is timeless. I'm not an expert though.
Bboymoped (3 years ago)
What is the shirt he is wearing? I like that one.
Mandeep Baweja (3 years ago)
Its a gingham pattern shirt....u can buy it on modern tailor!
Brandon Cohen (3 years ago)
My first wedding - I love my friend, but I kinda needed to hear that it is my day. Makes me feel more comfortable about feeling comfortable. Thanks Alpha!
Nils Lukacs (3 years ago)
where would I get this shirt if I may ask?
RabidTardigrade (3 years ago)
Got a wedding in March but it's casual wear. Still planning on getting a suit but would a 3 piece be too much? I've never boughten a suit but I'm gonna get it tailored. Any specific recommendations?
Anant Vijayvargiya (3 years ago)
Hey m from india, and m a thin guy with 5.8 Inches height and have a fear looks, i want to wear something that would look good on me. And also My cousin sisters marriage is coming but dont know what to wear, it is a 2 day event they have booked a 5 star hotel. and i only have a white and black shirt with 2 black shiny trousers and 2 sweaters, a light brown blazer and pullovers, in shoes i have 1 casual running shoe and 1 party wear shining black lather shoe. Please help me out.
Underrated Critic (3 years ago)
If you're gonna get laid at a wedding, make sure she's not related to you.
ItsJAKI (8 months ago)
This made my day
adam lawrence (8 months ago)
But if you do Tiege Hanley can fix it
G The Mac (11 months ago)
Underrated Critic 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Riyyan D (1 year ago)
Sportysport (1 year ago)
It's ok if your 2nd cousins... LOL!
krayzie_E soBreezy (3 years ago)
I live in the philippines. We only have 2 types of weather here and my cousin's wedding theme is a beach garden attire. Im planning to wear a long sleeves polo shirt folded just above the elbow color would a lil bit lighter than cream with brown pants cuffed just above my ankle. With light brown belt and a cream colored shoe. Nothing fancy. More of a casual wear for you guys really. Christmas is around the corner but weather here is still hot as hell. I was also thinking of adding a red skinny suspenders but that mybe to much now right
jengaaaaa (3 years ago)
You should not dress flashier than groom in wedding. It's tacky and bad etiquette.
jengaaaaa (2 years ago)
@MrJimmy3459 White tie or just a regular suit is the most popular option here.
jengaaaaa (2 years ago)
@MrJimmy3459 Wintertime weddings certainly but summertime weddings usually start quite early at least in my country. Churches are not open by night here.
MrJimmy3459 (2 years ago)
@jengaaaaa Most weddings are at night so...
jengaaaaa (2 years ago)
@MrJimmy3459 Tuxedo is only for events that start after 18:00 or 6 pm.
MrJimmy3459 (2 years ago)
The groom SHOULD be wearing a Tuxedo, you cant really top that unless you're wearing one as well
Maplenin (3 years ago)
Can I wear a Black suit with a RED tie and a white pocket square?
ivan reyes (3 years ago)
Yes. You can make your shirt light blue or any blue to make it more outgoing
Da Moley (3 years ago)
You're cute
SuperKiko112 (3 years ago)
Uriel Rios (3 years ago)
All the weddings I've been to have been white or linen suit weddings 😂😂
Coia (3 years ago)
i have a wedding this saturday and no suit. can J wear a gray sportcoat with black pants and black shoes and a black tie on a white shirt?
Alex M (3 years ago)
+ScoiNY no! get a suit! not the same thing!
jeco F (3 years ago)
I'm going to a wedding this Saturday, a girl that is a close friend of mine is one of the bridal party. I am not personally invited, but there is no one to drive my friend., so I am now invited lol. So is a suit&tie necessary? or a simple casual jeans and tie?
Emblem113 (3 years ago)
+jeco F No jeans. A wedding is just about as formal as it can get so I wouldn't say business casual is a good idea. Suit and tie/tux are not crucial, but a blazer and nice dress pants, shoes and shirt are a must.
Volkan (3 years ago)
How about navy jacket and slacks, white shirt and red tie?
hieuwey (3 years ago)
It's a wedding not an election.
Endrit Veseli (3 years ago)
@alpha m. Are you gay ?
johnny klein (3 years ago)
Cardinal Ximenez (3 years ago)
Nah he's mentioned a wife
krayzie_E soBreezy (3 years ago)
He's an all out classy gentleman. Gay or not He seems to be a great guy to hang out with. You'll never get bored.
RyanMcFryin (3 years ago)
+johnny klein He could be married to a guy you know
johnny klein (3 years ago)
+Endrit Veseli he is married i think
Prince Awuah (4 years ago)
Can I wear a white shirt or tweed to a wedding? I heard that its uncommon and improper.
Obinna Williams (4 years ago)
Couldn't stop laughing but I appreciate when you said one needs to dress well as a sign of respect to the couple and it's all your day. Never saw it as that but now I do
casey chima (4 years ago)
hey am going to a weeding tomorrow,i was going to wear white shirt,golden tie,and a v neck milk coloured sweater no no jacket whatsoever,and black trousers,,,so should I use black shirt intsted?
Rafique Ruslan (4 years ago)
Love your channel. Was wondering whether its okay to wear a black suit for my own wedding? Heard its preferable to wear dark blue or grey.
horayforjoe (4 years ago)
If I'm going as a guest, and the woman I'm going with is in the bridal party, does that make a difference as to how I should dress?
Malaquias Alfaro (4 years ago)
PT111111 (4 years ago)
Love the intro. Hilarious!! lol
aston grey tokyo oxford low cut or masamo aldo dress boots. lolx wedding guest this next Saturday. I'm liking high cut dress boots for some reason because it won't ride up the slacks showing the socks. what do you think......... trying to get it online to so who knows it will be here before Saturday..... oh yeah colors are cognac and dark brown
Slade Wilson (4 years ago)
I wore a Rascal Flatts tank top and a pair of affliction jeans to my sisters wedding, she was not pleased.
Slade Wilson (4 years ago)
@Alex Morrison n I didn't sneeze.
Morrison (4 years ago)
@Slade Wilson Rascal Flatts... God bless you
Bhupinder Singh (4 years ago)
Good suggestions Thanks!
benD'anon fawkes (4 years ago)
i need examples....
My Instagram iidame (3 years ago)
+benD'anon fawkes exactly this is almost pointless
SanDelly (4 years ago)
Karan Pandit (4 years ago)
Those are your books back on those selves, you are not anxious about it?  anyway, this video was helpful
saumadavid (4 years ago)
actually that was really help full, thanks man
Mohammed Rasheed (4 years ago)
so please where to do that badboy formal style
ImReadyD151 (4 years ago)
Can I just show up looking like Sean Connery in Goldfinger?
MrJimmy3459 (2 years ago)
people will mistake you for the groom
MrJimmy3459 (2 years ago)
people will mistake you for the groom
Siddharth Dixit (4 years ago)
Hey Aaron! You are a savior! I just got invited to a wedding for the first time here at US and this video helped immensely. I wish you get loads of success in whatever you do in life! 
Joss 9 (4 years ago)
What type of brown shoes ? What brand/kind?
Tito Real (4 years ago)
Hi Master!!! Congratulations! Im from Puerto rico and is very hot down here! I have a wedding at 6pm with temperatures arounr de mid eighties, the church is not air condition! :-O but the reception is. My buddy already set me up with a couple of the bride girlfriend! I want to use a Jacket with a pink shirt and a casual pant. I would like to use a tie,to look sharp and fashionable! most guy will go with a plain shirt!  what are your recommendations !
Malaquias Alfaro (4 years ago)
Your plan seems perfect. If english isn't your first language and you wanted to show Alpha respect, don't use "master." A better and more casual option would be "boss." In America we call people of authority "The Man"
Mandeep Baweja (5 years ago)
His personality is close to jusriegn :P
Aki& Winny (5 years ago)
Pants? How white ?
StraightUp Oldies (4 months ago)
Like my pearly teeth
Ant Morris (5 years ago)
What an egotistical maniac... I didn't know "MEN" like this existed on earth. ME ME ME!!
Ant Morris (5 years ago)
Queer as a 2 dollar bill....
khoa lee (5 years ago)
he  looks nice but honestly he talked to much as some ladies come into my shop daily. Hey, i have exactly the same picture frame behind you at home and i like it(i meant the frame)
Ray Ortines (5 years ago)
Can you wear a gray wool blazer (you know that thicker fabric for Fall/Winter type) with a gray slacks for a Winter wedding?  I have that kind that J. Crew sells.  Thanks.  Hope you can answer before next week. The Shirt I would wear is a white French cuff shirt and wool tie.  Thank you!
Brian Garcia (4 years ago)
dont wear a gray blazer with gray pants.....too much like a suit and its not matching what so ever...blazers should not be worn with matching pant...
Error404 (5 years ago)
this guy is awesome! 
sayed Opiani (5 years ago)
you talk to much lol. I just wanted to know how and where I can get a wedding suit.
llcoolkat gee (5 years ago)
Dude some solid tips here, definitely gonna rock the brown shoes when i can afford them
Jovani Sanchez (5 years ago)
I love The Book Thief!
Glen Brott (5 years ago)
Had the question and Alpha is there!
TehMooseKnuckle (5 years ago)
This guy is the most metrosexual man I have ever seen.

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