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THE NEW ADC KEYSTONES! ADC Runes/Masteries for Season 8 (League of Legends)

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Wanted to look at what we're getting as an ADC in season 8! Let me know if you want these for other roles. :) Rune pages that I will try for ADC start at 9:47 - before is going over all the options! Rune stuff = http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update ♦ Follow me on Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/phylol/ ♦ Follow me on Twitter → https://twitter.com/thephylol ♦ Follow my Stream → http://www.twitch.tv/phy_lol ♦ Subscribe to my League Gameplay Channel! - http://bit.ly/PhyGames Title: Insan3Lik3 - We Are The Robots (feat. Temu) Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe443Gl4Skk Beatport Download Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/we-are-the-robots/1244016 Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Monstercat THE NEW ADC KEYSTONES! ADC Runes/Masteries for Season 8 (League of Legends)
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Phy (9 months ago)
If you're watching this video now the Press The Attack keystone changed to after 3 attacks on the same target, you deal bonus damage and then the enemy takes 12% MORE damage from every source for 6 seconds! Rest is the same. :)
Micmicmic60 (9 months ago)
cut down is to alot of it is tbh
Andrew c (9 months ago)
only disliked because this is an adc video. Good job otherwise
furycsgo (9 months ago)
hi there
Fabian Rudde (9 months ago)
So is lethal tempo still better
ThePumafire (9 months ago)
Presence of mind is different too
Phil Geezy (7 months ago)
thank you so much this has just given me enough knowledge to get ready for season 8
Soulstar_Sama (8 months ago)
Je fait des vidéo sur partiellement league of legend est j essaye de faire de mon mieux pour les montages si ma chaîne vous plais abonnez- vous !! http://bit.ly/2kjnsfG
khiari taha (8 months ago)
fuck u
aldwin08sls (8 months ago)
Phylol looks hot wtf!
Squalie Bawse (8 months ago)
I feel like draven will really take advantage of these runes.. or is it just more ??? Draven, Cait, Trist, and my shock pick is sivir
kidd (8 months ago)
hey bro .. can you do a vid. on how to pick proper runes for a support tank/AP champ in this new season ?
HighGround (8 months ago)
no robots???.. :'(
X-ZeD-X X-Main-X (9 months ago)
and yasuo what runes it ?
Syeed .13 (9 months ago)
Bro thank u so much very and informative video .. u help me soo much ...love from ( Pakistan )
Mr. Christmas (9 months ago)
shit guide
Adrian Amil (9 months ago)
Is fleetfoot work good for Ashe? I see many Ashe users using Lethal Tempo
Anthony Sgambati (9 months ago)
If that makes sense
Mar Villanueva (9 months ago)
Thanks. I understand deeper now
Koko Stoyanov (9 months ago)
Can someone tell me, why i could only have 2 custom pages
Virgile Loth (9 months ago)
So basically, energizer build is crap now ? And so is Jhin Y_Y
LowkeyLifted (9 months ago)
Preroll ad and a 2 minute ad? Go fuck yourself
NoProPlayer (9 months ago)
Good video! Thanks for making it :)
YBC (9 months ago)
zeg zag (9 months ago)
Any one know who's runes better to mf is this dark harvest ?
Jose Canizares (9 months ago)
Support please
Magnus Rasmussen (9 months ago)
I don't bother watching a 14 min long video, just to get a simple rune page
SheSaidImVirJhin (9 months ago)
So, Which Runes do i use for jhin and jinx?
Hugo Filipe (9 months ago)
ahahah same here, this dude dont say nothing ahahah
Andy Faull (9 months ago)
you have that bent look girls go for
Ty very much
Yahiko Pein (9 months ago)
will press the attack work on vayne??
RandiPlayz (9 months ago)
enter debt op?
Omar 66 (9 months ago)
this not for draven :), so draven mains don't waste ur time ^.^
Jess Dee (9 months ago)
Support video please
rozencrantze (9 months ago)
Jinx+Press The Attack is gonna be nice.
Bob ert (9 months ago)
can you do one for a jgler like graves? :/
Jakob (10 months ago)
what should yasuo bring>?
furycsgo (9 months ago)
more kids
Lily Frost (10 months ago)
WHAT DOES MISS FORTUNE TAKE NOW?! THERE'S NO DEATH FIRE, Help me ;-; Can someone tell me what she should take? ;-;
furycsgo (9 months ago)
my dick
Jono CC (10 months ago)
If you do one Support then hopefully you'll avoid potato set ups on your team
Lustdust (10 months ago)
are masteries staying the same?
Viktor (10 months ago)
The video has no sound for me.
MrJem444 (10 months ago)
I had a look at the new runes and it tells me that Ashe support will still work, and even better Ashe support can defend herself now. We go: Main Path: Precision Press the Attack ( for getting AD, since you will build support items like redemption and locket) Presence of Mind (for spamming volley) Legend: Bloodline ( for sustain) Cut down ( for tank shred ) Secondary Paths A. Resolve Font of Life ( a weaker Stoneborn Pact, works well with Ashe since every autoattack procs it, which gives your teammates a heal. This means that Ardent Censer Ashe isn't as crazy as it sounds anymore, since Font of Life procs will give your team attack speed. :D) Revitalize ( a weaker Windspeaker's Blessing, works well with Font of life) or Second Wind ( restores health over time based on missing health) B. Sorcery The Ultimate Hat ( if you build Essence Reaver or the Support Ashe build, you will get as much as 50% cooldown on your arrow. That's an arrow every 60-ish seconds) Transcendence ( even more cdr, and gives AD from excess cdr, obviously works well with Ultimate Hat) So if you want to try out something fun this season 8, this is a build you might want to check out! ( you will most likely feed your ass but eh)
Personally I was looking (Domination) Dark Harvest, Ghost Poro, Cheapshot, Ravenous Hunter into (Sorcery) Gathering Storm, Ultimate hat. For aggressive lane champs that scale well (Cait), this would give reasonable early power. The loss in attackspeed can be covered easily by a dagger early or from start (you start with bonus AD from Domination), and the bonus damage from Dark Harvest stacks well early AND late. Obviously you would want Gathering Storm for the massive scaling, and I'd be indecisive on taking Ultimate Hat. On Cait, where her ult really isn't the best (she will almost always do more damage by just auto attacking, it's only useful to execute or ward off a foe), I'd take Celerity (faster movement speed, 8% of BONUS ms added to your AD/AP), Manaflow Band (every minute your next spell is free and restores 10% of your total mana or energy), or Nullifying Orb (get a Hexdrinker shield that scales with .15 AD or .1 AP). For Ashe I'd definitely take the Hat over all else, and similar champs should be built likewise.
Márton Pintér (10 months ago)
8:10 every tre gives u 12%, except inspiration, which gives u 18
Tzanax (10 months ago)
Hello Phy. I would like to hear your thoughts mid and support runes. Please and thank you :)
Allan Mathias (10 months ago)
Hey Phy, I'm switching from support to adc. Any good hints for someone starting to play adc?(Playing mostly Cait, Ashe/Varus, MF.)
KalmKənt (10 months ago)
Does anyone think ghost poro would be good on a pushing lane bullies? (Cait, Draven, Graves [These changes could make him meta bot, doubt it tho]) You put a ghost poro in their red/blue bush or krug/gromp bush (depending on the jungler and their gank/pathing. Then alternate adc/supp wards and scuttle for scuttle bush and river vision. This would give you immaculate vision of any gank or roam way ahead of time and not give any negatives. I think this would be really affective on roaming supports like Bard, Morg, Thresh, Blitz, Alistar, and Rakan--they can drop a ghost poro without losing farm or drawing suspicion. Also supports can now start with two red wards which is pretty op, op.This can be put in river bush as a last ditch ward if you have control over river or u the lane bully can buy the pinks for yourself
Jerry WINDING Jr. (10 months ago)
Hit me up with that support runes
Deadly beauty (10 months ago)
look here best support karma build http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8400-8436?build=31221223
Cameron Tranbarger (10 months ago)
@Phylol Any particular reason for you not thinking inspiration -> biscuits and boots would be worth? it effectively saves you 500 gold which seems fairly strong, I mean yeah it doesnt bump your damage or anything but it does get you to your items quicker plus an additional bump to the attack speed from inspiration secondary?
LiveXtube (10 months ago)
man thank you so much. i dindt know that we can see/and get an idea of the new runes xd
Rynq Is (10 months ago)
Kim Moberg (10 months ago)
No robots -_-!... If your changing catchphrases you need to figure something equally cool out.
Joe Casanova (10 months ago)
Depending on the clause for the 8% dmg bonus, i can see "cut down" being abused by champs with low hp pools or squishy burst champs building more dmg and less hp just to get the proc. 8% is a fucking lot, just think the current mastery % dmg modifiers require fairly difficult clauses, (rev up time, unique kills, taking extra dmg) and u only get like 5% tops. However, its not hard to hav a lower hp pool than ur opponent. Id really like for them to clarify the prerequisites for the 8% gain.
Kyle Dela Cruz (10 months ago)
predetor could work on vayne by just buying 300 gold she instantly gets the shard passive or watever
Andy Taplin (10 months ago)
what's good for draven?
Alex Brewer (10 months ago)
Jan Wanders (10 months ago)
With all the AS you can get without the Keystones, without the activation of the Keystone, Jinx with Boots, PD and Hurricane hits 2.556, with Boots, PD and Rapidfire Cannon 2.463. So with your standard build, you won't reach the AS cap on most ADCs. So in most cases, going for the maximum amount of AS from Runes won't hurt, since you'll almost always get the full value out of it, even without Lethal Tempo. Currently, if you have Lethal Tempo as Keystone, your AS Cap is removed completely, even when it is on cooldown. If they keep it this way, Lethal Tempo might be too strong on Champs like Kog'Maw, buffed by a Lulu and a Nunu. Edit: Riot removing the ability to get 20% CDR from runes really stops Kayle from going for the Nashors -> full AS Build, because you'll be forced to get another CDR Item to reach a permanent E uptime.
daniel crosby (10 months ago)
do top plz
YN Talented (10 months ago)
Do jungle
Jimmy Lynch (10 months ago)
Do a top video plsssss
Eslam Sabry (10 months ago)
What is the first server where the update is downloaded
Diogo Rebelo (10 months ago)
Does anyone know if lifestealing works on OverHeal? Does it give you a shield aswell? Literaly, like bloodthirster or does it only work when healed from other champions?
MrJem444 (10 months ago)
God... kayn, warwick... i'm having chills.
Diogo Rebelo (10 months ago)
Maki Tang thank you, my doubt was on the fact that if it really works thats undoubtubly 1 of thw strongest new runes... for an adc its something like a 200/300 health shield on top of the possible bloodthirster 150 more
Maki Tang (10 months ago)
Diogo Rebelo pretty sure it would work
FoenixSC (10 months ago)
Do juggle
TheLordPresident (10 months ago)
A little pissed that you keep saying "for free" I mean, this is replacing runes and masteries next season, so it's not like you're getting additional AS after runes. If you think about standard runes for ADC right now, you get 13.5% anyway. This is reducing that amount, not significantly, but it's certainly not "free" yknow? The attack speed is not that wild, and it's definitely not gonna be too much, considering that the keystones makes it so you go over the limit.
benack (10 months ago)
K0ragg agree
K0ragg (10 months ago)
12% is close to 13.5%, not to mention you can have 18% from inspiration. It also builds up with that legend alacrity, so it's fine. What you really lack is ya know, armor, mr and flat AD for a while. Or extra AS instead of MR but eh.
Eclipse (10 months ago)
I would appreciate a mid lane and top lane video. I have a rough idea for some characters but I'd still like to see your reasoning
Xynithos (10 months ago)
If im not mistaken you can dodge the comet so it's not that useful on m.f you would be better of with the new thunder lords if you're looking for burst.
Neon Tiger (10 months ago)
can u do a jg video?
BerkoRoo (10 months ago)
Pls do a mid lane guide......if that makes sense.....😉
Anthony Segura (10 months ago)
Support plox!!
Sombrero (10 months ago)
The damager after dash will make Yasuo even more annoying
Noah Swank (10 months ago)
Please make a support video!! (I main thresh so please do some geared towards all supports not just ardent rushers)
Jenni Nguyen (10 months ago)
Make a support version!!
Shahaji (10 months ago)
So we basically lose the flat armor/ad/mr we got from runes?
Shahaji (10 months ago)
K0ragg yeah that would be necessary else mage supports would ruin the early game
K0ragg (10 months ago)
Yep. Not to mention flat hp or scaling HP. Exception being if you go into the resolve tank tree or w/e. That gives you some flat hp. But Riot said they'll give champions compensation stats in return so idk.
tizio caio (10 months ago)
the frist one for adc is the best without discussion, also, lol is ruined pretty much
Senryu Sama (10 months ago)
Any info about some kind of compensation for all the stats we'll be losing from runes? I fear even lasthitting will be a pain in the ass without runes...
TheShadow Slayer (10 months ago)
Senryu Sama riot has said many times all champions are getting stat changes to compensate
Felix Dubis Wolf (10 months ago)
I'm mid main, off role ADC so a mid lane video would be great <3
Michael Kenshin Mendoza (10 months ago)
I think phylol is cute lmao
Wrath In HD (10 months ago)
Lethal tempo allows us to exceed attack speed limit temporarily :DDDDD Vayne mains rejoice
R.I.P Adc 2k17 meme, now we will carry :D
John Spirou (10 months ago)
The rune that slows would be amazing at Kalista or even Jhin.
Mango Juice (10 months ago)
Psh. It's obvious that the only keystone for Jhin will be Phase Rush.
Siraphon (10 months ago)
Taking Inspiration as splash gives you 18% attack speed instead of 12% with the other secondaries. Worth looking into as a potential candidate outside of "cheesing".
Hexo Helium (10 months ago)
Bro these new keystones on aotrox
Teadat (10 months ago)
The damage after dash gonna be bomb on kalista
Scott_33 (8 months ago)
It Works, and it lasts 5 sec but Cd 4 sec. Rly good with kalista
Rusty Shackelford (9 months ago)
They never ban nasus in high elo,galio is banned often but he cant solo carry games like riven
alex (9 months ago)
well yes but they're one tricks, trust me i don't like playing against her but i'd still rather have a nasus nerf or a galio nerf than a riv nerf
Rusty Shackelford (9 months ago)
There are many chellenger riven mains even in korea she is op ,she has everything mobility burst damage strong lanin phase scales hard into late game,one of the best champions to main for sure
alex (9 months ago)
thats only if she can snowball tbh, like yeah her kit is pretty toxic but i don't think riven will ever be top tier
Noel Håkansson (10 months ago)
do mid plz ;D
DutchGhostRider (10 months ago)
Heh why are you so autistic???
Mango Juice (10 months ago)
Heh why are you still here then???
Nathan (10 months ago)
Do mid lane pls
Nathan (10 months ago)
Mango Juice it's always better to have someone who knows what they're doing to help you, especially if you're relatively new to the game
Mango Juice (10 months ago)
Why won't ya'll guys just figure it out yourself like come on riot released this rune tool thingy for you not only for youtubers to do stuff for you REE
irusvind (10 months ago)
Do top please.
Nobieone (10 months ago)
id like to see ur thoughts on all the lanes
Paradoksi (10 months ago)
you're my favorite Youtuber, just thought I'd throw this your way :) also I'm actually surprised, people started moaning about the summoner spell keystone before release but turns out, it probably won't even be viable on most champions. Really interested to see this new system in action and how it will change the way different champions are played. :D
Muizz Thakur (10 months ago)
Do one for top too
jon kane (10 months ago)
Yes adc meta fuck ya i see it now
Paul Wheeler (10 months ago)
Thanks dude !
Joseph Huffman (10 months ago)
I would appreciate if you did a video looking more at top lane sometime since most of those runes weren’t really covered in the adc video.
justin zeng (10 months ago)
Support! Version
Damon Beeby (10 months ago)
Here, http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8200-8214?build=20110316 carry on young fellow..
vetleice39 (10 months ago)
Definitely gonna play predator Blitzcrank. Free rightsous glory, just channel in a bush.
Brad (10 months ago)
do the rest of the roles pls
Phy I think you are mistaken on the sums swapping mastery. If you change your sum and the spell was on cd, then the next sum will keep that cd. So if a vayne loses heal or flash in laning phase she will have to trade the other spell for tp which makes her more vaunerable.
K0ragg (10 months ago)
Yep, that keystone is garbage.
Parzival Marethyu (10 months ago)
OMG THEY LEAKED THE LAST INSPIRATION KEYSTONE Look at the pictures of the trees at the start. The center of each obelisk-like structure shows the keystone, like the Resolve one has Grasp of the Undying shown. BUT THE INSPIRATION ONE IS NOT ONE OF THE TWO REVEALED ONES!!!
Wilhelm Gustavsson (10 months ago)
linda lohan (10 months ago)
that attack speed one will be sooooo op on kalista
Elias Wolfer (10 months ago)
Great info, thanks man
bf kgf (10 months ago)
Press the attack is a shittier fervor.
Mango Juice (10 months ago)
It's fervor on steroids imo. Imagine it in early game, laning phase when you don't really switch targets. You're gonna be getting way way way more ad from Press the Attack than from Fervor once you get the stacks going. And since you don't have the stack cap, you'll eventualy get to the point where it gives you more ad than Fervor even when you've switched targets.
Levente Nagy (10 months ago)
bf kgf I would say its better in some way but not for adc-s imo

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