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What Do I Prepare for my Boys Lunchbox and Snacks | Bhavna's Kitchen Live Stream

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Many of you have been asking what do I give to my boys in their everyday school lunchbox and so thought of giving ideas.
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Text Comments (23)
Simi Kaur (2 days ago)
Hello dear bhavna, the video is all black accept 0:59-1:27
Bhavna's Kitchen (1 day ago)
I have removed this video but not sure why it is still available
Raymond Austin (23 days ago)
black screen and without sound
Bhavna's Kitchen (23 days ago)
I deleted the video, not sure why still showing
Loving THE LIFE (25 days ago)
madhu jain (27 days ago)
I am seeing a blank screen with no voice
If your seeing this the screen is black
Bhavna's Kitchen (27 days ago)
This video supposed to be private but not sure why people are still able to see it. I am just trying to learn live streaming and was trying to test..
Naz Dollz (27 days ago)
Yeah mines is black too
Omkaar (27 days ago)
Bhavna hates me. Im the most annoying commenter here... and thats on purpose lol
Omkaar (27 days ago)
and i eat a bowl full of vegetables with flatbread. i dont even take lunch to school. i come home and eat it at 2:30
Cat Lover (27 days ago)
Get lost bhavna
vaiduvaidehi (27 days ago)
Bhavna, Can't see the video..Can you please upload again?
Geeta Malu (27 days ago)
Yes screen is black
Erich Beer (27 days ago)
Most of the time the screen is black and there is no sound - not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this.
bluesunnyday (27 days ago)
Yes. Blank black screen
Me to
Sarah Schladitz (27 days ago)
Erich Beer same
emmy snowwhite (27 days ago)
Same thing for me!!
Zakir Husen Shaikh (27 days ago)
Erich Beer same here
BANJO (27 days ago)
Hi Good Keep it up Good work
kirthigha Sridhar (27 days ago)
Mam good one thanks

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