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My Ex Called Me Drunk

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My Ex Called Me Drunk More and more people are derailed or confused in their breakup recovery because of an ex calling them intoxicated and acting completely different than they have been when for the past few days, weeks or even months after a breakup. So many people that we coach have been reaching out to us saying something along the lines of “ my ex called me drunk and said they loved me what should I do?” In can be a tricky situation to handle because on the one end you feel good about finally getting some positive emotions from your ex significant other but at the same time you don’t want to put too much stock late nights drunk calls. That’s why we felt that this video was relevant, it can provide you with context to ensure that you don’t get manipulated or blamed for your exes behavior…and potentially regain the upper hand in the process. = = = Our Mission is to help people find happiness in love, and to provide individuals and couples with the communication tools and relevant techniques to be together in healthy sustainable relationships. Over the years we have helped people in all types of breakups successfully get back together, and I highly encourage you to look into out how we’ve been so successful… - When The One You Love Is Already Dating Someone Else (It’s Still Possible To Get Back Together): https://www.withmyexagain.com/someone-else-private-page/ - If You Are Coming Out Of A Short Term Relationships (Dated 1 Year Or Less): https://www.withmyexagain.com/short-term-private-page/ - To Discover Our Radio Silence Technique (No Contact That Actually Works) : https://www.withmyexagain.com/radio-silence-private-page/ - And Why Writing The Perfect Handwritten Letter Could Be The Way To Get Back Together Quickly: https://www.withmyexagain.com/letter-private-page/ Our experts have also created a results focused 10 step plan to get back with your significant other quickly if you were together for a long time (Or If you were married or engaged): - How To Get Him Back: https://www.withmyexagain.com/product/how-to-get-him-back/ - How To Get Her Back: https://www.withmyexagain.com/product/how-to-get-her-back/ We also offer one on one Private Coaching Sessions for individuals who are interested in speeding up the process of breakup recovery and get back together with the person they love quickly by letting our experts do the work: - Private Coaching Sessions With Our Experts: https://www.withmyexagain.com/coaching/ It would truly be our pleasure to help you be and with the one you love, as always keep fighting the good fight and I wish you all the very best. Sincerely, Coach Adrian & Coach Natalie Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Relationship Experts from https://www.withmyexagain.com = = = Subscribe To Love Advice TV Here To Get Our FREE Daily Videos : https://www.youtube.com/c/withmyexagain = = = Relevant for: my ex called me drunk ; my ex girlfriend drunk dialed me ; why do guys drunk dial exes ; if she calls you when shes drunk ; drunk calling ex girlfriend ; what does it mean when my ex drunk dials me ; ex called me drunk after 3 months ; what does it mean when he drunk dials me ; ex girlfriend drunk called me ; drunk dialing ; ex ; ex boyfriend ; get ex back ; get your ex back ; my ex girlfriend drunk dialed me ; when your ex boyfriend calls you drunk ; when your ex girlfriend calls you drunk ; breakup
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sly fly (2 months ago)
my ex did this last night, i didnt answer because my phone was on silent , but this is a pattern that she seems to be stuck in , even the first time she dumped me (second time now) she did the same things. she called me like 5 times at 3 in the morning, left me 2 voice males and like 6 texts telling me to come get her, when i asked her what was going on in the morning, she acted like it was an accident and didnt mean to call me , lol wtf
Saharafox (3 days ago)
Poor bastard
Zelda 194 (3 months ago)
He was drunk and I was drunk so I answered and text back OMG what a mess lmao. If I was sober I wouldn’t have answered fml
Love Advice TV (3 months ago)
Hey Zelda 194, it happens and its ok! The important thing is that you do not beat yourself up for your mistakes, learn from them, and move forward - Coach Natalie
Rolita022 (3 months ago)
Thanks for the advice 🙌🏻 si useful
Khadisha Tursyngazy (4 months ago)
I wish I have watched this video earlier. I just came home after meeting my ex drunk. Did I make a mistake? What shall I do now?
Love Advice TV (4 months ago)
It's ok. Now we start from the beginning :) Coach Samira
Jj Bay (7 months ago)
What if I missed the call and I called back in accident? Then she texts me saying forget about it. It doesn’t matter anyways?
Avzea (6 months ago)
Jj Bay I got the same problem🤦🏻‍♂️
David Berrios (8 months ago)
1:16 this moment made me smile ☺
BENJVMIN (8 months ago)
My ex drunk called me, I ignored 4 times. Then said 'ok then'. Then said 'it's important' like 10 minutes later. I answered when I was called again because of this. Yet, nothing was said. It was another 'hi how are you, wuu2'. LITERALLY. What should I do? I told them to not call again. I want to get back together ideally, but over time I am leaning towards not getting back together. It's not the first time this has happened either exactly a week of of no contact and since breakup. I've had 3 calls, I answered the first 2. But ignored this batch, and calls it 'important' just to get me to answer... for real. The second call was pretty hurtful and selfish, so I cut off this third one short too.
Nakesha King (9 months ago)
Cuz a friend of mine's watches you guys they asked me if I have YouTube on my phone I told him no so they told me what to do and download it and then you guys are the first I'm watching on YouTube
Nakesha King (9 months ago)
Coaches he all on point about everything you guys are saying when he's drunk he reached out to me I didn't listen now we're going through this breakup or so-called called Break Up Now I drunk dialed him curse him out on his girlfriend at the time now I feel stupid and Ludacris wake up the next morning saying what I did I that down my guard and I would like to reach out to you guys privately but I don't know how is it Anyway I get inbox you just getting into the YouTube channel
Shubhankar Kadvekar (1 year ago)
Can you tell what does it mean when my ex make contact me & after 2 days there's no sign of contact & then again contact me through 3 different communication mean..?? & She contact & tires to meet my best friends..??
MasterManiac (1 year ago)
Hello there.... I really need your help with my situation. So me and my ex girlfriend broke up 2 months ago and from that day onwards, I've been continuously begging and pleading her to come back(even though I knew it was wrong) and I failed every time. Actually, I started no contact a month ago and in a weeks time, my ex broke down and came to talk and I also know that she always cried in school as she missed me. I gave her a love letter and she was quite excited and wanted to surprise me on the 31st of December by proposing me!(yea i came to know). But idk what happened.... A week ago she told me that she was gaining interest and wanted to come back but again lost her interest. I tried convincing her even today but it didn't work. She said that she is happy that I've changed (cuz i used to get angry and fight with her a lot) but she doesn't want to be in a relationship..... But she wants to be friends because she shares everything with me. I've started no contact today after that moment by telling her goodbye but i Don't think this situation is salvageable. Please help!
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello MasterManic, At this moment establishing a friendship is critical. In order to show your change, she can see this when you have a friendship and this will possibly change her mind. Best, Coach Natalie
Serendipity (1 year ago)
Hello Nat and Adrian, i’ve been watching your video constantly, i look up to you thank you for sharing your knowledge!. November 26th my boyfriend of 11 months (of living together and he asked me to marry him) told me it was better if we took a break. It had been a tough few month because he was overly stressed with work, his cousin died of cancer and his father had to go through surgery. My father also had a bad accident and I was struggling finding “my perfect job” (i’m a doctor, he’s a project manager engeneer). I saw him getting further and further away from me and I became so insecure I became needy and a crybaby. He told me it was better for now if I went back to my parents’ and we took a break, that he couldn’t say he doesn’t love me and he will wait for me, but I need to be independent and realize I don’t need him to be happy “because he could die under a bus tomorrow and i wouldn’t know what to do”.he thinks I was too sad when he was away all september and october in serbia for work and he felt guilty I was always there home waiting for him to come home. I worked hard those months but he wasn’t there to see. I think my heart broke. The next days I only replied to his few texts and for three weeks we didn’t contact eachother at all. Of course on christmas eve (our first anniversary) he sent me a text at 8 pm where he says he thinks about me a lot, he wishes the things had gone differently and merry christmas. I debated whether or not reply, at 1 am i responded “best wishes to you and your beautiful family!” And i got a “how are you? I have to give you back a lot of your stuff” “like what?” “Like presents and things you forgot” “sure, as you wish” “if you’d like we could meet tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or in january when i come back from my new years eve trip”. I almost passed out, cried all night and never replied. I felt like he wanted me out of his life forever and as quick as possible. The next day I thought it could be an easy way to see me without exposing himself too much but I didn’t feel ready to meet him, i would have crushed in front of him and didn’t feel like i had that much of a change to offer. So I didn’t reply. These days three of the best plastic surgery clinics i applied for in Milan called me back saying they want me working there, i went back to the gym with the goal of learning how to run and started a spanish course (he’s half spanish, but not entirely for that reason). I came closer with old friends. I began loving myself again. But there’s this empty spot right in the middle of my heart. What should I do next? What’s the plan? Excuse my English, i’m Italian and pretty emotional right now. Best wishes, Serena
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello Serendipity, Spending time with yourself for personal development is important with getting in tune with your emotions. Also, being social and keeping busy is key. Remember to stay positive and confident. You know what you deserve and never settle for anything less. Best, Coach Natalie
Sophia G. (1 year ago)
In 2016 I had in a long distance relationship for a few months, I try to recover her for 6 months without good advice for my ex coach, now she dont want talk to me because we havent a relationship anymore. And she love her ex, but she single now. What can I do? I think we have a future with a good things. Please,help. I dont want move on.
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello Sophia, I believe this may help. https://www.withmyexagain.com/audio-ressources/ Best, Coach Natalie
Bryans Art (1 year ago)
hello, I have one question. I talked to my ex on Sunday. I was kinda surprised that she was really open to me. she told me everything was going on in her life. when I didn't ask about it. she it's struggling and going trough hard times. should I tell her that I'm there for her. should I talk to her and comfort her? she was crying. i feel she was telling me this so i understand her and be there for her?? what should I do? how do I attract her without making look like a friend. I want to make her feel good around me and feel the spark.
Bryans Art (1 year ago)
Love Advice TV thank you for your reply. is it bad idea to offer economic help? it seems she is in bad economy
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello Bryans Art, Yes, you can support her with encouragement and develop a friendship so you have a solid foundation to start from again. Best, Coach Natalie
Anthony Fuentes (1 year ago)
Hi coach Adrian I listen to every video that you guys post, I wanted to ask you if you would make a video on "my girlfriend came over to my house drunk and we had sex on Christmas Day" when I was on no contact. My ex-girlfriend is so confusing I don't know what to do she ignores my text messages but yet reaches out to me when she wants or stop by the house to check on me what do I do?
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello Anthony, We have something now on this topic. https://youtu.be/QrBGe5GHg4Y Best, Coach Natalie
Twinietwin G (1 year ago)
Can you please do a video on "Im speaking to my ex again...now what?"
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello twinietwin, Yes, we have one in our videos please feel free to search. We can do another one soon next year. Best, Coach Adrian
maryem benslimene (1 year ago)
Hello coachs! Thanks a lot for your efforts ❤ But should I show my ex that I am still interested about him without saying it or just pretend that I am not at all? Knowing that the no contact period worked so well and we are friends now and our friendship is so good but he is dating someone else.
maryem benslimene (1 year ago)
It's since 3 months that we rebuilt our friendship. Sometimes I catch him looking at me in class, he makes jokes and try to make me laugh me, he asks me about my life and my interests, he doesn't show any resistance if i touch him... And I am sure that he noticed my change. So yeah there are so many signs show that he still care about me but maybe he thinks that I moved on and forgot about him. What do you think coach? What should I do exactly?
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello Maryem, It seems like there was a spark of seduction that is lost. I would start lightly flirting again with him and see where it goes. Best, Coach Natalie
gina villagomez (1 year ago)
What happened if i did the drunk call?
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello Gina, Here is some insight on that topic. https://youtu.be/QrBGe5GHg4Y Best, Coach Adrian
Hassan Shah (1 year ago)
Haha these new video thumbnails should go on Instagram, very classy
J P (1 year ago)
I’ve been watching you guys for a few months now and you gave me so much hope that things would have gotten better. Unfortunately my ex has another gf and now they are having a baby. How do you get past news like this..
Austin Boden (9 months ago)
Go out and start dating to get him off your mind and meet new people
Love Advice TV (1 year ago)
Hello Jenny, News like this I know can be very difficult. I believe the best thing for you to do is to move forward with your life and continue to focus on you. Best, Coach Natalie

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