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Types of Lolita [The Secret Life of the Lolita: Part 3]

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Part 3 of The Secret Life of the Lolita, exploring the many different substyles of lolita seen throughout the world. If you want us to continue making lolita videos then contribute to our Patreon (even as little as $1 helps!) - http://www.patreon.com/deerstalkerpictures Follow Deerstalker Pictures! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deerstalker-Pictures/228119627302181 Tumblr: http://deerstalkerpictures.tumblr.com/ deviantART: http://deerstalkerpictures.deviantart.com/ Storenvy: http://deerstalkerpictures.storenvy.com/ FEATURING Milkyfawn - http://milkyfawn.blogspot.com.au/ Maya - https://www.facebook.com/mayaderp Anna-chan - http://vikingfreya.tumblr.com/ The Teal Maiden - https://www.facebook.com/TheTealMaiden Meguu - http://www.harajukudollhouse.com/ Hehalana - https://www.facebook.com/AlanaHehalana SPECIAL THANKS Aritifical Sweetener - https://www.facebook.com/ArtificialSweetenerCosmetics Rouge Aerie Designs - https://www.facebook.com/RougeAerie "Boimortier, Suite op. 35 no. 2 in G," and "13," by querflote - https://soundcloud.com/querflote, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 "Silvers Circus" by Michael Coghlan - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/2518836880/in/photostream/ Sound effects from freesfx.org
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Text Comments (599)
0:55 Me
Chris Tribble (3 months ago)
I promise you they're not animals
Hi Hi (3 months ago)
I‘m watching this while eating chips
Lonnie N Nate (3 months ago)
What about the gamer nerd lolita? Is there such of a thing? :o
Yû Euphoria (3 months ago)
No ! XD But some of the substyles in the video are just jokes! XDDDD
izzy s. (4 months ago)
I do mild gothic-leta and thinking of trying gore-leta soon
I’m vintage Lolita but I wanna be a sweet lolita
challenge accepted (4 months ago)
Can I be the crazy cat one?
Wit Beyond Measure (4 months ago)
Okay I’m definitely sweet but that circus and witch I need hem both right now
Lilly P (4 months ago)
Are they all real types?
prissou lalicorne (5 months ago)
c'est vrai que j'aime beaucoup ce style mais j'aurais vite marre d'en porter en quelques secondes et d'autres styles et en plus avec les manières lolita je trouve sa exagérer quand même
Felina Maes (5 months ago)
Need more secret life!!!!
Katherine Terria (7 months ago)
Me too hobolita me too
Chloe (8 months ago)
I want to be a crazy cat lady Lolita please
Crio (9 months ago)
I too am a hobo-lita
Pixel Alicorn (10 months ago)
Lolita fashion has been around since 2002 :/
Pixel Alicorn (10 months ago)
somebody must help that man.
Creamy Unicorn (10 months ago)
I am the Sailor Moon xD
Blauteas Love (10 months ago)
I feel bad for the people who's parents are so disapproving. My parents just gave up and excepted the fact that I'm weird and love me for it. They do always ask where I came from though 😂
Melon Bread (10 months ago)
No Wa, Qui or Punk?
Yû Euphoria (3 months ago)
I guess they didn't have the appropriate clothes to illustrate the styles. :D
Epi Endless (11 months ago)
Wot, no Steampunk Lolita? (A Lolita's mother informed me that Steampunk Lolita is definitely Not A Thing. Naturally, it was Full Steam Ahead on the sewing machine. ;-) )
JT Wei (11 months ago)
You forgot gamer
E Campbell (11 months ago)
I want to be a lolita with all my heart. It would truly make me happy. But, it's too expensive, and I dont have a job XD
MidnightStar (1 year ago)
Can male be Lolita’s since there are drag queens
Captain Jack Sparrow (1 year ago)
Uuuuugh the itas. Cat accessories do NOT look good with lolita. You'd have to be a full on expert to pull it off. >_>
†Andysixxsbatman† (1 year ago)
I am Gothic lolita but my mom forces me to be sweet lolita. Actually I am more vintage lolita...👀
Leah and Aniyah (1 year ago)
Also gloomy bear
Leah and Aniyah (1 year ago)
I'm sweet.
Chelsea (1 year ago)
The vintage is gorgeous!
Viola Rose (1 year ago)
Omg I can't 😂😂😂😂😂
Christina (1 year ago)
Snow White is fucking beautiful
Neo Julian (1 year ago)
I really like alice
Stephanie S (1 year ago)
Hobolita 😂😂
Welma Talento (1 year ago)
They forgot gothic lolita
Deerstalker Pictures (1 year ago)
kathreath1 (1 year ago)
What's the name of her bunny hood? I need it! lmao
Itz._. Gia (1 year ago)
Skellexis (1 year ago)
Gangsta-lita 😂
napsloads (1 year ago)
Still love that narrative.
shookedsincebirth (1 year ago)
Cuddles Yume (1 year ago)
hobo lita is me
Lily (1 year ago)
the voice over was like "ita.... We don't talk about this one"
SailorNina (1 year ago)
I started laughing when I saw gangster rapper
Sophia PH (1 year ago)
Follow me on IG, I do super kawaii art ;3 https://www.instagram.com/sophia.wuasabi/
Gurolita FTW
Chelsea Co (1 year ago)
What about hime!!!
후옌봄[박우담] (2 years ago)
Emily the Art Kid (2 years ago)
1:36 lol
StrawberryJelly96 (2 years ago)
i'm the escape convict lolita
Megan Sofly (2 years ago)
cute vid
uncle ben (2 years ago)
this is the most confused I've been all day and I loved it
Michael McCartan (2 years ago)
I ❤ the gloomy bear haha
вlυυ яαввιт (2 years ago)
Circus or Military Lolita for me
Debbie Buckland (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who loved brolita?
Jungkookoo_bts (2 years ago)
My Types Are: Sweet, Sailor and Maid :33
sasutomato (2 years ago)
I want to be a biker lolita
Ciel Antoinette (10 months ago)
kawaii motherfucker
Aurora Aurora (2 years ago)
then get one, follow your dreams
sasutomato (2 years ago)
Aurora Aurora (2 years ago)
Then be one, follow your dreams
Annabel Hearts (2 years ago)
I have an important question How old are you guys cause I'm being told I'm getting too old to cosplay I'm almost in my 20's and it's what I love
Annabel Hearts (2 years ago)
right forgot Lolita's hate to be called cosplay I shouldn't have said that and your right thanks for the response
silk screens (2 years ago)
I've been a fan of Lolita for a really long time, and seeing as today I ordered my very first Lolita dress (the seawinds whirring op by dear Celine) I wanted to rewatch this series. It's just as funny as I remember it! Thank you Deerstalker for this awesome video series :-)
Rie (2 years ago)
Man it was so good
Connieee (2 years ago)
Omg I'm totally the hover lolly lol
Mrs. Arthur Morgan (2 years ago)
Shady depiction of handmade, especially considering the level of skill many handmade Lolitas have, including myself! 😒😏
DragonBat362 (2 years ago)
Ero Lolitias still wear undergarments, right? Some of the pics I've seen on the Internet show Lolitias with skirts WAY too small to be hiding a pair of bloomers. Not being perverted. I just really respect your fashion's emphasis on modesty (great message for girls) and I'd hate to see it contradicted or ruined. Frankly, crouchless garter belts don't seem like something a Lolitia would invest in.
DragonBat362 (2 years ago)
+fleshmaidengirl Sorry about the word mix-up. I always meant no undies, that's the reason I used "undergarments" in my initial post. I shouldn't have used bloomers.
fleshmaidengirl (2 years ago)
So you mean no undies instead of no bloomers? No, I highly doubt they're is any lolita, not even ero, who does that. Keep in mind that the bloomers you see lolita wear are not their ACTUAL underwear. The blouse and bloomers go on top of your regular underwear. So even IF an ero lolita would have no room for bloomers (doubt it, it's not hard to get a hold of short bloomers), she wouldn't go commando. I'd figure in that case she'd even wear safety shorts as to not flash her underwear if her skirt goes haywire. Do keep in mind that ero not is an easy substyle to pull off correctly. It's likely that not all pictures you've seen are 'proper' ero lolitas. Some pics get the tag ero because certain elements look lolitalike, and there are always those few who use ero as an excuse to call an outfit with a miniskirt a lolita coord. Mana Sama, creator of Moi Même Moitié, has a few coords that are the perfect example of ero lolita done right.
DragonBat362 (2 years ago)
+fleshmaidengirl So do some Ero Lolitas actually go commando (no undies)? Does the variation still require proper undies? The pics I've seen would suggest otherwise. Look, if you want to free bird or whatever the term is, that's fine. It's your own choice. But then why invest in and call yourself a member of a fashion that focuses on modesty? I know it must seem weird to hear someone (much less a guy) asking about this, but I'm honestly still trying to understand the Japanese and their views of sexuality and stuff. That's partially the reason I found this fashion trend to be refreshing.
fleshmaidengirl (2 years ago)
As far as I know, ero lolitas indeed show a bit more skin (shorter skirt, maybe a bit of cleavage) and/or their coord consists of more 'fetishy' items like pvc pieces, corsets, visible garters, etc ... Everyone has their own definition but generally it's agreed that even ero lolitas shouldn't have skirts that are too short because as you said, it would lose too much of the lolita aesthetic. The ''best' ero lolitas out there usually wear skirts that are only a few inches shorter than regular lolitas. So yes, they can still wear bloomers in that case.
Eris Juliet (2 years ago)
brolita! lol :D
Baby Doll (2 years ago)
ivancho (2 years ago)
jajaja el tipo que muere al final parece que lo disfruta.
xXPorcelinxxRoseXx (2 years ago)
Favorite styles: Vintage, Circus, Country, Classic, Alice in wonderland (what got me into old fashioned styles in general) Love lolita fashion hopefully I can make a wore drobe soon
drygen (2 years ago)
The military vintage and snow white have my heart
Drink Bleach (2 years ago)
I guess im sweet and classic Lolita but im just starting sooooo XD
Energetic Nova (2 years ago)
:/ What is with this channel's OBSESSION with labeling that style "ita"? She is miss congeniality as far as I am concerned. She is who I would want to be friends with. She probably wouldn't be judgmental to someone joining. She would be introducing the new person to everyone. She would bond quickly to the newbie and help her develop armor so that way the newbie can freely express themselves how they wanted to do lolita and not how these other people THINK the new person should be doing lolita. If the new person eventually falls into a category, cool, but if she doesn't - also cool. I can't even tell what makes that girl "ita" to you. Does she think that outfit is ita? I think that outfit is cute. I think she is cute. I like that she likes cats and I like that I can tell that. I like that she dares to be different in a world that wants to judge her. And Lolitas are different but often they care way too much about what the other lolitas say to them or about them. Maybe someday she will get that Enchantilly cat dress she has been dreaming of and continue to be different. She doesn't care that their dresses are 100% polyester. She wants that cute cat print. Or maybe she would look cute with those ears in Dream of Lolita Alice and Black Cat Print (it is also cheaper and 100% cotton). She can wear what she wants. Whatever she feels cute in. :)
DEVILYCH (2 years ago)
Whatever you think, the fashion still has it's rules. If you don't follow them, you're doing it wrong, and you must face it. By the way, this girl was only playing the role of "ita", they dressed her as ridiculously as possible for comedic purpose. She actually has a very decent wardrobe, this shitty replica that she's wearing is not a part of it.
GwynethMitchell (3 years ago)
I have a question for the more experienced lolita out there. I am very new to lolita, and I am trying really hard to avoid the "Ita" faze. Are replicas ok? I want to purchase a replica of angelic pretty's castle mirage, but I don't know the lolita rules regarding them. Help would be greatly appreciated.
DEVILYCH (2 years ago)
Doromoro Lolita can be expensive, but usually the quality worth it.
Mrs. Arthur Morgan (2 years ago)
As a designer, I'll put it to you like this: Imagine you are an inventor. You and your very small team of assistants spend years developing your invention, working very hard to make it well. Finally, you are able to put it out on the market. Now imagine some random factory started putting out your product also, obviously without your permission. What's more, their product is cheaper, making it more attractive to consumers who cut corners. You and your team did all that hard work only for someone to come along and steal your work and your profits. Think about it from that perspective. Besides, there are tons of nice dresses that are cheaper and good quality. Don't be obsessed with brand. That'll be your first mistake.
Energetic Nova (2 years ago)
>.> it is better to make your own or just buy from an lesser known brand. :) I don't like art theft myself.
Man... I really don't want to be an ita... I don't want to look horrible...
MountainRain (2 years ago)
holy crap what's wrong?! XD
+kawaii Sparkle wait... What did I say?
kawaii Sparkle (2 years ago)
You're fucking opinion dumbass
Beauty Craft Random (3 years ago)
St. Evremonde VonWare (3 years ago)
Lol I loved the biker jacket "Kawaii As Fuck" xD
St. Evremonde VonWare (3 years ago)
Lol I loved the biker jacket "Kawaii As Fuck" xD
Thomas L (3 years ago)
Brolita is actually cross dressing males, it's nasty.
nerdybookluv (2 years ago)
+mystuffedpanda * That is okay, you can think whatever you want. Personally, I believe that no one should be dictated by social norms. As long as they aren't doing anything illegal I don't care how they dress or what's their hobby.
nerdybookluv (3 years ago)
That's a bit harsh
Honey Bunny (3 years ago)
gloomy bear cord was <33
"...Ita" LOL omg best part
Victoria Sherman (3 years ago)
Out of curiosity, where did you get that Rilakuma head?
How could you forget Oldschool?
BayBee N (3 years ago)
the treeth omg
Hailen Ace (3 years ago)
steampunk lolita? :(
LadyOdow (3 years ago)
I just hope this wont end up on national TV people are going to believe it's true haha
shesweak (3 years ago)
2:01 she's pretty and I'm jealous
Cabitsuchild (3 years ago)
They are all so cute!!!!
Peachy Fe3ls (3 years ago)
this was amazing XD!!!!
Rosie (3 years ago)
Brolita 😂😂
Irrri Descence (3 years ago)
this is amazing
Marcel Edel (3 years ago)
What about Steampunk Lolita?
MountainRain (2 years ago)
steampunk lolita was the first style i ever saw, so I still consider it a style. Besides, the video wasn't exactly going by official styles :P "gangster rapper lolita"
Mona Melendy (3 years ago)
+Marcel Edel Steampunk is not considered a substyle of lolita, rather it is a niche way of accessorizing or styling. It is not as popular because a) steampunk is not as popular in Japan where many brands are located and b) it can easily become costumey in a bad way. Occasionally there is some crossover due to both styles having strong victorian influence, but they are fundamentally different. Regardless, steampunk lolita is one of my favorite things to see when done well!
Hailen Ace (3 years ago)
+Marcel Edel was thinking the same. I like that style best :p
Karla C (3 years ago)
Sorry but the end was gross even if it wasn't real
vvjones2323 (3 years ago)
I died @ Gangsta Rap Lolita...
Alice .Red (3 years ago)
With so many cat prints out there from both famous and indie brands, it's only a matter of time before "crazy cat lady" lolita becomes and official sub-style
ElizaRose (3 years ago)
Hawa777 ArtChannel (3 years ago)
This video is so beautiful and high quality
Tich Mbiri (3 years ago)
rpg creation (3 years ago)
I love how it shows that lolitas aren't bad but its a bit over exaggerated :}}
turbokid991 (3 years ago)
32. 32 types of Lolitas.
Sara me (3 years ago)
toooo much makupe tooo much clothing ......I don't understand people spend all day for this look then wash it and repeat (!!)... simple people are the best..
uh H (3 years ago)
Shadow Why (3 years ago)
Did they say BROlita for the one in the red dress, I don't know, was it a boy or girl, IT because I have no idea if boy or girl sounded like a girl and then started to sound boyish and then I was like I HAVE NO IDEA
Mona Melendy (3 years ago)
+Selmoness Lolita is all about challenging gender stereotypes! The Kawaii movement (which is where lolita came from) started as a protest to the typical female role of getting married/becoming a housewife. It allowed young japanese girls to express themselves while rejecting society's need to objectify and sexualize them.
they're all amazing I wish I was one but I don't have money or sewing skills T^T maybe someday
Ok good to know and thanks so much though everyone because I really need all the help I can get ^^
Beba Rivera (3 years ago)
Yeah you're right about the knee length thing but since you're starting out I'd recommend starting with JSK and a blouse combo since it's a lot easier to make cords out of them
+Beba Rivera yeah I looked at a couple and some look a little small at least I heard the dress should be about knee length or longer @[email protected] I guess they have some good stuff though it's just trying to figure out what is good from what isn't
Beba Rivera (3 years ago)
+Frisk/Chara Dreemurr (Glitter Mangle) just don't get a petticoat from them, they are WAY too short for lolita dresses, JSK, & skirts
Oh...I heard bad things about body line though u_u well I guess it's worth looking into though right? ^_^
Sarah - (3 years ago)
o well and this is where it stops why didn't he get the other job

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