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THIS NEW NEEKO BUILD IS ACTUALLY BROKEN! INSTANT KILL ANYONE WITH A SINGLE AUTO ATTACK! LEAGUE OF LEGENDS NEEKO GAMEPLAY! NEW GAMEPLAY CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7wm0HW1U30DZT06gBJ5bDA Follow my social medias!: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProfAkali/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBestAkaliEvr Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/professorakali/ Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/coachakali Guys, come join our community discord! It's a great place filled with awesome people: https://discord.gg/mWAHz59
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Professor Akali (5 months ago)
What do you guys think about the editing style? It's full-game commentary like, with boring moments cut out, and editing added! Let me know if you like it!
SuperBlakkman (4 months ago)
I like full game commentary, personally
anyer hinojosa (4 months ago)
it's cool.
Cliché the Cat (4 months ago)
I hear K/DA in the background xD I love it
demian21 (4 months ago)
I like it! But add the face cam back. :)
Kennet R (2 months ago)
plz think about to take down the volyme of the music its bad for the clip have to turn down it so cant hear your voice just a tip bro ..nice game tho
Drawing_Kuma (3 months ago)
WOW, ITS AP NEEKO, BUT WORSE!!! stop making it look gud :/ u only god fed cuz neeko is OP in general .-. i mean, do whatever u want, its ur chanel but i´ve seen enough ad neekos feeding on my team alredy ;-;
Faiz Jaguar (3 months ago)
the one who dislike this video is the main katarina for sure hahahahahhaa
Luxanna Crownguard (3 months ago)
Report Lee Sin
AimE JYS (3 months ago)
Fuck that intro RIP TEEMO 😭😭😭
Richard Smith (4 months ago)
Neeko's shape shifting looks incredibly confusing for the enemy team xD
Jeffrey Bergeron (4 months ago)
I think that if you're 14-1 and 3 levels above riven it's not that impressive that you oneshot her with that build
Starflaem (4 months ago)
At 7:40, Kat flashes twice. ?????????
Christian Caldwell (4 months ago)
All these insta kill builds feature dark harvest...hmm, riot...maybe you could learn something.
Chris Liem (4 months ago)
Hi, Tayluh! 13:41
Huy Nguyen (4 months ago)
it just her 3rd hit combo. From her passive
StarDrop Sounds (4 months ago)
Rageblade final item?
Rayman Temon (4 months ago)
w0w i always learn from you.
n Turbo (4 months ago)
I wonder what the runes are
Pixii Bomb (4 months ago)
@7:44 look at the chat - no disrespect to this person, I'm just using him/her as an example. I have such mixed emotions about this. Because on one hand, you want to play games with your fans - but on the other hand, you're a human being and a gamer just like them. A lot of kids don't see you as a person. They see you as like... a robot or something. But what gets me about this isn't the "hey look at me" - it's the fact that even BEFORE you message someone, you can SEE they are in the middle of a game. You can't miss it. This is League - where every second is a potential fight. Almost every video I've seen with Professor Akali, there is someone sending him a "look at me" type of message. I don't know if PA has a Discord channel or something - but maybe try your game requests there. He could check the channel in between matches. I think that would be much more effective than sending him messages in the middle of a game.
M P (4 months ago)
It wasn't Lee Sin that Ksed you it was Neeko all along :)
Jennifer Pereira (4 months ago)
step 1: get your jungle to camp your lane and give you all the buffs step 2: being up your enemy in lane that got camped just abuse him step 3: you re fed now step 4: let your team babysit you step 5: build anything because you re feed enough step 6: make a video for the fools to think you re the best player step 7: u suck
Der Maskulinist (4 months ago)
Good job Riot! Fuck this game.
Yakkari ♡ (4 months ago)
I'm waiting for Professor Onesh-... I mean, Professor Neeko
Christian Cajandab (4 months ago)
you could've done better -_- especially with the passive and W - _-
Saccharo (4 months ago)
Do you show the runes you used at any point?
Epipen (4 months ago)
I'd really appreciate it if you and half the other content creators for League would actually link the artwork you use in your thumbnails in your description. Or at least put the artists name, it's a little disheartening to see lovely pieces of art that an artist clearly spent a lot of time on and then them not getting credited for their work.
`ÓwÒ (4 months ago)
Michael Darling (4 months ago)
incoming nerfs! alert alert alert alert, nerfs incoming
GGs43 (4 months ago)
attack speed AP neeko disguised as caitlyn for range
theocenelson (4 months ago)
the first song is so cool, any1 know the title ?
Va Ly (4 months ago)
i feel like even if this champ is way to powerfull it wont get nerf , like never
AntonBombe Bombe kongen (4 months ago)
How did you get Neeko?
Þormar Jónsson (4 months ago)
Fun fact: the joke was never funny
Gamer BloxTM (4 months ago)
Dark Harvess + Crits + 2nd Passive auto neeko + Duskblade + Lichbane + Gunblade = Oneshot!
JadeRain Hans (4 months ago)
Since she a auto champ cannot you just go blood razor rageblade sterak nasor and what ever you need
JadeRain Hans (4 months ago)
Replace sterak with an Hp tank item
JadeRain Hans (4 months ago)
Finally a up version of yi
Ian Navarro (4 months ago)
I hearted Popstars in the bakcground <3
Maria De Lourdes (4 months ago)
2:37 a thought it was an arelion sol lol
Brandon Shaw (4 months ago)
There's already hentai guys lmao
Zesshi (4 months ago)
Just asking Why do u have her? I still dont have her on EU Server. Hm (Im kinda new to the game so)
help (4 months ago)
dead channel
Otzu (4 months ago)
11:35 That Leona recall with relic shield...
SynyzaL (4 months ago)
Hi Tayluh
Rasheed Matt (4 months ago)
Bro my slow ass.. I was like wtf he playing Leona mid..
MrWubzHD (4 months ago)
who else thinks that the person neeko changes into should get an assist. just saying it only seems fair.
Crystarium Official (4 months ago)
You can't call overpowered when you're fed as fuck and new runes are insanely strong.
Joseph Payne (4 months ago)
lol I love the edits. literally LOLed a few times.
Curtis Doering (4 months ago)
how league balances there characters makes them super op in pbe then once released still quite op so everyone buys them and over time they slowly get nerfed or super nerfed
Panvi (4 months ago)
Thumbnail art link?
Panvi (4 months ago)
My infinite thanks to you sir.
`ÓwÒ (4 months ago)
Sam Flynn (4 months ago)
16:53 "ur good" "i jk" rofl
Her name sounds like a japanes porn star from 2025 :D
Liam Cusack (4 months ago)
Kda pop stars song =/= a banger
Gvbe (4 months ago)
u can already change ur nick to Professor Neeko, k bye
Hollow gamer (4 months ago)
When is neeko going to be released to buy
Sheep (4 months ago)
at 10:00 WTF is this ?! the Redbuff ? 31,7 Lifereg...holy ****
beyvoate kopa (4 months ago)
Could you give me neeko hentai?please
MeHigh (4 months ago)
Me kata main . Me ban Neeko everygame
Alex Vivaldi (4 months ago)
You should have had last item some AP. it would have been stronger. It canceled your bonus magic damage
Alex Vivaldi (4 months ago)
Kat 2k18...
Keeyl T (4 months ago)
Such a click baity video for a smash of a game it almost looked like a co-op vs AI game LMAO
JK_HP DS (4 months ago)
master ugly (4 months ago)
Neeko new jungler version of zoe
Rin Lila (4 months ago)
You’re playing against noobs. You’re fed. « Omg so op I one shot » even tho most of it isn’t due to the champs but just the items/tunes and the previously mentioned stuff. That’s also why you see nightb’ue doing 25kills jungle soraka videos.
TheWatchingEye (4 months ago)
Neeko is essentially Lux on steroids
Razaziel (4 months ago)
How you are getting the kills ? Read what your Q does...
Un Known (4 months ago)
yuno y she can 1 shot.. cuz this champion came from a game called one shot.. and the main character name is niko
Calvin Freeman (4 months ago)
How can you play neeko? She doesn't drop till December 24th.
endtheTEM (4 months ago)
PBE dude
Allan Wang (4 months ago)
11:51 you juked him(with the clone) without even knowing it lol
Andrew Herbert (4 months ago)
Like the video. Id love to see this champ played kinda like tank viktor or the old tri-tank fizz.
SUPERSHADOWHERO07 (4 months ago)
You typed "across the map" wrong. Duuude....
Tidus Yang (4 months ago)
Can you guys here the kd/a pop stars.
Tony Phan-Nguyen (4 months ago)
Please dont use these cringy titles thx
Trust Me I am a Jedi (4 months ago)
What was the music in the beginning?
MKRubytz! (4 months ago)
Professor Neeko?
Prince Amissah (4 months ago)
Prof, I love ur videos but it was a lil bit annoying how u weren't using her passive as much. I feel like this video woulda been wayy better if u spammed her passive but still a good video
Jack Jedlicka (4 months ago)
I'd say those AP ratios should be toned down a little.
LadyArcadia98 (4 months ago)
The pain when he doesn't use rift at 8:00🤣
Wolf (4 months ago)
Yeah cause a 21/1 champ has never oneshoted anyone xd
Ruty 13 (4 months ago)
How i buy this Champion?
Altaerious (5 months ago)
Thumbnail 👌
`ÓwÒ (4 months ago)
OutsiderD (5 months ago)
PA: "Confirmed. Neeko can not 1v3". Neeko: "Hold my orange juice!"
ShaePlaysss (5 months ago)
‘Go in my slaves’ wowee 😂
Yamen Abdulhadi (5 months ago)
You really need to learn how to use this champ's passive You just don't pay attention to it
Morbid Angel (5 months ago)
Is that thumbnail r34 ? :/
Dror Kolet (5 months ago)
Man i love you
Leo McEdgeLord (5 months ago)
7:32 your q activated twice
Fate (5 months ago)
How much does neeko cost?
amine cloudy (5 months ago)
Never saw u climbing , u can't climb with akali?
GFM chart (5 months ago)
do someone know the name of the song 1:20
McKaos (5 months ago)
I think her passive is extremely niche, imagine her without out, talk about a dull season 1 tier kit
Francisco (5 months ago)
Lvl 16 kills lvl 12 woah she disappears I hate when that is a clip in videos like of course someone is going to die easily to someone 4 lvls higher
Mark Medina (5 months ago)
Last hitting gookz op.
OminousTheGOAT (5 months ago)
Serious question with her passive I know you can turn into other champs but can they see your summoner name?
Ben Dover (5 months ago)
It changes ur summoner name to copy the champion who u change yo
Twee Horen (5 months ago)
Why no static shiv? 60% crit is almost a guaranteed first crit and you have some extra damage :) also you only got me hyped for the new leona skin
KALAPANTE PH (5 months ago)
That thumbnail neeko is hot af
Official TPM (5 months ago)
More like "NEEKO with hard harvest" 😂
Stivun Pavlov (5 months ago)
how you aways play against this sideboob guy???
tihomir kardas (5 months ago)
omg im 16-1 how am i oneshooting people??' how is this possible? its not that im feed or anything....
Tj T (5 months ago)
How canyou currently obtain neeko i cannot find in random or even buy nothung
Corundrom (5 months ago)
Tbh your build was mediocre on her. You coulda been doing way more damage going full ap with just the lichbane+dark harvest procs, dark harvest was basically 1/2 your damage
EDG (5 months ago)
Is this the PBE
Typical Khing (5 months ago)
00:30 TBH You almost got me there
superfanaticful (5 months ago)
Does she go invis if she transforms to eve whose lvl 6? Or how about udyr stances does he get to use the ability depending on what from hes on when you transform?
Rav0ria (5 months ago)
this champ woulda been so much fun back when things were able to function without that ridiculous damage

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