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How to Train Your Bird to Talk

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Watch more How to Take Care of a Pet Bird videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/217448-How-to-Train-Your-Bird-to-Talk Birds aren't like babies—you can't expect them to pick up speech just by babbling away at them. You need a plan. Step 1: Pick the right breed If you haven’t already bought Tweety, pick a breed that is known for its chattiness. Amazon parrots and African greys are the gabbiest, followed by macaws, male cockatiels, mynahs, and parakeets. Tip Female cockatiels, female budgies, grass parakeets, rosellas, and canaries don’t talk. Step 2: Choose an inquisitive bird Once you’ve narrowed your choices to a talkative breed, focus your attention on choosing a bird that seems alert and interested in what’s going on around him. These are clues that he’ll make a good talker. Step 3: Get a young bird Get a young bird. Like the proverbial old dog who can’t learn new tricks, an older bird is going to have more trouble picking up speech. Step 4: Name that bird Give the bird a name that is no more than two syllables. A longer name reduces the chances that he will learn to say his own name. Step 5: Designate a teacher If you’re married and/or have children, pick one person to teach the bird. If several people are trying to instruct the bird, it will only confuse it. Tip Birds learn more easily from women. Step 6: Time your training Start training at the optimal time. For smaller birds, that’s at four to six months. For bigger birds, wait until they’re six to twelve months. Tip Don’t teach a bird to whistle before training him to talk, or it will make the speech lessons that much harder. Step 7: Keep it simple Start training by saying a few simple words to Tweety, always using them under the same circumstances. For example, you could say 'Good morning' every day when you first rise, and you could reserve 'Bye' for when the bird can see you walk out the door. Step 8: Repeat words Repeat the words several times in each instance. You want the bird to start associating the sound you are making with the context. Step 9: Reward speech Give Tweety a treat every time he repeats something you are teaching him. Tip Remember that birds don’t just repeat what you want them to; they mimic sounds they hear. So if you’re suffering a bout of loud flatulence, or getting ready to rip someone a new one, stay out of Tweety’s earshot. Step 10: Unteach them If Tweety has picked up a bad word, washing his mouth out with soap won’t work. But ignoring him when he repeats the word will, because getting your attention is his main incentive. Step 11: Enjoy Now enjoy chatting with your fine-feathered friend! Did You Know? Talking birds often will imitate your phone’s ring tone because they get a kick out of watching you come running.
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Text Comments (1466)
Ines Subic (2 days ago)
My male cockatiel Riki always said "No" When i want him to perch on my hand. :p
This videos weird because my parrot is named Tweety
Kim Howe (3 days ago)
I taught my **FEMALE** budgie to say “stuff it mother-trucker I can talk” sooo!
Kim Howe (3 days ago)
Actually. I CAN teach them to talk by talking and babbling to them nonstop. Don’t put ‘how to’s” up if u have never tested it befor. Or not have experience.
Kocka Gaming (4 days ago)
My female budgie speks
Ronnie_A (4 days ago)
Bird learn more easily from woman? give me some proof to back that claim.
Cooper Dejoy official (5 days ago)
Maddy Barten (13 days ago)
Can kakarikis speak?
I could not make him talk but he did learn how to wave :D
Dragon’sScaleGaming (26 days ago)
I don’t even have a bird and here I am
TheWeirderSide (28 days ago)
I was so excited until I saw that females can't talk
Lela And Tanya (1 month ago)
Does kakariki’s talk? Because I want to train my cousins kakariki
Lola Paloozq (1 month ago)
Will my conure work?
Riablo (1 month ago)
I have a lovebird will it work?
Elif Aktan (1 month ago)
do male budgies talk
Lexy Sylvester (1 month ago)
How about green-cheeked concures?
Charlotte Burgess (1 month ago)
Uh.....excuse me? Female budgies CAN talk!
Grass parakeet talk
Blue_. Drew (2 months ago)
My friend wanted to teach my bird curse words
V.mohanadas Daas (2 months ago)
The other One (2 months ago)
My female cockatiel can talk
Wow amazing I like it 👌👍
Cory M. (2 months ago)
I got a female cockatiel she's very talkative, many words she said very clear & whistle as well, she will gonna said to me, where are you, wahhh, very cute🐣🐣 she's 23 years old now to me 🐣still strong & talkative my darling cookie🐣🐣❤️❤️
Jelly Roll (2 months ago)
My cockatoo Is a girl and she doesn’t talk but she screams Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones, and the Marvel theme songs
Marco Paganelli (2 months ago)
actually budgies can talk as much as african grey or even better check disco on youtube he is now unfortunatelly passed away but he was astonishing
Annie Loves Tord (3 months ago)
I have a cockatiel that's about 7 years old, is it to old to learn speech?
Roy Villegas (3 months ago)
It is okay just to have one cockatiel or needed a partner?
K Thy (3 months ago)
Watermelon Gurl UwU (3 months ago)
Oh I have a female and a male cocktail but the female doesn’t like him lol
Miko Miyamoto (3 months ago)
my cockatiel knows 12 words I never tried to teach him he did it on his own
I came by the cookatiel on the cover
Shy (3 months ago)
1:15 did his neck just open up
Sniff U (3 months ago)
Ya this did not work with my pet pigeon
Goose (3 months ago)
but... female budgies can talk....
Pink Neck (3 months ago)
My bird keeps calling my name for no reason and I teached him how to do a fist bump but with his beak lol Sad news he died
Cubii (3 months ago)
I don’t even have a bird.
Touta Matsuda (3 months ago)
Sooo. Will the name chip work? Or chippie (his nickname)
Bring Your Zella 968 (3 months ago)
My bird taught himself to whistle then randomly started talking
Mairim Guillén (3 months ago)
But, my female budgie talks, we went to the vet and they said it's female so that's statement is incorrect aa
Robin B. (3 months ago)
Guys btw don't choose a big parrot like an African gray just bcuz you want it to talk 😂😂
Nick Frutos (3 months ago)
I thought this was wiki how.
anonymous 04 (3 months ago)
I don't have a bird but I loved this vid
Lolleepop (3 months ago)
i was dying from laughter when the bird say *beep* and look at grandma face XD
My uncles birb yells swears when u wake him up
Koshi Moshi (3 months ago)
My grandma has a amazon parrot and she talks a lot to my grandma
Wh00syy 01 (3 months ago)
I walk out of the room and my budgies talk behind my back, literally
Lion the Leopard Gecko (3 months ago)
Some female birds do talk, my female budgie says hello. And I for sure know she is a girl, she was tested at the store and also layed an egg.
Jax The Gamer (3 months ago)
I was two when this vid was made
Lizzie G (3 months ago)
the bird will only say something if it likes the noise.
My bird says he's name coko then he start to sing two songs and he move he's hade up and put it on the graond when I clap
Sharon Mae Santos (3 months ago)
pupii (3 months ago)
*everyone just talking about their birds when I don't even have one lol* 2:13 😆
DISTORNIST (3 months ago)
My female cokatiles she talks whig me! ☺
Tim Tim (3 months ago)
When I play my clarinet my parakeet says "stop please"
content gremlin the 3rd (3 months ago)
The grandmother's face😅😅😅
Shania Ram (3 months ago)
1:04 Tweety is one of my birds name
Shania Ram (3 months ago)
No FAIR! Only english budgerigars or 12°/• normal budgerigars
_Fanta_ (3 months ago)
My cockatiels are singing "All Star" and asking "ya got us lettuce?!" everytime someone walks in. I really dont know how they learned to ask for lettuce 😂😂👌
PasscodeAdvance (3 months ago)
How do birds listen to women more easily? Will they listen to young boys as well?
TeChNiXaL wAvE (3 months ago)
Is seven a good name for a birb?
Kent Rayne (3 months ago)
Do I have to train my cockatiel before I teach it to talk?
Do kakariki parrots talk??
Dominus Huge (3 months ago)
2:16 when you see your kid sweared
Bell Iron Fist (4 months ago)
My budgie makes kissy noises and says hello to me.
Bts Has jams (4 months ago)
My cockatiel says peek-a-boo and I say it back to him
AV3R3ST (4 months ago)
who doesn't have a bird, but is watching this xD
Entropy Fan2 (4 months ago)
I have a female 13week old cockatiel but shes not really vocal unless she's hungry also she doesn't eat treats/ mulch what can I do?
Muffin (3 months ago)
@Entropy Fan2 lol😂
Entropy Fan2 (3 months ago)
@Muffin eat me
Muffin (3 months ago)
Eat her
Sebastian Stone (4 months ago)
I’ve got a budgie who is in my room who learnt his own name very quickly... and I have a cockatiel who is 4 months old soon and he’s already started to talk! The are both in my room but I have a peach face lovebird and she’s a little more aggressive than chatty... I love birbs
intune lioness (4 months ago)
Why is the black ladies ponytail sticking up like a squirrels tail the whole video 😂😂😂😂
P Paul (4 months ago)
I liked the animation...
Cool Bear (4 months ago)
1:14 what the heck
SCP foundation (4 months ago)
*help my bird says stay hydrated every day 😂😂 BoI*
Tjoes er (4 months ago)
I heard that a grass parakeet can talk
karo lola (4 months ago)
My friend just gave me on of his baby lovebirds and she's so cute and interested in what's going on around her and i want to learn her some words and treat her well Any advices or ideas?
MyPlayyer // BobohAlalap (4 months ago)
I realized how old this video is..
Red_ Panda (5 months ago)
Funny story I made up My birb somehow always hums my ringtone and I come running freaking out where my phone is in my bag. I realized that my budgie was frickin copying it. His name is Pecky.
HeadPhoneHound (5 months ago)
I watch this and I don’t even have a bird
Sama Lass (5 months ago)
I'm pretty sure that fact about female budgies has been debunked, hasn't it? They're just more limited than males.
Jahzeem Deloatch (5 months ago)
You said female budgies don't talk but my female budgie talks!
Steven Magallanes (5 months ago)
My bird screams when it's dark XD
HappyFlower (5 months ago)
How come my female cockatiel talks
EmmyThe1andOnly (5 months ago)
Indian ringnecks talk ALOT why isn't that breed on there?
TACOSS ITACOSS (5 months ago)
I have a albino cockatiel so...
Altagracia Nunez (5 months ago)
This is not such a good video because even some Males don't talk and you have to pick a bird because you want a feathered companion not because they can talk. If you want something that could reapeat what you say get a recorder. And good talkers don't have to be that expensive Try getting a Quaker they are easy learners an the most lovable if trained properly. My bubba is a Quaker and I have him for 2 months now, his old owner hated it him because he would bite her she put him for sale in craigslist and I bought him from her and he talks up storm. He will wake me up with his large screams does the teeth brushing sounds, the brewing noise for the cofee, saids Rebecca I like it, I like her,Jehovah,yeah when asked a question, pretty bird,good job his name Bubba, calls the kitty. By the way kitty is our cockatiel.
MoonO' Star (5 months ago)
Welp my cockatiel name is do mi nic (dominic) and male
Akish Mangaram (5 months ago)
What about if I train my 2 weeks + baby budgie male?
Molli Narendra (5 months ago)
Female cocktail use talking training
Natalie Orbe (5 months ago)
i don't even have a bird ( *watches anyway* )
umew (6 months ago)
2:18 LMAO! howcast used to be so good.
umew (6 months ago)
1:16 epic
umew (6 months ago)
Sarcastic Sarah (6 months ago)
I brought my male cockatiel off my friends brother. I soon learnt that my bird mimics the phone ringing. The worst thing is it’s not even my phone haha. After a few months of him living at my house he learnt to mimic the laughing kookaburras
game player animal jam (6 months ago)
At petco, I was looking at a bird and it just started putting its leg up and moving it like it was waving at me, then it got some of its food and just held it in his mouth and stared at me and accidentally dropped it, so I tried to see if it was the bird that copied you and so I bobbed my head up and down and it started to do the same thing I laughed so hard, the other bird was uhh... let’s just say, Not to interesting.. 😓
Adriana Farrugia (6 months ago)
are conyors able to talk??
Seynex (6 months ago)
2:17 😂😂 I'm dying
delgirl jackson (6 months ago)
My cockatiel sings Adams family and sais peekaboo
r o s e (6 months ago)
I remember watching this video when I was 4 years old and I got my first bird. I actually named her “Tweety” like the video referred to the bird as. I was young, so she ended up not learning how to talk properly, but she did mimic sounds she heard. It’s been almost a year since she passed on of old age. I miss her so much but I am so glad I was able to get her and make her happy in her life. Hopefully I can get a new bird someday.
Jelly 428 (6 months ago)
Not true my bird is female and she talks perfectly (she is a paraket)
844drian111 pac-man (6 months ago)
MY brid name is ma ya is maya
James Hacker (6 months ago)
I have mynah

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