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Reacting To The Funniest Drunk Texts!

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to the best compilation of the stupidest and funniest drunk text fails. Send video submissions: [email protected] SUBSCRIBE for more: https://goo.gl/kCGuzH It's MERCH time: https://itsmerchtime.com SOCIALS! Challenge Channel: https://goo.gl/7SzkmZ Instagram: https://goo.gl/dE1NaZ Twitter: https://goo.gl/mzAhj5 Facebook: https://goo.gl/sfF8sq Snapchat: TheTalFishman P.O. BOX: Tal Fishman 19300 Rinaldi St. P.O. Box 7356 Porter Ranch CA 91327
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Text Comments (8313)
Crazy_GamerGirl 123 (7 hours ago)
1:02 when you randomly get a math test
Holly Harrison (1 day ago)
adriana nilsen (1 day ago)
My dad plays farmville 😩😩😩
Kenadie Kost (7 days ago)
When that drunk guy said "I live triumph" he meant "I love trump"
Cloudy Night (8 days ago)
And this is why I don't drink so I can be the one to record all the idiots who get hammered.
Itz H3ll0h0mi3s (8 days ago)
what is sober
Vira Partola (12 days ago)
Hagrid you are real!
Kristen Boutte (16 days ago)
my name is joey like if you like the name
Monika Blackman (17 days ago)
I am only 2 yrs late
HamHeather Noel (17 days ago)
Here's one Girl: I'm so proud of my boyfriend Girls Friend: Why? Girl: Because last night he was too drunk to recognize me Girls Friend: Why does that make you proud? Girl: Because when I went to go take off his shirt to change it he stopped me and said "STOP! I have a girlfriend Girls Friend: Awwwwwwww
Nick lego kid (19 days ago)
thats so funny
Annabel Burt (20 days ago)
Omg lol!! 😂😂😂
JAYME JK (20 days ago)
I was drunk one time and my friend told me bet u cant eat your nose than i was run around the house yelling "Its getting away" and i never geting drunk
ThatLovableWolf (21 days ago)
A drunk text P1: Was i that drunk? P2:Yah P1:How P2: You went up to a phone booth and spinning and send "COME ON I WANT TO GO TO YEAR 230 TO SEE FLYING CARS" P1....
Justin79camaro bot (24 days ago)
Make another one
thereal wolf (25 days ago)
I'm 10 and this show I act
Kyndall Savage (25 days ago)
Some of these would be me
Techno Crafter (25 days ago)
Thats my name Daniel
Jamaal Armstrong (26 days ago)
I like the MARIO one
Lavender Dragonite (26 days ago)
Do vlogs
julia czajko (27 days ago)
Um my name is Julia so it kinda was like u were talking to me....
Gina McCain (28 days ago)
Eshwa Himmat (28 days ago)
"Ghosts that suck up period blood" lol
Rolf Baguioso (30 days ago)
is it just me or Tal Fishman's eyes is expressionless, and he can fall asleep anytime😂
Gianfranco Delcarpio (1 month ago)
He sang when he Said "i threw my hands up on the air sometimes:
Taco Magesty (1 month ago)
Me:lol u we’re so drunk last night Friend:nah Me:you kept saying I will save this chicken and through it out my window Friend:chickens need to live Me:dude it was fried chicken Ps..sorry to all the vegans
Do a part 2!
When I get disy I act like if I was drunk and once at school I got sooooo disy that I kissed a worker and asked him out and then he never came to school again
AestheticMoon Msp (1 month ago)
I liked with my tounge
Erin Charles (1 month ago)
Once I was so drunk I shoved an earphone up my nose and said I can hear through my nose..........
Becky Stehn (1 month ago)
bro u have to get drunk sometimes
Patricia Tague (1 month ago)
"Tampons look like little ghosts. Ghosts that suck up period bloo-"
Jaded Nonpareil (1 month ago)
Kids never drink
xthuyvyx (1 month ago)
Do more
Youtuber Fan (1 month ago)
Dude you were so drunk that when you saw your crush, you said you wanted to kill her
Chelsea Douglas (1 month ago)
David:Dude I wasn't that drunk Dave: oh really you took somebody's phone added your number and texted yourself saying iloveubabygimmekissmwah
Funday75 (1 month ago)
"I wasn't that drunk...." OH YEAH!? YOU RAN TO MY FATHER AND SAID "use your powers to EVOLVE c'mon pokifatty"!
lightning bolt the 1st (1 month ago)
Midget* Kept yelling*
lightning bolt the 1st (1 month ago)
Dude I wasn't that drunk Dude you gave a mushroom to a migit and said "GROW MARIO GROW"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Max Tolar (1 month ago)
Jimmy: come on! I couldn’t have been so drunk last night Leonard: bruh, you humped a mop saying, “DREADLOCKS ARE ON THIS CHICK”
Penguin Lover (1 month ago)
My uncle, last winter break, he bought so much wine we had to keep most of it. He also loves to get drunk like basically every night.
Maria Castañeda (1 month ago)
“Dude I wasn’t that drunk” yes u were you asked your girlfriend if she was single she said yes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂” my favorite text
Homie Snail (1 month ago)
I’ve never messed up a text or sent it to the wrong person
Bethenie Hwang (1 month ago)
Luckily I hate wine or beer
Skull Trooper (1 month ago)
The one I laughed at a lot was the guy giving a midget a mushroom and say d “GROW MARIO GROW”
LEGOBOTS 9526 (1 month ago)
You were so drunk last night! No I wasn't! You were sticking batteries up your butt singing "I got the Power"!
Mia Quasius (1 month ago)
friend: u were so drunk drunk one: how?! friend: u picked up a stick and kept trying hitting random people saying u were luke skywalker and u were making lightsaber noises drunk one: that is not so bad friend: then u found a knife and kept trying to hit people drunk one: ... friend: exactly
Gracie Johnson (1 month ago)
Omg im in love with ur channel
Hamster Life (1 month ago)
Colorful Cyndaquil (1 month ago)
My friend calls me daddy when shes drunk
Grammar Police (1 month ago)
Why is Tal’s hair gray?
Amya Anime Nerd (1 month ago)
Cassandra Vincent (1 month ago)
*i know your secret.... optimus prime.*
Esther Syvanen (1 month ago)
Farm Ville is actually pretty fun though 😂😂
imcashmoney hunny (1 month ago)
that dude meant lol i’m ditching you
Can you please make your video's longer their so funny! Btw you are funny asf and i love you!!
Darkness Bonnie H (1 month ago)
Jackson Shaw (1 month ago)
Triumph is a word it means winning
Benjamin Lin (1 month ago)
*me* r u drunk again *friend* no nu np nk no *me* where do u live *friend* in an oversized mushroom in a smurf village
Pixxi Worley (1 month ago)
Here's a yo mama joke hope u like it Yo mama so stupid that she studied for a drug, by taking all of the drugs!
LarryPlayz (2 months ago)
5,999,959 so close to 5,999,999 views
Arianna Emma (2 months ago)
Arianna Emma (2 months ago)
Before the video started a condom ad came up lmao
Magical Unicorns! (2 months ago)
Omg! Road to 10MILL!😄😄😄
Gonewhaling (2 months ago)
Never drink and drive
Cai hong (2 months ago)
Me:I hate drinking 1 night later........ Immmm heup mu pleasd
Duelist. Potato (2 months ago)
My friend is never not drunk :(
Animal Adventure (2 months ago)
Andrea Todorović (2 months ago)
9.1 milion subs congrats tal
Samsgaming (2 months ago)
"i wasnt that drunk" "what do you mean? You yelled at a pineapple and yelled SPONGEBOB COME OUT" "oh
Alayna Smith (2 months ago)
What's the deal with every one getting "frunk"😂😂😂😂
Brooke Rayah (2 months ago)
"I WASN'T THAT DRUNK BOBBY!" *I don't know i used bobby* "Dude, a guy was robbing your tv and you ran as fast to catch up and you said "AY DUD YOU FORGOT THE REMOTE" *Thats when Jeff knew he messed up bad..*
NIGTHF4LL Servino (2 months ago)
I know who said grow Mario it was mkylem
Cups Sweet Angels818 (2 months ago)
Im laughing my head off!!!
Kana Chan (2 months ago)
Tal is llama
Michelly Godinez (2 months ago)
I cracked up at the miget one, thank u tal u made my day
Audrianna Sanchez (2 months ago)
Make longer vids
Therx YT (2 months ago)
Ugly sweater month
Ha Neul Choi (2 months ago)
Apparently I thought a stop sign lying on the ground was asleep and tried to "wake" it by trying to make it stand
Animal Adventure (2 months ago)
I never texted someone
Evelyn Zubia (2 months ago)
The grow Mario grow made me laugh so hard
Beth_123😜 (2 months ago)
Omg Hagrid
Beth_123😜 (2 months ago)
Blue_Bones X (2 months ago)
L Cosyns (2 months ago)
L Cosyns (2 months ago)
L Cosyns (2 months ago)
No Rain (2 months ago)
Notice how right before the sober friend wants to explain what the drunk friend did, it always begins with “Dude”
Sliding Gamer (2 months ago)
Nabila Sarker (2 months ago)
Daamn this video was published on the independency day of Finland 🇫🇮🇫🇮😁
Julia Sveta (2 months ago)
My name is Julia
zaiah king (2 months ago)
🐹😵 😏😄😄😄😄😄
Immie And The Gang (2 months ago)
Here’s one, “ I wasn’t that drunk” “ you went to the public toilets stood in a toilet and flushed, then said to the ministry of magic! You got drenched” “Haha Harry Potter doesn’t sound to bad! I mean I’m a dude it’s what we do” “ you were in the girls bathroom with a lot of girls” “Dang it” Lol
Dennis Billington (2 months ago)
Ben Russon (2 months ago)
Georgie Chase (2 months ago)
Me: *shows video to freind* Friend: why are you showing me this? Me: I hope you realise you did all of this last night when you were drunk. Freind: ...
Georgie Chase (2 months ago)
fiery buzz chill bro.
fiery buzz (2 months ago)
Georgie Chase its friend learn to spell
Min Yoongi (2 months ago)
Does anybody notice that Hagrid is a Harry Potter chartcher and that what he was talking about Xd
Carson Bean (2 months ago)
“I wouldn’t want to hang out with my friends when they’re drunk...” hmm, what’s wrong with this sentence? Oh wait, Tal has friends??

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