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10 TERRIBLE Grooming Tips You Need To IGNORE!

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Text Comments (1453)
CeJu (3 days ago)
I know this is educational but you're funny af 💀
Colin Davis (3 days ago)
Ummm....safety razors give more razor burn than a normal cartridge razor degenerate fuck. Maybe you can shave the beard with it and actually understand how painful it can be😊
Jeremy (5 days ago)
Twice a day is already too many times washing your face.
David Weiss (6 days ago)
I think that is a skinning tool
David Weiss (6 days ago)
That thing looks medieval
brain dad (7 days ago)
Ordered tiege hanley 3 months ago, im still waiting
Snooby66 (9 days ago)
Grooming tip #1 Shout as much as possible so that everyone turns away from you and never notices what you actually look like.
mAnOnFiRe451F (10 days ago)
Hi alpha m. Did you appear on Shark Tank?
St. eve (12 days ago)
alpha please number 4, I have very thik facial hair, so in order to fully get rid of them I honestly have shaved to the opposite direction to get my skin smooth... you never said why not to shave the opposite direction, should I quit the habit :O is there consequences? if i have to quit i'll never have a super clean face tho
Raging Fury (17 days ago)
Skip 3:08 - 5:50 if you don't have hair on your back or you don't wanna shave your back.
ScullyMD1983 (17 days ago)
I'll say this right now I used a cartridge razor for YEARS and had razor burn and badness forever, then switched to a safety razor and have enjoyed my morning shaves ever since!
Vincent Biddle (19 days ago)
You're literally a cunt! You basically make guys feel shit about themselves to coerce them into buying grooming products. You clearly have no concept of a loving relationship if it has to be saved by a BakBlade.
Joe PC (21 days ago)
#1 grooming tip: dont listen to Alpha M.
this guy is so funny hahahaha
Chopwoksizzleserve (22 days ago)
I think yall would be better off not taking advice from a dude with earrings...
I fuck yor mam (23 days ago)
Should I shave my nutsack or wax it?
Upshift (24 days ago)
11. using gillette
SubjectiveDiscontent (26 days ago)
This guy reminds me of the makeup tutorials that my wife watches . Wish you all a great deep throat tonight
johnny walker (27 days ago)
Am i really going to have to contact the one aquatence i have that can acheve a baby spooth facial shave or will someone help me out. he's 35 and it looks like he has never had hair on his face; that is the smoothness i'm talking about. it's outstanding. i've tryed hair remover cream on my face but it did nothing but burn my skin.
jb fan boy (29 days ago)
If u watch alpha m u become more handsome 🌿🌿
Brazen Bull (29 days ago)
#1 is how oxypads makes so much $ offa teenagers. Its almost on the level of scamming. Product causes what it cures...
Ninja Vinnie (29 days ago)
Add ends at 5.53
Daniel Michael (30 days ago)
Clicked on, saw guy had a beard moved on.
The Revengers (1 month ago)
WoW I need back blade LoL 🤣
Joseph Gharis (1 month ago)
BACK and better than ever
I-iz-Ratty (1 month ago)
Agree with #3 completely. Have used various cartridge razors.. Got burn from all of them. Moved to a safety razor 3 days ago. Best shave I've ever had.
Suraj Sonule (1 month ago)
7:44 So alpha.m is actually the athleanX guy jeff cavalier. Well played sir!
xBassel92x (1 month ago)
There is blades for back hair ???? WTF is wrong with this world .....
agiuggio1 (1 month ago)
buddy tone it down...
Nathen Krissovich (1 month ago)
Yes I remember you shaved something else with that bakblade huh?
How about a balls blade...
Jerry P. (1 month ago)
Hmmmm your shaving tips are cool but I have even more success with a straight razor. Plus my man card gets extra points when she notices all the accessories in the bathroom. Nothing hits home like a hand on your face checking for smooth as she asks about the strop hanging in the bathroom.
Lias (1 month ago)
Safety razors can actually get a much smoother closer shave than cartridge razors if you use them properly.
obnoxious g (1 month ago)
i always shaved against the grain, is that way my facial hair isnt as thick. i think it’s genetic but maybe the way i shave may have some affect on it
Wc Fields (1 month ago)
Two earrings ? And you tell people about style sinbad ha ha ha
Danny Oberender (1 month ago)
You said that "you should never shave against the grain". You didnt give a reason why though. With a straight razor you should shave with the grain, the on another pass go sideways with the grain, and lastly you should shave against the grain for a super over kill, smooth baby face.
Danny Oberender (1 month ago)
Give me a reason if I'm wrong.
Shane Slattery (1 month ago)
You could convince people your shit tastes good hahaha good advice thanks bro
Joona Rasi (1 month ago)
Actually with a safety razor if you do first pass with the grain and second against the grain. It will give you smoother skin than a cartridge razor and no bumps or irritation. But don't forget to lather again in between.
Matthew Klinedinst (1 month ago)
Ok ok back hair yea i get it but who the hell gets shoulder hair ????
Joao Ruiz (1 month ago)
I always thought a haircut and getting your eyebrows done was all you do for men grooming but boy was I wrong 🤦 I'm glad I came to this channel
Philippe Carphin (1 month ago)
About the ingrown hair aspect of safety razors: Bill Hammack he engineering guy has a book where he explains some of the engineering of different things including cartridge razors. He explains that part of the design was for one blade to pull the hair out and the next blade cuts it. That's why they give ingrown hairs to some people: because the hair is, pulled then cut and goes back in like it was shaved below the skin. When growing back, it may not grow into its hole in the skin.
Manuel Richard (1 month ago)
Ahh damn, I'd usually go with the grain and then against.
wayegoyabamye (1 month ago)
Why is a bearded guy trying to tell us how to shave?? Shave with the grain and then against...easy.
Landon Roy (1 month ago)
This is the typical douch bag cunt I see at the bar that i hope gets mouthy so i can punch his teeth down his throat
Akshay Karsan (1 month ago)
6:24 that can never sound right
goromaster10 (1 month ago)
Dude said cartrifge razors get you smooter than a safety razor.. The opposite is true
Bobodeman (1 month ago)
hey alpha m how are the washing products with eczema? and is it natural products?
Marco Maciel (1 month ago)
You’re funny as hell. Lol!
Ryan Durr (1 month ago)
I just know you musty, them natural deodorants ain’t it...words of chief
Aamir Mahmood (1 month ago)
Alpha kinda looks like Mario :D
THELL8 (1 month ago)
day 6 ... he is still talking about the bakblade.....
LeoMDK (1 month ago)
Shaving against the grain on your face is terrible for a lot of people, but perpendicular to the grain is a nice compromise. I made the mistake of shaving my face against the grain when I was a teenager. I only had to make that mistake one time. Later, I discovered shaving perpendicular to the grain. First pass = with the grain. Second pass = perpendicular to the grain. It's a nice compromise for people who want a closer shave without irritation/bumps.
Eliko Mwenge (1 month ago)
Its always sunny in Philadelphia
DrGalazkiewicz (1 month ago)
When is the video for proper eyelash curling technique coming out?
Gioachino Rossini (1 month ago)
Hugh Jackman?
John Doe (2 months ago)
The back blade... if she’s still bitching about your back hair, kill her with the back blade!
John Doe (2 months ago)
Does shaving against the grain count for pubes lol
MethHeadRedNeck (2 months ago)
I told my wife to suck it She fucked it
Joel Williams (2 months ago)
My personal assessment of using a "safety razor." 5 bladed Fusion razor: I let my beard grow out for 4 days, then shaved with a 5 bladed Fusion razor. I experienced zero cuts, no left over hair, the shave was rather quick, safe, close af & uneventful. Single blade "safety razor": I let my beard grow out for 4 days, then I used a Van Der Hagen brand safety razor. I had 7 small cuts, several "scuff marks/razor burn," the shaving process took approximately 5 times longer to complete, (especially under my nose on upper lip) & I had several random hairs left over in various areas of my face. That small radial dial at the bottom of the handle that locks the blade mechanism in place came loose 3 times, which could have been a safety factor if I hadn't been aware & careful. The actual closeness of the shave was MUCH less than the 5 blade Fusion shave, & my fucking face hurt afterwards. (yeah yeah yeah I know, "it's killing you too...") Summation: Safety razors were good for our grandfathers & great grandfathers back in their hay-day, as they were the only options available, other than a straight razor which can actually kill you if someone bumps your elbow while shaving. Safety razors are inefficient, cut my face quite often, & are generally a nuisance to use. Any modern 3-4-5 bladed razor will VASTLY out-perform a straight razor in quickness, safety, & closeness of shave...PERIOD! You must use extreme caution when using a safety razor, as you can literally butcher the ever-living FOOOK out of your face if you are not cautious, in a hurry, &/or have utilized meth, crack, acid or any other mood/mind altering substances before endeavoring to commit follicle genocide on your face. Research! Also, applesauce is fruit gravy! (Bear Down)
Milad Nasseri (1 month ago)
It’s about how you use the product in this case. The DE safety razor is not like any other cartridge razor. Also a multiblade razor is more likely to cause ingrown hairs, razor bumps and irritation, as they take multiple passes at once. Also practicing is an important thing in this case. Cause like I said it’s a safety razor, not a cartridge or multiblade razor.
Joel Williams (2 months ago)
Oh yeah, & about being a "pizza face." Acne (zits/pimples) is a result of your body telling you that you have an "acidic body chemistry." Other areas of your skin will have massive breakouts of sore, leaking pussy lesions in random areas on your skin. As you skin is the largest organ on our bodies, if it is unhealthy, then odds are YOU are unhealthy. Using synthetic lotions created in a laboratory isn't always the best most healthy of solutions. On this site you'll see 1 example of how to "Alkalize your body," & how to counter-react an acidic body chemistry.>>https://nutriciously.com/why-how-to-alkalize-your-body/ I am NOT a vegan, but as an omnivore, I do enjoy a balanced diet of lean meats & veggies! Especially the veggies pointed out on the site I left ^^UP^^ there. Also, cancer THRIVES in an acidic body chemistry. Cancer cannot live at all in an healthy alkalized body chemistry. Research! CHEERS!!! (Packers Suck)
Lenny Nero (2 months ago)
Yeah sorry Alpha, but you're really no expert on shaving it seems. Maybe if you actually shaved?
Nick M (2 months ago)
Landon Blackledge (2 months ago)
If I shave with the grain on my chin, it ends up looking like it's speckled with blackheads... I have to shave against the grain to actually get rid of the hair. Otherwise, what is the point in shaving?
Carnage DNA (2 months ago)
Backblade 2 should have a button on the handle that releases shave cream
Fabritz Torres (2 months ago)
0:27 6:23 8:15
Clock Big (2 months ago)
Talks about being a man, than talks about being an “alpha male”. Recommends several hour of grooming a day for a man.😂 i hope everyone can see the differance between a man and a fuckboy. Dont worry alpha males dont use facewash etc… we usually use one shampoo to our hait body car and chlotes. We dont have severeal “outfits” we have a few jeans, shirts , shoes and some jumpers. Funny you are talking about being a man but u have a dialy routine like a girl. This is not manly at all what you are promoting is being a fake male to get a girl, but when the girl realizes that you act like a girl and take more time to dress up than her, she leaves you. We are good in working and we actually get our hands dirty unlike you with my job i dont have tume to do all that shit also be with my girlfriend.
khristopher paich (2 months ago)
I so agree about the safety razor
Clarence Jeffcoat (2 months ago)
I get a smoother shave with a safety razor than a multi blade razor. I also get a better shave with a straight edge razor razor than a safety razor. A little more effort makes for a smoother and more enjoyable shave. And yes, ingrown hairs are a nonissue with safety and straight edge razors.
Dkai Ridge (2 months ago)
"Punch them in the face" ..thats stylish !.....apart from that and the EARRINGS .....this guy is so on the ball......are all Americans Deaf??!!!
logan lariviere (2 months ago)
But does shaving allow the facial hair to grow more? Length wise?
0 01 (2 months ago)
Hope to never regret subscribing to him so far and im not disappointed yet wooo
Smartcar500 (2 months ago)
My drill sergeant told me to shave against the grain. Time to *punch him in the face*
Ned ON’eill (2 months ago)
How do I tell if I have oily skin , is it bad 🤔🤔
If you wear glasses put the lens up against your forehead.
Andrew Powers (2 months ago)
You laugh at your own "suck it" comment and then say "well, not that suck it..." What did you think the phrase meant...?
Darrell Joseph Sheppard (2 months ago)
Not to be mean or anything I just want to know what's on ur eye
C I A (2 months ago)
0:57...lol how he says AND MORE with his head bobbing is really aggresive
LongIslandP8ntball (3 months ago)
U shave with the grain and then against the grain....i heard its the way to shave in the military
Prof.Haterade (3 months ago)
men shave? oh, you mean BOYS shave.. men have thick, luxurious beards **This message was sponsored by the Beard Gang**
Beau Day (3 months ago)
May you stop shouting pls you only have to talk for us to hear
Alaadeen Baileche (3 months ago)
I find it disturbing looking at his left eye(in the video) and his actual left eye
Daniel Johnston (3 months ago)
If you really loved eachother, it wouldn't matter but what do I know 🤔
Mr Nopy (3 months ago)
I came here looking for tips, but found gold.
MACINTOSH 1 9 9 9 (3 months ago)
tf is in his left eye??
Jan Hottenbach (3 months ago)
I like how aggressive he sounds
dillbill2A (3 months ago)
I tell her to suck it every night. lmao
Matthew Scarborough (3 months ago)
You mention exfoliating before shaving. How does one go about exfoliating their back before the shave?
Dean Chambers (3 months ago)
Always used to get razor burns from cartridge razors don’t matter what ones I got I switched to a safety razor even a cheap one off eBay have not had a razor burn Sense, On the plus side does even better job at shaving them a cartridges razor
Tyler Salty (3 months ago)
7:45 Hehe, You look like An Alpha M Santa,
Kire Dras (3 months ago)
0:34 When you try to fill the word count on your essay 😂🤣 IK im a year late but still 🤣
Simon Ghost Riley (1 month ago)
Hahaha, perfect.
LastManStanding (3 months ago)
ted cassie (3 months ago)
damn that video was good
Jake McKeown (3 months ago)
That bak blade 2.0 is legit.
That Old Uppity Nigger (3 months ago)
are you george michael?
G-n Islam (3 months ago)
In Islam we Wash it 5 time a day💙
Yeah because you are muslims
Dirtbike Captures (3 months ago)
All the other sponsors are good but this is incredible
Yaseen Ali-Taha (3 months ago)
ad ends at 5:50
Daniel Lowe (3 months ago)
If I shave with the direction of growth, I have to do multiple passes which means more irritation for my sensitive skin. I shave against the direction of growth and I don't have that problem so I'll stick to shaving that way. For all the fancy, over-priced post-shave balms and products there are, the best after care product I have found is pure aloe vera gel which, incidentally, is not green. Works as a good moisturiser too.
GINJA NINJA (3 months ago)
That pun in the last 3 seconds had me laughing
Ashish John (3 months ago)
when you put on the foam, i got a slight glimpse of what you would look like clean shave, its wierd.
J West (3 months ago)
What’s up with the dot in his right eye?
Riasat Salmin Sami (3 months ago)
But if I dont shave against the grain, then my face looks grainy. What's the point of even shaving like that? Might as well keep the beard then.

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