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Text Comments (2544)
Nightblue3 (7 months ago)
darkal ori (27 days ago)
Is old seu new meta
Atom Games (1 month ago)
i was the xayah xD
Mr Oc (5 months ago)
6:16 that's Simca!
Love Sky (6 months ago)
Nightblue3 I waiting for new video ٥-٥
Miljan Stanojevic (6 months ago)
u ks...a lot!
Pikray (4 days ago)
Nightblue were better before ...
Buster Memez (9 days ago)
dude shen has no damge to me ;c
《 Megumin》 (21 days ago)
Riven shen
Gamingwit Piss (1 month ago)
6:50 you think you can hide the sound effect editor it obviously said DAUBENY
Blade exorcist (1 month ago)
Name anime 3:32
Svetlana Mancic (1 month ago)
Pang Bao Xiang (1 month ago)
song name at 6:04? please anyone??
DominicDelaPaz.878 (1 month ago)
Ocotober 2018 i do what you did and i win but not farm i used to go bot😂😂
Pang Bao Xiang (1 month ago)
song name at 6:04?
Namkhanh Nguyen (1 month ago)
I miss him so so much guys.
Pang Bao Xiang (1 month ago)
song name at 6:04?
Tekuru Zeta (1 month ago)
Ok. I am gonna try that. Hail of blades shen.
Pang Bao Xiang (1 month ago)
song name at 6:04?
VIKTØVER (1 month ago)
I like how the enem vayne claimed 0 gold for the nightblue kill 7:47
Paweł Kowalski (1 month ago)
omegakid135 (1 month ago)
I noticed at the start why did his teammates change?
Marwan Ibrahim (2 months ago)
3:17 Guys did you notice that he died 2 times already and said worth to see the death animation😂😂😂
Pang Bao Xiang (2 months ago)
why dont youtuber ever leave the name of the music name in their desc!!! wtfffff what song is at 6:04
Pang Bao Xiang (2 months ago)
Not the outro song, the song where he bought the stormrazor
Here's the link if you're to lazy to find it https://youtu.be/CVc8Rub6oVA
Its literally at the bottom of the description
Elliott Brits (2 months ago)
River shen
Tako (2 months ago)
Full build?
sching schang stein I ii (2 months ago)
Udyr then trundle wtf
ThisRed PLAYS (2 months ago)
Dont mind me waiting for new nocturne skin
Mat Zarr (3 months ago)
River shen?
Wow, what a song at 9:43?
Here you go https://youtu.be/CVc8Rub6oVA
Saba S. (3 months ago)
what about bloodmoon shen???
3:15 you have been slain and you have been executed😂wtf!?
Hiron (3 months ago)
I used to use Shen with 6% critical rune on top lane, sundenly they got crit, and go to tower ask why I crit! xD I miss season 6
Angelo Trazona (3 months ago)
What happened to your voice???
Sydra (3 months ago)
3:18 rly you saw it 2 times befote that xD
Wenka AMV (3 months ago)
Turrets are the real MVP
Indijanci Ludog Plemena (3 months ago)
Shen jg Udyr top xDDDDDDDDDD
Hiron (3 months ago)
When you play Shen on Urf the only thing that works is atk speed and critical.
CakeSulli (4 months ago)
Being a shen main this video hurts me
Justyna Wiatr (4 months ago)
Ughh so handsome, this skinnnn
Christeraun (4 months ago)
is that RIver Shen?
Matija Ćirković (4 months ago)
River shen
Sniff Gun (4 months ago)
i found the skin on a chest, am i lucky or it is normal ?
Noob Bot (4 months ago)
7:36 ninjas don't die, 10 seconds later
Mr. Weezy (4 months ago)
I try your build and it worked very well. But one thing that piss me off is every time I play shen jungler there must be a afk in my team and I never win. Btw very nice video thank you for your guidance
why u play only jg retard
Angelo Reyes (4 months ago)
Wait how did the yasuo turn into twisted fate
Sweedd (4 months ago)
Trebine Biascan (4 months ago)
Guys look at his teammates, at champ select he got yasuo, vayne and others and for the rest of the video different teammates
Ornnpai LoL Gaming (4 months ago)
I'm a dirty roleplayer how :^) how 2 tilt others without getting banned roleplay on league riot be's successfull
Pepons !!! (5 months ago)
Rover shen ?
Pioo (5 months ago)
River Shen
Caetano Soares (5 months ago)
What is the last item?
Cenker Arın (5 months ago)
River shen
Travie Valentine (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info, and build thats insane. I tried it out since i love to jungle shen.
Mr. BlitzCrank (5 months ago)
Rakan & Xayah is so sweet😍<3
OnizuLol (5 months ago)
Probably the cringiest youtuber i ever seen
Leticia Couto (5 months ago)
Serve pra top essa matchup
Juan Pablo Gallego (5 months ago)
Tengo la nueva skin putoss solo lo compre por eso
Pinhead Ultra Instinct (5 months ago)
Ik this was a month later but what jungle item was he using
Ervin Gayoso (5 months ago)
A while ago I tried to copy your shen farm hail of blades and it's worth it. We've got an easy win. Nice 👌
Portagas -D-Ace (5 months ago)
How to end One Piece?   Do not bother that his hero will not finish eating rubber fruit
AntigonMKD (6 months ago)
You are bad jg
StillRuki Tv (6 months ago)
learn lightning shen pleeeeas. it never disapoints in excitment and fun :3
John Mark Laforteza (6 months ago)
Thanks for finally featuring another of my Mains Senpai <3 <3
Bojan Ivosevic (6 months ago)
Didn't get a skin for 5 years???What about blood moon shen???
ChiCohNooDS (6 months ago)
hail of blades just come out 3 days ago here in ph sad
KIRAI (6 months ago)
*D U D E*
rape is not a joke (6 months ago)
He needs to do a video with stormraiders kayn
Sir Moofah (6 months ago)
Storm razor aka yasha with black something
Bruh... (6 months ago)
storm razor on nasus would be cruel
Charlie Loft Trudsø (6 months ago)
He used the recall from a different game. He was prob trash that game :/
Blaster Blade (6 months ago)
I did this before nb3 did
cj (6 months ago)
Was this on PvE
cj (6 months ago)
I wish for the recall, you'd come up from the ground after you jump into the portal.
cj (6 months ago)
I aspire to have that Shen hair tbh...
Giovani F. Silva (6 months ago)
Faz outra Game-Play de Shen *-* ;-;
Conny Hilton (6 months ago)
Talon Lua Sangrenta (6 months ago)
he looks a little bit like hanzo of overwhatch
Bill Liakos (6 months ago)
where in the hell do you finf those items man ???? cause i cant find them in lol ;p
Saad Zaman (6 months ago)
Wouldn’t that rune be broken with Varus or talon?
Christian Joseph Cuyag (6 months ago)
Plsss try stormrazor blades on Jarvan 4
FeaR1006 (6 months ago)
Draptor LegacyGaming021 (6 months ago)
What is the music on 6:45
Kaomunkai Naja (6 months ago)
Bek (6 months ago)
Try hail blades Yi
Rodrigo Trujillo Montoya (6 months ago)
6:06 song name plz
tamaki sakamaki (6 months ago)
that lover tskkkkk
warp strike77 (6 months ago)
Nb3 i thought you quit lol ?
О Ммн (6 months ago)
Hey man, u are realy popular in Russia did u know it ? I from Russia ))) My eng little bit useless sry
Dromaeosauria (6 months ago)
That Pulsefire shen can ult me whenever he wants damn
SatanSama (6 months ago)
hail of blades is good for ganking eh?? well... the great River Shen shall rise again
Resul yekta ay (6 months ago)
why 24 fps test server ?
JohnnyY (6 months ago)
thanks loved the video and the build xD
Forsaken The Thot Slayer (6 months ago)
3:18 NB3:We also got to see the death animation *3 deaths*
Shionu (6 months ago)
Cole99v (6 months ago)
Hail of blades jhin just callin it now
Pupper Gaming (6 months ago)
Wait when’s the hail of blades coming out
Anime Dubbed (6 months ago)
Roses Are Red. Voilets Are Blue. I Liked My Own Comment. Because No One Else Would.
Stanko Ivanov (6 months ago)
You dont have to force yourself to do league videos. They are becoming more and more cringy overedited as well
Ticci Work (6 months ago)
Ohh you actually fight in the tower so you can die and show us the death animation 😐😐👍👍👌👌
If i was Xayah and you where Rakan whould you trie to save me from the hands of the bad guys
Magnus Francis (6 months ago)
Not sure if you see comments at all, but you should try out Fiora with stormrazor and IE. You get guaranteed crit on first and second hit so you can spice it up with a triforce and other mean items and not worry about crit chance at all
Dan Davick (6 months ago)
so is hail of blades just a lethal tempo for the domination tree?
PeaceSeeker (6 months ago)
omg Jhin is gonna be op
Exodus XP (6 months ago)
go back to fortnite
Zach Stephan (6 months ago)
youre really missing out on not going infinity edge after going storm raiders.
Ice Wallow Come (6 months ago)
How to make people look dumb after this: Read more

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