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TSM Doublelift Lucian Season 6 Guide | League of Legends

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Doublelift, breaks down why Lucian continues to be a power pick among solo queue and competitive play. 00:08 - Solo Queue Evaluation 00:37 - Laning Phase 01:28 - Teamfights 02:44 - Competitive Viability 03:27 - Tips 04:06 - Runes 04:27 - Masteries 05:03 - Skills & Summoners 05:19 - Items Subscribe our Channel: https://youtube.com/LolClassVideos?su... Like Us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/LolClasscom Checkout more Videos on: http://www.lolclass.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/LolClassCom Google+: https://google.com/+LolClass
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Text Comments (169)
Bence Tóth (5 months ago)
5:48 pro lucian build
RemiFyFazan (2 years ago)
still viable?
Ignac Vegert (2 years ago)
0 armor pen
roel masigla (2 years ago)
3:39 he's says "all u need to do wa' do is" Lol can't stop laughing
MrCLG PLK (2 years ago)
I miss you in CLG my beloved adc, i am CLG fan 4ever, however i truly wish you tremendous success in TSM. <3 awesome guide btw
Deadshot (2 years ago)
i use static shift in place of rapid fire canon i think its better or am i not right ?
Loaf (2 years ago)
jordy look at the release date
WooGGie (2 years ago)
hpotter134 (2 years ago)
can u tip me on how u do dat? i keep dying to jhins ;_;
Loaf (2 years ago)
+Luis F Mendoza Probably requires a minimum of 8 cs p.m or smth close to that
Luis F Mendoza (2 years ago)
you must be something like for each minute 10 cs or near that, for example, 36 minutes game, you should be a 360 cs OR near it like 320.
Loaf (2 years ago)
Cus your CS is bad 270 at 36 isn't good enough
King D (2 years ago)
Dw brah I've been there. I think Riot actually get a kick out of it xd
Usman Siddiqui (2 years ago)
Wait a minute why is there essence reaver with 30 cd runes for 10 cd and boots for 10 cd
Josh Murray (2 years ago)
this was fuckin dope, thank you!!!!
Shot-Stoppers (2 years ago)
Is this still a valid tutorial, as well as the build???
Jason Jia (2 years ago)
The build is still relevant, Youmoos and Black Cleaver build not as good anymore
the dutch flavour (2 years ago)
BritishMango (2 years ago)
+the dutch flavour so dont sacrifice the passive for mobility.
the dutch flavour (2 years ago)
HopeWithinHate prolly not you might loose the next trade due to that because you blow a cooldown ideal trade is get one ability and get the 2 aas off than get back and only use your dash to end a trade and get those 2 aa off but if not you can really shoot yourself in the foot.
BritishMango (2 years ago)
My question is when should you ignore your passive. basically like when you q and they start running should you ignore your passive and press E to chase?
Pedro Santana (2 years ago)
I felt powerful with this champion I LOVE IT!!!!!
Alp Debeleç (2 years ago)
oha lan achuu var ajajsjajznxb
Nindza Ratnik (2 years ago)
What solo q?
shane lamb (2 years ago)
Ash Ketchup Solo Queue. That means you aren't partied with anyone
zackary1 (2 years ago)
UPDATE: Doublelift no longer runs Fervor of Battle or Feast, he runs Double-Edged Sword because he says it was buffed in 6.12 and Warlord's Bloodlust because he finds it better.
KitNip OG (2 years ago)
Annnnnd they nerfed Lucian... What is up with the nerfs i mean come on he's just a black dude who got his wife stolen and he gets countered by a racist Vayne.
Aaron Nwaiwu (2 years ago)
I think that's when you go mejai's soulstealer on lucian.
KitNip OG (2 years ago)
+SoulEater505 505 you got vayne saying "i smell black magicks" and im like thinking to my self 'lucian with ap items?'
SoulEater505 (2 years ago)
Omg Hahahah😂
ammarzaghloul55 (2 years ago)
thanks for the build :) favourite player on tsm
pika on cocaine (2 years ago)
we will try and see :)
J Love (2 years ago)
so no yuomuus then? cause i watch all your lucian this lcs and you use youmuus. is that necessary? pls help i main lucian i just need the perfect item for him.
MrMaXRisK (2 years ago)
usefull guide thnx for sharing (y)
George Schwab (2 years ago)
i really like these and i wish they'd make more!
ItzMinde (2 years ago)
Is the Masteries page steal the one for Lucian after all this time ( I am posting this comment on 26.5.2016)??????? PLS replay if you know the answer!!
Chad Mattbolt (2 years ago)
pretty much
Başkan’ın Ofisi (3 years ago)
AS Bayrakları <3
Izayah (3 years ago)
pls explain how does animation cancelling works and how does it deal more dmg
Kelvee Ng (3 years ago)
isn't that full build already give you 40% of CD?? Why do you need CD glyph... I dont understand.
Ahrex (3 years ago)
makes you dominate easier earlygame
Deku (3 years ago)
I love you DoubleLift
Văn Nguyễn (3 years ago)
Thanks doublelift i am now can play lucian better a lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF8w9ymGmww
Shabba (3 years ago)
are cooldowns on scaling or without?
Shabba (2 years ago)
I thinks its without scaling...I have this runes and works amayin on lucian but now after nerf its kinda lame.
sohaib khalid (2 years ago)
yo mate .. did anyone answer u about cd on caling or without ?
iosubb (3 years ago)
Can we have another Doublelift class? He's awesome! Maybe on Vayne.
Hasan Kozlucaa (3 years ago)
achu çöp :D
İlker Yavuz (3 years ago)
Achuu çöp <3
Metehan Demirtaş (3 years ago)
This video is fake WOWOO my friend live turkey
ᗪᎥƳ ☣ Clan (3 years ago)
LOL i dont know this whole time i was right about the combo XD
GGNoReBrave (3 years ago)
hey trump are excited for final fantasy xv? and if so are u planning to purchase it?
Kayle (3 years ago)
Statik shiv or fire cannon and why
Shabba (3 years ago)
+Akamaru Fire cannon is better if enemz team got more assasins,and u need to keep distance then its better...On other hand statik is cool cuz of manz things much more easier wave cleaning and more important higher dmg to deal when cc.They are bot good just depends what style u want to play and how.Statik is more for kills chasing while on firecanon got defense and ofense.
Chriser51 (3 years ago)
phantom dancer or rfc? (both nearly same price, 10% attackspeed difference, more movespeed on pd, better dmg/ poke on rfc)
James Zhou (3 years ago)
@3:55 is it a wrong demonstration of animation cancel cuz the damage on second auto didn't seem to go through.
James Zhou (3 years ago)
@3:55 is it a wrong demonstration of animation cancel cuz the damage on second auto didn't seem to go through.
kooz (3 years ago)
How can u get ionian boots and essence reaver if both have unique passives with 10% cooldown.. unique passives dont stack
why the cdr runes when ER and the boots give you 40% cdr???
Jordan Costa (3 years ago)
Thank you! The combo was very helpful for my scrubness =D
naz-207 (3 years ago)
what about botrk? does it work on lucian ?
Viiktor _Hun (3 years ago)
Am i the only one who buys trinity force for Lucian? :)
Joseph Kloss (3 years ago)
What skin is better, hired gun Lucian or project lucian
Insec (2 years ago)
Have both but hired gun feels so much better. But in all honesty the chroma blue is the best. The E lights on it is flashy making it harder to see. I dunno, I just feel faster with it and when I see a blue Lucian it's harder to fight against for that reason!
MrWithoutspaces (3 years ago)
+Joseph Kloss both
Toasty Toast (3 years ago)
+Joseph Kloss Take project if you want the visuals, take hired gun for the awesome gun sounds ^-^
Kayzo (3 years ago)
Ivan Filidis José (3 years ago)
brtt > doublelift
Misterjablez _ (3 years ago)
I don't understand why everyone's saying Lucian's so powerful right now. When I first started playing him, sure, he was basically my main for weeks before I decided to try other champions and roles. I picked him back up recently and his damage just felt so underwhelming for the entirety of the game. No matter what build order I used I just felt irrelevant all game and just wasn't doing damage. Even after this video I found that was still the case so I just don't understand how he's so good.
Misterjablez _ (2 years ago)
That comment was made a while before the Yomuus and Cleaver build was around. Once I learned about it Lucian clicked for me and I've had lots of success with him since
Sasa (2 years ago)
Idk what you're talking really... I just go Youmuus, Cleaver or IE depending if they have tanks or not. then Phantom dancer into BT with Lucidity boots if I get Cleaver or Berserks if IE. finishing with GA. essence reaver is also good instead of BT for max CDR. works for me really well, the only way I could think of a reason that he is bad is because you're not playing him right.
Sasa (2 years ago)
Idk what you're talking really... I just go Youmuus, Cleaver or IE depending if they have tanks or not. then Phantom dancer into BT with Lucidity boots if I get Cleaver or Berserks if IE. finishing with GA. essence reaver is also good instead of BT for max CDR. works for me really well, the only way I could think of a reason that he is bad is because you're not playing him right.
SkylineOG (3 years ago)
Maybe it's you
Shyv HD (3 years ago)
Should you consider Statik Shiv instead of RFC since the RFC nerf?
SammyBaws (3 years ago)
but what about the lvl 2 powerspike? the qt way
Brett Grossman (3 years ago)
Why does he recommend CD blues when his build gives 40% cdr?
Sean Lewis (3 years ago)
So Doublelift recommends CDR Blues, then getting 40% CDR through items... That doesn't sound right...
Jonathan Williams (2 years ago)
to dominate early game jeez people were dumb back then
Etrocity (3 years ago)
doublelift is retarded cdr blues and lucidity. you can get cdr from essence reaver...
José Coutinho (3 years ago)
1 thing.why u take cdr runes when u get 40%cdr from items?
Christopher Draheim (3 years ago)
Reaver gives you 10% CDR plus 20% once you get 30% crit, so 30% total He suggests 9 scaling CDR runes, meaning 15% at 18 Plus Lucidity boots, another 10% 30% + 15+ + 10% =/= "exactly 40," it equals 55% CDR lol. I'd suggest either taking AS/MR glyphs and building Lucidity boots (for exactly 40%) or taking 6 flat CDR, 3 scaling CDR glyphs (5% flat plus 5% at 18) and getting Swiftness or Berserker boots for exactly 40% at 18. Also seen a lot of ADCs running Resolve masteries over the Cunning ones. Not sure which is better, but Veteran Scars and summoner cooldown is really nice. Allows you to trade summoners and have a nice window to go in once yours are up and theirs aren't.
Cj (2 years ago)
Runes: 7.5 cdr He said to build RFC (30% crit) and IE (20% crit) Thats 50%crit chance from those 2 items aka other sources, meaning you get the full 20% cdr from essence passive. 27.5 cdr Essence naturally gives 10% cdr without any extra crit. 37.5 cdr Add that to lucidity and we are at 47.5 cdr. Weird he didn't catch that.
Danger LoL Players (2 years ago)
lol he said 9 CDR Runes not Scaling so its 7.50 cdr and reaver gives 20% not 30% plus the Lucidity boots equals 37.50 CDR
s21411 (3 years ago)
+Christopher Draheim or don't get lucidity.
Randy Delgado (3 years ago)
Get wildturtle to do adc guides
Imperiom (3 years ago)
Iactually like a lot thunderlors on lucian. you will always proc it with a QAA. So you will have that initial burst. however, yeah, for longer fights its better the 18/12 . but I play my lucian more of an assasin, bursting someone down with a rotation as fast as I can
Patrick Ohazurike (3 years ago)
+Mikas Petrauskas (mmikass221) it gives more over an extended period of time
Mikas Petrauskas (3 years ago)
+Imperiom but fever gives more damage, if you use the same combo.....
LightzZero (3 years ago)
4:55 Only Corki thunderlords? I know for 100% you pro's use thunderlords on Miss Fortune, Quinn and Graves ADC aswell and not only Corki. On the ''other'' AD Carrys yes this mastery page is up to go :3
LightzZero (3 years ago)
+Mikiux Fiora No ;) But there are games at League called ''normal games'' or normal draft. And even then, even if you pick Graves or Quinn jungle. It are still AD Carry's only not in the bottom lane. Also Doublelift is known for its Corki, Kalista, Tristana and Lucian AD Carry so yeah Corki doesnt fit in that mastery page for ''him'' but there are more ADC's out there at league.
Endangered Species (3 years ago)
+Lightz Have you seen Graves, Quinn playing ADC in bot lane in professional play? also have you ever seen Miss fortune picked up in pro leag?
way ment (3 years ago)
" from 1 to 10 lucian is a pretty good" Doublelift said it himself
dylan cool (3 years ago)
not a really good guide i didnt learn anything
iosubb (3 years ago)
Lift Lift!
Russel Oloya (3 years ago)
Please do an Ezreal guide next
Just a guy (3 years ago)
"Hey I'm doublelift from Team Solomid" holy shit that was hard to digest
inzaNe (3 years ago)
+Just a guy Yeah I cringed too, It felt and sounded so wrong in many ways...
Just a guy (3 years ago)
+That Fat Asian I know, I knew about it the day it happened, but it's the first time I hear that phrase from him
That Fat Asian (3 years ago)
He signed with tsm a while ago
Just a guy (3 years ago)
+That Fat Asian  I commented it the day the video came out if I'm not wrong
That Fat Asian (3 years ago)
ur late :/
Salvatore Mattera (3 years ago)
Why cdr boots ??? if u take bersker boots u go 30%( thanks to essence) + runes almost 40%, CDR boots just make u lose 30% atkspeed
BWFeuntaco (3 years ago)
+Salvatore Mattera Also lucian doesnt need that much attack speed because of lightslinger
BWFeuntaco (3 years ago)
+Salvatore Mattera The runes are the mistake not the boots
Stuart Avvampato (3 years ago)
Matthew Cuara (3 years ago)
lol lucan
Dark Knight (3 years ago)
Hey LoLClass can you make a Ekko guide? I main him, but still idk what runes should i choose and also i wanna know the exact build, cause i try always like randoms, but I always do Lich Bane and Zhonya's but what else? Thank you!!
George Yiotopoulos (3 years ago)
George Yiotopoulos (3 years ago)
They have changed it :b
Brandon (3 years ago)
his haircut in the thumbnail tho
suppyproductions (3 years ago)
When u go ER-RFC and lucidity boots you don't need cdr blues, just go for mr.
Oblivianos (3 years ago)
is there an advantage not maxing E first over W ?? forgiven goes R>Q>W>E now
Marlonese (3 years ago)
+ToReb LoL personal preference guys. Maxing E gives you less CD and manacost, that's a big advantage in lane for your mana sustain. Maxing W gives you less CD and more damage. If you feel like you need that DMG from W, go and max it second but I wouldn't recommend it :)
ToReb LoL (3 years ago)
+s21411 Its 200 dmg more in the Midgame. There are a lot of players doing it and in many Guides on youtube you get told to max W second for the damage.
s21411 (3 years ago)
+ToReb LoL his w NEVER deals a lot of damage. maxing e is always better.
ToReb LoL (3 years ago)
Maxing W second is better if you already have 25%+ CDR because W will deal a lot of damage and the 4 seconds more cooldown on E are only 2-3 seconds less
hehe xd (3 years ago)
maxing e before w is better cause you get more mobility,as the cooldown is lower. w is practically useless besides the double auto attack
addam barcelos (3 years ago)
but lucian doesn't get 45% CDR with essence reaver,RF cannon and those boots (and the mastery)? why more CDR since ypu won't pass that limit?
addam barcelos (3 years ago)
30% from reaver + RF cannon,10% from boots.
s21411 (3 years ago)
+william silva it gives 30. don't be a a smart ass if you're wrong.
BWFeuntaco (3 years ago)
+william silva read it's passive. GIves more cdr the more crit you have
António Silva (3 years ago)
+william silva essence gives 20% plus 10% from the essence reaver when you buy the rapid fire cannon plus the cdr boots its 40% no need to get cdr runes.
addam barcelos (3 years ago)
making more critical chance increases CDR from reaver
Jon Snow (3 years ago)
cdr blues makes no sense
Hegnaz (2 years ago)
It wasnt a mistake (the runes) he likes them for early lane pressure ;)
fox110110 (3 years ago)
I want to say it was a mistake but who knows
BWFeuntaco (3 years ago)
+william silva 30% from essence 10% from lucidity
mutlangen7 (3 years ago)
+william silva ofc you do
william silva (3 years ago)
+Jon Snow What? u dont get the 40% cdr with out them
Effecter Neospi (3 years ago)
Effecter Neospi (3 years ago)
+s21411 u cant tell what a joke is lol
s21411 (3 years ago)
+Effecter Neospi you're a fucking idiot.
Maximilian Schwiefert (3 years ago)
If u run this runes+ items u will overcap cdr. I would either not built cdr boots or (what I prefer) use AS/MR runes in blue. Still an really nice guide :D
+Maximilian Schwiefert That's what I thought
Fette Ecke (3 years ago)
WTF, CD blues but than 40% in itembuild?
Julius Charles (2 years ago)
t0x1c (3 years ago)
+noah brown that mastery also gives 5 % cdr on top of increasing the cap. So ull still hit max cdr of 45% without cdr runes.
noah brown (3 years ago)
+Fette Ecke get the mastery that lets you have 45% cdr. get lucidity boots and essence reaver and youll have max cdr and will be able to dash twice every combo
+gimen41 I use 5% CDR 5% scaling CDR blues. missing 2.5% CDR really triggers my OCD.
s21411 (3 years ago)
+Omnilatent unless you're vs a lux or a karma no. Spamming your q nonstop is always a good thing on lucian. Just b when you run out of mana and the wave shouldn't be past half way when you get back.
Ben鍾 (3 years ago)
run cdr blue and get 40% cdr from the items sounds great
Dharc (3 years ago)
isnt getting lv3 W better? so that you can all in if needed for the 2 extra attacks
ZeeStrup (3 years ago)
+Dharc Just use some commonsense in the situation if you need W at lvl 3 or not.
Élco Utermöhlen (3 years ago)
+Dharc very situational. If you lvl up in the middle of a close fight at lvl 2 and you need the move speed to chase down it is definitly better to get w. however in most cases in lane the w mana cost is to high for the damage it does. you rather want to be more efficient with q poke and manage your mana. almost never use w in lane because it is easy to mis gets blocked by minions and the you don't really need the movespeed in trades. at lvl 6 you can almost 1 shot squishy targets with W, R if you hit w you will get enough movespeed to position yourself to get all the shots in.
s21411 (3 years ago)
+Thomas de Koningh fuck off.
Grand Liban (3 years ago)
+Dharc no bro if you want you can calculate it. The extra dmg on q and the cd lowerage will give slightly more dps (damage per second) then taking w. Added to that your burst trades (which are lucians strength) get even shorter because you dont do that w animation
Ren (3 years ago)
Hilary Clinton
Cic Ca (3 years ago)
Lucan the new champ....
Stefano (3 years ago)
+s21411 ???
s21411 (3 years ago)
+Cihad Sivri he pronounced it 100% correct dipshit.
Manu B (3 years ago)
+Cihad Sivri Are you retarded? He actually pronounces it the correct fucking way
Chibi Vayne (3 years ago)
Ikr lol
Carlos Henrique (3 years ago)
Good guide
MachoNakedSnake X (3 years ago)

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