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Irish People Taste Test American Pizzas

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"I'm seeing some brown and I can't explain it." Subscribe to Facts. http://goo.gl/yEIawC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - More Information: There's many different styles of pizza all across the USA, so we gathered a few of these and presented them to our contributors. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - People featured in this video: fact.yt Have a suggestion for a Facts. video? https://facts.yt/suggestions Related Previous Videos : Weird American Pizzas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziNxgQwcQNw American Hot Dogs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cX-ZDT7kcM - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Credits : Produced by Creative Nation Music licensed from Epidemic Sound Facts. is an online brand that creates short and relate-able videos including taste tests, watching TV/ YouTubers, gender taboos & more. Similar to channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, TheFineBros & GMM we focus on creating content that depicts people (usually Irish people) experiencing new things for the first time, whether that be food, drink or maybe a TV show!
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Text Comments (7263)
Shane B (1 hour ago)
The NY way to eat a slice is to fold it in half.
Greg Gonzalez (18 hours ago)
*FUN FACT* According to one Irish guy mushrooms are technically an insect
Maria Kindhearted (1 day ago)
NY pizza be the shit two hrs away 1$ a slice yes...and some of the pizza stores here in Philly makes rectangle slices lol
Andrew Copple (4 days ago)
No St. Louis style? :/
MrWilly2204 (4 days ago)
Binge watched several of these. What I learned: Irish people have terrible skin.
Kelly Pedersen (4 days ago)
You know how to solve the problem of no deep dish pizza on this take? Have a whole take of nothing but deep-dish, with different flavors/ ingredients.
lil dookie (5 days ago)
Thought it would be interesting, then that first "New York" style pizza came out. That aint no NY style
that ny style pizza is as authentic as a supreme crunch wrap.
Colin Stone (6 days ago)
Chicago is defined by ultra deep dish!!! I call BS!!
Chris Tallant (6 days ago)
The Detroit pizza was... odd. Normally the sauce is on top.
Adam Dittemore (7 days ago)
Love how Irish Jesus is always super baked.
Happy Hoyles (7 days ago)
Dude. Unless you had those flown in, they don’t count. So they don’t count.
Shadeau #GU (8 days ago)
Do all irish men sound so feminine?
Trevan Smith (8 days ago)
ussling (8 days ago)
Blue cap man is a secret new yorker because he folded his slice. Pizza Nova in Fort Lee NJ, although I am sooo glad to be out of that sucky state. In the twenty years I was there, I swore I would NEVER fold a slice, and I never have. Something unholy about that. I also put catsup, ketchup, whatever, on a hot dog. Who in their right mind uses a straw to drink soda from a can?
KLM Hooked Moore (9 days ago)
I'm from NYC and yes, NY pizza is the bomb.
Robert Smith (10 days ago)
Honestly I enjoyed these videos until I hear one of the limey little bastards say something about America's president .. Honestly what business is that of yours anyway ???
FIVE__O__FEVER (2 days ago)
Actually, they're *MICK* little bastards, but I get what you're sayin"
lambo200530 (11 days ago)
I feel so sorry for my poor cousins(100 years removed) , not getting the real versions of these things.🤣🍕🍕
Dean Oldfield (11 days ago)
I didn't see Hawaiian pizza! Where is the Hawaiian pizza?
John Trujillo (13 days ago)
That's the sorriest Detroit pizza I've ever seen...
FIVE__O__FEVER (2 days ago)
Trust me, that was no Detroit pizza....
stanklepoot (13 days ago)
Nope, pizza is American. There was something similar to pizza in (I believe) Naples, Italy, but it was an Italian immigrant in the US that actually created what we think of as pizza.
John Trujillo (13 days ago)
Nope pizza is Italian... We just have different versions... Just because sauce or tomatoes and cheese with some basil isn't what you like, doesn't mean that it wasn't a pizza. Margherita Pizza
Trevor 418 (14 days ago)
WTF man! How do have Chicago and no fuckin deep dish?
David Massa (15 days ago)
As someone who has lived in both Chicago and New York, none of the microwaved defrosted bullshit in this video comes close to depicting either city's pizza
DeEnna Matthews (16 days ago)
Mushrooms are not insects, technically or otherwise.
Andrew Kimbab (16 days ago)
This channel is insanely inaccurate and not consistent with the foods. It really does piss me the hell off..
midgetydeath (15 days ago)
Well, it mentioned BuzzFeed and the like in its description, what did you expect?
david gutierrez (16 days ago)
Damn Irish idiots, don't you know what deep dish is you stupid f****r.
Person In Space (17 days ago)
Deep dish all the way if anyone is in Chicago, then go get yourself some Pequods
Aaron Bays (18 days ago)
Moral of the story, its damn near impossible to get "authentic New York" or "authentic Chicago" style pizza unless you go there. That being said, its pretty damn hard to fuck up pizza. You can still make some mighty awesome pizza trying to imitate a certain style even if you miss the mark on it being 100% authentic to that particular style. Also best pizza I ever ate was in the airport in Philly on a layover going to NYC. Had to take a tram to a different concourse to find it, but it was better than the 3 different pizza places I ate at in NYC. Same style as New York, big thin slice.
judy valencia (19 days ago)
Idaho????? LOL.
Richard Rivera (19 days ago)
Why do I lose my mind every time I see a redhead you Irish women rock my world
noahnkr (19 days ago)
Chicago and a flat pizza should never be showed together... and it looks like it’s a frozen pizza
snpresnell (21 days ago)
Where is the St.Louis Style Pizza!?!
John Connor (22 days ago)
Why does this channel constantly give microwaved or bargain basement products and present them as American. This goes for every single episode on this channel
stephanie schmaljohann (23 days ago)
And other countries wonder why such a large number of Americans have obesity issues. We like to eat good food!!
Mark Drinkard (23 days ago)
That one dude is high as hell
Hannah Lenger (23 days ago)
Saint Louis Style with provel cheese. Best pizza.
Jazz Marie (24 days ago)
"We Are Eating..." "Yes We Are!" - Is a whole mood. Dont care what we eat, just feed me.
Kenny Kelley (24 days ago)
Pizza is technically A pie....Hint Pizza Pie...an Chicago Deep Dish is a Cassarole but if u ask someone from Chicago they tell you its a Pizza Pie...
dlschgo (27 days ago)
That's not a Chicago pizza.
William Watson (28 days ago)
These pizzas are shit
Kimberly Smith (29 days ago)
Mushrooms are a Fungus. . Not an insect.. lmbo
Cassie Aiello (29 days ago)
Liked that, huh? Now you know why we have an obesity problem.
Sly Smilin Cat (30 days ago)
Love Irish people They Can Make Anything Fun 😊🐯☘🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🌴🌙
aubrey trot (30 days ago)
Blue hat guys is stoned as F*CK
Shane B (1 hour ago)
+Me Myself And Jesus No wonder you were so hungry!😆😆😆🍕🍕
Me Myself And Jesus (20 days ago)
aubrey trot I could be
EPIC Doge875 (1 month ago)
2:09 pizza in Italian means flat pie, so you could consider it a type of pie
Abby Is Watching (1 month ago)
I'm glad you know better, but what on earth are they calling Chicago pizza? And they should have given you a couple of desert pizzas. Most of them are nasty, but the good ones are really good.
Bad Mother Fucker (1 month ago)
She like "Why do you tear it? I love you so much, you're so weird" She meant "Stop eating pizza like that, it's annoying and I hate you.
mymoonearthsun (1 month ago)
Trump 2020!
wpl (1 month ago)
Basically they had the same pizza with different toppings and gave each one a different name. The only pizza that was different was Detroit Style and they only put it in the shape of a sicilian deep crust pizza so it sort of looked right but wasn't. Good pizza can be found all around the US. It's the person making it not the area it is made. As for the chain pizzas, they are basically based on uniformity and depend on your taste and pocket book. If you buy a cheap one, don't put it down. You get what you pay for.
DrClawizdead (1 month ago)
At least Jesus knew to fold the NY pizza.
DrClawizdead (19 days ago)
+Me Myself And Jesus Yes you do my brother!
Me Myself And Jesus (20 days ago)
DrClawizdead I know what’s good with pizza 😆
Casey Rossmann (1 month ago)
St. Louis style lol
Scrooge (1 month ago)
I like these videos,but am not happy with Political comments.  That is NOT what I watch this channel for   :-(
Scrooge (1 month ago)
Thanks  :-)
Dovie Tomplait (1 month ago)
Scrooge I totally agree! Love the videos but that comment was rude and uncalled for.😒
Psychopath Marketing (1 month ago)
Keep Trump out of your mouth. Reminds me why Facts channel failed.
Michael Versant (1 month ago)
who is in charge of the types of pizza to be tested? Fire them! these pizzas they fed them are not what the American populous eats. these are what some asshole producer likes, thumbs down. ps, smokeweedeveryday :)
Josh Yogi Bear Boyer (1 month ago)
Jesus looks high. Js
Matthew Thrasher (1 month ago)
I didn't see a pizza with Provel cheese. Where's the St. Louis love?!?
Neena Lane (1 month ago)
She doesn't like the California Pizza because she doesn't like her pizza overly complicated. Sorry sweetie. Everything from California is overly complicated.
Humna Younis (1 month ago)
Pakistani pizza is just sooo yummy🤤
Leslie Doll (1 month ago)
these people sound fake.
Kirk Heron (1 month ago)
As a Michigan Native that is NOT Detroit style
Clo Clo of Cloington (1 month ago)
Your boy with the hair is baked lol
Clo Clo of Cloington (19 days ago)
+Me Myself And Jesus go on ye boy ye!
Me Myself And Jesus (20 days ago)
Clo Clo of Cloington 🤫😄
Rene Morgan (1 month ago)
Okay. 👌 I was kidding about Deep Dish pizza being the Illinois state pizza. We’re just known for it.
Rene Morgan (1 month ago)
PIZZA ! Americans are known for using sauces other than tomato for specialty pizza. Just a point here to also make. Dry pizza for the record is over cooked, stale, or badly made in the first place. Now about the Illinois state pizza ...Deep Dish. Deep dish Chicago pizza has lots of sauce if it’s made properly. Chicago Deep Dish junk pizza like everything bagels 🥯 is full of ingredients. My favorite kind of pizza is a Meat Lovers Pizza. Thin crust or deep dish it’s a winner. Dessert Pizza! Whoever did your research forgot our dessert pizza options. Mom sent my bro at college a homemade pizza “care” package 📦 to help beat homesickness blues his first year at college. She made a fruit dessert pizza for one of my other brothers. With dessert pizza almost any fruit, nut, or dessert sauce combo is possible. (I.e. apples 🍏 with apple whiskey sauce) Where are the other kinds of American Pizza: Breakfast pizza, Seafood pizza, Pesto pizza, Chicken pizza, BBQ pizza, Cheeseburger pizza, Hot Dog pizza, or the Clam with linguine sauce pizza ? Pluck up your courage test takers, hire a better researcher, find a cooking team that can produce the goods or at least warm up not over cook the across the pond deliveries. Let’s avoid letting the pizza sit under hot heat lamps to dry out before the actual tasting starts too. I look 👀 forward to a bigger improved American Pizza Tasting soon. Remember when you lot got the beef jerky tasting wrong due to poor product. Let’s go back & get AMERICAN PIZZA RIGHT.
Brittney Rhodes (1 month ago)
Mushrooms are not an insect lol it’s a fungus
Rose Farkash (1 month ago)
Hey Irish people, we Americans that are smart and not dumbed down by the media, love our President Trump!!!!
Jen Jen Jen (1 month ago)
They barely have an Irish accent
Some Random Guy (1 month ago)
You've never eaten Pizza, until you've eaten a garbage Pizza. It's a Minnesotan thing
N/A (1 month ago)
Love it when people throw political views in for no fucking reason dislike
Unicorn Slayer (1 month ago)
Damn I need to get back to my roots in Ireland,the girls are so damn chill and not afraid of expression!cheers
Clari Nere (1 month ago)
I would never taste any of those awful things! As an Italian it should be illegal to cook such things😂 anyway, funny accent
Jay Rogers (1 month ago)
Is Dianne pregnant. ? It looks like she's wearing maternity clothes . She may just be wearing a top that is similar but That'd be neat to have your kid on here doing these videos with you.
Mr Cosplayer (1 month ago)
Mushrooms r not technically insects.
Ilene Kilburn (1 month ago)
Yeah no pizza is NOT a sandwich.
John Horner (1 month ago)
Trump said you can kiss his arse
lorfalconswan (1 month ago)
I say that instead of trying to remake or fly foods over to Ireland, JUST FLY THE TASTERS to the food.
lorfalconswan (1 month ago)
None of dem pizzas look good. They all look like they were made out of a bisquick box.
Jason Richards (1 month ago)
Everyone loves pizza.
D_Dirty_ RL (1 month ago)
That feminist ruins every video she is in
aquaticpimp (1 month ago)
Irish people taste test frozen pizza....
Tatiana Werner (1 month ago)
I don’t know who told you that California pizza looked like that, but the should be burned at the stake for that bullshit.
Trippin Balls (1 month ago)
That doesn't look like American pizza unless you are talking frozen pizza
Lynden Tullier (1 month ago)
“Idaho” 😂😂
Gary L (1 month ago)
Facts Channel's buyers must have gone to their nearest supermarket to get the most different varieties of FROZEN PIZZA they could find.(lol) PIZZA; Theory & Practice(101) : 1.The clickbait title is correct . No Italian person, native of Italy, has ever eaten any of the"pizzas" as shown in the video. 2. Regardless of the name of the state or city given to these"pizzas; the thin crust pizza cut into triangles is(NEAPOLITAN) aka NEOPOLITAN STYLE PIZZA (Naples). The thick crust pizza cut into squares is SICILIAN STYLE PIZZA (Sicily). CHICAGO STYLE DEEP DISH PIZZA is sui generis, meaning that the only similarity between actual pizza and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is the name "pizza". But its American, SO WHO CARES?
Life Of Brandon (1 month ago)
“How did this and Donald trump come from the same place” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
bladedspokes (1 month ago)
None of those pizzas were what you said they were >:-|
john Thuosand (1 month ago)
That pizza is not from Chicago
ProgHead (1 month ago)
It's true. Detroit pizza is barely pizza.
Phil A (1 month ago)
Don't they know it's one bite everyone knows the rules!?
Michael Hefferon (1 month ago)
None of these look like the real things.
Alana Naomi (1 month ago)
Was anyine else kind of expecting them to be dissapointed by American Pizza?
Alana Naomi (1 month ago)
"how did this and Donald Trump come from the same place?" lol Im thinking the same thing
MarkO DeVoll (1 month ago)
Any one know where that pizza from Detroit is at cause I lived there for 30 years and never seen it before
Dan D (2 months ago)
NYC pizza needs to ginormous, be thin as can be, and dripping orange out the back because you folded it up. If you should decide to unfold it mid-eat, there should be a slightly tangled and stringy mass of tomato and mozzarella along the middle.
Rebecca Woodbury (2 months ago)
That Detroit pizza made me cry
OSOZ (2 months ago)
OMG... that looks nothing like Detroit Pizza. They got it completely wrong.
pricey0986ify (2 months ago)
The dude with long hair seems like he's coming down from a high and getting the munchies lol
Aaron Bennett (2 months ago)
Yer knot tinkin ‘ bout da bigger peetzuh
Selfish Stockton (2 months ago)
As a native Californian, they got the presentation of the pizza just right Still disappointing tho 🤷🏽‍♂️
Justin Burrichter (2 months ago)
Hawaiian Pizza
J R (2 months ago)
A guy from Ireland cares a lot about our president. He should worry more about his lol.

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