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The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!

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If you love Combat sports, please watch this video to the end! This is the all-time best we ever seen in MMA, Boxing, K-1, Muay thai, BBJ, Taekwondo, Karate, SUMO, Wushu, Judo and Wrestling – all in this 21 minutes! This is top 20 + 3 bonuses The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports ever! Did we forget something? Music: Courage of Nations by Marcus Neely
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Text Comments (9013)
Vin Jak (20 seconds ago)
19:01 isnt that the Masterchef from TV ?Blond guy behind?Gordon Remzy?
Darren Lewis (58 minutes ago)
seriously? That Guinness record is so lame! the reason those slabs 'snap' is due to gravity no skill in that
stellvia hohenheim (1 hour ago)
You're dead to me
simon konjengbam (2 hours ago)
Stick dance was so funny
Jake Shields (3 hours ago)
"concrete bricks" styrofoam
jonathan dempsey (3 hours ago)
Smashing quintherm with your noggin
david phillips (6 hours ago)
Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
MrMozoak (9 hours ago)
You shouldn't have included the fake bricks and girl dance with lance in this video.
KINGBUBZ1 (11 hours ago)
This starts off with some lame ass brick head shit lol not watching any of the rest
Cee Beeby (14 hours ago)
I wish those sumo dudes would properly cover their ball-bag.
Jari Saari (21 hours ago)
mma and mma. Hey dude, there are other combat sports than mma.
DarkbyDesign (21 hours ago)
2:04 ? What? The guy was still standing. More insulting to the guy giving up for him.
mark grissom (23 hours ago)
Faizal Khan (1 day ago)
7:05 Thanks Me Later
aspenrebel (1 day ago)
SUMO one .... Now, for Sumo, that was a BAD BEAT!! "it feels gooooood!!!".
aspenrebel (1 day ago)
At about 13:40 .... what was that? "The Matrix"?
aspenrebel (1 day ago)
How the hell did that guy separate his LEFT shoulder if he threw a RIGHT punch? Obviously it happens all the time. I had an instructor like that once. His shoulder popped out one time during a demonstration, then popped back in. One of the parents of one of his kid students, was an Orthopedic Surgeon, and saw it.
Nasty Nilson (1 day ago)
Wushu is not combat sports, it is martial arts.
X-Tech Gam!nG (1 day ago)
Waddup, Gordon Ramsay @ 19:01
Lord Probe (1 day ago)
poop came out at 15:57
Christopher Burke (1 day ago)
Serious question, sod the other moaners, what was the music on this? The choral stuff? I thought it was magnificent. Was it by Future World Music, they use chorals on their tracks a LOT!! Chris
Heegy TFM (1 day ago)
11:15 is a taekwondo kick style...
Bevsworld04 (1 day ago)
that guy at 18 knew he was gonna kill him if he carried on XD
Diego Luna (1 day ago)
Epic turning-off-the-table K.O.! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feDnIAWjD_o
Janomir (1 day ago)
8:47 kołowrotek mu zajebał xD BONUS ZGŁOŚ O PRAWA AUTORSKIE!
Garry Gilmour (1 day ago)
Pat barry vs cheick congo deserves an inclusion
_ _ (2 days ago)
I saw a reporter broke a brick by accident. Must have been black belt in bullshido
Gypsyjohn Panda (2 days ago)
So fake,especially the bricks hahahah
Valandar2 (2 days ago)
#10... you'd expect someone with a missing right hand to, I dunno... KICK?
Changjie Jin (2 days ago)
bricks or cooky
UR TRASH (2 days ago)
I love the fighters ??? and ???
A Smus (2 days ago)
nigga power!!!!!!!!!
Rusty Shackleford (2 days ago)
the chinese girls made me laugh so hard i farted and shit my pants and the bed now my wifes mad cuz she gotta clean the sheets
Galaron28 (2 days ago)
#1? Really? Who puts this garbage together?
Norm Ender (2 days ago)
Best video
Chris S (2 days ago)
Lmao concrete bricks they must really old and brittle to break so easily
Bruce Hoyer (2 days ago)
I bet the asian chick in the red can give a hand job from hell!😀
Bruce Hoyer (2 days ago)
The second one with the 2 wrestlers, holy shit, that was crazy!
ShOcKwAvE (2 days ago)
21:17 That Gordon Ramsey in the crowd?
Adam Butler (2 days ago)
Number 11 looked like some drunken style shit 😂
Robert Peck (3 days ago)
Looks like a dance lame
Matt Sturdivant (3 days ago)
Epic #1
Phuzion1 (3 days ago)
I'm glad they weren't the blocks used for my house, or I'd be living in rubble. They don't even look like concrete. They need a new builder.
Douglas Mathieu (3 days ago)
Number 3 was such a crooked ref haha.
RATA FLY (3 days ago)
7:00 that is acted
David D (3 days ago)
Connor McGregor dropped on his head and knocked out!! ;-p
Joey Busnardo (3 days ago)
Gatti vs Ward trilogy. Boxing Heaven
Epic Rage Gaming (3 days ago)
im glad at num 15 the guy was able to outlast the arm bar cuz the guy stuck his toes in the cage to spin him into the arm bar and the ref shit the bed and should have stood them up at the least.
Ricky Lai (3 days ago)
fucking china worse than mma
Pedro Monzon (3 days ago)
What about Ellis Coleman's f"lying squirrel" from out of Northern Michigan? You MUST include Ellis Coleman's "flying squirrel"!!
Some Dood01010101 (3 days ago)
Number 12 is Dragon Ball Z
Christopher Piercy (3 days ago)
The fight in 14:45 they cheated man his win. Look how slow the ref was counting for the white dude, then look how fast the referee end the fight with the other man.
S Z (3 days ago)
19:01 Gordon Ramsay
james williams (3 days ago)
MMA isn't a true art.
clear21light (3 days ago)
Good video. Also: in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Jacare refused to tap to an armbar, and had his arm broken by Roger Gracie; Jacare stuck his broken arm in his belt and finished the match, winning on points.
Florian Thomas (3 days ago)
Lots of MMA ! Where are the others sports ??
Da Vinci Rekt (4 days ago)
lol, mma is such a good sport, but the referees are fucking stupid as hell, you know at the second if a guy cannot defend anymore, but they continues the fight until the guy knocked are in vegetable state lol
Dong Nalyac (4 days ago)
the wushu is scripted, fake!!
David Boson (4 days ago)
if the thing you are hitting can not hit back - it is not combat sport. It is called hitting stuff.
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Blessed Mother (4 days ago)
Number 12 was mind blowing.
Jordi Jewell (4 days ago)
I honestly thought number 15 was going to be a broken arm. Fuck number 20.
nemodortmund (5 days ago)
wtf #12 7:10 choreography bullshit
Maltebyte2 (5 days ago)
7:10 never even seen jackie chan do that! wow
SaclunchGsus (5 days ago)
7:08 🙈
Митюлюшка 45 (5 days ago)
Stefan Jr (5 days ago)
Pantangco just became a hero to me!
Cyborgs Universe (5 days ago)
The guy that tap out to save the other dude is GOD !!!!!!!!!!!
Eduardo Javali (5 days ago)
Number 16
Touraj Touran (5 days ago)
those two asian chicks are from a video game yall
Steve M (5 days ago)
Great video. Thanks
Sam Fook (5 days ago)
Whats up with those bricks tho :-DDddd
francesco vellei (5 days ago)
I like sport but i dont like these ones
Syed Barkaat (5 days ago)
Video was awesome but music was gruesome.
Ветер Огонь (5 days ago)
fake shit!
Zeukrob (6 days ago)
Why did you use that effect in the last fights?
Wayne Gipson (6 days ago)
This Is why we have guns.
Hakoniwa 93 (6 days ago)
7:04 Agi 999 Evasion 101%
dom sativa (6 days ago)
https://www.google.com.mx/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/theocho/comments/8w1aw7/taekwondo_kid_sets_a_world_record_for_breaking/#ampf=undefined You're welcome
Steve Marshall (6 days ago)
12 wasn’t really a fight, it was more like a choreography
16:30 now we know how earthquakes and tsunamies get started in asia
SirSteadyAIM - (6 days ago)
Ron Burgurdy (6 days ago)
the music killed everything
Judge Lazar (6 days ago)
Dude, turn down your fuckin transition music. Barely hear the clips, then getting my ear drums blown out a second later.
none of these "mma" fighters have actually fought for real, they are just show ponies, I would love for someone to try and kick me in a fight it would be the last mistake they make for awhile.
Alenn G'Kar (6 days ago)
5:11 Smashing head against floor is allowed?
Travis b (6 days ago)
The first one is terrible and not combat sports. What is all your enemies gonna lay down in front of you in a line so you can headbut somersault them one by one?
Travis b (2 days ago)
+sandy ernst what have i told you about sleeping with the enemy?
sandy ernst (2 days ago)
Mine usually do.
akjohnny (4 days ago)
pejkopk (6 days ago)
MMA - dements of the world
James Vaughan (6 days ago)
Sumo slam was the best man
Tiper Loc (6 days ago)
If those are their concrete blocks then a light breeze might wipe out their whole country. Also if this is THE MOST AMAZING MOMENT IN COMBAT SPORTS EVER then I should record myself gently lifting my leg up and send it to you. It might be so extreme for you, you'd get your ass blown off. I watched 1st minute and quit.
Discovery Planet (4 days ago)
lmao !
Ray Finkle (7 days ago)
Can barely even see the last clips. smh why do that?
jeeyon im (6 days ago)
7:21 and the 4 seconds after that I died of laughter
jeeyon im (5 days ago)
+A B please call me Sean I really don't like it when I am called a girl's name
A B (5 days ago)
+jeeyon im fair enough I guess
jeeyon im (6 days ago)
+A B you might say ohhhh when I say that I'm 11 year old boy using his mum's account and like the teachers say they don't understand why people my age laugh at stuff
A B (6 days ago)
Why though? (I'm genuinely curious cause I don't see what's funny about it)
TrippyTek (7 days ago)
These Top 3 is fcked up by your effect :/
Peter Christain (7 days ago)
Anything China should be boycotted and completely done away with evil China government should be dead
Peter Christain (7 days ago)
All absolute prefabricated boars anybody could break them this karate person wouldn't stand a chance 4/32 in the ring with jujitsu
Morgan Farrell (7 days ago)
#2 That guy had to be 500 lbs.
--cLAsic-- (7 days ago)
#1 one handed fight . Everyone is talking about the Danny Williams one handed defeat over Mark Potter . I think Mark Potter deserves a little of the spot light as well, Because he remained a gentleman and didnt attack Dannys hurt shoulder. He could could've very easily punched that hurt shoulder and won that way . Seems Mark Potter is a real man . Danny williams , Nice one.
Vin Jak (4 minutes ago)
well he did...
Tel Naga (7 days ago)
This is the best of MMA “short bus” version. I couldn’t stomach the whole video but I’m sure there are some Shaolin monks kicking each other in the pills at the end.
Robert Freeman (7 days ago)
why are the "bonuses" to blurry to watch?
Michael Griffiths (7 days ago)
Can you imagine how you an ordinary saturday night drink fighter might fare against a professional kick boxer, when even they dont see it coming.

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