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The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!

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If you love Combat sports, please watch this video to the end! This is the all-time best we ever seen in MMA, Boxing, K-1, Muay thai, BBJ, Taekwondo, Karate, SUMO, Wushu, Judo and Wrestling – all in this 21 minutes! This is top 20 + 3 bonuses The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports ever! Did we forget something? Music: Courage of Nations by Marcus Neely
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Text Comments (10596)
VO VIET (8 hours ago)
Street fighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9aoZ-85Pvc&t=48s
Kidd Icarus (9 hours ago)
dude at like 250 u had the first of mma fights they didnt do shyt but give up cuz he didnt want to send dude to the hospital. lame af click bait im outta here
Kyle Fraga (9 hours ago)
Neo at 13:42
p cha (13 hours ago)
Kickboxers would often challenge my old sifu (shaolin kung fu) when I used to study for the short time period that I did. It was a joke though as they really didn't know what they were getting into. The sifu was heavily mixed up with the Triads (Chinese organsized crime), irregardless of the moral and ethics behind his status, what you had to respect was that everything he was teaching you was tried and tested and for sure something he had obviously had used before in his own life. He would often tell you how to deal with all these bizarre situations which he had obviously experienced himself. Like for instance how to survive machette attacks whilst seated with your back turned, or how to face of against multiple knife wielding opponants.Obviously he would be rather vague on the exact technical details as he was teaching to a whole class of students whose experience ranged from complete beginners to advanced students and he was more tiime just skimming over the fundamentals of such a situation. The kickboxers though were actually really niave though I thought, as the sifu knew enough simple and quick techniques that could easily disable and seriously permanantly maim opponants if he chose to do so, but of course even if you are being challenged by rival schools he still has his bounderies as what he could and couldn't do in such a situation. It's interesting when people compare styles based on what they see in fights from tournaments and the like to what you actually do in the real world, there is so much more that you could actually do to really fuck up an opponant, even something so simple as swiping your hand using your nails across an opponants eyes. So simple, less then a second to use, but result is possible permanant blindness. Which he did actually do to one particular student, a large 15 stone dreaded yardie black dude who was always testing and taunting the sifu, you could tell there was always animosity between the two, and in one such situation it's what the sifu did to that guy. He was immediately incapacitated and sat out the rest of the class holding his eyes in his hands streaming tears, while the sifu immediately knew he kind of fucked up and was trying to console the guy thankinggg his lucky stars he didn't blind the guy, and the possible lawsuit was what he was probably thinking lol.. It's just not realistic or even feasible to translate a broadcast public fight as a comparison as to what is and isn't effective in a real world situation I think.
boerboel313 (19 hours ago)
#1 has no purpose. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.
Mindaugas (21 hours ago)
Marius Zaromskis. Fucking amazing Lithuanian win.
NUMBER 3 was so shady...racist.
Максим Ким (1 day ago)
в реальном бою , боксер обоссал бы его
9:57 Spinning Backfist huh? Commentator is on point lol ;-)
C.L. (1 day ago)
Rob Norman (1 day ago)
Waste of time
This dude is a sell the dream 100000% Sad... Go to World News Report Today for real news
JKD Forever (1 day ago)
Beton puca, glavi nista.. Pametniji popusta.. 😂😂
Lovro Luketić (1 day ago)
8:00 wtf us she doing, I eould just hit her with the staff
flook hongzing (1 day ago)
Freestyle (2 days ago)
Fedor one of the best!
Shoals gang Gang (2 days ago)
19:21 you only see that shit in rocky
David B (2 days ago)
about that Mareks Lavrinovics Vs. Rodrigue Nzoyibuka…. The end of15:33 is BULLSHIT. The one guy gets his count down slow AF and got extra time... like 17 I counted. And the second guy only got 6. They both got rocked but this was judged unfairly.... it just seemed like the second guy got up faster and was more coherent after getting rocked then the first guy who had the ref counting at four year old's speed. But when the second guy is getting his count down the ref is counting faster then strippers count ones. Don't take my word for it. Genuinely play it back at least 5 times and you will say the same, Watch the Ref's HANDS while he is counting. You will see this Ref is not capable of his job.... I blame this REF.... its B.S.
TheBrewdonkey (2 days ago)
"Concrete" blocks made of sand apparently.
country collapse (2 days ago)
Americans are soft as a country and very sad
caesar Wilson (2 days ago)
no creo ni mierda de esos chinos, más falso que cachetada de payaso
Andrew Marchan (2 days ago)
My middle name is Wayne and my wood is small, also imagine being jerked off by the girl in red you have no pp
Andre Molina (2 days ago)
maybe im wrong but isnt wushu more coreography performance than actuall combat sport?
gadgetsage (2 days ago)
Lemme just put this filter on before i fap to this, because if i can't really see them it's not really gay then
gadgetsage (2 days ago)
That's great if you ever hallucinate you're being attacked by piles of bricks...
Johna Bautista (2 days ago)
Did im right i see gordon ramsey in the crowd?at the number 2 counting?? Wa hahaha my eyes was so clear
Nico (3 days ago)
Always boxing boxing boxing boxing, k.o blabla No jiu jitsu judo or taek wondo
TJ werewolf (3 days ago)
7:32 i wonder what would happen if she didn't dodge that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Anthony Ramos (3 days ago)
You could tell those "bricks" were so week they might as well be paper mache
heartbreakj 13 (3 days ago)
Yo call him Neo because it was the Matrix in that mothafucka
Kmak Milly (3 days ago)
I still say that the off of the cage kick was staged. Dude put his foot on the cage and moved in the exact perfect position to get himself cage spring kicked.
David Gibson (3 days ago)
I made a channel just to comment on this video because of how awful it was most of these were amateurs just swinging wildly and getting lucky and the rest weren’t even combat sports how is this the greatest moments in combat sports
Grégory Rougé (3 days ago)
Chocked !!!!!!!???!!!
Andrew Dunbar (3 days ago)
Ok bored waiting. Sort your video out no one gives a crap about your 3 minute intro
haris bashir (3 days ago)
8:56 fan
haris bashir (3 days ago)
You deserve a little subscribe
Brutish who are hitting on it, it's not sport.
scooby doobie (4 days ago)
7:45 really? So dance choreographers made it to this video too?
Kevin Bollinger (4 days ago)
Sumo wrestlers are strong as fuck the guy who got thrown down didn't even get winded he just gets up like nothing happened 😂
Talon Higgins (4 days ago)
The next morning he had a splitting headache
C ts (4 days ago)
15:00 WAS STRAIGHT UP BS. That ref took forever to count to 8 for that dude.
ATLHooligan (4 days ago)
Holy shit that fat sumo guy has never been that high in his life....
Lord Escanor (4 days ago)
4:55 I've never seen an armbar that tight be broken out of. That's some serious will power to not tap to that, I was almost certain his arm was about to snap in half.
Lord Escanor (4 days ago)
+Ryan Corrigan indeed.
Ryan Corrigan (4 days ago)
That was truly impressive. To maintain composure when your arm is about to snap.
Sancho Retáblez (4 days ago)
7:18 Not a real fight, but WTF
sbecktacular (4 days ago)
Why the last 3 in sepia????? Couldn’t see shit!☹️ Anyway— the wushu routine was badassssss— but all were amazing
dat guy (4 days ago)
number 18 was just disrespecting the loser
Craig Randle jr (4 days ago)
4:03 his back looks like it splits open🤢
Ryan Corrigan (3 days ago)
+Craig Randle jr looks very nasty
Craig Randle jr (3 days ago)
+Ryan Corrigan oh ok well it looks nasty lol
Ryan Corrigan (4 days ago)
You're right! Fortunately just the lighting
MrLumberYT (4 days ago)
12:45 paata from georgia🇬🇪🇬🇪❤
Francisco (4 days ago)
1st one is hard to believe
Marvin Sithole (4 days ago)
Danny Williams G.O.A.T
Спасибо за Фёдора Емельяненко в концовке! Randleman - нескончаемая память!!!
Sheldon Cooper81 (4 days ago)
Wow just Wow on that Wu Shu Lady in yellow she s incredible
Taske SRB (5 days ago)
What about ARthur Abrahams broken jaw?
Salex (5 days ago)
You want surprising? When muhammad ali knocked down george foreman in the 8th, no one expected that
FPVbud (5 days ago)
that cement looks more like foam how easy it broke
Dan Hurd (5 days ago)
That was an impressive belly to belly slam by the sumo
NerdNazareth * (5 days ago)
why can't us as Africans do stuff like this @ 7:50 the whole internet only knows us not for being warriors, but for being memes
Tyrone White (5 days ago)
Breaking bricks has to be the most ridiculous shit to be impressed by.
Trevor McGhee (5 days ago)
Best combat sport moments ever? All these are trash
Karam Kaandi (5 days ago)
That sumo thighs are like chicken legs 👅👅
Justice Warrior (5 days ago)
Looooooool "concrete"
Christopher T Spiller (5 days ago)
Is it me or did# 12 seem choreographed
edil davletbaev (5 days ago)
Класс за Рафаэль Физиева
David Espino (5 days ago)
There are better and bigger battles in the world. What you are showing is a very small part.
Pff ttt (6 days ago)
blazzer73553 B (6 days ago)
Wushu.. Chinese fucking bullshit
1187 Adam (6 days ago)
#0 Tablet vs Human
Vocalead (6 days ago)
12:54 that dude totally looks like Sagath
Fisher Of Men (6 days ago)
What's amazing about#20 the flipping dude? And how is #12 combat?
Michael Rosas (6 days ago)
5:25 my man's just blocked the best part
yellooh (6 days ago)
ELturtle Gotti (6 days ago)
They had the fix in with that most attractive knockout they played dude
VCpassword1 (6 days ago)
#2 = Askren vs Lawler
Kinnzy (6 days ago)
7:20 when my mom wants to check my temperature to See if im really sick.
Emilio Soria (6 days ago)
Nicolino Loche the best
Utoepius (6 days ago)
Intro/advertisement/lookhowgoodthisis ends at 0:39
First one needs to be removed!
the amazing family (6 days ago)
111 blocks? Was this the special Olympics
MidNight Play (6 days ago)
Background music for 7:09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8qg-XzHgUk
heber garmendia (6 days ago)
Wayne Smallwood...... pun intended
heber garmendia (6 days ago)
5:25 Mett Chun Lee son
Nai Edizm (6 days ago)
Nada fue emocionante, no mamen
John Siu (6 days ago)
1:21 what is the definition of concrete???
Killer456912 (6 days ago)
Concrete blocks my ass
Donnie M (6 days ago)
Is it really "smashing" if you barely touch the blocks and they split in half? Those things are rigged to break with ease.
Ryan Corrigan (4 days ago)
Rice cakes 😁
TitoCompianni (4 days ago)
Pieces of cake, properly
QuIgYx (6 days ago)
Why train with a spear when you can train with a gun?
Tony Sanger (6 days ago)
Did you see Gordon Ramsay ringside at Danny Williams fight.
Ner Brs (7 days ago)
Some nice fights, but wth was that first nonsense with sand blocks and those filter at the end ?
เบ ตง (7 days ago)
EmilianoRockacrack (7 days ago)
I loved every fucking number, but those chinese girls are mad!
Dave Batista (7 days ago)
7.07 the real ultra instinct
brendan flanagan (7 days ago)
The wrestling move at the begining was insane.
Artytheone (7 days ago)
This video sucks balls
MadeAUsername (7 days ago)
8:09 ... most awesome performance and the judges still look bored.
MadeAUsername (7 days ago)
You know...when I hear combat sports, I want combat...not some dude smashing blocks with his head.
hughesey009 (3 minutes ago)
The talc powder blocks.
Andrew Marchan (2 days ago)
+Daniil Zaslavskyi am i what
Daniil Zaslavskyi (2 days ago)
+Andrew Marchan are you
Andrew Marchan (2 days ago)
Obviously didn't watch the rest of the video
Onex (7 days ago)
00:45 Concrete blocks? No. Stupid. I can't watch the rest.
O T N (5 days ago)
I was in teakwando till purple senior belt, I can testify, everything is pre cracked, or really weak materials.
Matías Bascuñan (7 days ago)
So no Saenchai?
JoshWolfs REE (7 days ago)
Did you see his back open when he was fighting???
Marsh Randie (7 days ago)
WTF with bonus 2 and 3... No sport it s just criminal or bestial instinct...

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