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How to Make Authentic Margherita Pizza | Pizza Recipe | Allrecipes.com

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Get the recipe @ http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Authentic-Pizza-Margherita/Detail.aspx Do you have a favorite dish or an International restaurant that you regularly go to because they always make things just the way you like? Have you ever wondered how they do it? Welcome World Cuisine demystifies International food and shares the secrets behind popular restaurant dishes including Pad Thai, Tikka Massala, Pho, Sushi, and more! Now meet Jerry Corso, owner of Seattle's Bar del Corso, who will reveal the tricks to making truly great homemade pizza. In the video, you'll see how to make pizza margherita. The key is always using fresh, quality ingredients. You'll also discover the benefits of cooking your pizza on a pizza stone on high heat. Subscribe to allrecipes @ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=allrecipes Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Allrecipes Twitter @Allrecipesvideo Pinterest http://pinterest.com/allrecipes/
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Text Comments (53)
Jay Rivu (2 months ago)
Giorno wants that pizza
zieas (4 months ago)
questa non è la vera pizza italiana
Jayzzi (7 months ago)
Looks way too watery
Wanderlust89 (9 months ago)
You know you'll find triggered Italians in the comments when the video says "authentic Italian" anything.
Tomi Jónás (10 months ago)
Whats the name this song?
Frankie Winters (1 year ago)
Italians are fucking insane when it comes to pizza, don't argue with them, you can't win!
bluorqid (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the name of this song or the artist?
Just Sayin (2 years ago)
Go have a shave ya grub.
RockySandman (6 months ago)
@Casper the not so friendly ghost What the fuck are you talking about? It's a fucking five o'clock shadow!
@RockySandman no, but I dont want it in my pizza. I'm not eating or paying for food with hair.
RockySandman (1 year ago)
Just Sayin Ain't nothing wrong with a bit of some masculine features on man.
Николя Коля (2 years ago)
This is an amazing recipe thank you chef!!!
Moist Croissant (2 years ago)
is it only me or he kinda looks and sounds like Edward Norton?? fight club is my fav movie and with pizza?? bish!!
thesteezefactor99 (2 years ago)
literally about to cry because of the sheer beauty of pizza lmao
multi billionaire (2 years ago)
i dont have that oven...ahh i got an idea. ..i will put my pizza over my co-sisters head...fastest instant pizza oven😂😂😂😂
RICHMOND (3 years ago)
can you make a video how to make mozzarella
ClashixTV (3 years ago)
more authentic italian 'burned pizzas' seriously, how can they serve these burned pizzas and act like it's some perfect pizza? just move the pizza slightly away from the fire = no burned pizza? :S
orasis (3 years ago)
+ClashixTV All wood fired pizza's get scorched. Most restaurants today use electric 'ovens' that time and move the pizza along a conveyor belt until it's done. It's also why most restaurants serve pretty shit pizza.
bohemiangrove (3 years ago)
these pizzas should be called margherita with arm hair.
Nevermore (1 year ago)
All food prepared by humans has their skin cells, sweat, hair in it... sometimes spit if you're rude to them.
*Lady Voldemort* (1 year ago)
bohemiangrove Yup, that's what I was thinking. 😥 Sorry I have to pass.
ClashixTV (3 years ago)
+bohemiangrove lmao
Quentin Raffensperger (4 years ago)
Brutal,  not authentic. 
Mozzi Nator (4 years ago)
Authentic Margherita pizza would never have sugar in it, The pizzaiolo would never punch the air out of the dough.  And in no way would he use instant yeast !!! , they actually make their own yeast or use fresh. The correct way would be to use San Marzano tomato and 00 caputo flour, fresh basil and fiore di lattte cheese.  Please do not confuse this preppy non Italian guy from a midwest town with a basic pizza shop with a high end oven as a real pizzaiolo . JMO
fatmeh abushanab (6 months ago)
The sugar makes the yeast work it's thing which is why the dough rises..
whitter86 (1 year ago)
Sorry to burst your bubble but Margherita is just basil, mozz, olive oil and tomatoes. Nothing special. You are making it more than it is. There's no specifications on the dough, the type of mozz or the type of tomatoes.
kmurder02 (2 years ago)
lol what a twat So if you use any other tomato than san marzano it automatically becomes shit is that it? You fucking dirty greaseballs are the shame of humanity
Nicholas Fattorini (4 years ago)
Come on, be serious! " autenthic pizza margherita"! This is a complete failure, a bullshit, shame on you
Nicholas Fattorini (5 years ago)
I'm italian, and this isn't the real pizza. What is this shit?
fatmeh abushanab (6 months ago)
I was watching a documentary about Italians and they were making this pizza SERIOUSLY THE LEGIT ITALIANS WERE MAKING THIS PIZZA the exact way soo...
Eris Ereshkigal (2 years ago)
I don't know where do you come from but people is the same everywhere: good and bad u always find. anyway I apologize for who wrote those insults,I feel shame for him and me,with my words ,I didn't offend anybody, just telling this way to make pizza was strange to me cause in my whole life I always saw other ways to make it. anyway, if who made this video did any mistake will learn for sure how to make pizza correctly and if likes this way will keep doing. just I gave my opinion. and I repeat ,also in your countries u can find assholes,not just in Italy, believe me!
Disfunksho (3 years ago)
+Nik “ThePlayingCardsWizard” fettu Lol, I always knew Italians were assholes.
Strg Z (4 years ago)
@Nik fettu There are more than 3 styles how you can make Pizza.
thePowerPlant (5 years ago)
I love making pizza at home. But nothing can compare to the majesty of a pizza made from a wood fired oven like the one in this video. The slight smokey flavor, the incredible, bubbly crust, the barely cooked center. Oh! Sublime.
Marcelo Uteda (5 years ago)
Excellent recipe. I tried it and it's fine!!!
7lifes7 (5 years ago)
Simply delicious.
Landotter1 (5 years ago)
Excited or serious about pizza? Pizza stones? What about the crazy neighbor, who isn't a brick mason or brick layer and never did it before, who made a wood fired oven in his back yard,,, that'd be me,,,, Is that serious enough? :-D Firing right now!!! Gonna do this within the hour!!! Woo-hoo! Too bad my basil died a couple weeks ago and I gotta buy store bought basil and oregano.... :-( Got DOP San Marzanos though.
gsooo1 (5 years ago)
What is unbleached white flour?
Ben Wilson (5 years ago)
LOL, You couldn't tell that i was being sarcastic and ironic? I was poking fun at them providing a recipe with exact quantities of everything except the most critical ingredient.
Tamás Patasi (6 years ago)
what is this music?
Tomi Jónás (9 months ago)
Szia! Én is keresem egy ideje.Te megtaláltad már mi lehet ez a szám?
nirvanavamp2 (6 years ago)
Idk why they don't have many views they're videos are awesome
Ben Wilson (6 years ago)
A pinch of sugar? Careful, you don't want to get too scientific with your measurements. It's not like the sugar is important to make it rise or anything.
Carolina C (6 years ago)
and the pizza salsa recipe?
nigggggsF (6 years ago)
Brian (6 years ago)
more of these please
Caitlin Reum (6 years ago)
get in my belly!
GRUBDUDE (6 years ago)
New format?
ee7lf (6 years ago)
Broseph Stalin (6 years ago)
Great stuff. What I love about pizza dough in general is how many amazing things you can create with it. You can make pizza, amazing bread and with some slight modifications, even cinnamon rolls.
Sadpants (6 years ago)
wow, this actually seems very simple. Besides yeast, I could make this right now if I wanted. The simple one shows does look good, but I'd like mine with a little topping in the form of meat. Though I will probably also try this more simple way.
Crater777 (6 years ago)
Amazing video, thanks for sharing. Really interesting to see how it works inside a pizzeria! Three thumbs up! :)

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