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Do You Use A Fake Name At Starbucks?

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What is your fake name when you go to Starbucks? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/boldly https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) STILLS Two cups of coffee on black rustic background efetova/Getty Images geometric yellow pattern MimaCZ/Getty Images VIDEO Two cups of coffee on black rustic background efetova/Getty Images geometric yellow pattern MimaCZ/Getty Images Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/43754 EXTERNAL CREDITS Jasmine Pak @jasminepak
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Text Comments (10571)
Andrei John Cunanan (57 minutes ago)
Starbucks Employee: What is your name sir? Me: Its actually pretty weird my name is "Free" Starbucks Employee: Oh as in "Free" litarally? Me: Yes 10 minutes later. Starbucks Employee: *COFFE FOR FREE!!!*
Airsoft Luke (5 hours ago)
Cookie Beomgyu (5 hours ago)
Sydney’s Life (6 hours ago)
at 0:34 did you notice *VOLDEMORT*
Jay Ambor (7 hours ago)
My name is jessica But i say Jay just cuz that's my nickname that my friends use. Sometimes thwy put the letter J, once it said James lol.
Cherrie Stinson (7 hours ago)
its funny how they all have weird names
Wouter Vossen (9 hours ago)
I’ve never go to any starbucks
Robert Steyn (15 hours ago)
I don't even have a Starbucks where I live...
Elden MANSOUR (1 day ago)
Duuu I don’t youse my real name my real name is elden but when I go Starbucks I youse the name jorney
Reborn (1 day ago)
Danah_BTS (1 day ago)
Well, my fake name is Kim Soekjin And my real name is Danah 🙂
Danah_BTS (9 hours ago)
@Pil C Arrrmmmmmyyyyyy
Pil C (19 hours ago)
Ha ha armyyyyyy
Billy London (1 day ago)
Why do people care if Starbucks spells their name wrong?
jon cousins (1 day ago)
My fake Starbucks name is saillliyur
I use a fake name... "M"
My name is Kyra ( hera- somali name) Starbucks: whats your name Me: Kyra Starbucks: ok we have a drink for kenya Me: wow
Devilunicorn 217 (1 day ago)
My fake name is Orochi ginba(yes, the same Orochi from Beyblade Burst) because my real name is Haddijatou and you probably don't even know how to say that which is why I used to just say Haddi but they spelt it with a y and I just got real angry 😜
The Red Cupcake (1 day ago)
What is a Voldemort?
wnaelgas (1 day ago)
1:18 Hello!!! I always see Kirbys in every video Im Kirby too !!! When you said your name its like your calling me.
Ashgizy Aaa (1 day ago)
When I went to Bali there was a Starbucks right next to our hotel and my fake name was Ash and my real name is Ashlyn
I have No name (2 days ago)
I give a fake because i dont want to give personal info
NiqhtMare Queen (2 days ago)
I've never been to starbucks :(
Savage Cabbage (2 days ago)
Funny watching women try to be funny
Jose (2 days ago)
Great stuff! The only web-site I trust for weekly paychecks is *EasyLaptopLife. Com*
Kat Baxter (2 days ago)
I put Primrose Everdeen as a joke once and when I was called, the barista shouted I volunteer as tribute as loud as he could lol (my real name is Kate but I usually use Tayla which is my Nana's maiden name)
Foxx Filmzz (2 days ago)
*puts Harry, Fred and Voldemort together at **0:34* Convenient? _yes_
Hunter G. (2 days ago)
Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch *this... this is my Starbucks name.*
Sanford Isitolo (2 days ago)
We dont have Starbucks around wea I live in NZ so we have McDonalds
Scarlett Sullivan (2 days ago)
So my name is Scarlett. It’s either Scarlet, Skylar, or Scarllet. (Yes I’ve gotten that before) Maybe I just just go by Susan...
Onecacoochie Or whatever that one black dude said
G (2 days ago)
My nickname in school is actually dilly dilly!!
Bangtan-Tea (2 days ago)
Amal Is actually one of the most popular Names in egypt, My Uncle's wife is named Amal Now back to the topic, My fake name Is "Ruben" It has a nice ring to it plus its my Pubg Acc name, wonder Why this name? well.. I had an internet crush on a guy named ruben in amino We were in a relationship "Online" But here comes the worst *I was dressed up as a dude.* Sooo.. that became my internet nickname/Starbucks nickname
Sadie Maher (2 days ago)
My fake name is Mikida... My real name....Sadie. They’ve spelt it wrong SO many times even though I’ve told them how to spell it
Adam Wala (2 days ago)
Nicktheman Thrstn (2 days ago)
I got a buzzfeed ad while watching this
Dill Animations (2 days ago)
Abdimalik Hassan (3 days ago)
I know a al is from Somalia like me😅🇸🇴
Mama Mia (3 days ago)
My fake name is Voldemort
Gerard Is tired (3 days ago)
My fake name is Lin My real name is Gerard
RuruFling HD (3 days ago)
This is My fake name: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Wipeout Datway (3 days ago)
Dilly Dilly Rosenberg omg nc yb
JAZMINE PLAYS-YT (3 days ago)
Ninjas Hyper (3 days ago)
My fake name is Blashlined
The Blue Cow (3 days ago)
Girl: “What’s your real name?” Zac: *”zAc”* Girl: “OMG THATS MY FAKE NAME!! :D” Zac: “ReAlLy?” Girl: *”n0.”* Lmao
Luna nifflerz (3 days ago)
The one ho shall not be named😂
Mlg- Mahmoud (3 days ago)
Justinne Ydulzura (3 days ago)
My name is Georgia but it is spelled Jorgia. AND THEY ALWAWS SPELL IT WRONG. Sooooo....... I use my sisters name Julia
Well my names mishaal so Amal is pretty tame
Midnight Gacha (4 days ago)
Whem i was little I named the order kitty cats XD and we did not here them say it because they were to embarrassed to.
Taleen Awad (4 days ago)
Hey amal my mom name
Grace Goldberg (4 days ago)
Bob 😂😂😂😂 oh my gosh 😂
Canine Animations (4 days ago)
My mom uses my name...
joshna the cool (4 days ago)
LARRY STYLINSON (4 days ago)
When your name is Julia
PointFulTim (4 days ago)
Who's watching that has not got in starbucks? 😂
Sharifah Irdina (4 days ago)
My fake name is lemond. I always put that name on my Starbucks drink because I like the way they call me like "lemond, take your drink".... And the people will stared at me 😂😂😂😂
itz naz _potatz (5 days ago)
..... employee at Starbucks : the name? kuwilileni: kuwilileni Starbucks employee: who? Kuwilileni: *iLl Do You one better*! *WhAt Is KuWIlILEni* me:*ILl DO yOu ONe BeTtEr* *WhErE Is KuWIlILEni*
Yes i atcully use a fake name at Starbucks 😂😂 My Fake name is Max And My real name Is Jake
Alan Aini (5 days ago)
Amal is not a bad name
JAPPI HAPPI (5 days ago)
My fake name is small penis beside the black guy
Kyle L. (5 days ago)
I’m forever thankful that my name is easy to spell. Lets just hope they never spell it ‘Kial’.’
Zaovz (5 days ago)
My fake name is dohsuwuehhsywgshajajaabevdhduwvrheuedyshjshshsgsusvs
AVOCADOS & AVOCADOS (5 days ago)
Uhhh my name is Lauren and they never get my name right at Starbucks so.... they always spell it like this: -lauryn -loren -laurin -luaren -lauern -lorin -loryn -(personal favorite) Laourin
Kaid Trnava (5 days ago)
It sounds so smoooooooth 0:47
Naruto Uzumaki (5 days ago)
SSundee has entered the chat 0:36
Galex (5 days ago)
My names kaijee but people say kj
Palmyra Arecaceae (6 days ago)
•lunatic• (6 days ago)
Ashley is my real name eye-
Sabyana 13 (6 days ago)
Mines Datty
Gymnast Yeva (6 days ago)
I use a fake name at Starbucks😂 my real name is Yeva but I go by Jennifer (it’s my middle name, and I use it so that I don’t have to spell my real name, even though my middle name is twice as long as my real name)
Be awesome watermelon (6 days ago)
Why can I see selorm as a lauren?
RG Pascua (6 days ago)
I have a friend named Amal too. She is Sudanese
Finty Higgs (6 days ago)
Me and my friends always do different Starbucks names lol 🤗
tsm your DeaD (6 days ago)
You remember haya
Ali Adnan (6 days ago)
My fake starbucks name is ouvuevuewewe enywevuevue ugbembem osass
David Charlesworth (6 days ago)
my fake name is annabelle
Sladjana Zecevic (6 days ago)
My friend name is amal and i have a friend and her name is sowda
Summer’s toy box (6 days ago)
My mom dose trina but her real name is fred
Charlotte ! (6 days ago)
Lol, I was just reading The book Amal unbound!
Wolfy719 (6 days ago)
1:18 Kirby is a nice name :D
Geek Pottermore (7 days ago)
I use thotiana but my real name is Venice Or I would said Voldemort or the chosen one LOL
Coco Fischoeder (7 days ago)
starbucks worker: whats ur name me mike me: ya they shouldn’t get my name wrong my coffee: mYkE
Coco Fischoeder (7 days ago)
mines thicc
Itscookiecat100 (7 days ago)
Well...my mom uses a fake name when going through a drive through and that name is my name. I’m not saying my name. (I’m ten)
Nadia Jumale (7 days ago)
2:31 Just made my day
Mickeal Jdaidani (7 days ago)
Ayre bshaklak
Jessica Amoruso (8 days ago)
Would it be so shameful for Starbuck's employees to ask for spelling? It's the first thing that would come up to my mind if someone told me a name that I can't spell...
Dylan Fairbairn (8 days ago)
Mines Ben Dover
Shoko _HD (8 days ago)
I don’t even go to Starbucks but if I did my fake name would be my real name Nella
My fake name is: Celina and my real name is Elena! but they spell it Ellenna
Jarrett Becoate (8 days ago)
My name is jarrett too
MoonChild (8 days ago)
I use jay as a fake name Even though WREN is not difficult to spell
puposaurus rex (9 days ago)
my mom is Vietnamese, her name is Hoa it's pronounced (wa) and she uses my sister's or my name all the time at starbucks because she married my dad who is from Canada so we ended up with more common names.
KOOL KHANS (9 days ago)
0:47 Google translate coming through
Aqua & Cookie (9 days ago)
I'm so happy today. This video just played and like "My name is Amal." I'm so happy I found someone with the same name as me finally. I'm screenshoting this and sending it to everyone I know for no reason.
Siro plays (9 days ago)
My fake name is faze craig
Llama PANwaffle (9 days ago)
My dad’s (real) name is Eminomega He uses: Bob joe It’s hilarious every time
Jayden Gouw (9 days ago)
EWEDIN (9 days ago)
bro that bob dude had a funny ass name XD
first last (10 days ago)
Eric Contreras (10 days ago)
Me when i go to starbucks i have a fake name its :alex because my real name is jaylo

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