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How to Study Effectively

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Watch more How to Study videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/316183-How-to-Study-Effectively Many people find studying to be a real drag, but if you're going to do it, you may as well do it right. Step 1: Choose the right environment Choose an environment for studying where you will be free from distractions including phone calls, television, or other interruptions. Step 2: Prioritize your studies Prioritize your study materials so that the most important or the hardest is finished first. Step 3: Read for comprehension Read your materials over once for basic comprehension. Don't stress about remembering it all on the first read. Step 4: Read and take notes Read the material again, taking notes and summarizing the main ideas in your own words. Tip Make new material stick by relating it to something you already know or care about. Context and emotion enhance our ability to remember. Step 5: Use you senses Use your senses to assist with learning. When possible, don't just read, but listen to lectures or podcasts, and watch instructional videos. Build a rich understanding of the material. Step 6: Quiz yourself Quiz yourself without the aid of any notes. Write down your answers or speak them aloud. In other words, rehearse for the test. Tip Take a nap after a heavy study session to allow your brain time to rest. Napping after studying can help with recall. Step 7: Test yourself again Test yourself again and again, at different times of the day and week. This "self-testing" will reinforce your studies so that when the real test arrives, you'll be ready. Did You Know? In ancient Greece and Rome, people used the "loci" memorization method, which involves visualizing placing each thing you need to remember in a familiar room or on a familiar road, and picking it up as you take a mental walk around the room or down the road.
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Text Comments (452)
Snowfall (2 months ago)
Howcast: Keep away from distractions! Also Howcast: Listen to podcasts
PlasticRevolver Bee (4 months ago)
I always followed these steps without realising or knowledge about this method.
antimate101boy New York (7 months ago)
When I do my homework first I do first is the closest due date second if both on same day do it by period order since we only have five periods per day out of seven
Ricky Life (1 year ago)
wtf am i doing here?
Caddict (1 year ago)
I feel like, I'm the only one who actually came here to follow the steps and not just post a "I'm here instead of actually studying" comment.
Anyone from 2017 October???
Sajjad Ahmadpoor (1 year ago)
memory palace method comes from loci too.
Mohamed Fasal tp (2 years ago)
TheLogicalOne (2 years ago)
😂😂😂srsly....step 1:U need something to study😂😂😂😂
Juan Noypi Dela Cruz (2 years ago)
For me. the best thing to study is to rewrite your notes in the scratch paper 10- 20x to retain it in your brain.............practice makes perfect................ Try it. You will surely get a good grades.........
Mathews Joy (2 years ago)
Okay now I'm ready on Nat on December
Adriaan's tips (2 years ago)
thanks for all the videos youle get one subscibe from me and a like
KarLyn Chong (2 years ago)
But but but... what if your good in english but weak in another language and just so happens to have a test on a subject in your weak language?? id have to memorize the stuff i dont get... wow school is GREAT..
Rafi Ahmed Chowdhury (2 years ago)
Linus Tecktip's 240p videos look better than Howcast's 480p videos. What's with that??
Mweneni Silvanus (2 years ago)
will sure do
Gursharanpreet Singh (2 years ago)
thanks it worked
محمد المدني (2 years ago)
يا حلون لو في احد يتكرم ويترجملنا يسوي فينا خير 😢
PrinSASS (3 years ago)
I have watched this video like 5 times already.. but I find it soo motivational that I am directly into the mood of studying. Thanks a ton for making this video!
Setsuna FSeiei1st (3 years ago)
10 tips to study well 1.)Get rid of games and apps 2.)Study well without distract
Solvian (2 years ago)
those are 2
Ningwafuma Limbu (3 years ago)
idiot fallow
Ningwafuma Limbu (3 years ago)
idiot fallow
Sam (3 years ago)
Re-reading material - who has time for that?! I make fairly detailed notes as I go along, then read over my notes only. Even that is too time-consuming.
Said Zahir (3 years ago)
doublejay (3 years ago)
doing all this is indeed very effective yet NOT optimal because it lacks efficiency. one does not have infinite ressources (time) and therefore has to manage them in an expedient way.
thetj18 (3 years ago)
This video is to fast.. had to watch it 3 times to get everything in order
Omar Osama (3 years ago)
at least I got the nap part right
OMGTHERE IS NO GOD (1 year ago)
@Gladiator1 could you please give me a link?
The chosen one (2 years ago)
If you are interested in best way to concentrate the greatest success that I have ever had was by following the Magic Focus Plan (just google it) - I found it the best method that I have ever tried.
grapedrank (2 years ago)
underrated comment lol
Akanksha Misra (3 years ago)
I took optional part way too seriously
Javier Solarte (1 year ago)
Hola quien eres enseñarme igles
Rishit's Dazz (1 year ago)
Akanksha Misra hahaaha i dont know why but i dont study anything the day before exams but still get A and B+ thr only time i study is pay attention in class and study for 2 hours what the teacher had taught
Anushka Bajpai (2 years ago)
u stay in noida right?
Dheeraj Chaithanya (3 years ago)
ItsmeGio (3 years ago)
i leard a lot from this vadyo so think you so math.
Memify (3 years ago)
+ItsmeGio Gaming You should probably check another video, and stay in school. Jk
Anastasia Wilson (3 years ago)
how to study effectively 1) get the hell off youtube 2) actually sit down and study
Saroj Pattanaik (2 years ago)
Anastasia Wilson u r right
Nadia Williams (2 years ago)
+Anastasia..Good tips. Retain 100% of what you learn. Use photographic memory to learn everything fast and easy. Discover more about it.. Just google search *_(( Linda brain power system ))_*
Rx.haaan (3 years ago)
thnx for the tips
чеда веља (3 years ago)
+Anastasia Wilson I have spent months investigating best methods for focusing and discovered a great website at Magic Focus Plan (google it if you're interested)
AgentSaibot (3 years ago)
Two more steps: 1. Masturbate before an exam. It releases stress. If you're not okay with that, exercise for a bit. 2. Pray if your're religious.
Alto Delia (3 years ago)
who is watching this in summer ? ....wait nobody ?! ....OK :/
SMWF (3 years ago)
nice Video , if anyone here Looking for best tips to  to study well  You can try - Elumpa simple studying alchemist - ( just GooGle it ) I have heard some amazing results.
AL MAMUN ANIK (3 years ago)
Hi I like this video, especially the ideas about how to focus . I also found helpfull for how to keep focus at work is Megarno Fast Focus Magician - search google if you want
Emster Rocks (3 years ago)
Loci is pronounced like its spelled with a k, not a c.
ihonestytruthful (4 years ago)
0:32 sometimes the hardest never finishes u start with the hardest first and you end up finishing ur energy without finishing the subject LOL... there where it get to the next level
Rockybarry (4 years ago)
You wanna know how Einstein is so smart? He sleeps for 10 hours.
Javier Solarte (1 year ago)
soy colombia
Lee Anne (3 years ago)
Fshn Tik (3 years ago)
I sleep 11to12 hours why I am not smart
justyna szkiladz (3 years ago)
I have spent months researching best methods for concentrating and discovered an awesome website at Magic Focus Plan (check it out on google)
Mufli Mohideen (4 years ago)
I tried this its awesome
SassyJessy (4 years ago)
that would take me 60 years
Totally Not Lost Pause (4 years ago)
I don't want to sleep!...
Rajiv Krishna (4 years ago)
The loci method was interesting! I'll have to see how that works out...
One of a Kind (4 years ago)
This video was made for me...
Surathatway (4 years ago)
for me toooo
sacke110 (4 years ago)
seems smart....unless you gotta write a text on your computer  :/  it's 2 hard for me...sad face
Nata Mauli (3 years ago)
our school sucks 1. if ppl use laptob phones and these stuff why don't we study on it ._.
Fuck You YOUTUBE (4 years ago)
I watch this video every time I'm about to prepare for an exam. The first time I remember watching it was when I was 15 now I'm 20 and still watch it. 
AnnualFetus (4 years ago)
...I should really be studying for my geography test
Will Keirstead (4 years ago)
This video effectively distracts you from studying
Suny Side (4 years ago)
Yass best and truest comment in this video
JB (4 years ago)
Ugh. I cant focus on my studies i been failing my math exams twice already -_- i dont want to fail anymore..do you guys have tips? Just comment
Khushbakht Syeda (4 years ago)
Do practice problems
MastaKilla63 (4 years ago)
Mc Hammer (4 years ago)
Math needs practice
MastaKilla63 (4 years ago)
Mathematics is basically a system consisting of various topics. A good way to study for maths is to learn off the formulas that are associated with that particular topic and try and do a few questions on that then. That's my advice for maths study. As for study in general, just do it in medium bursts if you know what I mean. Listen to music that relates to your interests as you study. It actually enables you to do more and get on with what you are doing. Eat good food like salmon and other fish, as they contain Omega 3, which is good for the heart and brain. Water obviously should come into studying also, as it prevents you from becoming dehydrated.  
Mc Hammer (4 years ago)
It's all in the mind Think of it as an easy subject and it will be easy, think of it as hard and it will be hard. 6 hours of continuous studying is a normal thing Go over each information with care Solve an equation that's already solved and check your answer Try to figure out why this happened and where did that number come from, the more you study the more you learn, study a lot then sleep heavy, wake up eat breakfast the revise all what you studied
tahi laci (4 years ago)
Surprising amount of good, small pieces of information.
Fier The Flame (4 years ago)
How funny i have that five star notebook.
Kali Medina (4 years ago)
Im watching this instead of studying for my science test tommorw
IrishAmericaYT (1 year ago)
Abesh Mahmood (1 year ago)
Panic! At the Disco Lover GO AND STUDY RIGHT NOW!
Afsah Afsar (3 years ago)
Same rn
Kingfisher (3 years ago)
+Kali Medina nice vedio. Elumpa simple studying alchemist search this key wors on google if you want to know more.
Keyspirits (3 years ago)
+Kali Medina well im studying u and not the actual materials itself 😘
Elleyah Samuel (4 years ago)
As if we have time to take a nap :|
M4st3r7o1c (4 years ago)
جبتولي إكتئاب .. Made me depressed ..
broke multitrash (4 years ago)
Oh my God, I am having physics exams in Friday and I SERIOUSLY cannot concentrate and prepare myself mentally to study! (Blame the summertime and the heat mostly...) I just study for a little while and then I find myself drawing at the corners of the textbook or looking outside the window and it's frustrating me to no end. Plus, no place to avoid distraction and UGHHHHHHHH. I'm going to screw up... thought this was the right place to pour my thoughts. I'm going to try the video's advice and see if I have any luck left.
ILoveAnimals (2 years ago)
Write things down.
Rita medkouri (4 years ago)
Try to study with some friends 
Hello Suraj (4 years ago)
it's nice to study
David Lloyd-Jones (4 years ago)
"How to effectively study"? How to study effectively will be covered later...   -dlj.
ZaBraGoz (5 years ago)
i'm such a nerd i study for the thirst of knowledge
Eemmy66 (5 years ago)
I'm a college student I realized that reading the book with cons treating helps better than writing a notes but that another mouthed of course
SpookyScarySkeleton (5 years ago)
I'm in 6th grade this year and I am surrounded by distractions in every part of the house no way I can concentrate
little wilted (4 years ago)
Try asking someone to take you to the library or another quiet place where you can study. Sometimes it can be good to change your environment
Theresa Goin (5 years ago)
These tips can help you though LIFE
Zath (5 years ago)
Gawd, Im watching this instead of studying
Javier Solarte (1 year ago)
soy colombia
Enzo bermudez (4 years ago)
high five man metoo
Michelle F (4 years ago)
Sian Muan Thang Milun (4 years ago)
Kiki Anas Ahmad (5 years ago)
thank you
Mr.Nohara (5 years ago)
I'm getting distracted already.. by watching this video out of desperation 😱
Siddarth Selva (5 years ago)
Amazing tips thanx..
Baggelis Manusakis (5 years ago)
Proud to be Greek
Baggelis Manusakis (5 years ago)
Proud to be Greek
yashas r h (5 years ago)
tanks how cast
S Woo (1 year ago)
yashas r h don’t you mean thanks to howcast!
talwinder dhillon (5 years ago)
aaieven eva (5 years ago)
all these things r true,i'v tried theme all and it workd ! ♥
SpectrumOfMadness (5 years ago)
Loci = mind palace
kittypawprints4me (5 years ago)
i don't think i have a quiet environment if my mom is vacuuming
Jeenah Hermelijn (5 years ago)
im looking up how to study but im not studing
MinecraftTL (5 years ago)
I'm gonna be grade 6 so my teacher said it's gonna be so hard. So I have to study hard. And I will follow your advice. And you need to listen to music when you're studying??
Nata Mauli (3 years ago)
+Chris Cowie our school from 1st grade - 12 grade is serious 😂😂😂 (or even to eleven. grade …)
Elleyah Samuel (4 years ago)
Actually Grade six is easy if you study hard :)
Chris Cowie (5 years ago)
@XxXDevilCatXxX yeah let's not even mention college....
MondayDreamer (5 years ago)
@Chris Cowie And then College kicks your ass...
Chris Cowie (5 years ago)
@sean denton I was twelve when i was in grade six and it was easy....and so was grade 7, and grade 8... when you're in highschool, like I am, thats when shit gets serious.
Wilson Wijaya (5 years ago)
Um, do the easiest first. :(
Dhanya Phadke (5 years ago)
Paradee Johnson
Dhanya Phadke (5 years ago)
Me too
Ranjit Mehta (2 years ago)
m, ,.
Paradee Johnson (5 years ago)
watching howcast instead of studying XD
emochromo (5 years ago)
Step one: stop watching howcast
nikiiters (5 years ago)
this got me when they said you needed naps
Hrisav Bhowmick (5 years ago)
thank you :)
James Helf (5 years ago)
searched like a true procrastinator
Jonathan Tayts (5 years ago)
Thank you so much i am acing my tests. Not even a B on a test.
JayCookies (5 years ago)
I fail tests when I study
Julije Cezar (5 years ago)
because brain when you study is just like muscle when you work out.. if you dont rest, you loose more then you gain...
soulsurvivorgurl (5 years ago)
my exam is a week away, so I thought I'll watch such videos in specific.
Hien NguyenThi Thanh (5 years ago)
On my table,I hava a computer,internet,phone,... I still learn !!!!!!!! I CAN!
Ankita Singh (5 years ago)
how is napping optional for studying effectively ?!! ... LOL :D
vodorf (5 years ago)
I get up at 6 to take the bus, I have a lot of math which I'm worthless at, so I'm getting further behind. When I get home (after a total of three hours bus per day) I have four hours till I go to bed. I try to spend as much of it as possible doing the rest of the math, which makes me unable to finish the rest of the homework. Right now I have to read 2 books, make 2 logs, three speaches, three tests, a glocary test, a couple of assignments, etc. And I only have three years left! Woo!
gamerkidXD (5 years ago)
so when we study that's not effectively enough? xD
Avi Anurag (5 years ago)
Damn, the 'loci' method seems easier
Vinny Varkonyi (5 years ago)
You're right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. btw!but ye the surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. worth watch here now bit.ly/1dSVzxT?=bhefe
Step 1) Don't study.
teotsi21 (5 years ago)
when i am at a distraction free environment, i am the distraction.
veer bhadra (5 years ago)
it is super
The Roh (5 years ago)
does the book in the "thing you need" say FART???
FLinesse (5 years ago)
Sigh, I am trying to study yet I am distracted by youtube and to watch this video....
Razan Johar (5 years ago)
This is exactly what i do :D
eddy manu (5 years ago)
i loved it because this is exactly what i do
Brook Laster (5 years ago)
Total study + Total Napping = Total Recall xD
awdr qsef (5 years ago)
Chetan Verma (5 years ago)
Step1. destroy your computer with a hammer Step2. try to concentrate in your studies Step3. impossible to concentrate Step4. deep depression Step5. hold your breath for 5 minutes Step6. Die

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