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Everything Wrong With Pizza Hut

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Remember: Pizza Hut once had Donald Trump in their commercials. Get your first audio book free! Click here: http://audible.com/brandsins Watch. Sin. Enjoy. What sinful topic would you like to see covered next? ___
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Text Comments (4401)
ozark mountains (2 days ago)
Beta male
ozark mountains (2 days ago)
Great commercial
Ian Buchan (20 days ago)
Yesterday I tried a lasagne in Davao Philippines it was not very Nice at all also their carbonara is not made the Italian way they use cream and cheap ham instead of bacon
SyupendousStufful101 (1 month ago)
I actually got a raw pizza from Pizza Hut once
Hannah Duncan (1 month ago)
Hahaha Trump 😂
Justin Mitchell (2 months ago)
Breadsticks are amazing
B.I.G Pops (2 months ago)
This gave me food poisoning!
Christel J (2 months ago)
The sauce taste like cleaning products
japizza (2 months ago)
all the jokes in the videos: 1)pizza is bad for you 2)pizza is bad for you 3)pizza is bad for you 4)pizza is bad for you
People Person (2 months ago)
It’s pizza cut
Age Restrictions (2 months ago)
I live near David's pizza on hammer Lane it's down the road from a BJ's and a Rubio's and a Chili's when you see a trader Joe's and safe way it's down the street from a pieology
Sunday School Dropout (2 months ago)
Bet he ordered Pizza 🍕 Hut
2:39 I was watching that channel before this video
VK (3 months ago)
Pizza hut in India is a criminal enterprise.
The Brick Collector (3 months ago)
I got a Pizza Hut ad
3:05 scallop piza
Preston1106 (3 months ago)
Actually, Pizza hut Spent their money on getting that pizza to space NOT government money.
Jason Berg (4 months ago)
Do everything wrong with Audible
of course i would find this as im eating Pizza Hut
allan gill (4 months ago)
American Pizza is Shit! You guys may have invented it,but Australia perfected it!
Mr. Comments (4 months ago)
My favourite EWW video
Lonely (5 months ago)
Why is the ad read the only remotely entertaining part of this video?
Kevin Mott (5 months ago)
You sound like a Dominos cuck, fuck you.
Vreetzakkie. (5 months ago)
I ate once a pizza at pizza hut and it was so gross it tasted sweet
Pinetop (5 months ago)
Pizza hut is terrible.
Tigerz (5 months ago)
I love Pizza Hut, but stopped ordering after they started charging delivery fees. Cost of pizza, plus tip, and delivery fee. F*ck it I'll go to Little Ceasar and get two pizza's for $11
Oginaka (5 months ago)
Here's all your terrible arguments against Pizza Hut as a whole. You should honestly rework this entire video and come up with actual valid arguments besides this. 1. Yum Brand Sin *+1* 1.Sinning Pizza Hut for holding supplying schools with delicious pizza that is actually way better than school lunches. *+1* 2. Sinning Pizza Hut for Having cheese and cows that supply the milk for their cheese, like any other mass pizza chain. *+2* 3. Sinning and Constantly reminding everyone that Pizza Hut and Pizza in general is not healthy in the slightest even if it is skinny or made in different ways. Like anyone goes to Pizza Hut for it's healthy options. It's fucking pizza. *+30 for that.* 4. Sinning and Over-Generalizing every that Pizza Hut employee as Violent, pissing, and the most Disgusting people in existence, when it's probably those particular Pizza Huts which had those employees at one point. Blame the Management not the entire company. *+10* 5. Sinning Pizza hut for having a cheese stuffed crust pizza option. *+1* 6. Sinning them for having drink options? *+1* 7. Sinning them for having a combination fast food version of their restaurants. *+1* 8. Literally giving them a sin for A Pizza Joint somewhere in the US that has nothing to do with the Pizza Chain itself except that it has pizza, and cringe-worthy commercial. *+10* Here's your valid arguments 1. They had a commercial with Donald Trump. 2. Pizza Perfume is gross. 3. Those other pizza combination disasters, including the cheeseburger pizza, Hot-Dog Stuffed Crust, and the Salmon Cream whatever the hell it was Combination.
Xane the Dark hedgehog (5 months ago)
You forgot there’re expensive prices
• spici pancake • (5 months ago)
I really don't care at all haha. You only live once, may as well be fat.
ATPhack (5 months ago)
Was that trump?
Dark The Wolf (5 months ago)
As President Trump was featured in the old pizza hut commercial, he wants the company to “Make Pizzas Great Again”.
Dogmatic Bongo (6 months ago)
I love Pizza Hut doe
Gummy Bread (6 months ago)
Biggest sin i saw was actually watching this
Bennie (6 months ago)
thanks bitch im hungry now.
Joshua Acosta (6 months ago)
I only realized now that it’s Bobby Burns
Mikael Wallgren (6 months ago)
the commercial actually looks like Donald trump
Cool Thing (6 months ago)
Everything wrong whith you ??? I’ll wait
fanofpink (6 months ago)
Fuck Pizza Hell don’t work there especially one in a Tarshit fuck that!!!!
AlexTheStar XGamer (6 months ago)
3:56 bruh😂
TheDeadLinger (6 months ago)
I'm never going to agree with the sin about the Donald Trump commercial.
DY/ DX (6 months ago)
I work in pizza hut. There's plenty of healthy choices like unlimited salad, gluten free flatbreads and fat reduced mayo. There's even soya-based, vegan cheese and sorbet instead of ice cream. Healthy food is a choice, not a restaurant.
undead (7 months ago)
Pizza Hut has coke omg wow
undead (7 months ago)
This guy just made stuffed crust a sin
Shadow Hunt (7 months ago)
Honestly Pizza But is the only international Pizza shop in my country. There not even any single one so beggar not chooser.
DinOLoris O (7 months ago)
Did anybody else keep their eyes open?
Pizza _HU (7 months ago)
Giovanni Cervantes (7 months ago)
I live in Stockton that's where David's pizza is. hammer Lane also has pieology which is another pizza place.
KingLeo2588 (7 months ago)
U can't eat sht
Chris Meyers (7 months ago)
I'm a Papa John's man anyway.
Michael Hrusovsky (7 months ago)
Whenever I try to have a pizza delivered from Pizza Hut to my school for my lunch, the assistant principal flipped shit. I did it three times the whole year. It was hilarious.
The invader (7 months ago)
2:06 my father gave me a small loan of a million pizzas
The invader (7 months ago)
2:06 adds a small loan of a million sins
Tito Bruckner (7 months ago)
He said HAL-MON!!!
Hunter Makoy (7 months ago)
Go take a selfie on a cliff.
Hunter Makoy (7 months ago)
You are sinning them because cheese comes from milk? Wtf is wrong with you?
CyanCreator (8 months ago)
3:36 Don't you mean... "Neutrition"? I'm sorry
dave0z96 (8 months ago)
I hate Pizza Hut they skimp on sauce, and cheese and it sucks because of that . I'd rather have Dominos, and Little Cezars any day when it comes to big chain pizza .
lauren anne (8 months ago)
woah woah bobby burns??
Axelgust 05 (8 months ago)
My family went there and thought a small pizza was big enough for a meal, i could eazily eat 6 small pizzaz (Im from sweden)
WIIZZPL (8 months ago)
It's not "Everything wrong with pizza hut" but "Facts about pizza hut"
Helpful Apple (8 months ago)
Its too tasty
Bigfan Of Most things (8 months ago)
Atleast 00000.01% of their slices are poisonous
Im glad i dont live im America anymore. Pissing in the sink? PISSING AT THE CUSTOMERS DOOR? Dont get me started on the horrible flavors they make are those even real? In Dubai everything is quiet hygienic. The employees get enough pay so we usually dont tip since we dont have to. There are few basic flavors of pizzas there and i will gladly stick to those thank you.
David Duck (8 months ago)
That donald trump commercial though
noahInator (8 months ago)
Piza hut is my favorite pizza (i live in belgium).
Emerald Eamon (8 months ago)
Cows are abused
EliteGaming 101 (8 months ago)
The sauce is so bad
Relentless Gaming (8 months ago)
Are you serious I love pizza Hut
Pcssfc (8 months ago)
How many sin do you have?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Sherm LaVallie (8 months ago)
President Trump in the Pizza Hut Commercials
Sum Ting Wong (8 months ago)
I love you all. Don't eat at Pees a Hut. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Don't do it.
BLAKE HERDMAN (8 months ago)
Ok Pizza Hut is amazing!
Dabbing (8 months ago)
theyre pizza makes me throw up so greasy
Gargantuan gonad (8 months ago)
I like pizza huts taco pizza which is retried beens lettuce cheese tomatoes and bits of corn chips
Andy Martinez (8 months ago)
Fuck u ur just hating
BlueBeluga (8 months ago)
You never brought up the Gorbachev commercial? XD
ItsAl HD (9 months ago)
so hungry now
Herbert Rossman (9 months ago)
Nothing is wrong with pizza hut they've got the best pizza in our little beach town their pizza is better than Pappa johns dominos little Caesar's and pizza cafe
rusty lemon (9 months ago)
Pizza hut pizza makes me so nauseous. It’s like bitting into a pool of oil
random gamer64 (9 months ago)
James Lightson (9 months ago)
Dr. Pepper to me doesn't taste right But I LOVE cherry Pepsi
Hello It's Alicia (9 months ago)
My dad bit into a wing and blood came out.
Triinity (9 months ago)
3:31 sooooo.... like all restaurants that were ever made? Ever?
Nunya Business (9 months ago)
UK pizza hut is valhalla though.
Chase Berkebile (9 months ago)
I go to David’s pizza all the time
ICanHazDonut (9 months ago)
2:45 Hey! Lechon actually tastes better than what it seems to be. Can't vouch for the pizza though, wasn't alive when it was released.
Tyler Vincent (9 months ago)
I thought I recognised the rich bloke in the crust first commercial. He must have been a controversial figure way before he ever won his presidency.
Praise Kek (10 months ago)
Wtf why is some man child complaining about Pizza Hut
Twoheadedfrog (10 months ago)
oh god, a brand that makes pizza all around the world uses a large amount of milk and cheese? and oh lord how could they hanve that many cows?? nonsense. having cows and making alot of cheese isn't a sin, get some common sense.
Fidget My Midget (10 months ago)
Someone jizzed in the marinara sauce.
Albert Iskandar (10 months ago)
Pizza trump
Heylol Suplilololol (10 months ago)
I’m sure McDonalds is worse
Chip Van Hove (10 months ago)
I am 41 now and I remember as a kid Pizza Hut was expensive compared with the other Pizza shops so we would only go there on birthdays, or whatever but I all so thought it was the bomb back then, today I maybe get it once a year if that and it sucks.
Joshua Esquilin (10 months ago)
Joshua Esquilin (10 months ago)
pizza hut like a stupid pizza restaurant yum company was taco bell and KFC school food programs made in United States banned in 1987 united Kingdom was paying $300 million dollars fast food restaurant pizza Hut and taco bell out of business 93.7% position fat diet cheese pizza and chicken bacon pizza that not part of food systems take Your doctor healthy food pizza Hut diet restaurant united States since 1965 pizza Hut best restaurants in family
Josh Martinez (10 months ago)
Stupid ass video....this is like what's wrong with every fast food chain. Dislike...plus your not even funny LoL
Scout TheWolf117 (10 months ago)
only at your pizza hut (I hope to god someone gets that reference)
canteen boy (10 months ago)
I used to like Pizza Hut but the last 3 times I ate it I had such a bad stomach ache I swore I was never eating it again, I think it was actually the dough or the grease
mrchesneytemples (10 months ago)
Who was the guy on the hot dog bites pizza
AlexD (10 months ago)
3:46 Missed the opportunity to say URINE luck

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