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Top 10 Best ADC Champions | LoL Epic ad carries montage 2017 ( League of Legends )

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0:07 - 10 place Ashe 1:51 - 9 place Xayah 3:46 - 8 place Miss Fortune 5:09 - 7 place Lucian 6:49 - 6 place Caitlyn 8:14 - 5 place Jhin 9:47 - 4 place Twitch 11:37 - 3 place Jinx 12:38 - 2 place Vayne 14:17 - 1 place Tristana Help me reach 50000 subscribes 📺: https://goo.gl/549Y25 Click the "SHOW MORE" for more information music\credit. ❤Thank for watching !!! ❤ Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fndMpXNPOA Top 10 Best ADC Champions for League of Legends LoL Epic ad carries 2017 for league Credits: One Strike - Miss Fortune https://www.youtube.com/onestrikelol If i Didn't add you to the Credits just Message me :) 🎧 Music: Feint - Words (feat. Laura Brehm) [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMhrBLD_B2U Tokyo Machine - ROCK IT [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFB6Y2Qt8ag Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK) [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PD1I5k0-ZY Slushii - LUV U NEED U [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2IaKsHFjr8 KUURO - Possession [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01_aV8b-B_s WRLD - Drift Away [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxOjcjl3TFU #adc #champions #carries #lol #best #epic #top #top10 #montage #league #leagueoflegends
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Text Comments (258)
jon alec cortez (13 days ago)
Lucian is the best..
amir khoob (1 month ago)
varus and draaaaaven?
Akira SendoH (1 month ago)
all ADC is strong if you know how to play it
Clare Mendoza (2 months ago)
Why is Ashe in the very last? Thighut ashe would be atleast in 5th or 6th place huhuhu Ashe is my main
One piece LoL (3 months ago)
Ezreal Lucian and Tristana are the strongest
Miss Fortune (4 months ago)
Everybody knows that MF is the best ADC. If you disagree you are wrong :v
Viruz juance21 (5 months ago)
Twitch jungle is the best
Shauna Vayne (5 months ago)
Vayne is better
Sunny Macwan (6 months ago)
Ashe, never out of the meta. Thanks to Pray.
VuSaL BeKiRoV (7 months ago)
Jhin 💪
gabriel magalhaes (7 months ago)
Carlito Marlom (7 months ago)
parades ta muitoxolpaumas
JaksfifTV (7 months ago)
Perfect symbol (7 months ago)
Musa (8 months ago)
Nice video
Kindred 130605 (8 months ago)
Well i guess no one knows about kindred thats fine i guess but i think their the best adc for me💖💖💖
Zapulse Gaming (8 months ago)
Where's Draven and Ezreal?
mehmet senih (8 months ago)
Kogmav? Ahahahah mal kogmav.koymamis beyler bu adamin lolden haberi yok dl acik xikin
Richjon Keneth (8 months ago)
they were all kids pick HAHAHAHA!
Neil Alfred Deguzman (9 months ago)
Jhin shouldve got a higher place, those all of heroes above jhin doesnt have a chnce fighting me when im using jhin lol. even with vaynes crit chance lol. vayne doesnt have a chance
Alois Memphis (9 months ago)
i love Jinx!
Bubi Asatiani (9 months ago)
LOL all songs Songs From Rocket League Love them
Magic Lord (9 months ago)
Drav is the strongest adc
Sebastian Irribarra (9 months ago)
Esas canciones de rocket league xd
Bryan Ecoy (9 months ago)
LOVRE LONČAR (9 months ago)
Name of the video is top 10 not top all adc
Andrew Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Quinn Is Better!!
Josip Krešo (10 months ago)
twich/jinx are here, i'll give it a pass
Yey yoy (10 months ago)
yZiinxIguu 77 (10 months ago)
Where is Teemo, Yasuo and Veigar?
yZiinxIguu 77 (10 months ago)
0:51 Is What THIS music?
kernet the frog (10 months ago)
your taste of music is actually ass....
B O T (10 months ago)
kogmaw ?
Khánh Bùi (10 months ago)
ad hay day, minh cung dang luyen de giong nhu cac ban ad trong nay... cu the la BAng Bang
Peter Amora (10 months ago)
Where's Tyler?
Giulia Esposito (10 months ago)
Jinx is the best guys
Zeljko Zecevic (10 months ago)
where is kalistaq
Stewie Griffin (10 months ago)
I have 105.000 points on trist
Juan Ojeda (10 months ago)
You Tube (10 months ago)
How do you even forget Urgot??
Naxx BG Gaming (10 months ago)
Công tử Họ Lý (11 months ago)
Where is the kog maw
Galo Cego (11 months ago)
Draven is the best bro 1 hit one kill
Jamel PSG (11 months ago)
draven varus ???
Sou o Pai dele (11 months ago)
Kog Maw !!?????????????
Sala baluFF (11 months ago)
6 place ? :(
Hecor Galang (11 months ago)
SkaRR (11 months ago)
Ezreal is no doubt (at the moment with the klepto shit) the most broken adc
dawid peciak (11 months ago)
1 Draven men
Rickkyyy (11 months ago)
I gotta say I think Twitch and Jinx should be higher than Vayne, I've never really used her as an adc but that might just be me.
Matin JR11 (11 months ago)
I like tris adc..i main that champ
Pretty ezreal (1 year ago)
Ashe doesn't deserve a spot give it to ezreal or draven
Naber (9 months ago)
Pretty ezreal mate Ashe's kit is more powerful than most ADCs and other champions in the game plus don't forget her passive :)
Pretty ezreal (1 year ago)
Where's ezreal 😥
Luffy Onepiece (1 year ago)
Fck u idiot where is Draven or Mao?
Beninho17 (1 year ago)
tristana is shit
David Sanchez (1 year ago)
where is varus
Hecor Galang (11 months ago)
David Sanchez ya I was asking for that too
Challenger Katarina (1 year ago)
Draven a kog Are 1st
Liem Nguyen (1 year ago)
Nhạc lúc 6:49 tên gì vậy
Rakan Alyami (1 year ago)
Mohannad Batal (1 year ago)
Draven ? xD
Walid OualF'i (1 year ago)
no one ask fo ezreal ! really
Dale Andrew De Arcw (1 year ago)
How about draven and kalista?
Yêu Liên Minh (1 year ago)
Where is kog'maaw??
wiola (1 year ago)
Nik Petikas (1 year ago)
Kog maw best adc ever
wellplayed (1 year ago)
in S7 kalista has 100% ban rate...I think she is the top 1! She is very strong in lane fight and team fight!
Javanner . Exe (1 year ago)
where is the draven and kogmav??? ¿?????¿¿
Gento fujio (1 year ago)
Wheres draven
zaczeknfw (1 year ago)
Half of them hails go to supports who saved their asses
TheEliteLiberator (1 year ago)
Its cool for a pentakill compilation, but it doesnt tell me who the best adcs are and why
League Of Fails (1 year ago)
Everyone has his favorite adс, it's worth playing around with everyone and choosing someone who suits your style of play. 😀
Marlon Herjas (1 year ago)
Kogmaw is the best adc i think
renz jacela (1 year ago)
why draven isn't there?
X-cope (1 year ago)
this is so wrong whres kog and vayne is 2 vayne is one at the worst adc right now and jinx is 3 ?????????? wtf dude i think is 10 .vayne. 9 lucian. 8 xayah. 7 miss fortune.6 ashe. 5 draven. 4 jhin. 3 kog.2 twich.1 tristana.
X-cope (1 year ago)
noo theres no vayne miss fortune is 10 and 6 is caitlyn
Alessandro Baldrighi (1 year ago)
Draven isn't in this video because it isn't so popular (probably because it's difficult). But i think that draven is the adc with more damage in the game
kupa śmiechu (1 year ago)
where is kog maw ?
pyge Jfjfkfjf (1 year ago)
Kalista Draven where are they lol and Vayne is a beeter carry than all she can do 1 vs 9 easy win because im vayne Maaaaiinn
Psycho Daemon (1 year ago)
Remove ashe and put draven
TheEliteLiberator (1 year ago)
Psycho Daemon draven is too hard to play well with a team. Thats why you never see the pros use him
Bồng Phieu (1 year ago)
I think that caitlyn is not strong now Maybe draven or kog maw is better
Rick Geografía (1 year ago)
Spectre King (1 year ago)
Wtf, Fuck Tristana She is bad. Draven should be nr1
Khang Hạ (1 year ago)
Khang Hạ (1 year ago)
Kalista đâu????
Nhật Huy Lê (5 months ago)
Troi oi co hieu ADC la gi ko ban kalista la tank ma chu dau phai la AD
Belic Andrej (1 year ago)
Toxic ADC (1 year ago)
wtf draven should be in the top 4
Csoma Vaskó (1 year ago)
I think top 5 1. twich 2. tristana 3. kog mav 4. Jinx 5. lucian
Andrei (7 months ago)
As a twitch main, my opinion is also like yours Csoma Vasko, but twitch is not so mobile like the others. But he is very broken and powerfull, i mean, full build and ult i reached 1200 crit in tanks, without Elder drag and red, just the baron so.. Twitch is the best anyday in fight, not so good in escape
Une Personne (11 months ago)
twitch > all
Hecor Galang (11 months ago)
1. Varus
Csoma Vaskó (1 year ago)
5. varus*
Đỗ Tâm (1 year ago)
3.44 lol zed
Jhin (1 year ago)
Once i played twitch there was a ziggs too who stole my penta anyway i got one in the next :D
Myla Senju (1 year ago)
Varus? :(
T0lerant (1 year ago)
*:/ You don't know Bro !! Someone Is True but Ekko and Zed where are ??*
Steve Gaming (1 year ago)
i think is dont care what you play in bot (ADC) is about good player and support ...
Matija Biocanin (1 year ago)
nice clip
Atuka Lomidze (1 year ago)
where are my mains? Draven and Kog?????????
tín trần trung (1 year ago)
there are not varus in here?
Cirito Uwu (1 year ago)
draaaaveeeen <3
xPESS (1 year ago)
You are fucking idiot, really no have kog, kalista and draven...? Top 3 Jinx... really? Pls sell your chanel
Drifter (1 year ago)
Where tf is draven
adventure man (1 year ago)
11 sivir
李高亦 (1 year ago)
Where is Teemo :v
League Of Fails (1 year ago)
In hell !!! Grows Mushrooms 😂
SKT Jane (1 year ago)
Lucian is best
Roam Roam (1 year ago)
kog maw is much more better

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