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Thanksgiving Recipe : Candied Yams With Marshmallows

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Rebecca Brand shows how to make candied yams or candied sweet potatoes casserole the classic way for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Toasted Marshmallows on top provide a crunchy gooey topping on your yam or sweet potato base of delicious soft texture vegetable casserole. Make this dish ahead of time, or the day of this simple easy way. This is an easy recipe for success every time, and a dish that is classic that even your most picky eaters will love. Candied Yams and Candied Sweet potatoes are just a simple yam or sweet potato mixture put into a casserole dish, then topped with marshmallow that get toasted, it's so easy! Try this dish out on your dinner parties for a "wow" from your guests! It's amazing, and amazingly easy! Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaBrandRecipes/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_brand_recipes/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/rebeccabrandart LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccabrand Website: https://www.rebeccabrand.com/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rebeccabrandrecipes
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Text Comments (205)
Melissa Harris (3 months ago)
WHATTT , No Cinnamon , No Nutmeg , No Vanilla . What in the world . That is REALLY different from the norm . Never ever had yams without those three main ingredients . Not knocking it but........ Just never ever never seen it done this way .
Aaron Benedict (4 months ago)
The way she talks is pretty rediculious and annoying
GiGi2O11 (4 months ago)
She sounds like she's holding back hysterical laughter the whole time.
Austrian Simplicity (5 months ago)
The way she talks reminds me of those "cooking" shows featured on MadTV. Half expect something crazy or funny to happen.
Jimmy Day (5 months ago)
Is she high? I want some of what she's on.
Geri Spieler (5 months ago)
She's great. Lots of enthusiasm. You go girl.
Geri Spieler (5 months ago)
+Rebecca Brand Meant to mention I really like your comment about not turning on water except to quickly rinse the yams. Good advice.
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
Thank you for your comment Geri Spieler - so nice!
TheAVJ2 (5 months ago)
I tried it a few yers ago with the marshmallows covered big mistake thanks to the 3 min technique i now have perfectly vrowned marshmallows thanks !
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
ahwhh, so nice! Thank you TheAVJ2
Crystal Shuler (5 months ago)
i'm scared 😳
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
Ha ha ha! Crystal Shuler you made me laugh!
Chris Austria (5 months ago)
Is she partially deaf?
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
Ha ha ha! Chris Austria you made me laugh!
Amy Sharp (5 months ago)
I’ve made this 2 years in a row! It’s awesome! I was tasked with yams a few years ago, and has no experience making it... this was easy and amazing! I recommend her version! It’s easy!
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
I love your kind comment, thank you for your support on my channel Amy Sharp !
Joel Aguilar (5 months ago)
Thanks for telling me to put the marshmallows on right before dinner at the end of the video. Now my dish is ugly and ruined 3 hours before dinner! Dummy!
Peter Redd (5 months ago)
you are stupid
Bobbie Taylor (5 months ago)
Is she drunk?🤔
nitza berrios (5 months ago)
Thanks..great video.Happy Thanksgiving!
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
I love your kind comment, thank you for your support on my channel nitza berrios !
Mike D (6 months ago)
“Ok golly gee! That was totally, oh yea, goody goodness!! Mmmhmmm, yay!” Thanks for cool recipe but Holy crap, lady, that voice! Lol
Mike D (5 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Rebecca :). Thanks for the vid.
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
Ha ha ha! Mike D you made me laugh!
Messiah’s Mommy (6 months ago)
Yummy 😋
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
Messiah’s Mommy I'm so glad you liked this! Thanks for your comment!
Ernest Sanchez (6 months ago)
Her personality seems fun. Fun to hang out with thanks for showing the process
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
Ernest Sanchez I'm so glad you liked this! Thanks for your comment!
Blue Sky (6 months ago)
I’m trying this!!
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
Thank you for your comment Blue Sky - so nice!
LifewithDenecia (6 months ago)
Mommy I wanna make this for thanksgiving so let me do it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rebecca Brand (5 months ago)
Super, thanks for writing! Love it!
judy canaday (6 months ago)
Aloha from Hawaii 🌸🌺🌼🌈
Ti Funn (6 months ago)
If you rinse and boil the sweet potatoe with the skin you can keep more potatoe and you don't waste time peeling the skin. The skin comes off soooo easy after being boiled. Take the sweet potatoes out once you can easily stick a fork all the way through the sweet potatoes. Also... taste taste taste before you place the marshmellows on top.
Paul S (6 months ago)
Love it thanks so much I used to use marshmallow fluff but will try real marshmallows this year
Rebecca Brand (6 months ago)
Thank you for your comment Paul Sciuto - so nice!
Laura Luffman (6 months ago)
Those aren't yams that's sweet potato casserole
SoSoBradley23 (7 months ago)
She could’ve used another bowl to mix that 🤨
Laydee Jenks (7 months ago)
Uuummm what happened to the nutmeg & cinnamon???
Melissa Harris (3 months ago)
And the Vanilla and white sugar .
Perry Walton (5 months ago)
Laydee Jenks agreed...no spices.
All da smoke Zillyyy (8 months ago)
She got on them truesss
All da smoke Zillyyy (6 months ago)
Husky Boi true religion jeans bruh lmao 😂
Husky Boi (6 months ago)
What tf do u mean by truesss? 😂
Susie Q (6 months ago)
All da smoke Zillyyy (8 months ago)
It looked great i love sweet potatos ! And i will definitely use ur recipe for the holidays coming up😊❤️
Rebecca Brand (8 months ago)
Bay area mafia Flakzilla I'm so glad you liked this! Thanks for your comment!
Blsd Hgly Fvrd (8 months ago)
Sweet Potato Fluff
Rebecca Brand (8 months ago)
Steph Steph I'm so glad you liked this! Thanks for your comment!
William (8 months ago)
Why are you on the verge of a giggle session?
William (8 months ago)
Let the laughter free Rebecca, don't keep it inside lol Just kidding :) We don't have Thanksgiving here so I'm definitely making this for Christmas dinner. Never had it before!
Rebecca Brand (8 months ago)
ahwhh, so nice! Thank you William you make me laugh --
Byron Chandler (9 months ago)
Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your candied yams with marshmallows look so beautiful, just like you. You make a lot of difficult meals look easy. What's your honest opinion on the food pantry? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. I love you, sweetie. Let the positivity in and let the negativity out. <3
Rebecca Brand (9 months ago)
ahwhh, so nice! Thank you Byron Chandler - Yes, you are so right! Positivity!!
nickegofficial (1 year ago)
*for best results* Stay out of this comment section. Full of disgusting human beings.
Arqam Farooqui (1 year ago)
theElusiveScoRpIO1987 (1 year ago)
Fab Life (1 year ago)
Simple, yet delicious. Making this again today. Tried and true. Thanks Rebecca!
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
Super, I made it Friday night for a Friendsgiving dinner!! Love it too!! Let me know how this batch goes!
Patrick Pugin (1 year ago)
Scary...person quick kids hide the knives from mommy dearest.
theElusiveScoRpIO1987 (1 year ago)
Patrick Pugin 😂😂😂😂😂😂
jeremy brand (1 year ago)
YouTube Version of Sandra lee
Julia Maidman (1 year ago)
I can bake them for a family dinner!
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
Fantastic Julia!! Yes!!
R D (1 year ago)
I thought yams and sweet potatoes are completely different from each other?
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
yes they are! Yams are bright orange, and sweet potatoes are a mild yellow. They have different vitamins!
Victoria Colvin (1 year ago)
This is such a strange recipe! Sweet potato and marshmallow!!
Jasmine E (1 year ago)
Recicipe looks great
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
I'm making this for christmas...watched three different videos on this. I love yours the most lol.
Zion Nobles (2 years ago)
Thank you so much I made this for my family and I'm only 11 and my mom and my brother loved it
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Fantastic Zion!! did you make it for Thanksgiving? Good job!!
Amber McLain (2 years ago)
Just finished pre-making this! So easy and helpful! Thank you! What temperature should I set my oven for tomorrow before I put the marshmallows on? Thank you again!
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Start at 350, then under the broiler to toast for 3 mins or less! You need to heat up the insides, don't put the marshmallow on until you are ready to serve... I'm doing the same thing right now!!
AudioMorpheus.com (2 years ago)
For best results on this recipe, mute the sound before you begin. Your welcome.
Aaron Benedict (4 months ago)
Wish I would have seen this comment
J.m.p (6 months ago)
Lucian Dijkstra (2 years ago)
Subscribed and using this recipe tomorrow! I love the cheesiness in your voice!😂😂 thanks hun👏🏼👌🏼
Unstoppable Nayy (2 years ago)
I come back to this video every year , thank you Rebecca!!!!
Aaron Benedict (4 months ago)
Cause your to dumb to remember these little steps
Cindy Tran (1 year ago)
Me too. She’s cooky. Like me!
Cindy Tran (1 year ago)
Me too
Beba Rios (1 year ago)
Ajaneh Rojas is it good?
Moreganplease (2 years ago)
After being in the fridge all night, how long should you put it in the oven before adding marshmallows and what temperature? And btw I've made this two times so far, but I made it vegan just by replacing the butter and marshmallows with vegan versions! My non vegan family loves it :) And so do I! Which is why I'm making it again for Thanksgiving!
Mustang Marie1 (2 years ago)
Can i add cinnamon?
Ti Funn (6 months ago)
Yes. I use cinnamon and cocoa powder.
Mustang Marie1 (2 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand I always watch this video a day before thanksgiving, This is very easy to make, Others makes it look very complicated to make lol!
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
That would be really great, 1/2 teaspoon for this whole recipe would be great, don't do too much.
Jarrod Britton (2 years ago)
I love that cutting board 😁😁
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
I love it too!! It's so strong too!
Carolyn Jordan (2 years ago)
looks good Iam going to try it.
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Thank you Carolyn!
Amyrr Smalls (2 years ago)
funnel cake
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
I love that suggestion!!
nikki vinson (2 years ago)
looks good have to try this for the holidays thanks for sharing
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Amber Becca (2 years ago)
do you have to cook the yams befor you put the marshmallow on top
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Yes for sure. Otherwise they are hard, the marshmallows don't need much to get toasted.
Aisha Malik (3 years ago)
Why is she like screaming? Lol
Mersiha H (5 months ago)
She’s enthusiastic, seems lovely
sherri seward (6 months ago)
I think the way she's talking she sounds like a porn star reading a script, I keep waiting for her to moan or something lol
J.m.p (6 months ago)
+Clayton Lee gosh you're an up beat lady
Clayton Lee (1 year ago)
Aeronne Kobayashí (3 years ago)
is it okay to bake it in a microwave oven? i really need your reply ASAP thnkyu
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Aeronne Lyn Rizelle Lenis Yes, but don't add the marshmallows til end, they will not brown, either.
Jasmine (3 years ago)
I see that you added salt to the yams. Why is that?
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Jasmine Pride Sweet and salty is really nice in this! Great question!
London LiketheBridge (3 years ago)
Love the video! Your personality is great :)
London LiketheBridge (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand You're welcome!
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+London LiketheBridge Thank you!
Sweetlips Fons (3 years ago)
Awesome!!!! i have never made this type of recipe. and was a huge hit at thanksgiving! keep it up! it was easy simple and clean.
Yoada Zapien Rangel (3 years ago)
is it 1 1/2 cup of melted butter or 1/2 cup?
Vince Amato (3 years ago)
+Yoada Zapien Rangel 1/2 cup (2:18) To answer your question, for the amount of sweet potatoes she's using. But I think the mash should be baked before putting on the marshmallows to melt everything into the mash.
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Yoada Zapien Rangel There recipe is on the front and back of the video... so that's always where to go to get a screen shot and print it off, or just pause it. Good Question!
shellz150 (3 years ago)
great job use same every Thanksgiving!
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+shellz150 Fantastic! I love reading this, you've made my Thanksgiving day!
Aimee Tatum (3 years ago)
Loved this. Gonna try it tomorrow
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Aimee Tatum Awesome, thank you!
Shakara Snell (3 years ago)
Looks so easy and simple... Thanx
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Shakara Snell oh good!!
kevin u (3 years ago)
it was so good!!!
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+kevin u OH, that's great to hear, thank you for writing.
AllDayStaci (3 years ago)
If I were to make this a day ahead of time, what temperature should I cook it at when I reheat it the next day? and for how long? Thanks so much, I love this recipe! :)
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+AllDayStaci Just don't cook the marshmallows, leave that for the last 350 degrees for 30 minutes if you start from fridge cold. If Room temp, you can cook less, 400 is good to crunch up the marshmallows at the end, 10 minutes.
Stephanie Holloway (3 years ago)
Thank you for your video. I got yams in a bountiful basket today and I've never really had fresh yams so I only know how to do from a can. Your video made it so simple and easy. I figured it was complicated since even one of my neighbors who cooks things fresh can't even do them.
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Lasair Oiche Fantastic!! I very much want my channel to be everything you bring up in your comment!
Isamar Juan (3 years ago)
I have been looking at different recipes they were all so complicated and needed so many things this one is easy and it looks delicious! I will be making this tonight!!!
Isamar Juan (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand I made this last night and it was perfect. I used Zulka crystal brown sugar since I did not have regular sugar but it was still perfect! Thanks!
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Isamar Juan How nice, if you can, I'd love to hear how yours turned out! lmk
Madara Uchiha (3 years ago)
to much sugar guerra
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Madara Uchiha well maybe.. but it's so nice with the Turkey!
rollingstoned (3 years ago)
white people can't cook
KIDROBOT4 (1 year ago)
LMAO!!! Im rollin.
Mmhmmm Sureee (1 year ago)
rollingstoned (3 years ago)
shut up
Ms. Smith (3 years ago)
Very rude some white people can cook that was a fk up comment
rollingstoned (3 years ago)
.  .
ashley avila (3 years ago)
What if you got yams instead of sweet potatoes
Amber Becca (2 years ago)
martyb999 do you have to have to cook the yams in the oven befor you put the marshmallows on?
Ms. Smith (3 years ago)
+martyb999 Oh
martyb999 (3 years ago)
+Mrs.Opinionated C'hey Only to Americans, in Africa and the West Indies they’re two different vegetables.
Ms. Smith (3 years ago)
They are the same thing
Aidan Trujillo (3 years ago)
Sweet potatoes and yams are entirely different foods. You'll probably never find a REAL yam in a store anyway, only sweet potatoes.
Aidan Trujillo (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand http://www.ncsweetpotatoes.com/sweet-potatoes-101/difference-between-yam-and-sweet-potato/
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+bob lyle really, now I used to farm a lot, I really want to know about this, thanks for bringing it up!
Shelly Dayman (4 years ago)
Those are yams, not sweet potatoes. 
steph JM (4 years ago)
Actually, these were sweet potatoes.
lydia Rawlins (4 years ago)
Your style of cooking is so easy and fun to watch, and the fact that i recognize the ingredients you're using is a bonus. i'm trying this on Xmas day.
StormedGold (4 years ago)
not to be rude but why step back in every video???
Declan Kelly (4 years ago)
Looks good! I'm sure you don't speak like that in person, though.
luv 2cook (4 years ago)
Hi Rebecca your cute when you cook ..I made your Easter cake about 2 yrs ago it was good..I also made your sweet potato it came out awesome..I have a little suggestion maybe you should pull your hair back a little it seems to be in your face a lot..it could prevent the hair from going in the food also...anyway your great :-)
mssky69 (4 years ago)
I never heard of this I"m in Canada must be a US thing?
mssky69 (4 years ago)
i should try it 
Alfred Martinez (4 years ago)
im going to use this one out of all the ones i have looked at this seams to me the best one thanks 
kassandra ruan (4 years ago)
i make this every year for thanksgiving and im making it tomorrow! (happy early thamksgiving everyone)
Jesse Golden (4 years ago)
+RebeccaBrandRecipes Update!!! Everyone LOVED it <3 Thanks so much for the recipe  and thanks for the response!!!! This was DELICIOUS :)
Jesse Golden (4 years ago)
This will be my first time making this… everyone seems to like it a lot :) Happy Thanksgiving to You too <3
Victoria & Summer (4 years ago)
That is not done she is eating it cold she is eating Dookie Dookie dookie thank you guys im going to get 63000000 thousand dollars right now
Dora Lee (4 years ago)
Thank you so much, I love your channel.
Nena F (4 years ago)
Great recipe Rebecca. I made a trial small one and LOVED it! Can't wait to serve it this Thanksgiving! If I have a large amount should I use a food processor or should I stick to a fork?
Fab Life (4 years ago)
Thanks Rebecca, this was great. The salt makes the difference. 
Pales Gensler (4 years ago)
My family dose this every year for thanksgiving and I thought we were the only ones.
Jen hall (4 years ago)
What happened to your videos! !?? Ur cooking videos were my favorite :( hope u make more soon
JEZSON Laurent (4 years ago)
Rebecca was wearing True Religion brad jeans Oooooooh.
Amy Wilkinson (5 years ago)
You are a really good cook and you give so much good advice if we dont have a piece of equipment xx
fossy111 (5 years ago)
I love sweet potatoes, but marshmallows on top? then gravy on top of that? I think this is too much for my bland british taste buds lol.
fossy111 (5 years ago)
I might try making a little portion to test it, as it does look good.
cheng cheuk ling (5 years ago)
Uploaded N it taste awesome
J elle (5 years ago)
I'm making this today for christmas! actually everything I'm making today is a rebecca brand recipe! Thank you so much!
Hannah P (5 years ago)
Aha me too!!
The_PinkFlamingo (5 years ago)
at 3:12 i heard someones stomach rumbling
cheng cheuk ling (5 years ago)
I try it tonite N I will post it tonite when I finish this amazing dish Thanks for sharing this perfect recipe
Benjamin Massie (5 years ago)
how do you make hot sweet coochy pie?
THE SPECTRELIGHT (5 years ago)
Whoa! Where did you get that Cutting Board?! \m/
SomeBlondeGirlx (5 years ago)
this looks disgusting
Cory Matela (1 year ago)
SomeBlondeGirlx your face looks disgusting
Positive Vibes (5 years ago)
Audrey Gee (5 years ago)
Wow! Making this for my family tonight!
Fred Quinoa (5 years ago)
I will be making this next week. Excited!! Simple recipe.
Bridget Sarah (5 years ago)
So glad I found this! I lived in America for 8 years but now that I'm back in Australia I want to keep the Thanksgiving tradition going in my family. I'm thrilled with how your yams looked and cannot wait to try them out next week! Happy Thanksgiving!
413MB (5 years ago)
Looks soo yummy
anasmilez43 (5 years ago)
thank you for this recipe!! i have been wanting to know how to make this since forever ago lol  :)   i can't wait to make this for thanksgiving, or maybe test it out before just for myself :)  thanks again rebecca :)
Yara Musa (5 years ago)
Your soo creative thnx 4 sharing this

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