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How to Tie a Merovingian Knot | Men's Fashion

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There's nothing like a Good Man Well-Dressed Ben Sherman Men's Walker Plaid Necktie: http://amzn.to/1RsEj53 Tommy Hilfiger Men's Buffalo Tartan Tie: http://amzn.to/1WLoGIT Tommy Hilfiger Men's Core Stripe Tie: http://amzn.to/1jMO4zM Red Power Tie - Platinum Ties: http://amzn.to/1LgtfCX Shades of Silver Christian Premium Woven Tie, Grey: http://amzn.to/1QXoSkC Watch more Men's Fashion Guide videos: Hey, I'm Charles from Louis Purple. We're in New York. And I'm going to teach you how to tie the Merovingian knot. It's also called Ediety knot. So the way you want to start for this knot, it's a knot that goes around the narrow side quite a few times, so you want to wear the wide end fairly long compared to the narrow end, probably about 20 inches below depending on the length of your tie. So this is how you start. The wide end goes underneath the narrow end. You go over the top once and pull it out on the same side. So this is what you have. Now you go over to the front, underneath through the back, and now you should be in this position so the tie is upside down. So this is a tie from my friend Cara Patrizio from Capelli in Naples, Italy. And this is how you proceed. So your tie is upside down. You go around the back, through the top. You're almost there. Now the last step you have to complete is reverse the knot, loosen it gently, and slide the white part inside the loop that you've created for that. Adjust it nicely. Tighten the knot, and there you go. You have your Merovingian knot. So after spending so much time tying the knot, it's something you don't want to wear when you're really casual. It's really a knot that is used in formal occasions, probably wearing a three piece suit, for example, or a nice blazer. And definitely going with a sophisticated look with this type of knot. The guy who created this knot probably watch Matrix a little bit too much, but this is probably where the name came from, the Merovingian knot.
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Trends of WhatsApp (1 day ago)
Very bad...you should use another coloured tie
amit solanki (2 months ago)
Thanks buddy ...Keep sharing the knowledge
Eric Castillo (2 months ago)
I couldn't get the very end
Yayaya Şaşaşa (2 months ago)
so bad.
M_ Layng (3 months ago)
You went to fast at the end it losses me tf off
Javier Oropeza (3 months ago)
I do not like this
Oullu ke patthe, oulti tie bndhwaadi... I am indian Okey I am not idiot like you Oulti tie
Terry Wade Thompson (3 months ago)
Not sure about these fancy knots. I just like it simple with the windsor knot. If I get fancy with mine, maybe a double windsor.
boricua6483 (4 months ago)
If I wore my tie like this to work my coworkers would think I’m drunk.
TheWineParty (5 months ago)
Cal3bC00p3r (5 months ago)
What tie are you wearing?
Brexit Daartoe (5 months ago)
I didn't understand
chef souffle (6 months ago)
Tie a full Windsor take it off your neck, while tied, flip it over and tighten the knot
GunDog Jr. (6 months ago)
This guy is depressingly handsome (no homo)
Gamalier Rosario (7 months ago)
So I guess I wasted my time.....
Glenn’s Dub (7 months ago)
Looks horrific
Paul Flynn (7 months ago)
why is the narrow side in front wtf this makes no sense . just make ties already knotted u put around your neck and choke yourself in 10 sec!
Daniel G (7 months ago)
What did this Cappelli navy grenadine tie do to deserve this? 😭😭😭
Catabrian Light (8 months ago)
Yes? You came to see me about a tie, Neo? Sit, I will teach you because I am the Merovingian!
Andres Cruz (8 months ago)
Lynley Riach (9 months ago)
loved this! helped me so much and now I get all the ladies xoxo
HoodieING (9 months ago)
What an awesome knot. NOT!!!!!!!
ajit kalra (9 months ago)
Nice so
Alex Diaz (10 months ago)
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hiru nirmal (10 months ago)
Thanks bro
...g (10 months ago)
Sh**ty description at the last step. Thanks.
Farid Farah (10 months ago)
U changed the cam angle on the most important part...
proper .orlando (11 months ago)
1 Peter 1:15 But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do;
Bloody Eclipes (1 year ago)
Hi!, it was easy to tie it, thanks a lot, it looks kinda nice. From a boy call John.
Ján Páleš (1 year ago)
oh my gosh THANK YOU!!!! there are not as many likes available to me as I want to give you right now! :-)
Aussie Asian (1 year ago)
My tie is too damn short!
GregoCatal (1 year ago)
So can you use this with a slim tie? Asking because this is a demonstration on a wide tie...
Zacharie Roitner (1 year ago)
...it’s an upside down full Windsor?
Francisco Parra (1 year ago)
What a good video if it Served me
Francisco Parra (11 months ago)
Sam Siegfried (1 year ago)
Just completed for an awesome look for my last day of school! Thank you so much!
anD_One (1 year ago)
Can u make a video explaining how to make a Tulip knot?
harith MD (1 year ago)
Guys just do a regular knot but with the tie reversed and when the knot is over, flip it .
Anuj das (1 year ago)
grits1982 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for sharing. My son was dapper at prom :)
Jewel Sharma (1 year ago)
sanjeewa san (1 year ago)
inyobill (1 year ago)
Awesome knot. Knots are cool.
Eclepti (1 year ago)
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arvind varshney (1 year ago)
Thanks for wonderful tie
Ryan Harrington (1 year ago)
I'll give ya a Merovingian https://youtu.be/yxtXfYzOens
simon tromans (1 year ago)
17seconds in. Nope...too much self respect to use this one.
Sangeeta Singh (1 year ago)
Bro....nice explanation
XXHardParty (1 year ago)
"The guy Who created this probably watched the matrix a Little bit too much"
MONKEY KING (1 year ago)
What kind of shirt is he wearing.?
Air Bag (1 year ago)
gawd no, half windsor knot man, keep it simple.
sutirtha das (1 year ago)
Now wear a inverted tie. Call it a new knot.
Adriana Aleksandrova (1 year ago)
Lol why does everyone hate this tie so much
1973wildcatman (1 year ago)
On unconventional knots if you are a tall person you have to have ties that are a yard long to make these work.
Keith Parr (1 year ago)
The worst knot I've ever seen. You only need two knots, a Windsor and a half Windsor.
It's just a normal knot tie wearing backwards 😂😂😂
Geoff Gowans (1 year ago)
How long is that tie?!? I tried it with a standard 57" length and there's no way it comes out looking like that on my average 18" neck. Maybe he's a pencil neck 14"?
NIKON (1 year ago)
It's cool!!!
Kemal İskender (1 year ago)
SadaEKE (1 year ago)
Basically full windsor worn backwards.
X Y (1 year ago)
I am just here to say he is so cute
Angel Garcia (1 year ago)
súper, si me salio
Food Connection (1 year ago)
I try but I lose .....😖Is my 5
-PhonkZilla- (1 year ago)
Just a reversed double Windsor... How original, and to what end?.. 'Protesting' a dresscode?! ^^ Or you really feel the need to make even a good tie look like ish*
Remarkable (1 year ago)
Excellent - disregard all negative expletives
Lawrence Johnson (1 year ago)
I love all the different knots they make Sesuit look great and are not so I’ve from everyone else thanks
Gx3040Gp G (1 year ago)
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Shauqi Yahya (1 year ago)
interesting knot. i wore this for my grad day. thank you !
Srishti Tomar (1 year ago)
Michael J Horcrux (1 year ago)
Is this just a giant troll session? What the hell timeline am I on?
Drunken Hamster (1 year ago)
That tie looks like it's made out of a damn seatbelt strap.
Trifon Madas (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing, but I would not dare out in public wearing a tie lie this ....
muhammedfayis62 Fg (1 year ago)
this not simple way
Bret Kerrins (1 year ago)
I like the knot, but don't want the skinny side in front. I'm going to try this but reverse the starting position (wide side on my left instead of my right). Hopefully it will come out with the wide side on top.
Alex (1 year ago)
the top looks great, but why is the rest backwards?
Daniel Ramos (1 year ago)
So I could basically tie the tie normally, take it off, flip it over, then put it back on. BAM...thing.
Hayyan Sheikh (1 year ago)
Please show me how to tie a Trinity knot
Luidmila Angelowa (1 year ago)
I make this knot that is super
Ethan Garibay (1 year ago)
Dydreth (1 year ago)
I can see why he recommends wearing this with a blazer.
leifont (1 year ago)
SO... how long is your tie? My ties are not long enough for this knot =(
Talent Page (1 year ago)
set clock --:-- (1 year ago)
I don't know bro, doesn't look as cool as I thought it would..
Samurai Silhouette (2 years ago)
This tutorial needs a disclaimer saying that this knot can't be undone.
Jordan Tiu (2 years ago)
Thanks. man
HEADOFFICE SSIET (2 years ago)
wow super
Spaceman (2 years ago)
You should fire the camera guy
Noah Visnyai (2 years ago)
watching too much of the matrix 😂😂😂
Slim Shady (2 years ago)
Your tie is wearing a tie.
Destiny Milan (2 years ago)
super easy & I love this style so different from the average way of tying a tye
Allen Monroe (2 years ago)
Thank You U help me with all my tie Knots
Añis Gúl (1 year ago)
گو ده دهان تو
Feroz Khan (2 years ago)
Nailed it on the first!! Who one else?
fuzzy fuzzy (2 years ago)
Gentlemen, save your selves from looking like a clown by avoiding this Knot.
TheBrown House (2 years ago)
That's kind of cool. Thanks mate!
DECL (2 years ago)
I cant even say it nevermind do it..
Shah Minhal Fida (2 years ago)
Anon¥mus (2 years ago)
Wouldn't it be easier to just do a full Windsor loose from your neck, take it off over your head, flip it over and put it back on?
Amresh Sharma (2 years ago)
thank you so much
Killian Anderson (2 years ago)
Yea that's weird looking.
piotr ryterski (2 years ago)
Elia Hajje Assaf (2 years ago)
Est ce que vous êtes francais?

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