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10 Child Stars You Didn't Know Passed Away

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TheRichest (11 months ago)
CHECK OUT "10 Actors Who Turned Into MONSTERS" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHPKWjTmDEU
Charles Hall (5 days ago)
TheRichest nn
Camperdown High (1 month ago)
Darest caskit in the world
Janae Layne (1 month ago)
Why did u show urkels picture
Gwen Appling (1 month ago)
;nia Sioux Frazier
Jeff Young (9 hours ago)
Only heard of 4 of these actors Gary Coleman Corey Haim River Phoenix and Dana Plato. Never heard of the other ones
Shawn Richardson (1 day ago)
chokaplaya (2 days ago)
did i do that
Michael Mosqueda (3 days ago)
My grandfather passed away you need hand me a belt Julian & julez and lay on your backs
Michael Mosqueda (3 days ago)
Nique in Madea the curly head light skin and I'm Charles 💙
Finest Jewels (5 days ago)
Enough with the erkel shit. Jesus these comments are a broken record.
Mafina Savage (5 days ago)
Mafina Savage (5 days ago)
Litt_ Musically (5 days ago)
God bless them
Lenina Crowne (5 days ago)
Watcha talking about Willis classic so sad when things go awry
mc alleyboy (6 days ago)
Dardania Lion (6 days ago)
I didn’t know anyone of them.
Haunted Moose (7 days ago)
You didn’t know we’ll know you know
Pegi Robinson (7 days ago)
Read The Will of a Wildflower.
George Turner 3rd (7 days ago)
You guys really dropped the ball here. You should have went further back to the golden age of child stars and mentioned the kid that played Alpha and others that have passed on.
Larry Hicks (10 days ago)
Who cares if they are dead is my only reason being here
Victoria Jordan (10 days ago)
Deceptive picture!
Adam and Steve (10 days ago)
WoW, River Phoenix is dead - Thanks 4 the 411 asswipe.
These ten child stars went to prison number 6 will amaze you
Lusani Mbadaliga (12 days ago)
7:22 South African R100 note...🤔🤔🤔
Nite Lite (13 days ago)
Good for you Dana Plato, good for you...
mooreladybug84 (14 days ago)
We really should report you guys for lying.
Moon dust smells funny (14 days ago)
Omg Mathew Garber 5:12 he was delightful in Mary Poppins
Snowie Kitty (14 days ago)
I Loved *Different Strokes* It was funny :(
Jlyn Dood (13 days ago)
+Snowie Kitty well yeah but thats his catchphrase
Snowie Kitty (13 days ago)
Jlyn Dood I Watched Different Strokes On My Tv (MeTv)
Jlyn Dood (13 days ago)
Whatu talkin bout Gxlaxy Stxrs
Trent Tulpo (14 days ago)
Juicy Gossip World (15 days ago)
really tacky of u guys to use Urkel's pic for views when u know the actor is still alive. Trash. I am Unsubscribing.
Paul Moronczyk (16 days ago)
blood of jesus is real sets freedom.
Lisa Cook (16 days ago)
Yeah! They omitted (Buffy & Jody) child actors from hit 'sitcom' (Family Affair) me & my siblings watched that sitcom(Family Affair) I t 'Starred' Sebastian Cabo t,I remember show Well! I wondered what happened to the cast members of (F amily Affair) I even remem bet their song,lyrics when the show would air,(start) Its a Family Affair,etc...
deathfireball28 DB (16 days ago)
I hate how a lot of stars die from drugs or cancer! This sucks! 😭😭😭😭
Madison Janczak (18 days ago)
What you said my name in this video Madison BTW that's actually my real name
Frank Biz (18 days ago)
It’s a shame that many child actors and actresses are sexually abused by the Hollywood elitist, many handsome males are abused by gay men in power to propel their career.
SAINTHOAX (18 days ago)
That is shocking
Tiny Rex (18 days ago)
Everyone on this video was a great star if i die i really hope my family is safe and everyone will be having a great life it’s there choice to go to hell or heaven and if you take drugs please stop your family love you and everyone loves you to
Mister Cinnabar 2 (19 days ago)
1:46 Was the downward spiral EmpLemon-style?
MRTiGzoruA (20 days ago)
who even are these people?
Kira Maxwell (21 days ago)
it's a picture of a celebrity, not a dead person.
Socialist 4ever (22 days ago)
The illuminati👹👺killed them all!!!
Mr Whites not dead. Erkel the Irkle, not dead.
Mike Westfall (23 days ago)
God's not dead and neither is Urkel.
paul perry (23 days ago)
Go figure everyone i know says you have to be in your 50s to have a heart attack......right
Ervin Crump (25 days ago)
**grabs a coffin** YEET **throws it**
KING MAYA BZE (25 days ago)
Why u only posted 2 black people dying
lelabotoxique (27 days ago)
Jaleel White's not dead! Unsubbed.
christopher jacob (27 days ago)
id jalllell white pass away
MP Official (28 days ago)
Such a pattern with drug uses til this day and it's very sad😔
N U M B (28 days ago)
Billy Murray fan (1 month ago)
I get back to my Billy Murray ( the singer NOT the actor) and seen wvideos who NOT makrs very angry as this shit. I’m so angry this vvideo exist that if 8 had it on a dvd I had 💩 on it and breake it in 2 or 3 and let it go in the garbish
Lysette Morgan (1 month ago)
Dark Soul (1 month ago)
Sad 😔
ILF AM (1 month ago)
Stefan Karl....
kwolf43 (1 month ago)
It's pretty cheesy and sleazy of you to use Jaleel White picture to get views on this video that is pretty much bottom feeding how desperate are you for views. Subscription Removed
Sin Siner (1 month ago)
Many of those kids where victims of Hollywood pedophiles !!
don dhunny (1 month ago)
bullshit video
Heather Worthy (1 month ago)
Jill white is not dead change your cover pic😒😒😒
Brittni Johnson (1 month ago)
Watch this whole damn video to see what hell happened to Urkel...where the fuck was I when it happened...planned on cussing my family out for not telling me. Ass....
Nicholas Gonzales (1 month ago)
Bout 2🔥👍that purpleURKEL!!!😁😁😁😁
Nicholas Gonzales (1 month ago)
God such brutal stories... Hollywood is dangerous
Wtf????? That black kid!
Val Keith (1 month ago)
Urkel sees dead people
Alexis Marie (1 month ago)
The only one I didn’t know about was Brittney Murphy
Amber Wissner (1 month ago)
I feel bad when people die
Linda Cox (1 month ago)
Urkel is not dead
Cheefus Smith (1 month ago)
Crap...I clicked on a Richest link. What a piece of shit tag this is...why did I do this to myself?
creepy crawly (1 month ago)
Who cares ??? As he said dont know any of them
pete schodrof (1 month ago)
Gary had a short life to say the least
dooderguy perisoft (1 month ago)
Urkel/Jaleel White ain't dead
jerry Grant (1 month ago)
Idk any of these people
ClassicRock4007 (1 month ago)
You suck. The end.
Marc Hauser (1 month ago)
Damn it, here I was hoping Urkel was dead. thumbs down
serina soriano (1 month ago)
why is urkels picture thier
DaNgEr88GiRL (1 month ago)
Judith Barsi story is sooo sad and terrible 😭
rsbbrs1 (1 month ago)
Dana Plato was murdered by Robert Menchaca at the request of Joni Richardson. She did not die of a drug overdose !!!
Aeeshah Khan (1 month ago)
What father would kill his own daughter 😢😢😢
Daniel Roberts (1 month ago)
Jaleel White is alive.
Blake Ryan Petanowick (1 month ago)
Number 8 shut you're mouth!!!
Brandon Reina (1 month ago)
Dana Plato often appeared in the video game, Night Trap, for the Nintendo game console Corey Haim often appeared in the video game, Double Switch, for the Sega Saturn Heather Hogan was hired by Universal Studios to fill in for the deceased Judith Barsi
Brian Weatherman (1 month ago)
The reason i disliked the video is because Urkel's photo
Audrey Foster (1 month ago)
I thought this was about child actors who died as youngsters, not as adults?
Pink Lady Fan (1 month ago)
Jaleel Ahmad White who plays Urkel is NOT dead. You're awful for putting up his photo in this video. What an awful thing to do. I gave you a thumbs down and won't ever watch your videos again.
david defusco (1 month ago)
The only ones i know are gary coleman,that really cute girl,ive heard of river p.
Shavonda Thomas (1 month ago)
Urkel ain't dead
Musah Issifu (1 month ago)
Not good, make corrections and come again
lucette (1 month ago)
holy shit i never knew brittney murphy died
Razorblade666 (1 month ago)
Go suck Danny devito’s dick
david walker (1 month ago)
i"ve noticed that most if not all of these stars die young , or get broke pretty quickly , something about hollywood is"nt right
david walker (1 month ago)
sad , sad , the deaths don"t trouble me , ppl die every second , but robbed by your parents , and your accountant ? drugs overdose ? etc... sad
teika Smith (1 month ago)
That so sad
Bob Abooey (1 month ago)
Josh Evans is not dead ,he's in a government bunker out in Nevada being studied by the Illuminati for a youth serum
JTrost1234 (1 month ago)
I did not view the video.I went straight for the comments to see the responses to Urkel.
Genius Valeria (1 month ago)
Why so many famous actors do drugs
Bonnie Katz (1 month ago)
That's bullshit. Why would you do that.? Not cool. Thank God, hd isn't died!!!!!
Nayborh60dSmoce (1 month ago)
None of these are unknown
ben hart art (1 month ago)
I wish the voice over chick would die also
Sara Martin (1 month ago)
HORRIBLE narration.
Sahr Kasem (1 month ago)
This should be just called 10 child stars that died. Maybe if you never watch or read news you might not know... The only few I didn't "know died" are ones I never knew in the first place.
brenda ortiz (1 month ago)
Yeah, most were abused and sacrificed by Hollyweird "elites:, who will soon be in prison.
Foxy Rose (1 month ago)
I hope everyone knows Judith passed away
Mickie Nabors (1 month ago)
Urkel is alive

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