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Undo brainwashing + willpower combo *subliminal*

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It does what it says and willpower is actually passable as a power of it's own. Having willpower to be a person with the power to resist temptation and carry out your goals in your everyday lives. There should be no questions to what this does. It's in the title
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helena b (3 months ago)
Can I get affirmation to this sublimal
helena b (3 months ago)
Post the affirmation on your page
mysticalsaiyangod (1 year ago)
Will this make your will unbreakable?
thorp kal (1 year ago)
Jon day (1 year ago)
I'm going to be listening to this for 3 months to see if it helps me
Visual Dreamer (1 year ago)
Hello I don't know if you'd like to help me with something :') I'm trying to create my own subliminals but I'm a bit confused about so many techniques. I'm using stereo channels and 2 audio tracks 1st track) Simply contains a relaxing song (whatever) 2nd Track) Contains the affirmations and I set the volume to -36 dB Is it okay ? uhm Do I have to say just the affirmations or is it really necessary to say the suggestions? I would appreciate it a lot
Visual Dreamer (1 year ago)
Subliminal Neko thank u nun
Subliminal Neko (1 year ago)
I use D-speech and Sony Vegas Pro 14 I make 2 tracks with affirmations and speed them up by holding ctrl and moving the courser back , I switch the sliders of one them to be the left and the other goes into the right ear and usually set mine to -38.7 dB. On the 3rd track, I find some music that looks fitting with the 4th track which has a picture of something my subliminals are about. You can say the affirmations if you want to, using a TTS software is another way to do it for you
passingcloud123 (1 year ago)
Have you had results with your own subs ?

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