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📷 「 LOLITA POSING 101 」| Tips for Posing for Photos! 📷

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Not sure what to do for poses? This is a snippet of what we talked about during Rufflecon's Lolita Posing Academy 2015 (in case you missed it or wasn't able to attend!) What is your go to pose? Let me know down below in the comments! And also let me know if you would like Stephanie and I to work on a Squad Posing Video! ----------------------------------------­-- → W H A T I A M W E A R I N G ← ✰ JSK, Blouse, Headbow, Jewlery: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright ✰ Wig: Dreamholic ✰ JSK: Inori (taobao Brand) ✰ Blouse: Alice and the Pirates ----------------------------------------­-- → F O L L O W M E ← Facebook ➔ https://www.facebook.com/milkb0x Instagram ➔ https://instagram.com/milkb0x/ tumblr ➔ http://amycheong.tumblr.com ----------------------------------------­-- → M U S I C ← DJ Grumble https://soundcloud.com/gbeats Silent Partner, " Spring in my Step"
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Text Comments (18)
Doll Ilinea (6 months ago)
Lmao, for some reason I always watch her video on 1.5x 😂
punk lolita doll (9 months ago)
something usefull!
Cosmique Latte (10 months ago)
Oh girl, what is that print you're wearing? I adore it!
cello moore (11 months ago)
Super helpful!!! Thanks!!
tiny town touring (1 year ago)
Squad !! :)
ThreeWiishes (1 year ago)
I needed this. Whenever I go to cons I always get asked to get my photo taken. I want to say no but I feel bad so I say yes. And I'm not very photogenic so I always look awkward. I need to practice more >.>
Bella MacTavish (1 year ago)
thakyou! I'm going to an event tomorrow, and this will really help with photos : D
♡Coco Ichigo♡ (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tip for short people!!
Strawberry Cigar (1 year ago)
I'm short. Bless.
milkbox (1 year ago)
Starlight Dust (1 year ago)
Good video!    r^つ    | |┃    | |┃    |∧_∧    ( ゚∀゜)  n     /    ̄ ̄(_]     |   / ̄ ̄   __ノ  (  (  __ノ   \ \\ \    \ `^)、 \     ) / \ `^)
The Mad Lolita (1 year ago)
Why can't I love this?! Why can I only like it?! DANG this is useful. I always am so awkward with photos.
Anna Mattsson (1 year ago)
This was really helpful, thank you!
Annick Paul (1 year ago)
we want to see those squad poses please! :D
Alice's Adventures (1 year ago)
C (1 year ago)
Such a helpful video!! Thanks!
Aria Macabre (1 year ago)
this was so helpful! I struggle so much with this! thank you!
MrsMeigumi (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for the tips and for sharing! I'm the kind of person who runs out of poses easily so when people take photos of me I end up with the exact similar poses ahah, this video is so helpful and of course your coordination was gorgeous :) !

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