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Chocolate Brownies Recipe

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Rebecca Brand shows how to make Chocolate Brownies Recipe. It's a very simple homemade brownie recipe that you can make in minutes. This tasty chocolate brownie uses easy simple ingredients and the technique is simple too. Chocolate Brownies are easy! This recipe is for a small batch, perfect for 2-3, double this brownie recipe for more friends! The ultimate brownie recipe! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rebeccabrandrecipes Like Us On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/rebeccabrandrecipes Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/rebeccabrandrecipes Rebecca Brand at http://RecipeHouseTV.com
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Byron Chandler (1 month ago)
Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your chocolate brownies look simply delicious, and you are as lovely as your name, my beautiful best friend. What's your best tip for preparing a huge Thanksgiving meal? And speaking of which, I just recently uploaded a new video on Thanksgiving facts, and you should definitely see it. Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. I love you, cutie pie. <3
Paige Flanders (3 years ago)
Sorry, I totally missed the 9 by 9 square pan part, never mind! :D
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Paige Flanders Yes, glad you got that!
Paige Flanders (3 years ago)
How large was the pan that you used?
Audrey Huggins (3 years ago)
I only had dutch processed cocoa on hand...my brownies came out ultra-spongy. Any suggestions? I love the crackle top but mine came out too spongy to enjoy. 
HebrewHomie36 (4 years ago)
Those brownies look delicious! I'm definitely going to try this recipe! So easy! :)
Sean Young (5 years ago)
How old are you
Bongwongbwong (5 years ago)
Your whip cream has melted
Krixie Hush (5 years ago)
Rebecca krixie here pls subsribe my channel plz
songlyricsss (5 years ago)
I love your recipes I make them all day every day.comment my videos
scuwinyan01 (5 years ago)
rebecca thank you for the simple, delicious recipes, me and my 5 yr old daughter made these last night, we added a few chopped peanuts and chocolate chips and they turned out Fabulous! thanks again for the recipes!
Lina Bina (5 years ago)
she always so excited . lol
Gatto Karine (5 years ago)
Can I just ignore the vanilla extract? ;O I dont like vanilla very much
KaitaniRiku29 (5 years ago)
it really looks yummy!! :DDD i will try that soon!!
sjmani9319 (5 years ago)
I love ur video,and im ur Hong Kong's fan!
AY02Mr (5 years ago)
Ah…… Is time to sleep..
Jonas Rosenven (5 years ago)
I usually memorize my list of ingredients before watching any video of someone else making the same dish just to make sure I pay notice to any major improvements to the recipe. So.. There I was in the kitchen.. Checking my list.. and checking it twice.. just to see if it was ..well I'm sure you get it. Your cooking is great and you are an absolute sweet heart to watch.
Army&Monbebe (5 years ago)
"I don't know about your world", LOL! nice, Merry Christmas.
nightchat (5 years ago)
Thank you Rebecca. They look reat. Have a very merry Cgristmas and thank you for a great year of recipes.. you are awesome.
Joanny Flores (5 years ago)
this looks so incredibly yummy :D i am definetly trying this <3
Michael Puente (5 years ago)
Rebecca you forgot to mention how much flour you used :3
Chipmunkband24 (5 years ago)
WHAT kind of cocoa powder did u use?

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