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How To Win On The Stacker Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks

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In this video we head off to the bowling alley to give some tips and tricks on how to win on the arcade game stacker! If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe for more :) Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB2HERXxh0g Severe Tire Damage Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Benjamin Williams (13 days ago)
One time, on my 6th grade choir field trip, we went to Itz Pizza, and they had a stacker machine there. I swiped my card (cause that's what you do there) and played. I lost, of course, but my supervisor said that he wanted to try. So I swiped my card and let him try. He won first try. He said he'd never played one of these before. And so I got myself a red 3ds with New Super Mario Bros. 2. It broke like a few months after though lol.
GamerGodYT (29 days ago)
RichKingBros (1 month ago)
How to play stacker: Just don't.
Carter Cox (1 month ago)
I won a ps4 on my cruise and it was in the arcade
Richard Joyce (2 months ago)
I watched someone win 3 times in a row on a machine
mattinlehat cookie eater (2 months ago)
the major prize is a lie i've won it like 5 times in a row xD
Random tuber (2 months ago)
Well I’m gonna record anytime I play stacker if it’s rigged I’ll have footage
Eddie The Gamer (2 months ago)
I only go for the minor prize
Br1aNn88 YT (2 months ago)
There is a GoPro hero 5 black on the major prize row, it’s so hard.
Phillip Williams J (2 months ago)
What i would do is whenever i would play this i would record it look over the footage show the guy it and say this. (hey dude i have this to show to you, you piece of sh*T. and if you don't give me what i wanted which i deserved to get then i will sue and I will show everybody and if you put a sign that says "this is rigged but if you catch winning on camera you get the item" or you unrigged it i won't unsue) and then the guy is so triggered this is his face 😫😟😞also if you don't understand put sign up and do this I just included that so the person will waste all there time sitting there waiting for someone to finally play the game or as I call it i just finessed you, you mother F***ER.
Dankish Delight (2 months ago)
Happened To Me Where It Jumped 1 Block, It Sucks
GenericYoutuber (2 months ago)
Once I saw a psp in the minor rewards, the rest is history.
정재영 (2 months ago)
How to buy that LED lamp ??
HarryC26 (2 months ago)
I won an iPod Nano I couldn’t believe it 😂 I was like 11
PipDip Everything (3 months ago)
What if you stop it one block before it? Will it skip to the right block?
ChingChongChing DokiDoki (3 months ago)
I actually got super lucky and won a 2DS at a movie theater for only $6
The legendary YEET (3 months ago)
Instructions unclear Ate my bicycle
DreadWolf Animations (3 months ago)
What if you figure out which way the top block skips and use that, like if it skips to the right 1 square press the button on the square on the left of the square u r aiming for and it would skip onto the square u where aiming for.
James Parker (3 months ago)
How to win on barber cut life
Axtrigon ̄へ ̄ (3 months ago)
the machine on or country is even faster😮😤
Bloodshot Mars52 (3 months ago)
I always manage to make it to the last block.
Damaxus (3 months ago)
I actually won 2nd try on this and got a $100 Walmart at a bowling place. :P
Matthew Broderick (3 months ago)
I won a 3ds in this game
Joey Games (3 months ago)
What a lie I have won major prize 3 times in a row
BunCreativeJoy Slime (3 months ago)
2018 anyone?
OBi_Spongy (4 months ago)
So, at my local arcade they take pictures of people who win arcade machines, so i wanted to be in a picture. I won stacker, no picture. I won 7-8 more times and I still had no picture, but, I am thankful because the stacker screen would probably be filled with pictures.
Loki (4 months ago)
my favorite game :)
Just a Prank Bro (4 months ago)
Do you know how rigged these are? I got the major prize, and the alarm of the machine started ringing and the machine shut down..
Tails Gaming (1 month ago)
.... wow that's freaking unfair you should have had someone recording it.
Vortex Gaming (4 months ago)
it doesn't depend on luck cause if it did I would of won it easily it depends on timing
Chicken NoodleSoup (4 months ago)
If it skips on the major prize then couldnt you just stop it a bit early so it skips onto the stack of blocks or no?
Yến Nhi Bùi (4 months ago)
claw machine tips and tricks pls
Who Cares (4 months ago)
I saw someone get back to back major prizes
Mitchell Denham (4 months ago)
I won a Stacker once about 5 years ago, I won an iPad 2 after weeks of trying. Could have probably bought an iPad instead 🤣
Ark-Angel Rose (4 months ago)
I won the game two times in a row, and my luck is terrible
Sean B (4 months ago)
Damn man stop ruining my childhood
Black Goku SsjGod (4 months ago)
Step 1. Boonk Gang
GamingWithTristen (4 months ago)
i remember winning a samsung 8 from the game stacker and i was so excited then this dumbass lady said it was her phone even know it was still in its box so she tried to take it out of my hands but i just went out of the arcade and left and she was still following me
CMP A (4 months ago)
Now how can I win on a cruse ship?
AirRun Games (4 months ago)
2:28 u can see the light on top of the blocks
Chef Danger (5 months ago)
You can't win unless the machine is due to hit.
Carson Sablan (6 months ago)
I dont think its "1 out of every 800" on average it is but It will pay off at random intervals so maybe 400 plays once then 1200 to offset the 400 if thatmakes sense
Marco 4 Eye (6 months ago)
It's not a trick it's LUCK AND SKILL
Marcel Salas (6 months ago)
I remember a few years ago i won the game and i got a major prize it was the most anxious i had ever been. I won an ipod 4 i think
JEREMY XD (6 months ago)
your right they reseting the game My friend win a 10000 tics in 2x play but the prize didnt go down so we call the guy to get our prize we get the prize and 8 sec later saw that guy fixing the game and we try 5x again we not wining the blocks are teleporting to side so we spend our tics in 7 chips it good deal!..Thx for the tip btw
DanTheMan (6 months ago)
One of these at an arcade in the mall. I play it once or twice whenever I go in for giggles. Every time I played it including the very first time, and I mean EVERY time I always get to the major prize line then lose. So I knew it had to be rigged (although given how expensive the prizes are I figured that going in, not like they would let someone who mastered the timing clean them out) but since I knew people had won those things before I wondered what the "trick" was. Very informative, thanks.
Seii (6 months ago)
Yea, at gosh damn CICI’s pizza I got rigged about 7 times at the major prize. It’s complete BS. now I don’t even try
Elijah Ellis (6 months ago)
Glass cutter and wire snips.
ayyy lmao (7 months ago)
I won once, this really crappy ipad knock off
Patsy Holman (7 months ago)
How do you claim your major prize?
Guardians Legacy (7 months ago)
Dude at the arcade in my city I won beats and finding out that the payout is really high in arcades then I was very lucky
Life's Just A Trip (7 months ago)
I won a stacked but the only thing good was a $50 so I took that
Alicia Hughley (7 months ago)
Dude I won and got a $5 ps4 Thank youuuuuuuu
Abliskarian (7 months ago)
Basically reverse Tetris XD
Maddy M (7 months ago)
Once at my campground i won the major prise at this game
Dylan Seawards (7 months ago)
How to win big bass wheel
awsomeboxhead (7 months ago)
I once won one of these at a Dave n busters. When I won the major prize, I selected for an Xbox 360, but it didn't let me open the door and instead gave me 200 tickets. fucking rip off
Oliver Lopez (7 months ago)
I won major prize one time but then it didn't't work😭
kormack69 l (7 months ago)
thanks for teaching me how to play tetris
TaffyMatt (7 months ago)
Was looking at how to juggle heavy weight enemies in Castle Crashers, now I'm here, not sure why or how
I won a Nintendo 2DS on my 2nd tried in the Arcade on a Cruise Ship. It only cost me 2 bucks for a brand new system.
James Hughes (8 months ago)
the pay out only goes up to 800 tries
_-Unknown-_ _-Gamer-_ (8 months ago)
Aiden Sanzo (8 months ago)
Nice vid thanks
global bricks (8 months ago)
Wow thanks for telling me to win the stacker. Time to win it.
Johnattan Khat (8 months ago)
I dont need to wi a ps4 i got a ps4 and a xbox 1
Metal Rules (8 months ago)
Almost won on this
Ozone (9 months ago)
Two of my cousins won a major prize each in tge same arcade trip with this game. It was at circus circus. One won a pill speaker and the other won a tablet.
Tay Ldon (9 months ago)
You kept saying it was luck if you got a prize, it’s not luck as it is clearly a fixed odds machine, ok you have to be able to stack but apart from that it’s fixed odds. No luck involved.
Brandy Baker (9 months ago)
Great tutorial! Thank you!
AlphaDogIII Studio (9 months ago)
Well at Chuck E. Cheese's I Won major twice in row
BaldPipeSmoker (9 months ago)
I hate this game! I've always come 1 light away from the top.
ItsLlamaLee (9 months ago)
So fake
BreezeGaming (9 months ago)
Matthew Hay (9 months ago)
It’s rigged I won a phone but it didn’t drop out of the game
TheSLO Productions (10 months ago)
This machine at my local mall is rigged in a way that they screwed a metal plate at the bottom above the access hole so even if you'd win something you couldnt get it:/ and once I saw like 3 major prizes on that plate, PS4 Vita being among them
Xvision (10 months ago)
How did I win it three times in a row then
James Hraiki (10 months ago)
If the game is rigged and it skips one block can't you just tap the button 1 before and it skips to the right block?
Squilliam The Third (10 months ago)
I got to the top once only to fail :(
Cool Koopa 1962 (10 months ago)
Just print and laminate a sheet saying *You're just won a ps 4! See front desk*
Gabriel Welt (10 months ago)
This actually worked! But it would have been worth it if the prizes were actually good 😡
Brosicall (10 months ago)
Ive done that so many times and alot of 6-8 year old kids got pissed it was hilarious
Peanut Butter (10 months ago)
I win major prize 2 times in a row xD and I always win minor prize and it was in a arcade
Shawn Aaron (10 months ago)
This is a hardest game ever
TFN_GINGEY (11 months ago)
my friend one 50 pounds and kept winning no hax but then they banned him what assholes
Flamemingo 2017 (11 months ago)
This helped me win a 2ds thx Btw I used 5$
Aesthetic Vibes (11 months ago)
Oh so I was lucky when I got the major prize.
-Shelby-25- (11 months ago)
Wow, nice video dude. This video has helped me and every time I would play Stacker, I would always fail at the 3rd last row to get a major prize. Which was an apple watch. I knew inside my head that it was rigged and now that I have watched your video. I have a good chance of winning the rigged Stacker!
hjboss09 (11 months ago)
The days thing ain’t accurate as you will never have the same amount of people playing every day or every week
Tr1ping (11 months ago)
So i won this about 50 times but the blockes skip
SciCynical Gaming (11 months ago)
Amazing Chris 82 (11 months ago)
So when i was at a claw machine i said it wasnt working and they gave me the prize
Amber Deegan (1 year ago)
Do how to win in mega stacker
Chrisinator88 (1 year ago)
I just spend 20 Dollar on Stacker I HATE RIGGED MACHINES :(
I was 7 times at the very fucking end to major prize last summer i was a fucking god playing stacker but box moves to the left or the right, That is fucking cheating i wasnt get it but i get it now they are cheating
cpav2 (1 year ago)
I've won at the stacker game twice. It may give a signal when it is ready to pay. When I've played ones that are not ready to pay, it does the quick skip on the major prize which the video notes. However, when it is ready to win, I've noticed that the speed on the very last stack does not increase substantially which means it is easier to time it right and win. Neither of my prizes were that fancy, just an Ipod Nano and an Alarm Clock, but it was fun just to win. Nice video, thank you for sharing.
Half Mongrel (1 year ago)
I never win those kinds of things so I have a question, if I win something like that iPad do I still have to pay for it or not?
Mirsyis (1 year ago)
Ive beat this one, a smaller version mind but i got a digital camera for $5
Shockwave Grenade (1 year ago)
I rather use A Baseball bat
Hypered nova (1 year ago)
Steps not clear dick got stuck in a toaster
Ya Ginga Ninja (1 year ago)
1:37 are u assuming their gender
pwiva (3 months ago)

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